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Akdha SS - The Deal. ||Chapter-3 Page-39|| 13/01/16 (Page 36)

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Update plz... Cool
I will!Wink
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Originally posted by aisha...11110

Originally posted by ...Anushka...

Shut up!LOL
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After great 15 minutes, Jodha again tried to think about her 'first book'. By this book, she wanted to inspire people. In short, this book was all about her life. She hadn't told anyone about her interest in writing, and she had it clear that she won't tell this to anyone until it's done. 'There's nothing wrong to live up to your expectations instead of others.' A smile spread across her lips, "Perfect line" She muttered, one more line for her 'book'. 

Chapter - 3     ||New Rules In, Old Rules Out.||

Like every morning, the old man was serving breakfast to his daughters, but in complete silence. Even the sisters weren't fighting and he knew the reason. He cleared his throat, trying to get attention from his elder daughter who was just  ignoring him, because of the conversation they had yesterday night.
 "Look, I know you are disappointed. But you need to understand that I want my daughter with me, not in Germany and stuff." Jodha looked at her father who offered her a plate of pasta, she looked at him for a second and then turned her head.
 "Come on, this is your favourite pasta. Starving will not solve the problem." She raised her brows at the old man with a 'duh' expression on her face. "Oh please, I am not like those losers who release their anger by starving. I don't waste food, I was just searching for some ketchups." Saying this, she searched her bag and pulled two ketchup sachets. "That's so gross, you have ketchup in your bag?" Shivani looked shocked and made a disgusting face. "See, whose talking. I doubt you have a single book in your bag, it is just stuffed with garbage." Rolling her eyes at her younger sister, she concentrated on her break-fast. "Oh please! there are many important things in my bag." Shivani argued back. 
Jodha narrowed her eyes, "Of-course, I mean eye-liner, lipstick, mascara  and your compact powder is the most important things in this world. We are surviving only because of them." Looking at his daughters, he scratched his neck. "Stop girls." It was really difficult to control them. But now it was habitual to him, so no worries!
"What dad?" Jodha snapped at her father, totally irritated. Firstly, because of the 'last night argument' she had with him and secondly because of her sister, who spoiled her already irritated mood. 
"I know you are upset because I am not allowing you to study in Germany. But---" Before he could complete his sentence, he was interrupted by his elder daughter.  "Dad, dare you use the word 'allow'. Because I am not asking for your permission. I am 17, and capable enough to make my own decisions. Just making it clear once again, I am going to Germany after my exams. And it's final." The old man, obviously was not happy with his daughter's stubbornness, the thing was that she never listens to anyone but herself. 
"What do you really want?Am I that hard to live with? Don't you love me?" Jodha sighed at her father. He always emotionally blackmail her but this time she won't give up. "Dad, you know that I love you. But the thing is that you never try to understand me. Have you ever realized what I want? I don't just want to waste my life in Brentford, I don't like being confined to this town. I want to go out, I want to travel. I want to live by myself. I want to control my life. I want to" A frown deepened on her father's face, as soon as she completed her sentence. 
"What do you really mean? Are you saying that I have trapped you in this house?" Standing up from her chair, she stared at her father. "Sorry dad, but it's true! You know how much I was connected to our old home. I never wanted to come here, but you never understood me. Knowing that, I have trillion memories related with our old home. What you did? Sold it? Is this just?" The old man took a deep breath, they had talked a lot about this 'home issue', or say fight. 
"You know why I sold it, right? We needed money to buy this house. And why are you bringing it again? Come to the main topic." She stared at her father with determination in her eyes, and then nodded. "Okay! I am coming to the point. I don't want to live here. I want to travel and explore the world. And let me clear one thing. By travelling, I don't mean to stay at resorts or go on tours with tour guides. By travelling, I mean I want to explore different countries. I want to discover every single place of Germany, I want to walk on the beaches of Mexico. I want to hike the Great Wall Of China, I want to go bungee jumping in New Zealand. I want to experience a walking safari in Botswana. I want to cherish every single place of earth. To see things with new eyes, to appreciate every single life on earth. This, I think, is enjoying true sense. And, this is what I planned my life to be. I don't want my life to end up here, in London. Dad, I want to fly, I want to live my life the way I want!" Jodha finally spoke everything to her father, and she felt nice.
She waited for his reaction but her younger sister interrupted in between. "Nice speech, girl. But can we just focus on me for a second. I am the only girl in the school whose not dating." 
Jodha really wanted to beat the crap out of her. She always had a wrong timing, her father was just a second away from agreeing with her. But no, her younger sister has better plans for her. "Oh no, you are not. Your sister doesn't date." The old man replied to his younger daughter. "And I don't intend to." Jodha said.
"Daddy, it's not about her. It's about me. I am warning you that  if you won't allow me to date. I away." Their father looked at Shivani, shocked. He knew she wasn't serious, but what scared him was that this 'dating' stuff was just not leaving his younger daughter's mind. So, it was time to change the rules of the house. 
"Okay! So, here's how we solve this out. New rules in, old rules out. Shivani can date." Jodha looked offended by this statement by his while Shivani lighted up the second he spoke this.
"--But only when Jodha does." Shivani looked irritated by her father's new 'house rule'.
 "But she's a monster. What if she never dates?" Shivani asked her father, who seemed quite pleased by his new rule. 
"Then you will never date. Oh god! I like this new rule, a lot." Saying this, he went to kitchen, humming his favourite tune. 
"Can't you find yourself a retard  who will just take you to movies, so I can have just date, once." Shivani screamed at Jodha. "No, I won't. Looks like you will miss that James Barrett." Smirking at her younger sister, Jodha waved at her. 
"You suck." She heard Shivani saying that. "So as you." Jodha replied, satisfied by her sister's frustrated face.

