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Sexpot Goldie

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Posted: 02 May 2015 at 7:48am | IP Logged
Rida iBlush...
The past is best left behind...
Looking ahead,there is still time to rein in this story and capture our attention and love.
I'm not sure how Pandits track is going to end and frankly I don't care. In medicine whenever we excise a cancerous tumour we are worried about metastatic spills. In this case am worried that Nandus trauma will be handled with the same nonchalance they do in our cinema. The girl is saved by the boy and then they make gooey eyes at each other. The kind of severe stress that has been inflicted upon these bunch of youngsters makes me wonder if their limbic cortex is even working..
Their fatigue is mirrored in ours...
MaNan have fantastic chemistry and I can gush like there is no tomorrow (people will vouch for it). But that is not what gave me sleepless nights or made me lock myself up in a bathroom when I had guests so that I could read LU.

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pavi_ Groupbie

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Posted: 02 May 2015 at 7:48am | IP Logged


Copy paste from Aditi's post "Where has the original show gone?" because I am lazy. Sorry

It was the story, crisp writing, well executed plot with proper pace and the imperfectly perfect flawed multi-layered grey characters of the show, which where intriguing and most importantly realistic which we could connect, forced me to take up this show. When hardly anyone knew about the existence of show.

All the characters had plots and back stories. There was a commendable set ups and proper build ups for each character and plot. It had a solid story which was always unpredictable. All episodes ended up on an edge which made us to speculate and analysis, most importantly which made us to anxiously wait for the next episode.

This was a show where either I love the characters or love to hate the characters. I was invested in all characters. Almost all the characters had a mystery element in it all and were easy to connect to them.

MaNan was the most consistent among the lot. But lately we find their scenes random and repetitive without substance or progression. Few scenes were silly and unnecessary. Any day quality above the quality. MaNan is the USP but a show can't solely run on them always, it takes away the essence. They are losing the freshness and charm somewhere down the line because of script, it is solely PaNi's chemistry that sell few scenes.

I have watched earlier episodes umpteen times. Nowadays I don't feel like going for a second watch that itself say a lot. Earlier there wherein any scene which I would skip. Nowadays if I go for a second see I end up killing the FF bottom. Now what does that say? we can't connect either with story, plot or the characters. Sad but the truth.

We understand growth and look for it but butchering of character, taking away the basis traits of the character for the sole purpose of selling a plot is never justifiable.

Unnecessary dragging of plots and show are bound to put off people. Stretching of the plot beyond a point made the track boring and has stolen its essence. Pacing of the story has been a legit issue.

Many potential tracks disappeared into thin air.

Few tracks weren't up to the mark and few were good in paper but execution fell flat.

Ky2 itself have set a benchmark for itself.It is known for simple story telling. It is known for its realistic and subtle approach of tracks and not dramatic.

Buck up Cvs you know your job. You still can get the grip back. You have gold in the forms of the characters. There are still open plot which are either untouched or not utilized to the optimum. Please get back on the track.

Please bounce back otherwise you will definitely lose those ardent fans following the show from day 1 who has a hand in making the show where it is now.


Though I have issues still I neither hate the show nor MaNan. The early excitement to tune in to the tv at 6:30 no longer exists.


Addition: You pinpointed individually all the pitfall in each track. Even I feel like rating on each track's issue (I may, don't know). 

They should close all the open tracks. Just hope when they bring back the show to the right track original story, it won't be jaded or seem inconsistent or indifferent at this point. But I think it will be inevitable to an extent, purely depends on treatment, set up and build up should be strong. Execution has been an issue since a while.

And most importantly no more drag fest or making khichdi out of tracks.

They have to get back the grip on the story and their original style of storytelling simple, subtle and realistic. The scripting should be crisp and tight like the initial days.

Just hope Cvs open their eyes. 

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zrn1312 Goldie

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Posted: 02 May 2015 at 7:50am | IP Logged
Clap Clap Clap Bang on points, all of them.


