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What happened to this show? (Page 10)

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unresd below

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Brilliant post RidaClap and aptly supported by Aditi, Rubs, Anu, Adhi, Medha, and Others Clap
You guys have said everything I want to say. Here are few thoughts, most of them would be repeat of what you have said but then there is a repeat value in some scenes and some thoughts Wink

To start with I was hooked on to the show because of its lightness, its youth centric approach. And I am far older than that age group, 38 now. This was just to say that all women/audience do not like says bah dramas, OTT ness and over dramatic tracks. I will go watch SP and other GEC channels for that. They do a better job in this field. MTV brought the freshness in TV serial space by bring this brilliantly crafted serial "Kaisi Yeh Yaarian" and in no time it became ht most watched series in this segment. Though it its watched by 14 years old to 44 years old people as Rubs pointed out. Why loose you USP? 

Dont use shortcuts like throwing cameos one after other. As Adhi says, it shows that you are not confident in your story, in your story telling. 

And for God's sake, MaNan are not superheroes who will keep fighting psychos, villains, killers one after the other. We did not sign up for a thriller or a melodramatic, OTT saga. No need to bring Ekta Kapur flavour here. DONT FORGET ITS A YOUTH SHOW.

Now few thoughts about characters - 
Navya - What disconnects me from her is that she is not thinking about her pregnancy at all. Forget solution, she isn't accepting it as a problem. A teenage girl form lower middle class family who is studying on scholarship, have no means to support herself nor her baby ..is thinking about keeping the baby and not being careful about it as well. How on earth will she support the baby? There she lost me. Why on earth is her mother having like that? Absolute crap track. And I am not liking the looks Cabir and Navya are giving to each other. Please let them share a platonic relationship only, do not mess it up unnecessarily. 

Cabir - This guys has gone through so much, he is the character who has lost so much and what you use him for? Comic breathers? We are so much interested in his character, his struggle with his mom...with external world, his closure with Raghav, his interactions ..bonding with other characters. But you won't gives us that.

Mukti - Where is her growth? What has she learnt in this period? What was that lame Abhi track was about? Her rehab track had so much potential but you brought it down with stupid Abhi track! What was the need to get this Abhimanyu character in the show?

Harshad - His biggest strength in story was that he was a grey character. Turning him into a bad guy completely was a wrong move. His exit was too early and premature. Now that he is back, I hope you will focus on Band of brothers, What happened that night exactly, Harshad - Nyonika, Manik Nyonika (regarding Harshad).

So many potentially good tracks we were denied, such as Manik Dhruv confrontation. 

There is still lot of story left in the show and I have hope. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Please don't consider this as show bashing. We love this show and have loved bits n pieces of the show in parts where we have stated problems. But we don't to loose the show and thats why this attempt. Please do not consider this as show bashing. 


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nothing happened to this show,but manything happened with the cvs as they are changed..and the new one don't know to protrait manan chemistry and the storyline so beautifully like before's one...the previous one made the shower scene also more romantic than the rain scene,though rain romance was also good..but kidnapping after confession,like seriously,i think new cvs got his idea from ekta kapoor...

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As we need to tweet this to CVs I am bearing the phone drama of IF

Bang on Rida.Clap

From where do I start my rant?

KY2 in its initial days was love as the show was not just all about the louu between the main leads. I agree MaNan is the key to the show and also the main reason why I watch the show but other characters story could have been done way better. Plus there was no need for cameos which have just dragged the story.

All we have in KY2 now is DRAG DRAG DRAG and lots of MELODRAMA.

This show was of SPACE a place which had five people who have been with each other since childhood and two girls coming there. It was a show which celebrated the bond of friendship.

The struggle of a common village girl who fought with her parents to come to Mumbai and get herself fitted in a college where there were only royal bloods.

The conflict of a gay to accept himself so that his friends, society and family will do the same.

A villain having a grey shade because he did not want to be bad but he had to be one.

A rich girl who although had parents and friends was taking pills because she felt left out and alone.

An orphan diva who had everything a girl wished for yet cried as she did not know right and wrong because no one taught her.

A buddy who feels left out and overshadowed because of his attacks and overprotection of his best friend.

An average middle class ambitious girl coming to SPACE so that she can get her brother treated. The one who won't stand any wrong. The one if needed can punch the guy who made her cry.

And an alone boy who was betrayed by his own mother, who thought everything is just give and take. The one who is scared of darkness.

This was the initial story of KY2.The journey of these eight members. It was simply their journey. There was no need of the elongated MUSICANA night, Soha-Poha, out of the blues FUSION CONCERT and now the Mahaan Pundit.