---Bruntcliffe Campus.---
"I still can't believe it." Shivani said excitedly to which Sofia looked at her and smiled. "What? That you are my friend or the new cheer-leader?" Shivani looked at her 'friend', who was busy with her nails. 
"Actually both." She replied to which Sofia held her shoulders and looked into her eyes.
"But, you know what? The places are not always permanent." Shivani nodded, horrified by her statement. "By the way, I need your help." Sofia glanced at Shivani, who raised her brows. "I need to complete my history assignments. Will you do them for me?" 
"I can't. I have my own work. Everything's pending." Shivani argued but then Sofia pressed her lips, firmly. "I think I told you that the places are not permanent. Everyone's eager to take the position that you have." She said, quietly. 
"Come on Sofia! I was just kidding. I am a true friend of yours. Of-course, I will help you." Shivani rushed with her words which brought a satisfying smile on Sofia's lips. "That's so sweet of you. Give it to me by tomorrow." Giving her notebooks to Shivani, she hugged her.
"Sofia." Turning their heads, they saw Jalal coming towards them. Shivani glanced at Sofia who was busy with fixing her hair. "Hey, no shirt. Again?" She giggled as soon as he grabbed a bottle from her bag. "Aren't you enjoying this show?" He asked, making the girls laugh. "I always do." She said, giving him a quick peck. 
"Hey, I need a favour. Do my biology project. It's really important. They won't allow me to participate in the tournament if I won't submit the f**king project." Sofia smiled at him and nodded. "You know what, you are great." He held her waist, pulling her closer. "I know." She said, lifting her head to kiss him again. 
"Being nasty?" He asked lowly to which she laughed. "Okay! I gotta go. Give the project to me in an hour."  Saying this, he ran to his pals. 
"Shivani, I need your help again." Sofia said. 

