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this one for all those who took out their precious time nd commented hereEmbarrassed

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suearmaniac IF-Sizzlerz

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yet another thanku to all of u who read and appreciate my story so much
i am really grateful guys Tongue

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suearmaniac IF-Sizzlerz

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KKPRIYABaviniasya96585munmun1khushbloomasya865KanimolhihoneylikaRita14nikhathfatimazehra07jogicadmuskaan17rocksayeshalovenehi0015kobebamberyallfatima30ZoyaAsadKhanpumpkin.honeyKanwal4salmanPINky733DarkBecomingshailu123LazyblazyKeyaHira2ikhlassrabiamunawarsiyasharma94asyakabhidreamynikii11Gouri_JoshiPrettYSmileSneha8337yumna.imadprincess_surbhi-.-Mariam-.---Arpita--radadolcevidaPriyaCherrySplash-ASYAsugantiskavyasanah12aseelashahmaha70-ABI-anopamaMayurChanjayasree.raokritz4everdon girls-silentbang-Shubh007sasirasifiqbalshNiya_789swapnogowtujas91aarzoo50ImmortalLoveChahanyaMysticRiverSurish

guys i never thought i'll recieve such great responseDay Dreaming

that also when the first chapter isn't up yetLOL

nd these 65 likes are just so motivatingParty Dancing

m really overwhelmed nd i just want to give you this huge...hug

Hug    Hug   Hug  Hug   Hug

sorry can't put 65 hugs...abhi update bhi to deni henaLOL

and lastly thanku sooo sooo sooo much

love you all HeartHeart

lots nd lots of hugs and kissesWink

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suearmaniac IF-Sizzlerz

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credit- ImmortalLove

chappy #1

asad's pov

                            Gracious girl


I  was  running  late for farhan's  walima. Yeah  I  know  he's  my  college  buddy  but  when  life  happens  responsibility  becomes  first  priority. I had  to take  najma to fill  her  college form. Then  abbu  too  was out  of  town  so  I  had  to  manage  that  damn  car  to  get  it  repair  all  alone. And  now  this  drive  from  Bhopal  to  indore  is  getting  over  my head. Thank  god!  Finally  I  reached  the venue.

It  was  evening  and  the  whole  garden  was adorned  with  lights  and  dainty curtains. I  seriously  don't  understand  how  can  girls  wear  those  heavy  lehenga  and  all those glimmery  jwellery . Well certainly  not  of  my business. I  searched  for  farhan  and  there  he  was sat  on  a  garlandified seat  specially  made  for  newly  wedded  couple.

As  I  headed  towards  the stage I heard  her  beautiful  laughter. not  sure  from  where  that  giggling  came  from  I  searched  for  its  source. Finally  I  spotted  that  girl  who  was  laughing  so  freely   with  that  musical  voice. Her  back  was  to  me and  I  cudn't see her  face. She  was  draped  in a pink dupatta  adorned  in  a  white  blouse  and  skirt. Then  she  flung  around  and her  stylishly cut  hairs  danced  with  the  parallel  rhythm with  her  dupatta. I  saw  her  ascending the   stairs  of  the  stage  with   her  girls  gang.

I  don't  know  when  my  steps led  me  to  stage  as well. It  was like  a  force  which  drew  me  there. It was  then when I came to   my  senses.

"thanku  mr.  engineer. So  finally   you  made  it" farhan  taunted  with  a  sarcastic  tone yet smiling to the camera. And  I  made  silly  excuses  till he bought  my lies. finally  I  greeted and gifted  the  two  and  made  my  way  downstairs. The glimmer from  her  shining  heels  reflected  lights on  me. She  was  congratulating the  couple  on  the  stage and  gave  that  million  dollar  smile to  that  damn  lucky   camera.huh! great  now  m  jealous  of  that  camera  too. Hang on  hang on! Did I  say  jealous? I might  be  going  crazy.

While coming  downstairs  her  dupatta  came  below the  heels and  there  goes  the  falling  beauty! i don't know why I felt like I shud prevent her from falling.I  reached  to  help  her  but  what  I  saw next  made  me  roll  my  eyes.

