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suearmaniac IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 May 2015 at 7:01am | IP Logged
Originally posted by angel_juhi04

Awesome Part SueClapSmile

Asad is attracted to a girl at Farhan's walimaBig smile

It was funny dat uska popat ho gaya wen he did not got d chance to catch 4m falling as she held on d chairLOL

Asad loved dat girl's danceSmile

So funny dat Asad is seeing every detail of Zoya 4m clothes to make-upROFL

Asad is lost in dat girl's thoughts eventhough he loves only ZoyaConfused

He cud not find Zoya all these yearsUnhappy

Is dat girl Zoya only?D'oh

Luks like d girl is a tomboy wid d way she dressed n carried d heels in her handConfused

Update soon n PM meBig smile

thanks for this comment as wellWink
nd m happy that u enjoyed it
Big smile that means my mission accomplished to induce humour in itEmbarrassed
yes he loves zoya and eventhough he's noticing the girlConfused
he's burning in that guiltShocked
the girl is zoya nd no she's not tomboy
but at times she gets messy
update coming soonEmbarrassed

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suearmaniac IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 May 2015 at 7:27am | IP Logged
hello guysTongue
thanku so...so...so much for all the wonderful comments Wink
nd yipee i got 65 likes againDancing
but after this update raise the numbers guysConfused
nahi to 65 pe hi ataki reh jaungiLOL

nd yes u all were right the girl's zoya only
but hey!!! nobody is allowed to tell asad LOL
he'll know soon but only when i let him knowLOL

alright thenSmile enjoy the updateBig smile

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suearmaniac IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 May 2015 at 7:39am | IP Logged

credit- ImmortalLove
chappy #2

                        MS. HOLA HEELS AND HER

It's been two weeks since I saw her. That girl whom I don't know ,whose name is still mystery to me. but why is it that m just not able to forget her? My schedule is really very hectic and I usually don't have time for such thoughts about random people. But why is it that I feel she is someone special,...special! special? No no...nobody is more special to me other than my family and ...zoya.*sigh*

Where are you zoya? I love you and I miss you a lot!

I sat in the air craft trying to sleep but cudn't! m missing my zoya. everynight  I do but there's one more person who pops up every time I think about zoya. that's that gracious girl.

I really feel so guilty of even thinking of some other girl. but if only someone cud trust me I'll say that m not at fault. That girl ruined  my brain and m just not able to cope up with the effect she had on me.*sigh*

M going to pune now for my next assignment.hope to focus on that and not on other things.


I had a meeting near to the central mall and hence my friend Rehan and I was going to meet in the mall itself. since he hasn't arrived yet I explored the mall and was checking the new model of Renault lodgy when a glimmer reflected on my face. I looked around for its source and then ...I was like wat the hell!

That same gracious girl stood before the bonnet of the car and was signing some paper...wait! is she buying the car?

I stood gaping at her not able to gauge that wat I was planning to buy was slipping thru my hands like sand!

Damn her! And wait ! wat is she doing here? I thought she lived in indore then why she have to come to pune too? Isn't that enough for her to live in my mind? Yes mind coz I only has half of my heart and that too is zoya's. but wat is she doing?...umh! it's not my business at all!

"asad...c'mon here buddy!" Rehan called me from behind and I walked in the lift joining him.while our lift was moving up I saw her looking here and there like she was searching something or someone.i noticed her more clearly with higher angle as we moved up.her stylish hairs flipping from her left shoulder to right one as she searched whatever she looked for. her shades resting on her head working as a hair band preventing the stubborn strands to disturb her. she was dressed in a choco colored shirt with spotless white pants and those glittery heels...and then it dawned on me that they were the same heels she wore at the walima!

So the reflection must have come from those heels! why m I thinking about her? Wait! She snatched that car from me! How cud she? who is she? I'll get that back.

"Rehan I'll be back" I told him while he gave me a confusing look.

I took the lift and got to the point where the Renault still stood! I breathed a sigh of relief! But where was she? Umh...not ur business asad! Ur car is her get that!


"How dare she?" I yanked and rehan and his wife tried to control me as their neighbors might get disturbed. i know it's wrong to shout in ur friends home that too in front of his wife! But how dare she still!