---School Library---
"I am in deep shit." Shivani muttered, she couldn't believe that she was doing a project of someone who she doesn't even know. And someone who is two years senior to her. "Hi." She looked at the guy, standing in-front of her. She remembered him, he was the same guy, she met on her first day. 
"Sorry, but I am really busy, I have a lot of work." Shivani said while writing quickly.
"Need any help?" Her head snapped up, hearing it. Smiling sweetly at him, she offered him a seat beside her.
"Thank you, Shivani." 
"Oh sorry! But I really have a problem in remembering peoples' names. It's embarrassing." She laughed, awkwardly.
"Oh! No problem. I am Ryan...Ryan Dew. I helped you with the lockers!" He said, adjusting his glasses. 
"Of-course! You are so sweet. But, you know I need to complete this biology assignment in less than an hour." She pouted, looking at Ryan.
"I...I will help you." He stuttered when he felt her hands on his. "This is so sweet of you." She smiled at him, which increased his heart beats. 
After 1 hour, they finally completed Jalal's assignment. Actually, Ryan did. Shivani was busy with her phone. "Shivani..." Ryan called her name.
"Completed?" He nodded at her question. She checked the assignment and gave him a small smile. 
"Your welcome?" Ryan said, trying to  remind her that she forgot to thank him like the first day when he helped her with the locker. But this time also, Shivani only nodded.
"Erm...Shivani. I was thinking that if you and me...I mean both of us...You know can go" He paused for her reaction. 
"Aww...are you asking for a date? Your name again?" She fluttered her eye lashes at him.
"Ryan...Ryan Dew." He told her again, slightly disappointed. 
"Oh I am sorry Ryane!" She pulled her best baby face, which made his heart fluttered. He loved the way she called him 'Ryane' instead of 'Ryan'. 
"So, will you come with me for a date?" He asked with hope.
"Ryane! You know! There's a stupid rule in my house that I am not allowed to date or go with any guy until mine older sister does." 
"That means, first I have to hook your sister with some guy and then ask you for a date?" He asked.
"Can you do it?" She asked, suddenly.
"Can you hook my sister with some retard." 
"Of-course. I can do anything." Ryan said, puffing his chest out.
"But, let me warn you! My sister's really tough. I mean she's a supreme bitch. Can you find some retard who can deal with her?" 
"Yea! I have seen your sister. She's a little anti-social. Why?" 
"Unsolved mystery. You know she used to be really popular in our previous school...and I think she got sick of it, or something. But if you ask my opinion, I think she's not capable of human interaction." Shivani stated, flatly.
"Oh..okay! I understand and I think there will be many guys who won't mind going out with a difficult lady like your sister. I mean some people are adventurous, they don't like easy things."
"Can you find someone that extreme?" She asked, hope filled her eyes.
"Yea, of-course! Why not?" He said, proudly.
"You will do this for me?" She touched his arm to which Ryan quickly nodded. 
"Okay, then! I am looking forward to our date."

---Bruntcliffe Cafeteria---
"Are you mad Ryan! How can you even think about it? That girl is a witch. She is...dangerous. No man will ever date her." Daniel said looking at Ryan, who was busy dreaming about his date with Shivani.
"Ryan, Ryan...God! You are whipped!" Daniel shook his friend, bringing him back to the real world.
"Daniel, you know I like this girl. I mean just hook her sister with some guy. I mean someone like her. You know someone who like challenges and stuff. But please do something. I really like Shivani, I have never felt like this before. You know when she laughs, it just makes me feel..."
"Okay..okay. I got it!" Daniel interrupted his friend. "Someone who likes challenges..." Daniel scratched his chin, thinking deeply about the best match for Jodha. 
"Jalal Khan." Both, Ryan and Daniel said at the same point. They looked at each-other, a bit terrified. 
"But why he will date Jodha?" Ryan asked, adjusting his glasses.
"He won't, of-course. I mean he's popular, handsome and a basket-ball player. Why he will date a really mean, bitchy, sarcastic, boring, heartless and dangerous girl like Jodha." 
"Oh god! It's unfair. I really like this girl and she will  never be mine." Ryan keeps his head down on the table.
"I have a plan." Ryan looked at his friend, who had a wicked smile on his face.

---Bruntcliffe Gym---
"There he is." Daniel pointed at James. Ryan nervously walked with Daniel towards him.
"Excuse me!" Daniel said, trying to grab his attention. James turned around and raised his brows at them.
"Hello...I am Daniel and he's my..."
"I don't want to know about you. Come to the point. What the hell you want from me?" James looked irritated, Ryan gulped and turned around to run but was stopped by Daniel.
"You know I have a really good offer for you." Daniel tried to sound confident but failed miserably.
"Not interested. Now, f**k off." Saying that, James was all ready to go but the next words of Daniel caught his attention.
"It's about Shivani." As soon as those words left his mouth, Ryan looked shocked and James seemed interested.
"What about her?" James asked while Ryan was still looking at his best-friend.
"I know you are interested in that girl. I can help you with that." Daniel said and gave a knowing look to Ryan that said 'I will explain it to you.'
"How?" James asked.
"You know she can't date until her insane sister dates. That means, you need to hook up her sister with someone." 
"How can I help you with this? I am interested in Shivani not her freaked sister." James laughed.
"There's only one guy who can handle her sister and that's your team player, Jalal." Daniel said.
"What the hell! He would never do that. Why he will date her?" James asked.
"That's your problem. But if you succeed in making him date her, you can get Shivani and Jalal will stop messing with your sister. Think about it." With that, they both left that place, leaving James with his thoughts.

