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What happened to this show?

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Posting it here too cos Doc asked Embarrassed


Oh where do I start from? My complaints will probably hit rooftop with this show.
Honestly KY2 lured me in and I was deeply in love because not only was it daring to be different, it was subtle in its story telling and stuck to a main plot (used to). For all I can remember is, the story was about six different broken souls finding their identity and stand in this world.
Did I mention Nandini? Probably yes, because she was shown just as affected by her parents' accidental death, her hatred for stars, her love toward Rishab and her hatred for that one night. She was somebody. She wanted to accomplish her father's dreams, she had an aim in life, somewhat vague but it was there. She wanted to see Rishab normal at any cost. And she was an individual.

You promised us a very great plot with this story, plot, that is right, that is what stories are about. You promised the journey from bullies to normal people. You promised so much more of band of brothers, Harshad, the meteor shower night mystery, what happened, Manik's past, Nandini's past, Dhruv and Rishab's connection, Mukti's past with Harshad, aliya and Manik's observation, Cabir and Raghav's lovestory and backstory. That is what your original plot entailed.

And you showed us such mature tracks. A hero who's scared of darkness. You didn't exactly tell us a story, you showed it. You didn't tell us that manan will be now together because HOPE FTW, or because fusion fusion will be it all. You showed us their complications and intricacies, their introspections, their denials as they fought what they had.

You showed such inspiring teenagers who craved for normalcy and who touched us with SUBTLETY' nothing else but subtlety, being who they're. And what brilliant execution of issues you'd shown.

Cabir's gay track, Manik's acceptance of him. That was what true KY2 WAS. POWERFUL IN ITS STORY TELLING. A story about friends, and lovers, and teenagers, dysfunctional, but trying to cope with life.

And then you brought in the dragfest and unnecessary characters and pushed the ones whose story this was about back.

I still hold a grudge for how you treated Harshad's track. So typical and just to get done with it. His character had hell lot of potential and all of it ruined back then. What could've been a brilliant triangle btw him, Mukti and Navya was dumbed down to the point of irritation and stupidity.

You brought in Musicana and Manik and Dhruv's hint of a future conflict. YOU TOOK 100 EPISODES TO EVEN GET TO IT, and you'd thrown stupid unneeded hints that dhruv figured everything out in the episodes btw these 100 episodes when he figured out nothing. Lel. Then you finally show that conflict and what the hell do you do with it? It was about Manik taking Dhruv's choice from him about Nandini. It was about Manik not treating Dhruv like the equal he was and taking his right of decision making from him. Manik deserved a punch too. But lel what the hell did you make that whole track into? Let me guess, it was ONLY AND ONLY THERE, so you could replace Manik with dhruv to create some imaginary fusion concert complications. And then they came together.

Also don't put scenes in a story JUST BECAUSE THEY'RE GOOD SCENES. The fusion concert has dragged for 50 episodes, 50 FREAKING EPISODES, where once the show had started and finished atleast ten tracks and had had so much progress. Like I said don't show scenes JUST BECAUSE THEY'RE GOOD SCENES. Show scenes if they tell atleast some kind of story. The whole hate track was 95% scenes and 5% progression for all I remember. So repetitive. And unneeded and no conflict, ABSOLUTELY NONE. And you throw it in after Soha's track which had the whole audience fedup at its execution, lameness and drag? Just selling everything at the name of USP cos manan sell? 

50 episodes of hope track and what exactly did we have in it? You denied us of every single great conflict that could have been there because you want to drag the show endlessly. You brought in Pandit, yay, and what did he exactly do? Did he bring Nandini back to her career or focus or introduce any individual arc in her story? Any kind of quest OR ANYTHING? Then to top it, like always, he's another lecher who's coming in btw the great manan. REALLY? That's the best tracks you ppl can come up with? Is the audience so dumb? The things Nandini has gone through, anybody going through that in real life, will have serious serious psychological problems! It is not funny and neither romantic. A girl has a breakdown after going through everything Nandini has gone through.

And thankyou so much for dumbing her character down so that now she resembles initial days Aliya with her extra ott chirpiness and overaching symbolism (again, it should have been subtle, SUBTLE IS THE KEY) and her never tiring hope quest, and wait, that is all to her character. There is nothing more left. Please let me know if there is. If she's not reduced to a mushy girlfriend who only thinks of all of this and plans all of this.