"calm down asad! I'ts not a big deal if u didn't get it! There are dozens of that model out in the market and same color too! Why r u being stubborn?" rehan tried to reason heaving a frustrated sigh.

"I know I can get that anywhere but how dare she speak to asad ahmed khan like that?"

"aah! Stop it u two! Who r u talking about and wats the fuss abt? Rehan...?" Abeera, rehan's wife asked shrugging her shoulders.

I sighed and rehan spoke glaring at me "actually my dear friend here Asad Ahmed khan has got an ego problem!"

"Huh?" I put my head on the back of the sofa shutting my eyes while abeera said in confusion "I still don't get it!"

"you know we were in the mall and asad wanted to buy the renalult model.but a girl bought it before him and unable to resist he made the officer call her.being egoistic he ordered her to change her decision as he wanted to buy that!" rehan glared at me once again and I rolled my eyes.and I recalled her words to me.

"oh really? Allah miya wats wrong with you?" I had almost smiled at that line while I remembered her speaking those same lines in the walima!

"why the hell I wud change my decision! Listen mr. ..." I was about to take my name when she cut short me "unh!...whoever u are haven't u heard the saying? First come first served!"

I defended myself "yeah I have!and I was the first one to check that out...untill u came and snatched it"

"oh really? Look I came for it yesterday only and now that's mine! U look another one for you!"

Why was she so rude? I retaliated back "so why didn't you buyed it yesterday! Atleast I wudn't have to see  u here!" now I admit I was arguing nonsense and that the car was hers already ! and in my urge to take a revenge I blurted out that rudely.

"oh god! U stupid or wat! Look I don't have time for this conversation  which is baseless and useless! If ur so excited for the car na? talk to my lawyer!"

At that I opened my mouth! Was she serious! Like really! How dare she say that to me to Asad ahmed khan!!

"oh hello! U don't know to whom ur talking" I said in my rage

I heard her smirking "huh! I don't want to know either.allah hafiz!"

I was more surprised that how cud she hung up on me?


I'm sitting at the car window and the delhi lights are sprinting back racing speed of my thoughts too!

Now that I think of my silliness in the mall I' m embarrassed .li'll do I know that I love her voice.and wat a coincidence that she too like the car which I chose. Sadly! It cudn't be mine.i guess I'll have to place an order for it.better import it to Bhopal! I sighed for god knows how many times in that day

I smiled at the thought that she too was like me as she said allah hafiz! Maybe belong from a sophisticated family.

Wait! Asa...d ur going crazy! I sighed heavily shutting my eyes to push away her thoughts.

When I opened my eyes I read the sign disco!!

"lets go!" rehan announced opening the door for his wife. I sighed again! Disco really? But today m not in the mood to dance. I guess I'll just stand by the drinks corner. Yeah disco and girls sure have a connection but m not a type of person who wud go flat on those exposing chicks!

I just wish that if zoya has been here I would have danced and enjoyed but god's not happy with me I guess!

God! Rehan! Why in the world u have to take me here?' I showed my irritation in my mind.

We entered and the DJ lights and the floor was on fire. Rehan went with his wife while I excused myself and headed to the counter. I ordered my drink and was scanning the crowd uninterestingly. The couples really make me sad and...jealous.

I miss you yaar zoya! I rolled my eyes when I saw several girls trying to catch my attention. I muttered under my breath "stupidity defined"

I turned around to place another order and was just going to sit on the chair when it slid and I ended up on the floor.i know it hit me bad enough! i became angry and when I looked in front of me was those glittery heels!

"not again!" I lifted my eyes up and gosh! Wat was she wearing. It seemed like her legs gonna be exposed till er...thank god the dress came in view just at her thighs! But still the legs were exposed too much. I traveled my eyes up and saw her silver glittery dress complimenting to her heels and the disco lights. It was hugging her perfect figure and those curves man!...stop it asad! And finally I looked at her face standing up. Hmm...more make up this time...but she still looked gorgeous...oh god! M obessed with myself! Why do I start checking her out whenever I meet her. Then I realized she was the one who slid the chair and made me fall.

