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"Treat a daughter like Lakshmi"

Having a host of mythologicals and socially-relevant serials like Kahan Gaye Woh Log,

Unsung Heroes, Santaan, Kanyadaan, Amaanat and many others under his belt, Dheeraj Kumar has now come out with Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan, a serial that goes to prove that there should be no iscrimination between sons and daughters. Screen visits the sets of Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan and talks to producer Dheeraj Kumar and some artistes of the serial... For a long time you have been producing mythologicals and fantasies. How did you switch over to a social saga like ...Betiyaan?
Mythologicals represent the cultural heritage of our country, similarly socially -relevant programmes resolve the social stigmas of society. So I thought of making a social serial that would help millions of viewers to realise the importance of daughters who are definitely not inferior to sons.
Could you elaborate?
Today in every field, girls are making their mark. Take Sania Mirza, Kiran Bedi, P.T.Usha or Dr Indira Hinduja who delivered the first test-tube baby in the country and Ms Nooi, CEO, Pepsi, worldwide, who features among the top 50 ladies in the world with highest earnings. When girls have achieved such a great distinction why differentiate between boys and girls?
What kind of gender discrimination does the serial talk about?
Ghar Ki Lakshmi...Betiyaan seeks to explore the ever-persistent issue of gender discrimination in our country. The show will highlight certain myths that exist in society today.
How would you term this discrimination problem?
This problem is a sort of a National problem. Go a little away from the cities and you will find this existing in a big way. You must be knowing that this problem has grown so enormously that people scan a woman's womb while pregnant and if they happen to find a female foetus, they destroy the same. In many families, a third girl is a stigma. Many a times, without going deep into the bridegroom's family background, girls are married away at a very early age, when they are not even aware of the family system. There again the woman is the sufferer.
When do you think this problem will end?
To tell you frankly, till the system of dowry and greed is not eliminated we cannot be free of this severe problem. More such things are happening. There are people who for a want of a son have as many as six to seven daughters. All one needs is self-control and self-regulation.
We can understand that such things happen in poor families. Why so in rich families too?
As far as the problem of 'girl stigma' goes, it persists in both rich and poor families. In fact it is more in rich families. Today when in a poor or middle-class family, a would-be-bridegroom demands a motorcycle in dowry, the girl's parents somehow manage it. In middle-class and rich families the demands increase. And the girl becomes a stigma.
Tell us about the cast and crew of your serial?
The serial written by Damini has been directed by Rajan Shahi and has Yatin Kasekar as Suryakant, Rohini Hattangadi as Gayatri, Aishwarya Narkar as Savitri, Tanushree as Kaushalya, Twinkle Bajpai as Lakshmi, Kshitij Oak as Durga, Neeta Shetty as Gauri, Bicky Ahuja as Yuvraj and Rajendra Chawla as Rasiklal.
What message do you wish to convey through this serial?
The message is very simple. With the arrival of the 21st century, we need to introspect and bring about a change of thought that girls are not inferior to boys. Love your daughters as much as you love your sons. Daughters can easily be moulded the way you want but not the sons.
Any programmes you envisage for the underprivileged girls?
Very soon we are going to arrange a mass marriage of 101 underprivileged girls, the number of which we intend to reach upto 400. We are also in the process of establishing a website: through which we intend to counsel lakhs of underprivileged girls. Then, we will give awards from our end to girls who win National bravery awards.
Finally, your comment on a case lodged against you by Ms Rekha Modi.
At the outset let me tell one thing. An immature mind throws mud towards the sky little realising that it is going to fall on itself. Basically a dialogue writer, Rekha had just given an 'idea' of the serial, naturally there is no copyright on an idea or name. Whatever has been done it is by her and not by STAR and you must be aware that the Court has rejected it as 'non-maintainable.' Anyway, I have no grouse against her. I wish her all the best and hope hers will be a great show.
Rajendra Chawla (Rasiklal)
What is the scene you are shooting?