I wrote a huge ass reply and it got deleted -___- IF is such a PAIN sometimes Cry

But it wasn't anything that hasn't already been said in your post! The "drag" in Indian shows is where everything goes wrong. And while it may work for typical saas bahu saga's, ky2 isn't them. This show is different and special, I would hate to see it go down the typical lane! Most everyone are at the end of their wits, but hasn't given up yet so there's still time. If the CV's would just buck up and stop this dragging and deviating from the main plot of every track, it can hopefully still get that magic back! Embarrassed

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poopymaster Senior Member

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Posted: 02 May 2015 at 7:54am | IP Logged
Bang on post Rida. Bang on. I believe many, including myself, are feeling this way, and I just wanted to say thank you and everyone else here for boldly expressing it openly. This is not a rant as such, but clearly a written form of my disappointment with the way the show is going these days. Unfortunately it's a bit too long, so please bear with me J

It was few weeks ago that I started losing my excitement to watch this show.  But nevertheless,  I watched just for the sake of it as it had become a sort of habit. I'd watch it and convince myself that the show will turn good next week. We'll have a better story next week. Well, next week became the week after, and then the week after that, and so on. I think you get my point. During this time period, my brother who sometimes watches the show with me, would start to laugh at this show and me and comment on how illogical and stupid this was. And I would instinctively defend it. I was then extremely protective of this show and could not accept anyone else calling it lame.  So I would defend it everytime. When he asks, "Why is that girl always crying?" I would explain to him about her "faith in hope" and how she "disappointed ams" When he asks why the girl is still going to pandit's classes even though he clearly gives of bad vibes. I defended and told him that she was a 17 year old girl and was clueless about the big bad outside. So this said, we were watching Friday's episode, neither of us that interested, and my brother started commenting on the stupidity of the kidnap track.  strangely, this time I couldn't think of a good excuse. I couldn't defend this show anymore. I just agreed, and said "yeah, it is stupid." And BAM. THAT WAS WHEN I KNEW... That something has changed between me and this show. The connect that I had initially is clearly missing. So where do I start...

 Let me start where everyone starts. From the beginning. The first episodes.. showed a young girl capturing fireflies, caring fro her brother, talking about the fatal accident that killed her family. They talk about her father's pen. Her ambitions of becoming like her father. The first episodes showed a boy who thought the best thing to him was his best friend, the boy who ran as he got the call to calm his buddy down. The boy who was part of a bond between 3 children: the band of brothers.

 This show was about a boy who feared society. His story was his fight for acceptance. And the boy who fought for his rights as well as love from his mother.

 It was a story about a nave girl who believed everything in her world was her boyfriend and the latest in' clothes. It was the growth of her to form an identity of her own, and to get over her insecurities and gain maturity.

 It was a story about a boy who lacked self-confidence. He was hiding behind his best friends shadow, and haunted by his strange illness. He was a boy who would not open his mouth, yet spoke through his eyes. He was a boy who knew this best friend inside out, and was always there to help.

It was a story of a broken girl trying to move on. It was her struggle with drug abuse as she tries to maintain a bad girl image on the outside, but slowly breaking in the inside .

 It was the story of a nave and innocent village belle entering a new city. A girl who did not know how cruel the world could be. Ti was her growing, her learning from her experiences

 It was the story of a dark hero with very grey shades. It was the story of a bad boy with a mysterious past. And it was the sotry of him seeking vengeance to those inolved, yet still remaining humane to everyone outside.

It was a journey of 8 individuals. It was a story of growth. When I first saw this show, I saw struggles of acceptance, the feeling of togetherness, and the understanding of what is right and wrong. It was a tale people connected through of friendship, love, revenge, happiness, sadness, excitement, and most of all, MUSIC.