"you again!" I showed my irritation with flaring nostrils.

"sorry?" she asked me in her beautiful voice

"r u following me?" I narrowed my eyes at her.

"look who's talking!" she rolled her eyes "I think u are following me! I remember I saw u in my friends walima and let me tell u mr tie lover! a girl knows when she's being stared at." She glared at my tie and shot glares at me.

I looked at my tie and then at her! But my mind runs fast! So she did notice me on that night. I don't know why my mind did that happy dance? But it felt good that she saw me. Oh! No! it means she don't know that m the one who fought with her over the call in the noon! I think I shud not bring up the topic if she's unknown. But wait! It is her fault that she can't watch while walking! Otherwise I wudn't have fallen on the floor. Nd wat did she call me mr. tie lover? so wat if I wear tie to the disco! Its written nowhere that one can't wear tie here!

"listen u I have no interest in staring at anyone! Nd m not at all following you" I cleared to her in a li'll bit harsh tone.

She opened her mouth and then closed it as if thinking some wise words to retaliate. I smirked at her loss of words. But but..but..i told u na that god's not happy with me! Listening to  wat she said next I was like seriously?

"gud to know that but look even if u try to pull some stunt with me I will complain to my boyfriend. Get that!"

"aanha! Listen ur not so special that I wud go with you!" I mad faces at her "besides m not that type of guy who roams around with short heighted girls who pretend to be tall being ms. Hola heel!"

She looked on with a perplexed expression and I smirked at her .

"oh really? Allah miya wats wrong with you! M tall enough and who r u to judge me? Listen just stop this crap talk and get to the point! Wats ur problem"

I folded my hands in defence and and spoke the truth"u are my problem!" wherever I go u have to be in the same place and ur having an extreme effect on my mind that when ur not near I hallucinate! I wanted to speak out but just cudn't find the reason I shud tell her. Gud she has a boyfriend!

"I don't want to talk either! Go with ur poor boyfriend who bear u full time. Guess he's too bored with u now that he don't want to be with you" I motioned towards the fat guy who was dancing with his strong arms around the waists of two exposing and revealing chicks!!

She turned around and saw him and again her stylish hairs danced as she looked back at me glaring.

"he's not my boyfriend!"

I rolled my eyes and turned to pick my glass from the counter.and then I motioned her to leave "allah hafiz"

For a second she looked surprised. Maybe wondering that we both were muslims! Then she left muttering "fool and rude and arrogant and ugh! Wat not?"

I chukled hearing those words as if making fun of myself! But the sadness returned to me! Guess she's right! I am those words and maybe that's why god's testing my patience! I kept the empty glass on the counter and looked at rehan and abeera bored. I messaged rehan that m outside and headed out.


I didn't knew where I was walking when I heard a familiar voice

"allah miya! Wats wrong with you?"

I rolled my eyes and turned around to see a very distraught sight. Ms. Hola heels sat on the footpath crying and glaring at the same time at the night sky.she then slumped her shoulders and folded her arms around her knees hugging herself. I don't know why but I felt the pain in her eyes. I know its crazy to think that how can one feel that for a stranger! But all I knew was that I can't see her like that.and hence I moved towards her and placed my hand on her shoulder. She instantly jerked back and stood up with her eyes going red.

"u again?" she yelled.

"easy pls! m...m not following u I swear! But wats wrong? Did anyone hurt you?"

"listen mr.tie lover! m not interested in talking to you and its not ur business either.don't try to involve urself in my life. Just go away!" she shouted to my confused face and at the end she said crackingly "like he did!"

I became more confused and then I tried to say "okay..ok I'll leave but where's ur boyfriend? Shall I send him to you. Atleast give me his no." god knows why was I so concerned.

Tears made a way through her eyes and she whispered "no one..nobody can send him back to me"

I fet the same ache in my heart.how identical the situation was. Neither my zoya can come to me nor her...wait! Why can't her boyfriend come to her? I voiced my question


She again looked at me with those red narrowing eyes and asked "why r u so interested! Just get away!"