The  girl  was smart and  she  held  onto  the nearby  chair not  giving  the  romeos  like  me  to  hold  her  in  their  arms. I  praised  her  mentally  and  glared  at  myself  in  the  big  live  screen behind  me. I  was  practically  standing  there  like  a fool  with  my  hands  and  legs positioned  such that  I  was  to  take  part  in  a  race! I regained my composure making sure that no one took notice of me.

My  eyes again  caught  her  slim  figure  making  her  way  in  crowd  and  meeting  people  with  an  enthusiastic  smile. she moved so gracefully with her skirt dancing along with her. Then I heard her saying

"allah miya! What's wrong with you riya? I know it's ur walima but u know I missed ur sangeet." She pouted cutely.

"I know but u see walima and sangeet are two different functions" riya, farhan's wife tried to make her understand.

"no I don't see.take me as a blind girl." She winked at riya hotly and moved with the other girls. I saw riya sighing defeated. That whole conversation made me curious and I was sure that gracious girl was up to something when all the lights dimmed. i turned around and there she was with another girl making a pose in the centre hall.

Aashiquon me jiska title titanic oo

Aashiqon me jiska title titanic

Muaah kinara dikha kar ke dooba de gaya...

i got her idea of hitting the dance floor on a walima!! Was she serious?

jhalla mera aashiq jhalla walla...

mera balma jhalla walla...

mera jhalla wallah walla...

The music was booming and the two girls moved in accordance with the beats.

Jhalla mera ashiq jhalla walla...

Mera balma jhalla wallah..

I was lost in her every move. How she played with her expressions was so amazing. her dupatta flung and swirled creating a dizziness in my mind . her petite waist moved with a grace full of activeness. I enjoyed watching her like she was a movie...not that I have much interest  in movies! I can say that she was like a software site uploading with much colors and designs...m sorry but m an engineer and I love my work so cudn't come out with a better comparison. Well it doesn't mean I love her too...oh wat m I saying? I mentally smacked at my temple.

Humne samjha tha golden jublie jise..

Haaye samjha humne golden jublie jise...

Oh woh to matinee dikha kar ke chuma le gaya...

She winked with that and I literally went flat? I rubbed my forehead.

Jhalla mera ashiq jhalla walla..

Mera balma jhalla walla..

I had to say that she was an excellent dancer. but I hated when other boys hooted. clearly they weren't from a good family background. I cursed them under my breath. The girls dancing too felt awkward and they ended the dance smartly so that the others couldn't guess that the ending was rushed.

Mera jhalla walla haye haye..

Hero ashiq jhalla walla..

Saiyaa balma jhalla walla...aa..a..

I felt sad for them. Coz of these people many girls can't achieve what they want in life. They're always worried about their character and family. Humph!! I guess I shud stop these thoughts before it turns into a mental speech.


it  was  pretty  late  and  already  many  of  the  guests  have  left. There  was  a long  table  set  for  dinner  on  which  farhan  and  his  new    wife  was  going  to  join  us. I met  many  of  my  old college  friends and  we  exchanged  each  other's  whereabouts. The  whole time  my  eyes  searched  someone. Okay  I  admit  I  was  looking  for  the  same  girl  I'd  seen  on  the stage.

"asad? R u looking  for  someone?" anshu, my branch mate  asked  me.

"nope. Just looking  around. nice  venue" I  lied  feeling  a  bit  embarrassed. But  seriously? That  place  sucked  and  I  understood the  weird  glance  anshu  shot  me. I  was  preparing  myself  to  lie  better  when  she came  and  sat  on  the girl's  side. Looking  at  her  my  mind  for  some  unknown  reason  went  blank. Man! She  was  so  graceful and  I've  already  become a  fan  of  her  voice.

I  was  so  lost  in  her  beauty. Unlike  other girls  she  chose   to  wear  a  light  pendal  locket. Her  hairs  were  left  open  straight  and  smooth. she  wore  one wrist watch  in  one  hand .