Saraswati has a silent lover but is to marry someone else on her parents' wishes. Lakshmi, sensing that Saraswati wouldn't be happy after wedlock, arranges a secret meeting of Saraswati with her silent lover. In the meantime my sister, I and Menaka happen to go to the terrace to fetch the saree when through a mirror-reflection I happen to see Saraswati in an embrace. I call upon Menaka to witness the scene and tell her to disclose everything to her husband Suryakant. But she says that she will spill the beans at an appropriate time and asks me to capture the scene on my mobile.
What is your character like?
My character is that of a scheming mama. It so happens that Suryakant's first wife had conceived six daughters and she cannot conceive again. But Suryakant, for want of a son, gets married to Menaka. I am a scheming person and once Menaka gives birth to a baby boy, I start showing my true colours. I persuade Menaka, who's got an upper hand after conceiving a boy, to impress her husband to get all the girls married so that my sister and I get hold of the household totally. Not only this, you will see many such pranks that Rasiklal plays to wreak havoc in the house.
Are you enjoying playing this wicked character?
I am playing Rasiklal according to the needs of the script. But all said and done, some times I struggle from within to utter harsh words because in real life, I have two daughters. I know the pain one has to go through hearing harsh words and being subjected to rash treatment.
Are you working with Creative Eye for the first time?
No, I have been associated with Creative Eye for a long time. In fact after my debut with the production house in Sansar, I have been featured in every serial of theirs. Even in their last mythological Om Namo Narayan I played 'Narad'. For Cinevistaas I have done serials like Junoon and Hindoostani and then I did Astitva- Ek Prem Kahani. Earlier, when I was doing stage I was associated with Nadira Babbar for six years.
Tanushree (Menaka)
Tell us of your character in the serial.
My character is a sugar-coated one but it is completely grey in nature. Before her husband and the entire family she is well-behaved but behind their backs she is both calculating and extremely manipulative and dances to her scheming brother Rasiklal's tune.
Doesn't it prick when being a woman you have to utter harsh words to your on-screen step daughters?
Of course it does. But I am just playing the character. Behind the camera, you must have noticed, we are good friends and crack jokes with each other. The girls are as good as my friends and sisters.
How do you think would the serial help people to desist from gender discrimination?
It will definitely help. My only point is: don't treat girls as throwaway items. Treat them as Lakshmi even after they go to their husbands' places. It is the daughter who will come to the parent's rescue at all times unlike a son.
Twinkle Bajpai (Lakshmi)
How did you come into the acting profession?
Basically from Kanpur, I have been a winner of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. I took to acting because both my friends and parents wanted me to pursue the profession. Then by chance I happened to meet Dheerajji who offered me a role in this serial. After my parents gave their nod I accepted Dheerajji's offer. All I can say is whatever I am it is because of my parents.\
Your role is a rebellious one.
Yes, I was offered the role of Lakshmi, the youngest daughter because age-wise too I happen to be the youngest. Moreover I am a bit of a tomboy in real life and this role has suited me to the T. In the serial I always fighting for my mother and sisters.
Being a newcomer, are you able to perform according to the director's requirements?
The entire cast and crew is very cooperative and friendly. Yatinji who's playing my father guides me whenever I am before him, so much so he suggests which tone to adapt in for a particular shot.
What is your take on Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan?
This serial will definitely work wonders for the people at large and will definitely make an impact.
Nupur Alankar (Halki Buwa)
You are called Halki. Why so?
We are two buwas (paternal aunts), Halki and Phulki. We form the lighter part of the serious story. My character is of a dominating kind. Though I cannot conceive a baby, I find fault in my husband, Hasmukh, played by Shekhar Shukla. Incidentally, he also played my husband in Malini Iyer.Then, I and my sister love to see the mishappenings going on in the house. A mixture of light and grey roles.
Are you the same in real life? How difficult is it to play such a role?
Not at all, I am a very accommodating person. I play the character that the role demands. Though this role is not difficult to enact it demands a challenging effort.
You seem to be a seasoned actress.
Yes, that's because I am in the acting profession for sometime now.I have done Pran Jaye Par Shaan Na Jaye, Yeh Dil Aashiqanaa, Aaghaaz, Tera Jadoo Chal Gaya, Kyun Ki Main Jhooth Nahin Bolta. I have also done a Bengali film Moth that is yet unreleased. To tell you the truth, I love to act in films of various languages.