But now the story has come to a point where a gay needs to marry a pregnant teen girl because the girl does not have the brains to abort her child as she is not financially stable. The prankster can't simply explain his mom and the girl's mother that he is indeed a GAY.A gay does not marry a girl because the society can't understand that. Why was the gay track executed so brilliantly if all they had to do at the end was this?

And then the famous MukBhi track. A girl goes to rehab and hates a guy from day 1. She is not at all affected by him. Suddenly she comes to know that he has cancer and she realizes she had loved him all the while.


And it's not just love; it's true love. Then again the guy leaves her because its "true love" and she goes to some other random Chomu and sleeps with him WILLINGLY. She wakes up in boy's hostel and realizes her mistake. No, she doesn't.

She blames that Chomu and goes to a night club to fight with him. Didn't she call the guy and go with him to the hostel when her friend dropped her safely to the house. Out of nowhere her clothes are made the reason she was "harassed"(according to her she was harassed).So they do a revolt by doing "s**tWALK". It's like an insult to the girls who actually face these cases.

Harshad was my favorite character in KY2.And his track was ended because it had to. Such a bad way just to close the loophole. The character was written brilliantly on paper and you have such high hopes with it but when it had to happen you get such bad execution. Not bad pathetic execution of the story.

Let me not talk about Dhruv and ALya.

Then my MaNan. For god's sake they are normal teenage couple.


I watch KY2 for MaNan; the normal one.

Their love story is a normal one .The one which happens between a 17 and 19 year old. Ummm sorry if the ages are wrong coz we never had the opportunity to see their birthdays on screen. So the age is all calculation and assumption.

A teenage couple does not have to fight with psychos who are obsessed with each others partners. A girl doesn't get kidnapped so much. Let them have normal interactions, understand each other, have light moments, celebrate their togetherness and their birthdays of course.

Going out for picnic and long drives

Bunking classes well in this case attending classes

Teaching and teasing each other

Fighting and patching up quickly

Picking up silly fights

Bearing each other's tantrums

Talking about their conflicts, past, parents, future

This is what teenagers do. They don't go behind psychos and they don't have so many psychos in their lives.

Shit I have typed for so long.1 hour of typing on phone that too on IF website .Hats off to me

Okay so my ranting will not end at all. All in all I want normal scenes and want journey of these 8 people to be showcased in the show. Their journey of discovering themselves. That all what the show is about.

CVs I love you for giving this wonderful show to us. I love you for giving MaNan. And most importantly I love you because you listen to us. You have not disappointed me till now so I am sure you will read this post and have a check on the story line once again. I know you will.

I am not angry but disappointed with how the show is progressing because KY2 is really close to my heart. I being a fan have applauded your work and being that fan only I am criticizing the way the tracks are being shown now.

A heartfelt request

Please don't show a scene because you have to. Like Rida said don't sell the show in name of MaNan. Connect it with the story line because that's what clicks with the audience the most.


No new entry please. If you want one please get Manik's father. It's been 200 episodes. We are desperately waiting to see him.

Thank you

I end my rant here.

P.S. I love the CVs, the show and MaNan of course.



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who made those siggies?

Manik looks perfect...that siggy is perfect...like so REAL and so Manik-ish!!!!

I want that Manik back...abhiCry

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@loquacious_me Bang on analysis!

As an audience, I will feel betrayed if Cabir marries Navya. This would undo all the brilliant work done on these 2 characters. Cabir is one of my favourite characters. Strong yet vulnerable, always there for his friends..he's had his weak moments but his friends always managed to bring him back and he doesn't give up.

Navya - I'm still conflicted about whether she should be having the baby. My conflict stems from the fact that she doesn't seem aware of the consequences of such a decision. She's staying at Cabir's place, rent-free I'm assuming;I don't think that her parents are well-off to support both her and her child! The rational person in me simply cannot relate to her. Now on the emotional front, I can understand her wanting to have the baby. But she's not even looking for a job or a place to stay! How can anyone be so shameless so as to just dump their problems on someone else, poor Cabir in this situation????

Dhruv - They have destroyed this character! Nothing he does makes sense. He was in love with Nandini but then he also developed feelings for Alya. When he understood that Nandini did not reciprocate his feelings, he simply gave up. His giving up would have made sense only if he knew that Manik and Nandini had feelings for each other. People don't give up when it's true love! To a certain extent, I can understand the resentment he feels towards Manik where Alya is concerned. Alya should not have hidden their relationship. But being mad at Manik for the rest? Well, only someone who has lived in the shadow of someone else would be able to relate...so I cannot really comment on this.

Alya - I personally like her character development, flaws and all. It's what teenagers go through.