After the 100th episode or so, the above things have been in pause mode it seems. Everything seems to be revolving around Manan these days. And hey, I love manan as much as the girl-next-door, but please. Manan ARE NOT THE SHOW. They are simply a part of the show, which further enhances the viewers to watch the show.  I admit post valentines, things were exciting uptil a point. The hope vs hate tally was initially very nice. But the repetition of that (and the making showing random shit like merger and bloody campaing) diluted the effect and left me getting annoyed whenever that word came up. Also, it seems that the writers were so infested on making nandhini want manik and her to sing together in FC that they actually lost track of WHY they should sing in the first place. The whole point of them singing together was nandhini believed that if they sang together, manik will accept her. Okay, got that. But then, Manik accepted her and forgave her WAY before the fusion concert. By the time FC finally came around (after all that dragging and dragging) Manan were pretty much secured, so it's a bit ambiguous as to why she was still dersperate for manik to be the one singing with her instead of dhruv. Really, what difference does that make, as they are going to be simply singing, and Manik had already forgiven her so I never really understood the point...     anyway, moving on.

  It was a youth show meant not only for pure entertainment but to change ideologies and thinking styles of people. and I have to give an applause for the way they handled Cabir's  coming out and Navya's premarital sex. Unfortunately, although the initial stages of these tracks were EXCELLENT, they makers have failed to progress it further. What the heck are they doing with the Marriage and Cabir's mom and Navya's mom and Sunny sharma and all that shit!!!! Furthermore, what happened to nandhini's passion, her dream? Why does she not spend some time improving her musical career. Why did dthe writers make it seems as if she needs manik  all the time? What happened to rishab/dhruv and his attacks. Why doesn't nandhini ever share the radioactivity theory to Manik. Is she THAT preoccupied with her love life to not share this crucial information? Sigh.  Also are fab 5 just gogn to accept dhruv now. No questions asked, no hard feeling? AFTER ALL THAT HE DID, they are just going to brush it under the carpet? Alya is the only one actually telling him that she will not forgive him that easily. They others jut don't seem to care about the things he did and are welcoming him with open arms...  (one more thing. Nyonika is nly good when she appears once in a blue moon. Lately she's constantly hovering around making schemes with the pandit. It makes wonder does the owner of a business empire have nothing better to do than cook up ridiculous schemes on how to ruin a girl's and her own son's life.)

Next Cameos. Cameos are exactly what they should be. Cameos. They are meant to enhance and develop the main characters. To bring out their flaws, and make the main character and plot grow.  I this show, all the cameos ALWAYS linger longer than needed. The only cameo that I really liked was rose. No, not just because she was funy, but because she brought out the insecurities in cabir and showed the views the extremes of him fears. He was so afraid that he got himself a fake girlfriend in hopes that she will help hide his sexuality. Another good cameo was raghav. They showed him as the perfect teacher who built strong foundations for Fab 5 and NH3 for their musical careers. He established strictness and discipline, yet he did not go overboard. He was non-biased when in came to music.  Inside the college he may have been a perfect teacher, but outside he still stuggled with society. He did not stand by cabir when he most needed him. His presence made cabir both weaker and stronger. He was weaker because raghav kept discouraging their relationship., yet stronger because cabir was finally learning to understand the reality of his situation.  The other cameos.. well what did they do to the story/character/plot? Nothing. The answer is nothing. Lets talk about soha. Soha was very very random, and totally unesaccary. She made nandini look like a creepy jealous girlfriend who stalked her boyfriend everywhere, even to a farm house. She was very unrealistic with the whole burnign the storeroom'  thing, but then again she was an actual psycho. Abhimanyu was good with nandhini, but damn.. he came and ruined mukti for me. I seriously used to like mukti back then, but bleh. This guy ruined her.  Pandit... lets not even go there shall we.  I don't know what this new guy has in store, but hopefully it would be something USEFUL. 

There is still a lot to say, but I'd rather not  weigh you down with my thoughts. This post turned out to be WAY longer than I wanted it to be, so apologies for that. I Just wanted to share my thoughts on this show somewhere. As I said, this is not a rant. Instead this is a list of things that cvs should look to improve in the coming episodes. Peace Smile

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SunoNa... IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 May 2015 at 8:04am | IP Logged
Thanks for tagging RidaLOL

A BIG DITTO on everything you saidClap.
You already know my views, i have cribbed, cribbed and cribbed about this show so much with you.

