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[email protected] / [email protected] SS Finally Found You **** link to thread 2 added at pg 1

suearmaniac IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 May 2015 at 5:06am | IP Logged

Hello people!!!!!!!!!!

M starting a new ss on asya. this would be my second work at writing. i just had in mind and I realized that I can't keep this idea inside me anymore. so pls have a read and leave ur reviews Big smile

I want to thank my all previous readers for their love and support. m hoping that I'll get the same or even more at this one too Tongue

one more very mportant person i wanna thank is Reema who was so quick at giving me those fantastic bannersEmbarrassed

New readers pls have a read of my former ff too

Here's the link

_asya ff unique love


Index to finally found you

Base story...page 1 belowEmbarrassed      

chapter 1... page 15

chapter 2... page 27

chapter 3... page 41

chapter 4... page 67

chapter 5... page 85

chapter 6... page 114

epilouge....thread 2

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Kanwal4salman IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 May 2015 at 5:27am | IP Logged
Awesome start Sue..
Hehe mai janti hu ye tera place ta par kya karu rok nai res karne se..
It was worlds shortest love story there first kiss and there confession everything was awesome..
Continue soon

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suearmaniac IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 May 2015 at 5:41am | IP Logged

credit - ImmortalLove

Base story:10 years back

 zoya's pov

                 ITS TOO LATE


I  were   so   tired   and  my  breath  came   out  in  puffs  heavily. Atleast  then  I  knew   how  it   feels  like  to  be  a runner.  But   look  at  that  cruel  driver! He  was  just  not  ready  to  stop  that  van.

"stop! I  say  stop!"

To  my  relief  it  finally  came  to  a  halt. I  saw  Asad  peeping  out  of  the  window. He  looked  in  my  direction  and  his  eyes  twinkled. I  waved  at  him. He  gave  me   his  hand  and  I  climbed  in  the  backseat  with  him.

"pull  over" asad   ordered  the  driver  when  we  were  close  to  the  river. Leaving  the  driver  and  van  behind  we  both  walked  along  the  length  of  the  river  ghat.

"why  u  came  down  panting  with  ur  nose  and  eyes  all  running?" he  asked  me. And  I  was  like  seriously? How funny  that  question  sounded!

"asad, I  wanted  to  meet  u  before  u  leave."


"why? Like  you  don't  know  anything?" I  stared  at  him  with  an  unbelievable  expression.

"I  don't  know  what  ur  talking  about. zoya, pls  go  back  to home .ur  parents  might  be  worried  for  u."

I  literally were  close  to  laugh  out  loud.

"oh  really! Then  why  did  u  bring  me here  with  u if  I  were  supposed  to  be   at  home?"

He  didn't answer  and  I  continued.

"look  I  know  u  wanted  to  meet  me  too."

He  looked  at  me  all  surprised.he  admitted  and nodded.i  smiled.

"I  don't  like  regretting asad. I  know  u  also  have  feelings  for  me. if  not  love  then  something  else. but  there  was  something  between  us." I  searched  for  some  reaction  from  his  side  but  none  came. I  felt  a  lump  in my  throat  beginning  to  form. after  few  minutes  he  shook  his  head.

"zoya, I think  it's  too late." His  eyes  were  wet  too.

I  smiled  sadly  but  my  frustration  took  the  better  of  me.

"I know. I know  u  can't  stop  for  a  teenager  like  me. ofcourse  that's  fine  to  move  on  and  make  career. but  tell me  is  it my fault  that  ur  one  year  older  than  me? ur  18  and  m  17! I  still has  one  year  left  of  my  high  school. but  congrats  u  got  selected  in  IIT. Amazing  isn't  it? now u'll have  to  leave  and  all  I  can  do  is  let  u do that."

"zoya  u  see I  have  to  go. u  can  join  me  next  year  in IIT."

"no  I  can't!" I yelled aloud.

"I  can't  coz  I  don't  want  to  be  an enginner.i  will  not  join  u." I  sniffed.

Asad's  face  became  one  like that  of  a  corpse. motionless. he  gazed  at  me and  asked

"so  why   did  u  come now? What  do  you  want?"

"I  told  u  I  hate  regretting and  hence  m  gonna  tell  u my  biggest  secret." I  carried  on  with  honesty  drooling  from  my  eyes.

"I  love  you  asad." And  saying  that  I  closed  my  eyes. there  was  only  the  sound  of  winds  oozing  around  us.the  river  was silent surprisingly. Then  I  heard  his  steps  coming  closer. my  eyes  opened   and  met  his  wet  eyes. there  was  yet  a sparkle   in  his  eyes.

