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Niki. IF-Dazzler

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suearmaniac IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by nikii11

Originally posted by suearmaniac

Originally posted by nikii11

Originally posted by -simmi-

Originally posted by suearmaniac

Originally posted by nikii11

Originally posted by -simmi-

Originally posted by nikii11

Originally posted by suearmaniac

Originally posted by -simmi-

Originally posted by nikii11

If you hold my hand
- Badal jayegi meri duniya
If you hold my hand
- Toh mill jaayegi sabhi khushiyan
If you hold my hand
- Nikhar jayegi meri duniya
If you hold my hand
O baby I will never let you go

oh ABCD2 ek dum ghatiya music hai iss gane ka main aate hi channel change kr deti hun Tongue

<font color="#ff0000">mai bhiOuchTongue</font>

<div></div>arrey tum dono se opinion kisne poocha...ROFL
dil ki baat dil main ni rakhni chahiye na
Waise ye song kya tune likha h??
Itna favour ROFL

</div>nah bass iss thread ko spam karne keliye tha..
<div>iss gane ko main bhi pasand nahi karhi..

infact muje ABCD2 film hi SleepySleepyROFL

isse better tho ABCD 1 tha..


u know I only watch logical movies

ole le le le
nikita aur vo bhi logical moviesROFL
Thumbs DownThumbs DownThumbs Down

ab thenga dikhaana band bhi kar
hogaya popat tera
humse kya sharmanaLOL

ole ole ole tum do
aur me ek..
ole ole
tum do hokar bhi mere kuch nahi bigad sakte
me minister ki beti hoon
andar karwana muje aata hainROFL

pehle apne do singo ko to dekhROFL
oye par ye bacchi kitti cute heDay Dreaming

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suearmaniac IF-Sizzlerz

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nikita me update next page pe karungi...to 2 aur post karna uske baad ni

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Niki. IF-Dazzler

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kyon huvi na bolti band dono ki hehe sab apne hisab se chalta hai nahi tho..
damkana hume aata hain

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Niki. IF-Dazzler

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ole ole ole..bichare darr gaye mujseEvil Smile

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suearmaniac IF-Sizzlerz

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credit- ImmortalLove


asad's pov

         HEATED PASSION IN COLD            

It's  been a week since I met the love of my life. Things are getting better. I remember how strange I felt when her mom asked me how my dad and mom were? I mean obviously it was weird to ask for a lady who lost her husband! Wasn't it supposed to be other way around?? Anyways so it's been a week and today zoya and her indifferent family is coming to our place for 2 days. This is awesome...2 days with zoya before our marriage! What? R u guys surprised that we're gonna marry?

But m speaking the truth.3 days ago her ammi called and everything fall at place. My ammi abbu are more than happy to get zoya as their daughter in law...najma is going crazy to get someone whom she could tease a lot...and as for me...yeah m having lots of thoughts of our married life including what u all are thinking. So she's coming today and tomorrow is our engagement.isn't this whole thing happening so fast...i can't believe it still...but then again life has been too slow when I was having hard time finding my love...and its like now m falling for this fast pace of my life. After so much lonliness finally m happy. M soon gonna be married and the thought itself makes me merry.

"aww!!! U looks so cute when blushing!" I heard najma's voice that broke my daydreams.

"oh! Najma come in"

"lost in the thoughts of ur future wifey?" she teased and I can't stop blushing

"yeah...m missing her! When did they say they'll be here?"

"like now..."

"what? Now" I sprinted to the hall where I found my ammi abbu sitting on a couch watching t.v. I looked around nd then it dawned on me how stupid I was behaving. Najma came behind me laughing hard and I scratched the back of my head embarrassed.

"gosh...hahaaa...ur so excited to meet her isn't it?" she asked me between her laughing session and by now my mom dad were interested too as for why she was laughing hard.

I motioned her to be quite and gave my parents a silly expression before coming back to my room.after few seconds I could hear my family laughing loud me being the reason no doubt.i smiled shaking my head...it felt like I was born again...living a new life...still to start another life with zoya. As in cue the doorbell rang and my heart danced on an excited rhydhm. I moved to washroom to groom myself a little.i know I don't need to impress her family...for aunty knows my bank balance and that's wat she cares about! I have already told mom dad and najma how aunty and humairah behaved with her and they promised me they would all love zoya for her lost years.

After a while najma came with a smug smile "lets go"

I was pretending to read a book "yeah in a minute..." I replied and she rolled her eyes "c'mon I know how excited u are...so let it be...come"

I sighed and followed her out to the hall

"salam walikum aunty...humairah"

"salam beta" shireen aunty gave me a dazzling smile...and I faked smile knowing well the reason behind it.