There is absolutely nothing that can bring back my feels for this show and manan i guess, the drag fest has really put me off very badly and i do not care about this show or the further tracks anymore.
They do not have it in them to deliver anything good further.
Just coz i am/was madly invested and in love with the character Manik and the couple Manan i do marathon few scenes when i hear about it in FB otherwise last time itna feels tho mereko manik ke break down time pe hua tha, after that its been yawn and cringe worthy with all the drag fest.

(I might offend some people by my comment on this fusion concert , but jo hai so hai , foolish script and praising such lame ass script made me withdrew from this show even more) .
You really think they will show Nandu being affected by all these and all? her obstusness in this whole track is mind boggling to say the least. I could not wrap my head around with what they showed when pandit was being so obsessive with her and when she threw the dailogue that he has not crossed his line as a man yet. That was the last nail in the coffin for me about Nandu's char.
Aisa dumbness and hope tree jaap 24x7 and crying , crying and crying for every damn silly reason started grating my nerves. Initially the cuteness and tears did look adorable but ab mujhe woh ANNOY karte hai, add to it her chui mui ness these days.

I am not happy with there confession, Manik confessing ILOVEYOU should have been something else, not with this manan mush galore and multiple times of miss kisses and miss confessions and add to it the kidnapping and what not drama.
Also, falling in love DOES NOT White wash a GREY character Angry.

All i can say is, they have no mojo left , they should seriously think of wrapping up the show sooner, firstly by KICKING out all new entries, by concentrating on each original character of KY2 and closing all the loops be it band of brothers, Nyonika Harshad Manik angle, Dhruv Rishab attack and manik Nandini working on it and finally finding solution , Nandu working on sorting Ams and manik equation, some glimpse of Manik's dad, Cabir should always be proud of his sexuality and not stupidly get into all these marriage and what not kichdi. Alya giving hard time to Dhruv and may be dhruv making up for every pain he gave her, I do not care about Mukti and Navya. Send Navya and cabir's mom to timbuktu for all i care, they are hell annoying and un realistic. And and GET ManRuv to talk dil kholke with just each other, it is not alright YET !

Another month or so , with tight script they can easily wrap up tracks well. The show should just wind up soon. Now it has become new age saas bahu saga, so so melodramatic.

P.s: Even if they show some of these now, am i going to watch i dont know anymore and i really feel sad at the state this show has come down too.

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NushIsh Goldie

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Posted: 02 May 2015 at 8:07am | IP Logged
Posting the comment I made on the AT here..
You speak for many of us here. And I think a lot of us just keep on watching no matter what they show no matter how lame because we all have once upon time loved this show and connected with it in a different level than any other show and are keeping the hope alive that we will get to see that magic emerge again.  

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aftermath.. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 02 May 2015 at 8:11am | IP Logged
You've wrote it all down Booby. No wonder i left the show at 125 something episodes. I seem to understand that i can no longer watch any desi show beyond 150 episodes. Unnecessary plot has been added to the show and they don't add to any kind of element to the plot. After Soha's entry, the show's charm has dipped a bit for me and however much i think to start back KYY, i tuck the idea aside again. 
I would say it's futile to crying out loud, it's the fate of every show. The main plot gets divided attention and they try bringing BS thinking they'll pike the interest of the viewers. ALAS. 

Down the line, i feel the creatives are lost and tired of the show, thats why they introduces tracks out of nowhere which makes no sense. Coming to MaNan- no doubt they have chemistry but at a point, a plot is more interesting than the chemistry. 

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filter.coffee IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 May 2015 at 8:29am | IP Logged
copy pasting what i wrote in the AT

not just manik's nandini.but the nandini we
all admired and manik fell in love with

also please let manan have a breather.no more angles and psychos for them.at least not for a while.please.

cvs go watch the earlier episodes.and try and see how amazing nandini was.how awesome the show was.how magnetic manik was.how electrifying manan was.we want that ky2 back.most importanly we want our stronger tigress nandini back.

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