"I  don't  want  to  regret  either. i  don't  want  this  heaviness   of  my  secret for  a  lifetime. i too want to  get  rid  of  this  burden on my chest.I  love  you  zoya. and  I  will always  love  you."

My  tears  gave  in  and  I  fell  on  the  moist  soil. he  too  came  down  and  we  smiled  through  our  tears. we  lied  on  our  backs  and  watched  the  night  show  of  stars  in  the  sky.

Lying  here  with  you  so  close  to  me...

It's  hard  to  fight  these  feelings...when   it feels  so  hard  to  breath...

Caught  up  in  this  moment...

Caught  up  in  ur  smile...

"asad...say  that  u'll  miss  me"

He  stared  at  me  and  smiled "always...till  I  die.."

I  gasped  and  shut  his  mouth  placing my  hand  over  his  lips.

I've  never  opened  up  to  anyone...

So hard to hold back...

 "dare  not  say  that  again...to  anyone" I said  firmly.

He  took  my  hand  in  his  and  kissed  it  gently. "never"

I smiled  at  him.

He  closed  his  eyes  and  came  closer. my  lips  parted  automatically. his  hands  settled  to  cup  my  face and his  lips  were  now  inches  away  from mine. my  eyes  went  wide...

He stopped  and  opened  his  eyes  "baby  what  is  it? Wudn't  u  give  me  a chance  to take   something  cherishable  with  me? wudn't  it be  memorable  for  u? it's our  first  and  probably  the  last  kiss"

I  saw  the  sadness in  his  eyes  and  instantly  felt  guilty. how  stupid  of me!

We  don't  need  to  rush  this...

"it's not  that.i...asad  I may be bad  at  it" I flushed and  dropped  my  gaze.

Lets  just  take  it  slowly...

He  cupped  my  face   and  again  came  closer. his  lips  zeroed  the  distance  between us. it  was  so  soft  and  gentle  kiss. almost  like  a whisper. i  felt  the  love  he  has  hidden all  of  those  years  we  knew  each  other. what  was  surprising  was that  I  responded  to  that kiss. i  poured  all  my  emotions  in  that. the  love, the   fear  of  losing  him, well  I  was still gonna  let  him  go but  atleast  now  I  confessed and  I  wudn't  have  to  bear  this  regret  my  whole  life.

Just  a  kiss  on  ur  lips  in  the  moonlight  ...

Just  a  touch  of  the  fire  burning  so  bright...

No  I  don't  wanna  mess  this  thing  up...

I  don't  wanna  push  too  far...

how  ironical  moment  was  that! Firstly  our  lips  were  connected  but  it  was  the  kiss  of  goodbye!

Secondly, it  wud have  been  our  love  life's  beginning  but  unfortunately it  was  the  end.

Where  it  wud  have  been  a  start  to  secret-meetings, it  was  going  to be  our  separation.

Just  a  shot  in  the  dark  that  u  just  might...

Be  the  one  I've  been  waiting  for  my  whole  life...

So, baby  m  alright...

With  just   a kiss  goodbye...

I don't  know  for  how  long  we'd  been  kissing.it  only  broke  when  there  was  an  urgent  need  of  oxygen.

"oops" I whispered.

"that's  an understatement." Asad said.

I  know  that  if  we  give  this  a  li'll  time...

It'll  only  bring  us  closer  to  the  love  we  wanna  find...

It's  never  felt  so  real...no  it's  never  felt  so   right...,

He  again  smacked  his lips  on  mine. it  was  the  gay  kiss of  our  joy  and  celebration  of  this  beautiful  night  where  the  only  witness was  those  winds,the river,the soil,the sky,the stars,the moonlight. my  hands  reached  the  nape  of  his  neck  and  soon  the  kiss  became  passionate. i  was  enjoying  that.

So   baby  m alright  with  just  a kiss goodnight...

When  we  finally  broke  apart  I  gazed  at  him  with  my  twinkling  eyes.

"u  see. U  weren't  that  bad" he  reminded  me.

I  giggled  softly "guess our  secrets  are  no  more  the  secrets"

"yes  they  aren't  between  us  but  for  this  world  they  shud  be." He  again  reminded  me.

It dawned  on  me  that  it  was  time  for  him  to  go. i  hugged  him for  my  dear  life.

No  I  don't  want  to  say  goodnight...