Mukti - Nothing further to add besides what loquacious_me has already written.

Manan - I love them Smile CVs, we all have problems. It's part of life, part of growing up. But no one has as many problems as these 2. Believe me, life is not so cruel so as not to give all of us much-deserved breaks from problems. You know the saying: after the rain, comes the sun. Give us some sunshine please. I don't really have any complaints where Manik's character is concerned. My problem is with Nandini's character development.

Who is Nandini Murthy? What are her aspirations in life? Does her life simply revolve around Manik, a guy she met about 8 months ago? Does she study music or science? What happened to Rishabh? Is he cured now?

I'm glad that Harshad is back. I never knew that there were so many people who loved his character as much as I did. For me, Harshad stands as tall as Manik in KY2's storyline. He's another grey character who deserves his chance of being redeemed.

Personally, I like Karan Jotwani. So his entry does not bother me so long he adds to the story and does not become another Pandit cameo (totally useless). Dishank, if u r reading this, I like u as an actor but like most people here, I want Pandit to go.

I also feel that the show deserves a teacher. Since Raghav's been gone, I don't know what people do in Space. We have Nyonika, headmaster, guest teacher Pandit, but besides them, we don't know any of the other teachers LOL Request to the CVs: if u do decice to bring in a new character as teacher, please consider Preetika Rao. I love her and I think she will fit in Space.

Lalsa Verma - new writer. Please don't think that I'm after u as this is not the only post where I've complained about the show having had too many writers. KY2 is a youth show. We don't need all the drama usually seen in the saas-bahu shows. We are normal people who want to see a normal story. Don't worry about TRP audience. We do not belong in that category! Poor Pandit did not even realise that he had kidnapped Nandini! He needed Nyonika to figure that out! How ridiculous can u get? Get back to the basics; concentrate on the existing characters, close all the tracks. This show is not meant to go on for 5 years!

Ok rant over. All said and written in this case, I love KY2 and Manan. All Manan scenes up to the end of the Soha track have repeat value for me. After that track, there are few which I would watch again.

None of us are criticising the show for the sake of criticism. We genuinely love the show and want it to retain its prior quality. I hope that someone from the PH team will read all our comments Smile

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Thankyou for taking out time to give such brilliant and well etched out responses and whatever you feel. Good or bad, agreement or disagreement, thankyou for voicing out your opinions. We wanted to make this thread so everyone can share their concerns and so we can pitch it to the CVs.

I'm rereading everything and nodding my head at everything.LOL YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING. I really hope CVs address our concerns.

ZOHA - Go to her gallery. aftermath creations. Second gallery has a lot of manan stuff i thinkLOL


let me go back to reading these awesome replies.LOL

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Sorry Ridu for coming that late here into the Forum to write my opinion about this well i wasn't online here for a Long time in India Forums just came online today to check out some things but THIS TOPIC IS THE MOST IMPORTANT NOW don't care about the other Topics because i guess there are still many ppl out there who make new Topics here and etc.

First of all a big thanks to you for coming up with this. to be honest i actually ignored all the things months back when it happened because i thought every Little Thing in this Show would be later for all of us Logical why it happened but i guess i was wrong because actually they dragged some Things which were wrong!

The reason is also i can't see how they bring a lot of new characters in the Show i would prefer they would concentrate on the characters which have been there from the start and that's:

Manik / Nandini / Dhruv / Alya / Mukti / Cabir / Navya

and all the other important characters and as i told you in FB Rida i am not happy how they were focused more on other tracks than those tracks like about the mystery from Dhruv and Rishabh or what in the past happened why Nyonika is behaving all that bad? There are questions open which haven't been closed yet because the writers and everyone were with their thoughts somewhere else which should not be and i hope they get to read all the comments and that they will work on that otherwise Kaisi yeh yaariaan would go down and down... but if they would listen to us than it would be a great beginning i know we can't Change what happened but for the future they can start thinking about it otherwise they would lose many Viewers. I am telling you i was at the Point already where i said to myself i won't watch any more Hindi Shows anymore but than came KY2 and everything has changed and when i look back now how i was excited for every single Episode when i started back in october there was such a different Feeling to it now i watch the Show whenever regularly mostly on Weekends because under the week i can't i am working but i want those old Days back.

Those old Days where Nandini was a strong Person like right now they have made her character into a total mess for sure she has got her right thoughts but like you said just thinking about Manik 24 hours should not be a reason for her all the time she has to think about her career her Life!

I guess i don't have to say more because other ppl were expressing almost the same things like me but it is just like that they should concentrate on all characters for sure we love to see MaNan (Manik&Nandini) but this won't work for a Long time.


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