I smiled at zoya and she gave me a shy smile to which I rolled my eyes...I guess she was just trying to pretend she's grown up in front of my parents...

"hahaa...zoya...pta he hume tum kitni sharmali ho..hehe...bas bhi karo ye nautanki"dilshaad patted her hand on the back of zoya's head and we all laughed together while she grinned like a fool...she looked so cute

Dinner was all about making up for lost times...with zoya in the house I saw my mom dad...and nzma happier than before...she was like a charger to our family which sets everyone enthusiastically merry.

After dinner I asked her for a walk and we set free ...out of the house to spend some time together.

We were walking to the same river ghat...where our most precious memory lies...and I was sure to add some more to those old memories...and I knew this was the right time.


 zoya's pov

Walking on the moist soil again...against those winds again...hearing the river again...the rustling in the bushes again...under the stars again...it felt so complete to be with him.i have been adventurous and experienced many great things...which gave me pleasure despite the adrenaline rush...but this was joy...this moment with my hand in his hand...feeling the cold earth beneath our bare feets...this was my moment...but to make it special...i guess he has planned something more. He stopped me and I turned to him raising my eyebrows..

There he got down on his knees and pulled out a ring from his pocket...I was taken aback by surprise coz I didn't expect that then...i knew I was going to ask him to propose me...but he would be spontaneously doing that...i never thought.

"...I first saw you stealing ayaan's icecream...i myself was a kid and thought u were not from our locality and maybe was a thief..." he bit his upper teeths on the flesh of his lower lip...i narrowed my eyes at him...and like a child he defended beforehand "I repeat I was a kid" that made me giggle...

"then you were famous in our locality...and as I grew up...u became my first crush...then there was  a weird attraction towards you...which only grew stronger...and turned into a matured one...the feelings got suppressed as the fear ruled of our parents and I had to leave...the thought suffocated me always...but"

I was smiling all the time appreciating his honest eyes..."but?" I asked him

"but you came and changed everything...the night we spent here was the best thing happened to me in my life till now...i felt elated when I got to know u felt the same about me...then came the separation and trust me zoya...i've died hundred deaths without you...specially when I knew you were still waiting and I failed to find you...but after all of those years...you colored my life once again...before it was ur faint memories which washed my sadness...but now its you...whole of you...with whom I want to share my joys,my sorrows,my everything...the princess of my dreams...without whom life goes blank...and now realize that it was you only from the beginning...it is you now...and always will be...with all my heart now...ms. Zoya farooqui...will you do the honour of providing me with the beautiful lady m bowing in front of?...will you be mine ...will you marry me?" he poured more and more of his heart and I felt an unknown thing surrounding me...the goose bumps sent the signal to my brain...that I shud feel cold...the pricking water heat surrounding my eyes told my mind to feel warm so as to warm my heart...but the brain stopped working and neither reacted to coldness nor to hotness. It was like my heart has taken full control...and sensing my weak knees I fell to his level in the direction of my falling tears...i nodded my head unable to say anything and he finally slipped the ring into my finger...kissing my hand lightly...he smiled at me...and that smile melted me and I moulded myself right into his waiting arms...it was .the gay hug of our joy and celebration of this beautiful night where the only witness were those winds,the river,the soil,the sky,the stars,the moonlight.

"I love you zoya...love you soo much"

"I love you too asad...more than u love me.."

"no I love you more"

I chuckled and said... "maybe but I love you most"

we broke apart only to head hug and his warm breath felt so inviting now that I couldn't resist anymore...i joined our hands moved forward over him to let him rest against the soil and I above him...took the lead and kissed him my best I could.when we finally came out of the kiss breathing hard he asked me... "you weren't that bad this time too...but I see the improvement"

I hit his chest lightly..."are you making fun of me? Allah miya! Wats wrong with you? Asad I was just 17 that night...was a bad kisser...but all this I've learnt for you now...and even more u know..." I winked at him and he grinned naughtily.

"alright...then lets practice...u know practice makes perfect!" I smiled and this time he captured my lips sensuously...taking it slow...tesing my body...his hands travelled up along with the hem of my shirt...the feelings returned to me as he rubbed the cold soil on my waist...my mouth being all his...he moved down and reached the tattoo...kissing me wildly...i opened his shirt buttons and gave him the feel of cold soil...tracing his perfect body...with my index finger...i reached the crook of his neck...on my name's tattoo and nuzzled there...i found a thick thread at his collar bone...that's when I stared at the blue half heart...