"I  wish  our  families  wudn't  have  been  that  narrow-minded. their  thoughts  and  beliefs  are  of  such  older  era that  I  cudn't  bring  myself  to  tell  u  the  truth  once. i  loved  u zoya  since  a long time "he  chuckled "maybe  u  were  my  first  adolescent  crush  if  boys   have  it"

I  giggled  feeling  content  in  his  arms. "I don't  know  about  boys  but  u  are  my  first  and  the  last  love. since  my  adolescence. i  just  also  wish  if  it  weren't  for  fear  of  my  abbu, I   wud've  confessed  soon  and  maybe  we've  got  some  time  together. but  now  u'll  go"

My voice  cracked  and  he  hugged  me  tighter  comforting  me.

"I wish life  cud  be  easy" he  said.

"it  wud  have  if  I haven't  come  to  you. m  sorry  but  I  came  coz..."

"coz  u  don't  like  regretting. i know." He  completed  my  sentence.

I  sniffed "when  did  I  become  so  selfish?"

"no  ur  not  selfish. i  am. I  was  leaving  without  telling  u. you have  the  courage  to  run  from  ur  home  and  come to  me  to  say  the  truth. ur the  bravest  I  know  zoya." He  pecked  my  forehead  and  helped  me  to  stand  up.

That  stupid   driver   came  running "asad  baba, lets  go, dilshaad  ma'am  ordered  to  reach   Gwallior  by  tomorrow  night. if  the  road's  not  good, we'll get  late."

Asad  nodded "m coming"

i  wiped  his  tears  and  he  wiped mine.

"no   tears  pushpa!" asad  tried  to  joke and  we  both  smiled.

he started  to  turn  around  but  I  stopped  him.

"one  minute." I  took  the  wristband  from  my  hands  and  broke  the  blue  colored  heart.

"aaah!" asad  faked  pain but  I  smacked  his  shoulders.

"don't  worry , heart's not  broken. It's  the  common  heart we  have. half  is  urs  and  half's  mine."

Next  I  took  out  a thread  from  my  dupatta  and  drew  it  from  that  half  heart.

"how  moviestic!" he  commented.

I  stood  on  my  toes  and  tied  it in  his  neck. "that's  not  a  word  mr. AAK." I pecked  his  cheeks and  whispered

"they  say  there's  no  age for  love. so  it  isn't  applicable  to  oldies only  but  to  teens  too. and  m sure  it  wasn't infatuation .the  permission  to  live  in  my  heart  is  granted  to  u  only  and  nobody  else." I waved  my  wristband  in  front   of  him. He  kissed  the  broken  heart  and  then the  other  part  tied  around  his  neck.

I  know  its  time  to  leave  ...

But  u'll  be  in  my  dreams...




"goodbye" I smiled at  him.

"best  of  luck  for  future . goodbye" he placed  his lips  on  mine  one  last time  and  left  without  looking  back.

With  a  kiss  goo...dnight...

I  stared  at  his  retreating  back  till  my  vision  blurred  due  to the  tears  rolling  down  my  cheeks. i wiped  them  and  sighed  looking  up.

I  saw  the  shooting  star  and  made  a wish  of  letting  the  success  at  his  feet  always.

Sometimes u have to let go.i'll always love him.i'll always miss him coz I know there can't be another like him.its time to move on and start a new life but sadly he wudn't be the part of it.


yeah i have a c;losing banner tooLOL and that BIG THANKS goes to reemaWink

EmbarrassedNow  pls  hit  like  and  comment!!!!

To  those  who  prefer  asad's  pov  more, let  me  tell u  that  m  one  of  u  and  the  whole   story  is gonna  be  in  asad's  pov.

The  backstory  was  in  zoya's  pov  to  not  let  those  people  down  who  likes  her  pov.

Well  I  gave  the  name  backstory  bcoz  I don't  know  if  prologue  contains  songs  in  it  lol LOL

Okay  so  this  time  I  pmed  all  my  friends.

Those  who  want  pms   of  this  ss  shall MENTION THAT U WANT PM'S IN ur  comment

and to those who aren't my buddies

i kindly request u all to buddy me if u want pm's

I hope  u all enjoyed  reading  this  brand  new one.pls  leave  ur  reviews  and  shower  the  love  I   deserve. Embarrassed




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suearmaniac IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Kanwal4salman


hey nayab!
i wanted that space
suearmaniac IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by KSGmaniac_24579

Ress for the mess!

ooh pls unres soonTongue
well i wanted that space too
muskaan17rocks Goldie

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Beautiful start 
continue soonSmile

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ImmortalLove IF-Rockerz

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Hey dear
Beautiful start

Asad zoya love each other
And they kissed.. Wow

 But seperated :(

I really like the updateSmile
Thanks 4 pm

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Shailu.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey sue that was so lovely yaar n their kiss wow so exciting to read more continue soon Big smile

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