On  further  noticing  I  found  that  she  wasn't  a  make-up  lover. her  eyebrows  were  perfectly  arched and  darkened. She  had  put  a  small silver bindi  too on her  forehead. Her  eyes  were  kohl  lined  perfectly and  they  carried  innocence  and  joy. Her  lips  were  glossy  and oh  god! I loved  the  way  she  smiled. Her  chin  was  always  set  up indicating  that  she  was  one  independent  woman  and  she  carried  elegancy  with  confidence. Her  eyes  lowered  in  respect  when  an old  lady  kissed  her  forehead  and  wished  her  that  she'll  find  her  life  partner  soon. the   girls  gang  teased  her  and  she  blushed  profusely. I smiled cutely but regained my expressionless face becoming aware of my surroundings.But  I  could  sense   something  else  in  her  eyes  too. Was  it  longing? For  whom?

It  was  then  I   realized  what  was  I  doing? It  wasn't  my  business if  she  was  looking  for  a  man  or  not. I  didn't  knew  her  either  and  gosh!  Why  was  I  checking   her  out?

But  one  look  at  her  broke  my  resolve . she  was  having  fun  and  man! She  talked a lot. I couldn't  hear  what was  she  saying  but I loved  to  watch  her  like  that. she  occasionally  adjusted  her  dupatta  or played  with  her  hairs sometimes .i noticed that  she had  those  dents in her cheeks to  die  for. Her  eyes  met  mine  once  but  I  guess  she  didn't  took  notice. She  even  didn't  looked  at  me  again. And seriously why wud she? Afterall she didn't know me either.She  was  beautiful  so  it  might  be  the  case  that  she  already  have  someone  in her  life and  she  was  not  at all interested  in  a  mr. glance shooter like  me. But then  again  it  was  somehow  not acceptable to  me that she was having someone and  I  asked  out  of  curiosity.

"anshu who's  that?" I  pretended  to  be  cool  but  my  heart  was  really  beating  on an  exciting  note.

"who? That  pink  one?" he asked and  continued  when  I  nodded.

"I forgot  her  name  but  she's  some  friend of farhan's  wife. Well! I think  u  shudn't  try  at  this one."

"who  said  I  was  interested. I just  asked  out  of  nowhere. By  the  way  why  do  u  think  I  shudn't  try?" I  asked  him  narrowing  my  eyes  at  him.

"bcoz she  turned  those  losers  down.unh! that  was  obvious but  can  u  imagine  someone  turning  down  ricky?" he  motioned  towards  the   last   benchers  of  our  class and  then  towards  ricky  who  was   surely  pissed  off  in  the  corner.

I  chuckled  at  his  state "serves  him  good. At least  now he  knows  what  those  girls  felt  when  he  treated  them  as  use  and  throw  pens."

Anshu  laughed  along  with  me. Finally  we  were   done with  the  dinner  and  farhan  escorted  us  to  rooms  as  there  was  no  way  any  of  us  was going  back  home at  this late at  night.

I  casted a  long  glance  at  the  girl  which  was  my  centre  of  attention  the  whole evening.

"asad u  coming?" anshu called  me

"yeah" I went  with anshu  but  my  mind  was  still  blocked  with  her  images.

  All night in our room I kept playing and replaying her in my mind. She was a total unknown personality for me but what was that force which keeps my mind dragging towards her?  Her eyes were so much familiar to me. Some connection was there but I couldn't  get myself to admit that she attracted me. Why?

Coz I guess I still love zoya. Yes zoya is everything to me. 10 years back we were separated due to my selection in engineering institute and I had to leave for gwallior. I loved her since a very long time but when it was time for me to leave she came running and confessed her feelings. That night was the most beautiful night for me and I can have one like that only when I get her back. Ofcourse we were connected via facebook but I don't know why she quit it after I left. I never had enough courage to ask my sister about her becoz of the unnecessary question that wud arise. I don't wanted to make it difficult for zoya if she was living there in Bhopal. But when my 4 years got completed and I returned with the hope of meeting her she wasn't there. We didn't had each other's contact numbers too.

Then I felt what zoya must have felt when I left. Yes I totally understood why she left for she had career dreams too. I wasn't the only one. I was sure she wouldn't  be an engineer but was clueless what if not engineer? We never talked on this topic and I had no idea what were her aspirations.

When there was a locality function I got to know from humairah that zoya was an artist. Sketching and painting was her thing. she was in Kolkata then. I was happy to know that she followed her dreams. Oh I forgot to tell u all that humairah is my love's li'll sister. She also told me that zoya keeps moving from one place to another and is highly busy at the peak point of her career. She visited home just one month before I returned. So that was all I knew about zoya 6 years back from now. 6 years have passed and our path never matched. The former 3 years I was in banglore and zoya must've visited her home but sadly we couldn't  met.