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Twinkle shines on the small screen

   "Stage has always been one place I was most comfortable on," says Twinkle Bajpai, the chirpy actor who plays lead protagonist Lakshmi Garodia in Zee TV's Betiyann. This 20-year-old from Lucknow got into limelight when she made it to the finals of Sa Re Ga Ma Challenge 2005. "I have always been a performer, be it music or acting," says Twinkle who gave up a potential career in the Indian Administrative Service to pursue her passion.
   Talking about her role, Twinkle says, "The bold character of Lakshmi is one I identify with completely. I love the elaborate haveli we have set up along with the kathiawadi dcor. Even my jewellery, accessories are all very traditional. I am also a die-hard foodie and love the thepla and chaas that I ask as a perk for being a perfect Garodia!"
   By the looks of it, this young perky actor is all set to make a mark in the industry!

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New faces rule the roost

By Sneha Hazarika / Alok Hisaria

Dada Saheb Phalke, Raj Kapoor, Sunil Dutt, Satyajit Ray, Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachhan, Aamir Khan — the list of legends and living legends in the world of films is endless. However there is no such rule applicable in the world of television. There is not one particular actor who has an image beyond a particular character even if it's a big name as Smriti Iraani, Ronit Roy or Sangeeta Ghosh. In the world of television it's the character that is big and not the actor.

Therefore, serials like Sarrkkar, Viraasat, Devi, Rabba Ishq Na Hove, Kaalchakra, Saathiya, Thodi si Zameen Thoda sa Aasman etc haven't fared well in spite of the presence of stars in lead roles. Maybe that's the reason why the producers and the channels don't mind introducing new faces in strong characters and big budget serials.

"Nobody is permanent in the television world. The act can be permanent but the actor isn't. I myself have introduced many fresh faces on television like Renuka Shahane, Raju Kher, etc. Where are they today," says veteran producer-director Ravi Rai. Another veteran producer Dheeraj Kumar too feels the same. "Television stars have got a small life. I had done a film with Rekhaji in December 1969 called Raaton Ka Raja . And you can see that Rekhaji and Amitabhj are still working in films. But in TV things like that don't happen," says Dheeraj Kumar.

This explains the sea of new faces seen every year in serials like Saat Phere, Kasamh Se, Ek Ladki Anjaani Si and the more recent Paraya Dhan, Betiyaan, Saathi Re and Solah Sringar. Sanjay Wadhwa, the producer of the hit soap Saat Phere who also produces Paraya Dhan and Saathi Re explains in a one liner, "Everything has its value for a certain time only." He has his successful track record of hitting the jackpot in Saat Phere with the unconventional new actress Rajshri Thakur and trying to repeat the magic with Gauri Nigudkar and Parakh Madan in Paraya Dhan and Saathi Re respectively.

Director Hemant Prabhu, the maker of the Sahara serial Sati also tried to follow the trend by making his actress wife Mansi Salvi appear in the lead role in a completely new avatar. After losing oodles of fat and with better make up and grooming, Mansi was almost unrecognisable.

"Marketing is an integral part of the television industry. If the channel's marketing team finds a new face they would promote him or her. Even viewers like seeing new fresh faces on television. Once an actor signs a daily soap, he/she is all over the newspapers. The media follows him everywhere. Which gym he goes to, which restaurants he likes to visit, everything is being reported. Obviously the more you see a face, the interest level in that particular person falls down after some time. As for me Mansi's new look helped to incite curiosity in Sati initially. She was like a complete new package," says Prabhu.

Well, it's another story that Sati still hasn't done that well. It looks like, if all goes well, a TV star shines only in his debut serial. "A film can be a hit because of Shah Rukh Khan. But television is basically recognised by a banner, like Ekta Kapoor's serials come with a certain promise. In television the actors are not known by their acting skills but by the production houses they associate with. The best example of this is Mihir (Amar Upadhya). Everybody knows what happened to him once he developed a fake belief that Kyunki Saans Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi is a hit due to him. He is not to bee seen anywhere now," explains Ravi Rai.