Miss kisses toh miss kisses, miss confessions, unneeded scene, a stupid and lame fusion concert, ruined conflicts, no individual character arcs, repetition over every single thing, thopdia ke confession is happening, built it up for like 70+ episodes, ruined Mukti's story, matlab who tha kya, dhruv dumbed down to the point of being unbearable, stagnancy everywhere, cabir and navya ka what the hell are you doing? Please leave Cabir and navya alone, I like their friendship, whatever it is, PLEASE KEEP IT PLATONIC DAMN YOU! and you dragged it so much, fatigued us so much, that personally the confession had no effect on me. And there again was no subtlety. And wow, kudos for throwing in Pandit again.

Nothing about this hate track is solved between. Every single good conflict Manik's character had and that could have been explored, you all dumbed it down to being true love turns all white (please use true love instead of washing powders, does much more effective work :') )

His turmoil with accepting love, his past making his present shabby and reluctant, all his trust issues, everything solved because true love's magical invisible power.

And does Nandini think, do something, anything apart from think bout manik and the hope tree 24*7?

So much for a brilliant heroine who'd punched him in the face.

Can we please please have normal ky2? With its old characters? You still have viewers, a lot, please retain them and give them good characters and great character arcs. Please don't let this show be all about commercial value. Story telling is an ART. The world is full of complex and brilliant brilliant characters and even with those, sometimes story falls flat because of a stupid plot. So don't ruin it anymore. It had a great plot in the beginning, give me one good reason or one great thing the pandit or soha did except dragging? Pandit had NO CONTRIBUTION to the story in terms of any kind of progress. People are dying to know what happened with the meteor shower, the pasts, the alien thing, dhruv rishab connection, Band of brothers, and you're busy feeding us so much crap. Please, don't. Avoid obtuse narrative devices and ambiguous POV transitions. Please get a grip on the story before it completely slips.


At the end of the day, if I can't enjoy a show and have to sit down and sort out its subjectivity all the time, the show's not worth it. The world is full of great creative works. Complexity is subtlety, you showed that brilliantly in your own show at one point, I've no idea why you cant do it now? PLEASE SHOW SOME NORMALCY, stop shoving in new characters. You've a brilliant cast, work with them damn you.

Manik and nandini can still partner to solve what happened that one night on meteor shower even if dhruv's attacks have disappeared and whatever was in rishab's brain and needed surgery has disappeared too.

And I've 101 things more to say, but I'd rather end it here. The great rant.

Now call me shallow, or obtuse, or not understanding, or whatever. A great show can be spotted from far, it enchants you not fatigues you.


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My optimistic self strongly believing in the sanguineness of "May be someday" good sense will prevail...now through to a full circle of realization to "May be never"...

As they waited in anticipation for their hope tree to take root ...I was waiting for answers to compelling questions... mysteries to be solved, connections to established, basics to be revisited, character arcs to be rewoven, and pace to be injected. But I realized far too late that changes that are absolutely necessary are never going to happen.

Back then It was all so beautiful...none of us can ever take that away from the creatives...I can fondly recall beautiful sequences that stole our hearts with myriad of emotions on open display...episodes that left us craving for more...each character given the due weightage and necessary time to blossom, their insecurities brought to the forefront...their imperfections highlighted.. their awkwardness exposed..their vulnerabilities bared and yet each promising exponential growth.

And then commercial exploitation happened...The real conflicts ceased and unnecessary ones took precedence...I am not accusing.. just despondent... because to appease a certain section of audiences...the focus shifted solely on how to pack in a couple of romantic scenes  into the episodic framework...no logic ...no ploy..but involve everyone else in whatever way possible; negatively or positively to make it happen..MY POV !!! No offending sensibilities here !!!

Of course some of them offered real feels to many of us...no denying that ..It is so much about Manan...but again the balance tilted, the growth stopped , the narrative slackened, the real issues sidelined, the focus got hazier..

Now the confession has happened and the future storyline offers a lot of potential if properly executed ..I hope things take a positive turn soon...please cut the melodrama and focus on the real issues.

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Copy pasting my last post:

Can anyone care enough to remind me what exactly the show I enrolled for was? Miss kiss fest, drag fest or romance in most unconventional situation, social messages thrown our way without any proper research, characters reducing down to a disgusting ball of nothingness, what was it that I signed up for?