Then the latter months till now I stayed at Bhopal and worked there itself. But tell me if I should be proud of my darn fate? zoya's family has shifted to indore and there was no way we cud meet and talk. I tried the google search and what not to contact her. But I failed everytime. Her personal contact number was never disclosed. I wonder if she'd ever tried finding my number? May be she was trying but how would she know in what company I worked? Then again she would have known by her sister that I was back in Bhopal and she could ask for my home number in order to talk with najma. She might have. Who am I to judge her? Maybe she tried but I wasn't at home. i didn't had enough courage to question my abbu if the farooqi's called?

And while debating this god knows when I drifted to sleep.

The morning hustle bustle of workers and guests woke me up and I found myself on the bed of an old room. i realized that I came on walima of farhan. Anshu walked out of washroom.

"hey good morning asad! All urs"he said indicating towards the washroom.


All ready  and cool I was dressed in my jeans and shirt. I played with my car keys and whistled while heading towards my car. i was just about to reverse my car when I saw that gracious girl again in my rear view mirror. this time she was in a blue jeans and grey tank top. What a combination! Her hairs were tied in a messy bun and she was carrying her heels in her hands. She hailed a cab and was out of sight the next moment.

Hmm... she was cool and elegant too. How well and lady like girl was she when I saw her last night. and now in the morning she was messy and looked tired. I guess the girls didn't get much sleep due to their chatting habit. Where she went? Might be she lived here in indore!

Oh shit! I was in indore and how sad I can't meet zoya! But I can call najma and ask her where are the farooqi's residing. I called at home.

"hello? Bhaijaan guess what? I got the admission!" najma yelled in excitement and I had to keep away the phone from my ears. But I was happy and proud of my li'll tamatar.

"congrats tamatar! Wat did ammi abbu say?"

"they're so happy and we all want you here asap. Abbu is taking us to family dinner."

"oh! That's great" I sensed my plan of visiting the farooqi's almost sinking.

"yes it is! Bhaijaan pls you prepare to head here now so that u can reach here on time. u'll need some rest too coz of continuous driving. Pls okay coz I don't want you yawning at dinner and also when ur tired u ignore all of us and gets busy with ur sound vanishing headphones!" najma complained and I smiled at how much she cares for me. I can surely quit meeting the farooqi's for now to fulfill my tamatar's grand dinner.

"okay then I'll be there in 4 hrs." I disconnected the call and buckled my seat belt. it was time to go back to Bhopal. But indore seemed so nice to me. I don't know whether it was the feeling that maybe zoya was in the same city or that atleast her family which was related to her lived there. Maybe it was that girl I met? No it can't be! I love zoya and there cannot be anyone else. But that girl is so stubborn! She's is just not ready to leave my mind. Well maybe if I leave indore she wudn't have her effect on me. I know I'm being silly coz it's not some curse which wud only follow me in indore! I know that girl is having her magical control over my mind but for god's sake I don't know her! Asad u better leave. I took out my half blue heart from under my shirt and kissed it.

"she might have control over my mind but my heart is all zoya's. she's the one who cud capture it. She's the one who has half of it. I love you zoya and I miss you" I sighed longingly and started the car getting myself ready for a 4 hr journey.


Okay m stopping here. I know I dragged it horribly! I'm not satisfied either but pls have mercy and don't bash here.

You can throw the chappals,stones ar anything. Well actually u practically can't ROFL

But still I'll appreciate if BY CHANCE I get some good comments.Big smile

Let me know how u all like it and m so sorry if u all feel that I inserted yet another song in it.but I can't help it since it was walima!!!!

Though I don't know if walima par naach-gana hota he ya nahi Silly

And yes m shameless LOL so I'll say that pls hit like people...even if u don't like it. I promise I'll give the next update better than this!!!

I'll be waiting to hear from you through ur reviews. Smile

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Awesome update yaar love it i thing she is zoya but asad remember his zoya n waiting for her wow plz continue soon Smile

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Hey sue very interestingLOLClap
I hope this girl is zoya
Asya met
Thanks for pm

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