I smiled sadly coz I don't know myself why was she so interesting to me or the things about was! I stared at her as she wiped her tears and looked at me with an irritating look

"move!" I moved aside and hired a taxi giving me a last glare maybe conveying that m not to follow her. I shook my head and took out my mobile to see rehans message that they were waiting for me in the parking.


So it was another end of the day which started with seeing her merry and ended up at a painful look. I sighed! Hearing her allah miya! Wats wrong with you thrice in a single day has its effect as her voice is still ringing in my head.

Things changed from admiration to delight when I saw her today in the mall. Then from delight to irritation and rage when I fought her over the phone.that too on a silly conversation. And again from rage it came to a li'll shock when I saw ms. Hola heels exposing her sexy legs! Were they sexy?...i don't know and I shud definitely not think about her! But I am! Yeah I know m going crazy coz things became jealous when she mentioned her boyfriend. Not coz what u all are thinking but coz she was in a relationship and had her love but I being in a half heart relationship can't find my love! My zoya.

Jealousy paved the way to an unknown ache when I saw her crying. Now my hollow heart can't feel anything lying here trying to sleep with this hollow heart.

Things sure changed much in a span of today or in last 10 years but one thing remained unturned.

Who is this girl and wats her name? she just comes wherever I go and accuse me of following her. Okay I know I too did accuse her the same but still!...i want to find out! I know I shudn't coz wat I have to do with any random girl! But I want to for whatever reason! I just can't sleep with her disturbed state at the end of the day.

But m guilty too! How cud I get attracted to any girl no matter whatever she wears! I love zoya!

I took out my locket and kissed the blue heart

"m sorry zoya! From now on I'll not distract myself...but its her fault na that she chases me everywhere" I pouted and then the next second I smiled taking a whiff of the soil.the fascinating fragrance of first rains travelled to me through the open window and I walked to the window to close it.

I sighed not becoz I don't like the rains. Its just that rainy season reminds me of zoya a lot and people also say that this is the season for love. I smiled sadly as I cherished the memory of our first kiss where the soil remained one of the witness. Taking another whiff I retired to sleep hoping to see my love in my dreams atleast!


okay! now u know wat u all have to do!

yes pls hit like and give me above 65 this time!!!

nd comment to karna hi padega...nahi to next update kese milegiLOL

okay dena to he hi mujhe updates but comment karne se u wudn't be hurt and u'll make me happy atleastLOL

so drop ur reviews plsBig smile






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Gouri_Joshi Goldie

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YaY! Me first
Superb update dear 
Loved asad and zoya's quarrel
Well done 
Update soon

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sasir IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2015 at 8:59am | IP Logged
Hope find each other soon

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-simmi- Goldie

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Posted: 20 May 2015 at 10:14am | IP Logged
Thats awesome they meet again and asad wants to know her good jaldi jaldi pta lagao asad miyyan kahi ladki tumhari zoya hi toh nhi... LOL awesome update sue!!!

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asadzoyaqubool Senior Member

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Posted: 20 May 2015 at 11:20am | IP Logged
Another gud update
asad is distracted by zoya
zoya too misses asad 
want them to meet soon
continue soon

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radadolcevida Goldie

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Sorry for the delay, 
For chap 1
Really beautiful chapter and the story was going really well. So Asad lost Zoya and it has been 10 years that they are seperate. He was smitten by this new girl and didn't know that it was the same girl that he was thinking about. However, Asad seems loyal to Zoya and he didn't forget about her.
I really love this chapter, it was really poetic. Asad didn't take his eyes from her but she didn't give him any attention, she was lost in her old memory of love. Even, if you didn't give ZOya's pov I can imagine her turnoil, seeing this man watching her intently.
I really love your story and I can't wait to read more and to see how they will meet.

Chap 2 
So finally they met and they argue already. Asad likes her already and her audacity, he was using any excuses to talk to her. It 's funny to read that she noticed him already but stubborn and loyal toward her lover, she jerked him and pushed him away from her. It was heart touching to see that she considered herself in couple and I felt sad when she said that no one will bring him back. I felt for her poor girl. Destiny put them in front of each other and Asad tried to fight his attraction toward this mysterious girl.
Really nice update and I hope soon we will see Zoya's pov.

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