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VM FF || DIL MIL GAYE #6 | CH 92 N 93 on PG 141 (Page 98)

naina927 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 April 2014 at 12:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nrithyao

lovely update
i knew madhu would be pregnant
wonder what is happening btw naina & maan
loved the part where kasak said that she fought with a kid
pls continue soon

Ohh great u guessed it right... Embarrassed
Thank u n stay tuned... Smile

naina927 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 April 2014 at 12:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by niki795

nice update
kasak is cute
what happened between maan and naina
I thought madhu could be pregnant
continue soon
thanks for the pm

Thank u niki... Smile
Stay tuned... Smile
naina927 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 April 2014 at 7:37am | IP Logged
         ~~ iss tarah
RECAP : rishabh is really disturb thinking that things are getting worse between naina and maan. manvi is angry on virat and virman share a cute moment with kasak. madhu's pregnancy news is revealed.
naina came to rishabh's room and found that he wasnt there, so she sat near madhu on the bed.
" so how are you doing...??? " naina asked madhu.
madhu smiled and replied that she is doing well. naina looked at madhu and asked her whether she can ask her for a favour. madhu agreed and asked naina to go on because she really dont want to have the kind relationship she had with her in-laws, she now wants to start a fresh with every single person. naina was hesitant but then opened her up to madhu; as it was naina who wanted help this time.
" so we have to go there... but when...??? " madhu asked.
" hmm... around 6 in the evening... will that be ok...??? " naina replied.
" okk... "
" thank you madhu... bhabhi (after a pause) "
madhu smiled at naina and naina went out of the room.
manvi and virat were coming back home after dropping kasak to school. earlier this morning, when virat was leaving for dropping kasak, manvi stopped him saying that she is too bored and wants to go out in fresh air; so manvi joined the fauther daughter duo.
" its feels soo good... " manvi sighed breathing in the fresh air.
" aww my birdie... " virat cooed to manvi.
" birdie...?? me...??? "
" yup... you want to be free like a bird and it seems as if you are caged... " virat explained manvi.
" hmm... that way... " manvi whispered.
" so... wanna go home...??? " virat questioned.
" naah... not really..." manvi replied looking out of the window.
" then...??? i can take you somewhere if you want... " virat offered manvi.
" where...??? "
" anywhere... your choice... " virat smiled at manvi...
" nooo... your choice... " manvi replied.
" movie... "
" no... "
" shopping mall...??? "
" no... "
" hmm... long drive...??? "
" no virat... "
" then where will you go...??? a garden...??? or an amusement park...??? "
" gardennn... yes... garden... " manvi beamed with joy.
" manvi jaan... what will do in a garden...??? ohh god i wont take you to a place where some losers will be sucking each other's faces... "
" im not asking you to take me to buddha garden or something... "  manvi clarified to virat. (buddha garden is a place where some nasty people do ahem ahem things behind bushes Wink LOL LOL LOL)
" then...??? which garden...??? "
" the one near our house... or just drop it... lets go to india gate... "
" hmm... india gate is fine i guess... not that chessy types... "
" haha... aww i love you... "
" i love you too but - "
manvi cut virat in between.
" you know i read somehwere it should be i love you but... infact it should be the other way round, that is but i love you... "
" philosopher much... " virat smirked at manvi.
" whatever... "