If my memory isn't betraying me I signed up for the show where there were no black, no white only shades of grey.

I signed up for a show where lies weren't presented to us gift wrapped rather truth were forced to us in its most ugly form.

I signed up for a show where imperfection was celebrated.

I signed up for a show where plot was given importance.

I signed up for a show where characters grew not changed.

I signed up for a show where for once, I was shown how unfair the world is and how we can't always rely on crutches, we have to fight back one day.

I signed up for a show which inspired me and helped me in handling my shit in one of my depressing phase.

I signed up for a show which was intellectual, not, typical.

I saw Navya, an OTT character but intriguing in her own way. Small town girl dreaming big, but unaware of big world's dirty ways. A girl whose journey I would have loved to see - from being lost to finding her footing in midst of nowhere. I didn't saw the girl who would happily dump her problems on others and forget about it. I didn't saw the girl who couldn't be serious enough to realize she is in big mess, let alone solve it.

I saw Mukti, the tomboy girl with a broken princess heart. A girl who liked it rough but would be a ball of mush when alone. A girl who changed her date everyday yet believed in fairytales. A girl who would be fiery and possessive cat when you attacked her friend. I saw the girl who was broken beyond repairs yet held her pieces together to make a beautiful vase with cracks for her friends. I did not saw a girl who would jump up at delusion. I did not saw a girl who would need pity fest for people to sympathize her. There was the girl who stood strong, held her guards tight yet her cracks would show her vulnerability enough to make us cry. She did not need anyone's pity; she just needed her solitude to cry her pain out. Now that girl is lost and I miss that girl. I miss her story. I miss her struggle. I miss her pain.

I saw Nandini, a phoenix. A girl who carried her heart on her sleeves, a girl filled with self-righteousness. I saw a girl who called out people on their mistakes irrespective of who they were. A girl who believed in science the most yet clanged onto her faith on fireflies. A girl who hid all her pains, tears and scars behind her smile and optimism. A girl who subdued the child in her to be the responsible one. A girl, who was filled with leaving complex, won't give up on people easily but will tell them where they are going wrong and won't take their shit. I saw the girl who was so perfect in the eyes of the world but her imperfection lied within her which she was scared to show. I didn't saw the girl who would let people walk upon her. I didn't saw the girl who, for the sake of not giving up on people, would let them do whatever they want to do yet not bother letting them know that they can be wrong too. I didn't saw the girl who would go on crying and crying and crying rather than being the phoenix she was and rising from her ashes all the more strong. I did not saw this girl you are showing me and trust me; she is not what inspired me rather she is turning out everything I swore I shall never be.

I saw Manik, a boy as ruthless as the ruler of hell who still knew how to care. I saw a boy you wore the cloak of darkness he most fears. I saw the guy who won't hesitate to give away every single piece of him if that meant happiness and security of his loved ones. I saw a cold, calculating and manipulative guy who somewhere in the corner of his heart knew emotions too. I saw the guy who would burn the world if anyone dared touch his. I saw the most reckless yet responsible, most callous yet loving guy. I saw the little sacred boy. I saw the kinder spirited soul yearning to be quenched with love. I saw the guy who would forget about his own problems and pains, own scars and tears and focus on that of his loved ones. I never saw the guy who would turn into cry baby demanding everything to go his way. I never saw the guy who would through fit of rage without even realizing what he is doing. I never saw the guy who would suddenly change into ball of mush. I never saw the guy who would forget he was a bully and world was his target. I never saw the guy who was all white because I always saw the knight in shining armor who liked to be bad.

I saw the perfectly imperfect bond shared by all. I saw their flaws, their imperfections, their cracks and I loved them. I wanted to see something I could connect to, I wanted to see something real. If it was all about fairytales and perfection then why would I bother watching this show, we have Disney for that. MaNan, yes, were very important for story but they are not IT. They are not all we wanted to see. There is so much more despite MaNan that could have been there. So much more you could have showed us but all we got is this pathetic excuse of youth show where leads don't have time for anything other than making moon eyes at each other.

I won't complain about Dhruv and Harshad. Dhruv because he has reached his lowest. It's his redemption track that matter. Harshad because he is still so much and more.

And hands down CVs Alya and Cabir have to be the BEST characters in the show. Their growth has been tremendous and awe-worthy. They have grown up so well yet haven't lost their essence. They are so different now yet still the same.