"you still have it?" I whispered to him...surprised

He came back to my lips pecking them ever so slightly...his one hand cupping my face while the other tracing my arm length to my wrist.

"just like u have it" he bored his eyes in mine...and I looked at my wristband where the half blue heart was dazzling.

"how could I not have it...zoya It was the only thing I had of u...its just I never wore it as I'd resolved to wear it only when I wud find you...and now that I've finally found you...this" he said taking my hand to his heart... "completes our half hearts".

I smiled at him and we rested on our back watching those stars...in our heated passion...trying to calm down our heartbeats...between the nature...in our own world...we completed each other.

Going back home we again walked hand in hand...

He looked curious about something...

"u know u can ask me anything" I gave his hand a squeeze.

"i...i was wondering why do aunty and humairah behave such?"

I sighed "there's nothing to tell about that asad!...i was a kid...nd I paved the way to trouble.from school to our locality...if they ever received anything about me were complaints...i didn't knew being notorious was a crime!they always disliked me...and that made me raged and I tried to trouble them more...u left and after that abbu wanted me to join his business but me being admanant chose to become an artist...so he left everything to humairah since ammi forced him to do that...he was sick so she must have taken advantage or whatever...i don't know much as I rarely came home...and its just hate which they give me...I think somethings would never change asad!...they'll continue to hate me no matter how much love I show them...they fake love...u know I can't buy their love by the money I provide them even...coz I know I won't be able to...but u know what? I don't want their love anymore..."

"zoya...i love you...ur loved by ammi abbu and najma too.i promise I'll never let u down..."

"yes asad...i know and that's why I don't want their love now that I've got a new family which loves me more." I smiled at him and he pecked my forehead before opening the door to his house...soon gonna be my house. 2 days and there will be a new beginning...to our life.m ready to take this responsibility...m ready to fill their life with love...and to be loved back is the greatest feeling in the world...nd m starting to feel it.with asad in my life I don't care about my past...life has given me my best times now...and here I am taking the first step to my world...with asad beside me. Call it my luck...call it my pay off...this is what I aspired all of these years and now its like...i can't think anything now...m feeling so light hearted...

M letting it go...the people who behaves bad doesn't deserve to be in my thoughts...m letting it go... I've finally found asad and now there's one thing I could say abt love

It's about time


 This update goes to simm0 and my gaana.com( nikita )Wink

thanku so much guys for keeping me entertained while i was replying to the comments.ab to m feeling better...uff ye sardi and running nose se me pareshaan pareshaanLOL pareshaanLOL

tum dono ne mera mood theek kardiya and here i am with the update

i hope all of u my readers liked the update...thanks for supporting always...

here's wishing you all a very happy and prosperous EID-UL-FITRHug

two more important things...that u all have been assuming razia as zoya's ammi...but i never mentioned razia being her mom

its shireen and second thing is that...this story is coming to an end...

i'll provide the epilouge next...so guys do wait for that

till then hit likes and drop ur comments

love always from


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Kabhibloom Goldie

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Yippee, I am first.
Wonderful n Beautiful chapter.
Loved it.
Asya r getting married. So excited.
Asad was impatient to meet zoya.
His family were having fun at his expense.
Then asya n their family met.
So shireen is zoya's mum n she is money minded.
Asya went on walk.
Asad proposal to zoya was so cute.
Zoya's family don't love her n she also doesn't need their love as she's
about to get her own new lovely family with asad.
The story is going to end. So soon.
I just loved this story.
Now feeling sad due to its going to end.
Anyway, its awesome.
Continue soon

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Niki. IF-Dazzler

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omg surpise pey surprise
asya getting married hailaShocked
ithni jaldi
tomo engagement
ithna fast
loved asnaj momentEmbarrassed
loved khan fly happy fly momentEmbarrassed
 aak grooming himself for zoe
tht wasEmbarrassed
loved dillu saying baas bhi karo nautaki hume patha hai kitni sharmili hoROFL
wow river ghat moment
beautifully wriitenStarStar
in tht moist soil under the stars perfect way of proposing
aak aakir perfectionist jo hain
There he got down on his knees and pulled out a ring from his pocketStar
kya style hain akdu ka and spks abt their childhood memories..EmbarrassedHeart
he saw zoya stealing ayan's icecream and thought she was a thiefROFL
so zoe was his crush his princess
and they kissedDancing
some romantic moments
and they both still have the half blue heartsStar
he wore it now when he found herStar
ohh some heated romantic moments again
but you ending this...??
so soon kyonShocked

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