" remember when we used to come here with friends...??? " manvi said while enjoying her candy floss.
" yeah very clearly... sometimes i used to ditch you guys and sometimes you... "
" i ditched only once or twice... but you... you mr. vadera... you always used to ditch us for meeting maya - "
virat looked at manvi and manvi suddenly paused realising that she... she out of the moon mentioned about maya.
" lets go... i have to - " virat said while getting up from the grass.
" it sometimes comes to so naturally na... " manvi again cut virat.
" huh...??? "
" the memories... "
" yeah... "
" virat i am sorry... i used to get all manaic whenever you mentioned about maya and when i mentioned about her, it seemed so... so natural... i mean she wasnt in my mind you know... "
" i know... dont be sorry... now come... "
" i love you soo much... " manvi confessed her love all over again suddenly feeling it important to tell him.
" i love you much more mrs. vadera... "
manvi smiled and hugged virat and they started moving towards their car.
virat got into the car and manvi remained outside only. virat got out and went to her side and he found that she was looking at something. he followed her gaze and saw a lady walking with her baby sitting in the pram.
" manvi... "
" we never came here like this virat... we will also come here with our kids one day... "
" anyday you say... ab chalein...??? "
" hmm... chalo... "
" bhai bhai i need you... " naina cried on the phone and rishabh panicked.
" naina... what happened...??? where are you...??? " rishabh said in one breath.
" bhai i need you... please come here bhai... "
" haan naina i am coming... but where naina...??? where are you...??? "
" maan ke bungalow... bhai come soon..."
" im on my way nain... "
rishabh disconnected the phone and madhu got scared and asked him whats wrong...
" naina needs me... i am going... "
" i will also come with you..." madhu said.
" no you are not... " rishabh replied sternly.
" i am at any cost..." madhu retorted back.
" okk... "
rishabh drove like a manaic to maan's place. he hurriedly got out of the car and ran towards the main door but soon he realised that madhu was left behind. rishabh went back and held madhu's hand and took her with him slowly. rishabh found strange that the main gate was opened and the moment he reached the doorstep he found that the lights were also switched.
" naina..." rishabh called out naina.
the lights were switched on, and rishabh looked around the decoration in the hall of the khurana mansion with a shocked expression on his face. there were lights everywhere making the hall glitter, purple and aqua blue curtains; some flowing and some draped around the pillars, flowers making the hall even more beautiful, floating candles put all around the hall. soon his eyes found naina who was smiling at him dressed in a beautiful green anarkali and maan who was standing beside her with a smile on his face. looking at maan infuriated rishabh but the moment he realised that naina and maan were together and were happy; it forgot everything and felt elated.
" happy birthday bhai... i wish... oops... we wish you a very very happy birthday bhai... we love you soo much... may you live for another hundred years... and sorry, i tricked you this time... this is the surprise for you from me and my husband... "
naina said to rishabh and he smiled at her. but next moment, it all made sense to him. he looked at madhu who meekly smiled at him and then looked everywhere but him.
" what do you mean by tricked...??? "
" actually things arent that bad between naina and me. your sister wanted to surprise you on your birthday and this os what she came out with... " maan told rishabh.
" huh... naina you- "
naina cut rishabh in between and started telling him the actual story while walking towards him.
" it started around a month back. i was thinking what special should i do for you on your birthday as it is your first borthday after my marriage and me being away from you for such a long time. so i thought of something and two weeks back i came to india. i stayed here only and started planning out your surprise birthday party. and in the same mean time maan had to go out to london and "
" and he brought me here with him... your dad was also supposed to be here but he cant... you know how tough and competitive it is these days to sustain..." radha said coming forward and hugging rishabh and madhu.
" so when i couldnt talk  to you on skype and all... it was because i was here in india plus talking to you would have made me even more eager to meet you... so i thought better stay away rather than spoiling the whole surprise thing...  " naina said and bit her tongue when rishabh glared at her.
" no glaring saale sahab... i am her partner in crime... we had to divert your mind, so naina dropped at your place and pretended that things arent good between her and me... this way you will be only and only thinking about us and our marriage... and ultimately you wouldnt notice its your birthday... " maan said to rishabh, stepping closer to where they all were standing.
" i came back and created circumstances which made u believe something is wrong between maan and me and our marriage is going through a rough face... i threw things here and there in my room but i seriously got upset on finding my engagement photograph missing. that day i sent the servant back with the lunch and called maan and then we planned out some more things... and yesterday when you talked to maan and i went out, i came here to see the arrangements and spend some time with maan... i missed him bhai... "

naina made a cute face and rishabh giggled on seeing that expression on her face.
" so happy birthday once again bhai... lalala... " naina giggled and hugged rishabh and again continued " sorry for the trouble bhai and bhabhi helped me in getting you here... "
" its okkk... by the way its worth i guess... " madhu said on the behalf of rishabh and he smiled at her too.
" sooo lets cut the cake now... cmonnn... "
naina dragged rishabh with her encircling her one arm around his, and rishabh still held madhu's hand protectively in his, which made madhu really happy. radha noticed this and smiled thanking god for everything they have.
after they cut the cake, music started played in the background and some couples started dancing to the rhythm. naina was standing beside rishabh leaning her head on rishabh's shoulder and rishabh placed his other hand on naina's and mouthed a "thank you" to her.
" bhai... " naina whispered.
" hmm... "
" go and dance na... "
" you go and dance with maan... "
" you go first... only then i will be able to join you see... "
" ohh... then you will not get to dance tonight... "
rishabh smirked and naina made a face. and then she looked at maan who was already looking at her. naina signalled maan to come and ask them for the dance.
" why arent you guys dancing...??? dont you like the music rishabh... ??? " maan asked rishabh, coming to them.
" no no its just that- " rishabh started saying when maan cut him in between.
" no excuses... cmon you have to dance... madhu ji pleasee... "
madhu smiled at maan who asked her to make way to the dance floor. rishabh saw madhu smiling from the corner of his eyes and asked madhu for the dance and safely took her to a corner.