You have Alya and Cabir and then you have all other characters. When you have the potential, proper storyline waiting to be explored why go the drag fest saas bahu way? You can do so much more yet you chose to serve this horribly cooked and bland dish to us.



The individual arcs has gone missing all of sudden. Agreed, Nandini was not my favourite character but she kept me intrigued. Just when I thought that her graph would increase tremendously, my expectations came crashing down. I need to see her, Nandini, real Nandini and not the masks she wears. I want to see her life, her world other than Manik. Where are her set of complexities and problems, cracks and breakdowns, past and tangibles? I need to see it all.

Mukti was one amazing character and then you had to go MukBhi way and ruin her. I LOVED Mukti, more than any other character (Excluding Manik and Cabir) and now she has become one of those character I can be least bothered about. What has happened to her? Give her back her life and her insecurities. I need to see her GROW and not undergo CHANGE.

Manik was one character who was going up and up and I was happy atleast one character is maintained properly. Hate track got me so happy that many of his complexities can come forth and then? The graph came crashing down and I lost him some where between hate and hope. The transition to it was so unclear and abrupt that we couldn't see what happened when? Matlab hua kya? How on earth Manik changed so much? And the proposal was like nail on coffin. Manik doesn't do grand mush. He would have never gone to the extent of setting it all grand to confess to her. Fireflies, yes he would have got that for her so that she could glow with happiness but that light rope was just so cheesy. I want to see Manik, Monster Manik and real Manik, battling within self to balance. That should have been one of thing in hate track.

Overall, the show isn't lost cause yet. Get your facts checked and priorities set and this show can still retain whatever viewers are left because trust me, majority of us are just plain fatigued from this show, enough to never look back, but you still have some loyal viewers who are waiting for you to give them what they have been expecting to see since musicana. The original story with its 8 main characters.

- Aditi

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Rida you have spoken for a lot of us, so wont really touch on the different things they need to look into.
I started this show on the first day it aired. I was so sure I wouldn't last a week because I am picky about what I watch. But guess what?, the show reeled me in with its simple story-telling, well -etched out characters, ground-breaking female lead, a troubled male lead who was edgy and sarcastic and the perfect pacing of tracks. 

The show was about teenagers with teenage problems and finding love and life in between all that, this show I loved because it took me back to that utopian time of teenage love and the myriad feelings that come with it. We related to it. But now I cannot relate to this story, I have never had one psycho, let alone two in my life. This is not normal, no human being can go through this and survive. Nandini would have been in an asylum by now.

Melodrama is a cop-out, it means you don't have confidence in your story-telling. I dont watch Saas-Bahu shows because of melodrama and the last thing I want is melodrama on a youth show.

This is a TV show, so a lot of stuff  gets dramatised I get it but no one's lives get this dramatised, its becoming unbelievable and unrelatable.

I love MaNan and still do but, the freshness in them is missing, maybe because they are busy being run over by axe-murderers, serial-killers and psychopaths and their ilk.

There was a time when I was emotionally invested in all of the eight original characters because they all had stories to tell. Cameos should be cameos, the story cannot be centred around them and they have to leave before they drag the show and characters with it.

There is still time. Give us the old charm, cut out the melodrama, go back to the young space. There is enough melodrama in mainstream shows. Go back to being a path-breaking show instead of trying to mainstream yourself.

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First I'll just point out how, as an audience, I've witnessed the progression of the show. When I say "progression", I mean in terms of character as well as plot development. I mean the  stories, not the scenes.