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Nupur a victim of eve-teasing
   By: Vickey Lalwani
   November 7, 2006

shhh..koi hai! Nupur Alankar
While her husband was engrossed watching the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li'l Champs Grand finale in Andheri Sports Complex, Nupur Alankar (who plays Halki Pulki Bua in Zee TV's Betiyann) had a nightmarish experience that evening (October 28). While taking a leisure walk from a beauty parlour to her home in Adarsh Nagar, she was followed by a stranger who passed vulgar comments at her and blocked her way in a lonely street.

Cigarette burn
Recounting the horror, Nupur says, "Zee gave me passes to see the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa show, but I gave those to my husband and his friend who are more interested in song-n-dance shows. Instead, I headed to a beauty parlour near my place. On my way back, I heard a man saying something very vulgar. It was so vulgar that I don't think you will be able to  print it."
When Nupur turned round to see who it was, she realised that the man was saying that to her. "I just said 'Idiot' and walked away. Soon, I realised that he was following me. I tried sending an SMS to my husband, but it wasn't going through. I couldn't afford to waste more time on my cellphone, and doubled my speed.

When I turned into the lane that leads to my building, he came forward and blocked my way. He said, 'Mujhe aapse baat karni hai' and the tone was very suggestive. He looked like he was a plumber or an electrician. I held his hand and screamed for help. I didn't want him to escape. But he had a cigarette in his mouth which he stubbed on my hand. My grip loosened and he ran away."

By the time, Nupur's husband returned, the stalker was nowhere in sight. Now, her husband says that she should take another walk in the same street and see if she can spot the man. "But neither have I had the
time, nor the guts. I cannot forget that incident; I feel there's a shadow lurking behind me. It will take some time to put it behind me completely," she says.

Nupur has done other shows like Malini Iyer, Reth, Des Mein Niklla Hoga Chand and Saat Phere. Currently, she is also doing Ek Chaabi Pados Mein.

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When a horse is dog-tired...

We've heard of television actors being over-worked. Now it is Rajput, a horse, who was too tired to shoot on the sets of Betiyaan

Sapana Patil Poojary

Tired and tested: The cast of Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan

Actors being dog-tired is not unheard of. But this time, the unit of Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan had to put up with a horse being too tired to move, while shooting for a sequence at Film City recently.

The scene demanded the daughters of the Garodia family to travel in a horse-cart (tonga). All the actors were excited about the tonga sequence and were eagerly looking forward to it. But the experience turned into a nightmare when the horse (Rajput) couldn't perform as expected. The horse was so tired that it would look away whenever the director shouted, 'action'. This resulted in several retakes and subsequently a delayed schedule.

Neeta Shetty who plays Gauri in the serial says, "We were supposed to ride uphill for some distance with Rajput. Although he was allowed to rest between shots, he was very tired. Hence, he would be unprepared for the shot. Maybe the upward slope tired him out." 

Smriti who plays Durga adds, "We thought the loud noise was disturbing Rajput so we switched the microphones off. But inspite of this Rajput refused to co-operate. At one point, the horse was left standing on one side, while unit hands lifted the cart. Of course, that will not be shown on camera."

An exasperated director Romesh Kalra says, "I don't know whether the horse was tired or unwell. But he simply refused to co-operate from the moment work started. Whenever he was expected to walk a short distance he would stand still or stray off. We couldn't complete the shoot due to this."     

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Betiyann needs pest control!

Twinkle Bajpai is pestered by a junior artiste on the sets

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Sapana Patil Poojary

Eye see: Twinkle Bajpai
Twinkle Bajpai aka Lakshmi of Ghar Ki Lakshmi-Betiyaan recently lost her cool on the sets of the show. Apparently, one of the junior artistes teased herby pulling faces at her. This irritated her no end. An angry Twinkle yelled at him.