" they look nice... " naina commented.
" yeah... but now you come to me..." maan pulled naina into his arms.
" maan... " naina said playfully and looked at maan.
" you tease..." maan nudged her nose with his.
" i love you... "
" i love you too mrs. khurana... " maan said to naina and kissed her cheek.
" maan i love this song...  lets dance..." naina cried with happiness.
" sure... "
maan and naina made their way to the dance floor and joined the other couples dancing on the song " you're still the one " by shania twain.
scene shifts
virat looked at manvi who was sitting near the window in their room.
" what are you thinking huh...??? " virat said while thinking beside manvi.
" naahhh... nothing... "
" lying is a bad habit mumma... "
" im not lying... " manvi replied to virat.
" again lying... "
" okk i give up... "
" cmon now spill the beans... "
" im missing nainu and you know today is rishabh's birthday..."
" hmm "
virat looked the other side and manvi regretted sharing this with him,
" mohit bhaiya and i were talking and he said he is sorry for messing up... he doesnt like the fact that you are angry with naina... "
" what should i do manvi... why they both hided all this... we could have helped them... and i am not angry on naina... i am upset that they two could have ended together... they love each other... " virat replied.
" virat dont you think they werent meant for each other... "
" i dont know... its just that they didnt get their share of love... "
" they will find love virat... but im happy that you arent angry or upset on naina... "
" hmm... so you can call her manvi... i know you never talked to her after that day... " virat looked at manvi and said in a considerate tone.
" i couldnt call her... i would have hurted you and so much things happened with us that i never could up come up with the idea of calling her... "
" never mind... call her tomorrow... "
" yeah... now lets go for dinner... " manvi got up from the floor.
" yeah and bring kasak to the dining table... she is busy doing something from the evening... "
" okkk... "
manvi entered kasak's room and saw her drawing something in her drawing book. manvi smiled and sat beside her.
" what is my baby doing...??? "
" painting mumma... " kasak replied looking up for just one second.
" i can see that honey... how many drawings you did...??? show me... "
" i dont know how many... " kasak made a cute pout.
" okk let me count... "
" okk..."
kasak gave the drawing book to manvi.
" kasu 6 drawings... its enough for now honey... "
" pakka... enough... " kasak asked...
" yes... come now eats dinner... "
manvi picked kasak in her arms and moved towards the drawing room, after kissing her cheek.



NAINA AND MAAN ARE TOGETHER... HAWWW... Shocked Shocked Shocked 


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swathin IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 April 2014 at 8:32am | IP Logged
u seriously is great writer!!!!!!

unexpected turn in the story
thanks for nt making maan character negative
loved virman
n surprise was superb

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naina927 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by swathin

u seriously is great writer!!!!!!  thank u... Big smile

unexpected turn in the story thats me... Wink
thanks for nt making maan character negative i love maan... the gentleman positive maan...
loved virman
n surprise was superb thank u again...
reply in red

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naina927 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by devilaonmoon

I am toh loving all the pregnant moments... well... all the

crazy hormone locha manvi is having... LOL  thank u clara...
Virat is awww.. adoraaable...
and kasak into the fight... push toh kia... punch bhi... ShockedShocked...
Definitely she is manvi's daughter... Wink... yeah she is...
Manvi's story about slapping that guy attached to kasak's
heroic feminist activity was also damn hilarious... I laughed through it... LOLLOL... my purpose fulfilled... making ppl laugh...
Awsm job... hats off to you naina... ClapClap.. thank u n same to u WinkBig smile
And at the end... that shock... ShockedShocked... !!!!!
Another pregnancy... !!!! yeah... Embarrassed
But how... when... Dead... patience sweetheart Wink
Cont soon... sure...
 thnks a lot for the pm...
take care.. tada... Smile
reply in black
hangok IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 April 2014 at 8:58am | IP Logged
owww thanks to youu
that naina and maan are together, and there are no problems...
just a birthday suprise what a relief...

want ro see madhu and rishab happy to...

great work

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naina927 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by hangok

owww thanks to youu
that naina and maan are together, and there are no problems...
just a birthday suprise what a relief...

want ro see madhu and rishab happy to...

great work
your most welcome bennu... Big smile
thank u for liking the update...

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