Episode 1-120: Nandini's past, FAB5 the bullies and FAB5 the friends, Manik- Nyonika dimension, Harshad the gray guy, ManRuv, Nandini- the girl who didn't break, who didn't bend, SPOT contract, the inception of MaNan, ManShad- buddies turned archenemies, Nandini and Dhruv coming to know about Dhruv and Rishabh's attacks respectively, Alya's insecurities,  ManRuv-Nandini complications. Manik's obsession with "a commoner", DhruNi friendship, Nandini expulsion and the mysterious past of Nyonika-Harshad, Cabir's mystery, Dhruv slowly developing feelings  for Nandini, store scene. Cliff scene and Manik instinctively choosing something apart from Fab5 (Nandini) over music for the first time. MaLya breakup and Manik's growing feelings for Nandini. Manik  Malhotra, the monster who saves a kid sacrificing his live performance. ManBir bonding even after not being  "the buddies", Cabir's truth, Manik Malhotra gradually starting to hand over his reigns to Nandini Murthy. Manik-Nandini's growing feelings for each other.  Almost confession. Manik sacrificing Nandini for Dhruv. Misunderstanding/ separation track. Closure of the RaghBir track. Fab5 signing the album contract. Fab5- Nandini plotting against Harshad. Nandini finding out about Manik's sacrifice. Harshad in jail. DhruLya track. Manik deciding to get Nandini back. Hospital track. Separation track. Entry of Abhi. Cabir's struggles. Entry of Soha. New Year's Eve reunion. Soha's plotting against MaNan. Navya's pregnancy.

Episode 121-197: Navya's campaign. Harshad's exit. MukBhi track. Soha's farmhouse track. Nandini realizing she loves Manik. Pandit's entry. Soha's fire incident. Fab5 coming to know about Manik-Nandini. Nyonika's plan and MaNan misunderstanding track. Manik's hate track. DhruLya complications. Fusion concert track. Hate turns to hope track. ManRuv conflict track.  Manik starting to sense Pandit's wrong intentions. DhruLya breakup. Manik's breakdown. Mukti's campaign. Pandit- Manik confrontation. Manik finding out about Pandit' past and getting in touch with Ridhima. Cabir, Navya family issues. Pandit plotting against Manik. Ams meeting and misunderstanding Manik. Fab5 planning to get Dhruv back. Harshad's re-entry. Pandit's real face exposed to Fab5 and Nandini. Actual confession of MaNan. Nandini getting kidnapped by Pandit. Aryaman's entry.

It's like the show is divided in two parts. For the first 100 or so epis it was something else and then it became something else altogether. In terms of plot progression, if I'm to choose, I'll pick the first half of the show any day.

Again, I've just mentioned what we can call actual progressions in the show. In terms of scenes, the show has given us a lot of classics. A LOT. From the punch to the actual confession kiss to Manik's breakdown after Nandini's sudden disappearance, there are SO MANY scenes that I, as a viewer, would always love and cherish in my heart. I've watched (and still do) a thousand other Indian tv shows but none, I repeat, NONE has made me fall for the characters and storyline the way KY2 has. In more ways than one can imagine, it has changed many of our lives, in a good way. We have a wonderful cast, some really talented writers and a super-hardworking crew.  This is why it actually hurts us when we see such a show with so many possibilities heading towards a sad, pathetic death. If this show is like your baby, it is no less to us. Be it a 14 year old teen or a 44 year old housewife or working woman, it appeals to ALL, is loved by ALL, you know how big an achievement it is for any show? Any Indian telly show?

I've watched this show from day one. I have watched it grow, through its' bad times and good times, its' successes and failures I always stuck to watching it because THIS was different. The story was different, the characters were different, it was so refreshing and innovative and the best part was I could ACTUALLY connect to it. It was unique and yet SO much relatable. But now it's like the story has come to a point where it's stopped actually moving forward, it's just going round and round and this is definitely not what the show was supposed to be about. The characters I used to love (which included even Navya Naveli) seem to have vanished and replaced by their AU versions which I cannot really connect to anymore. The show's USP is MaNan, I agree. I love MaNan to pieces. But I did not fall for the show because of MaNan; MaNan didn't even exist back at that time! Even if I'm to talk about MaNan, honestly they seem to have become this brand, this unit and I can't see my Nandini and my Manik in them anymore, all I see is MaNan. What about character individuality? What about development? I realize that Manik and Nandini fell in love and true love often changes you, for better or for worse. But it never changes the essence of you. Things that make you you. Nowadays I see MaNan and I cant seem to connect Manik and Nandini to MaNan. I see them in the first 80 or 100 episodes, and I see them now, and I say "They've come really far", but not in a good way. There was a time when I eagerly used to wait for Mondays, when 6.30 meant excitement and anticipation for me, but not anymore. I want to feel all that, but I can't force myself and it's becoming too tiring for me. I didn't start watching and loving KY2 only to leave it halfway, I don't really intend to either. I'm still giving it a chance because we have a creative team who've never disappointed us in the long run. I strongly believe this because I've SEEN it. CVs, in case any of you are reading this, please do not disappoint us. You have a show with GREAT potentials, a show that still has a lot of redeeming qualities. If this show is your baby, please do not disfigure it anymore. PLEASE.