---Bruntcliffe Campus---

"I can't understand this...what are you doing? I mean I am your friend, right?" Ryan asked, heart-broken by what his friend did.
"Ryan, listen. Only James can help us with this situation. I know you like her. And I am doing all this for you." 
"No, you are lying. You said that you are helping him." Ryan said, lowly.
"It's not like that. If he will fix a date of Jodha and Jalal, then, you can take Shivani on a date and can impress her with your skills." Daniel wiggled his brows at Ryan which made him blush.
"Aw..someone's red." 

---Gym Class---
James was with his pals, looking for Jalal. One of his friends, pointed at him. He was sitting on the floor, his eyes on his phone and holding a cigarette in his hand. He made his way towards him.
"Hey bro, what's up?" Jalal looked up at him, and again diverted his attention to his phone.
"We can have some beer, if you want?" James again tried to gain his attention. Jalal stood up and looked at him.
"What the f**k you want?" His voice was rude and irritated.
"See that girl." James pointed at Jodha who was busy doing her squats, ignoring everyone.
"Yea. So? Why the hell you came to me?" 
"What do you think of her?" James asked.

"Two legs, toned thighs..."

"That's enough!" 
"f**k off, dude. You are pissing me off." Jalal puffed at his cigarette.
"I want you to go out with her." 
"Yeah, sure buddy." Jalal sarcastically answered.
"Look I can't take her sister out until she starts dating. It's a stupid house rule. Her father got this rule where the girl's can't..."
"That's an emotional story. It really is. But not my problem." With that, Jalal picked up his bag and was ready to go.
"I can give back the captain-ship to you." James hurried with his words.
"You will?" 
"If you will date that chick." 
"So, you are telling me. I can again be the captain of the basketball team just by taking a chick out on some dates?" Jalal asked, amused by the offer.
"Yeah." James answered, pleased by his plan.
"Okay, I am in. But, I am not going to spend my money on her." 
"So, how much money you want to take her out?" 
"Bull shit, you will really pay me for taking a girl out. This is the best offer of my life." Jalal laughed.
"Shut up. I will give you 30 bucks each time you take her out." James offered.
"I can't take a girl like that out on 30 bucks." Jalal said, running his hand through his hair.
"Fine thirty-five." James argued to which Jalal raised his brows. 
"It's forty. Take it or leave it." James said.
"Okay, just think about this. We will go to the movies. That's like 15 bucks. We get pop-corn and coke. That's like total 35 bucks and then what if she demands a chocolate or some burger. That's like 65 bucks." 
"This ain't a negotiation. Take it or leave it, Khan." 
"50 bucks and we have got the deal, Barrett." Jalal said to which James handed  him 50 dollars and left.
"I didn't know that he was this stupid." Jalal muttered, putting the money into his wallet. 

---Hockey Field---
Jodha and the rest of the team went through an exhausting practice session. Jodha spared no one  as she whipped the ball all over the field. Jalal was sitting on one of the seats, watching her. A cigarette on his mouth. 
The coach blew his whistle.  "Good run, Singh." The coach proudly said to which Jodha nodded.
"Hey girlie." Jalal called, walking towards her. Jodha slowly turned to look at him.
"How you doing?" He asked.
"Last time I think you told me to mind my own business." She looked at him, eyebrows raised.
"Don't judge me by my past." He moved a step closer to her.
"Impressive line, boy." Jodha said, and took out her bottle from her bag.
"Then, pick you up at Friday night?" He asked.
"Yea...why not? Exciting, isn't it?" She said, sarcastically.
"I will take you to the places you have never been before." He said in his most seductive tone.
"Like where? Strip club? Do you even know my name?" She asked, rolling her eyes.
"I know a lot more than that." Jodha stared at him.
"It's doubtful, really doubtful." She said, picking up her bag and walking away.
"You will come, babe. I know." He called after her to which Jodha showed him her middle finger without turning back. 

Okay! So here's the chapter. I hope you all liked it.
And of-course, I am sorry for making you all wait this long. Thank you for waiting and liking the previous chapter. Heart
I will be updating UL after this. 
Anushka Heart Thanks for the banner, for proof-reading and for being there. Hug
Good luck for your exam. Big smile

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