When contacted, Twinkle confirmed the news. She said, "We were shooting a railway station scene. There were a lot of junior artistes who formed the crowd on a railway station. One of them looked at me in a suggestive manner. He kept smiling at me. But what irritated me most was his expressions. I just couldn't control my anger. I shouted at him."

Soon the news spread like wildfire on the sets. Apparently, Twinkle wanted the artiste to be thrown out. But that could not be done since the other junior artistes ganged up against Twinkle. "I thought the junior artiste's behaviour was offensive. Everyone comes on the sets to work. I had requested the authorities that the man shouldn't be around while I am shooting," added Twinkle.

The big fight ended only when other  unit members intervened. Sources from the unit suggested that the junior artistes' union is powerful and it is advisable not mess around with them.

Director Romesh Kalra said, "Whatever happened should not have happened. But thankfully, everything is under control now."

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Jyoti Makker aka Chand and Gauri Nigudkar aka Krishna, who play sisters in Betiyaan… Apni Ya Paraya Dhan (Star One) recently found themselves in an embarrassing situation when they realised that they had entered the sets of Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan (Zee TV), by mistake.

When contacted, Jyoti recalls the incident, "We usually shoot at a studio in Kanjurmarg. But that day, we had a shoot at Magnum studio at MIDC, Andheri. It was the first time that Gauri and I were going to Magnum and we didn't know the exact location. On reaching MIDC, we started looking for Magnum studio not realising that there also existed a Magnum Gold studio just close by. We asked for directions and ended up entering Magnum Gold instead."

Jyoti adds, "On the sets, we didn't come across our colleagues from the show. Even the crew didn't look familiar. We asked them if this was the set of 'Betiyaan', to which they nodded. We thought that our co-stars must be inside and we asked for directions to the make-up room. Meanwhile the production staff kept wondering if we were new entrants on the show. It was then that we felt sure that something is wrong and asked them again about the show. It was then it dawned upon us that we were on the sets of Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan. We made a quick exit. Thankfully, the staffs were co-operative."

Apparently, Jyoti has often committed silly mistakes which put her in embarrassing situations. "I was in Jodhpur for a shooting, when a similar incident happened. I came out of the loo and found my co-stars looking at me in surprise. When I asked them, they revealed that I had entered the men's washroom. Over the years, I have learnt to laugh at my mistakes."

Gauri was unavailable for comment.
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The concept belonged to me'

Reshma S Kulkarni
Thursday, November 23, 2006 23:00 IST
Rekka Modi speaks on 'Paray Dhan' getting lower TRPs than ''Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan'

The two serials- 'Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan' (Zee) and 'Paraya Dhan' (Star One)- were in the news as writer Rekka Modi went to court claiming that the concept, storyline and title belonged to her. Zee TV won the case and Rekka vowed to pursue the matter in court. 'Paraya Dhan' has been garnering TRPs (0.6 last week, 0.4 this week), while on the other hand, 'Ghar Ki...', has got higher TRPs (3.5 last week, 4.1 this week).

Why didn't she appeal against the court judgement? "Firstly, I have no need to get publicity. when my serials are doing so well and people know me as a writer who delivers. Secondly, the Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) of the show had been given by me to Star One, by the time the case's verdict was delivered. Hence, it was their call whether or not to pursue the case further and I respect their decision. Lastly, even though now the IPRs have come back to me, I chose not to pursue the case myself, because I have realised that my creativity is being wasted on such worthless pursuits. And I will always maintain that the concept and storyline belonged to me. As for TRPs, I am sure they will pick up in the course of a few weeks. 'Paraya..' did not get the advantage of ample time to campaign aggressively which 'Ghar Ki ..' got," explains Rekka.

Ashish Kaul, Sr VP of Zee TV, says, "We have no dearth of ideas; that we need to lift somebody else's concept and not even give credit to the person concerned. Rekka Modi has gotten into a habit of stirring the hornet's nest to garner publicity and it is sad when a senior writer stoops to such a level. In fact, the channel was gracious enough to allow us to use the title that, I admit, they had earlier registered for."

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