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I really really wish somehow CVs could read ur post or somehow the post could be sent to them..seriously u have written everything so perfectly..the show has actually lost its charm and i badly badly want the makers to  come across this post and analysis it 

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Can I just say I love you!!!! Really ..u spoke my mind...I thought may be story will be on track after confession but I damn disappointed after promo...I really don't want a new guy.. Just solve the bloody mysteries n progress that way...they diagnosed some radio active compounds or something in rishabs brain..where is the further treatment...manik still doesn't know about it ..let him know ...what's the relationship between nyonika and harshad????so many things to show n they still going for another cameo ( I may not know what's his role, but don't care ...) Throw this pandit out of the show for gods sake!!!?

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Ok so I'm not going to make this very long...but I'll state some of the more pressing issues:

#1 problem right now is the DRAG DRAG DRAG...I get that the show is much more successful now and they want to increase it's longevity but they are inevitably painting themselves into a corner and making the characters lose credibility...this fusion concert is an excellent example of that...as Rida already pointed out it dragged on over 50 episodes...WAY too long for a show that was so crisp with moving it's storylines in the first 70 epis...but beyond that the biggest point is the CONVOLUTION of the tracks that specifically started happening after the Valentine's Day IHU...to a certain extent, I let it go cuz the show has generally been good in keeping a hold on central plots and characterizations...but around the time of Holi, things started to change...

The Holi epis were lovely MaNan-wise...but the overarching Pandit/fusion concert track started getting convoluted...one moment Pandit-Manik had arguments, next moment random veena rehearsals, another moment random hope v/s hate points counting b/w MaNan...now this could have been cute one or two times...this freakin dragged on for 50 EPISODES...no one is gonna find it cute bthen.

In b/w they decided to ignite the Dhruv conflict as well...again I had some anticipation cuz PaNi acted out the breakdown so well...but what did we get? Next morning onwards a fizzling out with Manik dithering around and Nandu all of a sudden getting EXTRA weepy about this issue...bas phir a pattern set on front that point onwards...alternate scenes every epi of MaNan either fighting about the fusion concert/Dhruv or Nandu crying about her hope or Manik giving her hope seedsLOL...again, not discounting that the INTENT of the storyline is there...noble enough as I can see it but EXECUTION has killed the credibility a lot...the DRAG DRAG DRAG has made concept that could be considered poignant and sweet become unintentionally comical instead...

Somewhere along the way it's like the writers forgot what the fusion concert/Pandit track was even supposed to be about and all of a sudden made about some "metaphoric" victory of MaNan ka hope with them singing togetherConfusedConfusedConfused...this concept did NOT translate over properly...many ppl have been left confused with the transitions around it so clearly some execution fail happened.

Now we are in the aftermath of the fusion concert and fans still feel confused about what the whole damn POINT wasLOL...MaNan confessed and kissed so everyone's happy...yayLOL...but the essential W*F reaction remainsLOL

In a nutshell, too many open loops without resolutions in a TIMELY fashion...they need to keep a hold on their script if they want these characters to have credibility going forward...Nandu is already a scapegoat in this khichdi with the way she was made to weep endlessly over the fusion concert track, be obtuse to Pandit for the longest time and then finally now suddenly act OTT hyper in the aftermath of the kiss/confession.

She is a child-woman...innocent yet wise beyond her years...this is a delicate balance that needs to be maintained by the writers...they should not be taking liberties with the "innocent child" part of her...she has shown maturity previously in the aftermath of the intimate scenes so they should be looking to bring more thehraav and gravitas to her rather than making her an energizer bunny in the name of "cuteness"...these are cues that can be given to the actors during a scene surely.

So yeah, that's kinda my rant on the topic for now...there are still a few of the ORIGINAL storylines left that have potential...the writers can possibly make up for the bungling of the fusion concert track with the revisiting of old tracks and doing justice to those instead of dragging out the show for indeterminate amount of time...I feel like a lot of the confusion is coming from there only...these ppl don't know how long the show will run for...they just want to keep it running...and when you start following that philosophy, the quality of the show suffers.

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princess101 0 410 12 March 2015 at 3:08pm by princess101

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