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VM FF || DIL MIL GAYE #6 | CH 92 N 93 on PG 141 (Page 91)

naina927 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 April 2014 at 11:35pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by niki795

awesome update
loved it
but what happened to naina
continue soon
thanks for the pm

thank u... stay tuned...

naina927 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 April 2014 at 6:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Syed695

Super awesome update!!!!! thank u
Liked virman teasin session...hayee n virat had to put break..koi na koi brk lagata hai..but liked it..:) break toh impt hai Wink

Rishab n madhu is xtremly slow in takin dier relationship ahead..may b cz of lack of interest in d start...and bond of nain n rishab was amzing..he did take harsh decision but hope it wasnt wrong! yeah we can only hope for the best...

Mohit seem to cook a very gud plan on havin his happiness back... ahaan Wink but its nice dat he found his peace in kasak...but dis is a state of mind where desire n pain is imp n nuthin else mks sense or has logic... dmn I would love to read his xtreme change in character cz d built up is gud...n waitin for more n thanks for the PM Naina!!! ohhh i understand and will sureply pm regarding few things Wink

reply in bold font

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naina927 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 April 2014 at 6:56am | IP Logged
         ~~ rishton ki dor
RECAP : Rishabh is worried about naina and when he asks her about her married life with maan, naina says everything is alright and refuses to share it with him. virman tease each other but romantically, madhu and rishabh start to understand each other, virat and kasak cute moment, mohit has to leave to pune for some work.
virat was giggling telling manvi about what happened back in kitchen and kasak want to eat those ladoos. virat looked at manvi who stopped giggling and was having a sad and worried expression on her face. virat called manvi but she didnt seem to hear him, so he shook her a little.
" manvi... "
" huh..." manvi looked at virat.
" where are you lost...??? were you even listening...??? "
" do i also have to eat those ladoos...??? " manvi asked virat.
" ofcourse... mom will make you eat them... " virat said with no expression.
" are they really that bitter and spicy...??? "
" yes... ahhh... they are yuckkk... " virat said making a horrible face.
" i dont want to have it... i can go for gyming or other classes instead of it... right...??? "
" please i beg you... kisi ke saamne ye suggestion mat dena... they are gonna freak out... "
" why are you being rude virat...??? "
" thats called being straightforward " virat said while looking straight into manvi's eyes.
" whatever... goodnight... " manvi said  while still  being unsure about few things.
" goodnight... "
rishabh stood near the window looking at the sky. he was now satisfied that one of his problems has certainly reduced. calling mohit and sending him away for some official work would surely lessen down his problems. he couldnt stand thinking  what will happen if mohit comes to know that naina is back. he will try his best to meet naina and this could in a way cause more problems between maan and naina. yes he was trying to reduce the damage but what was wrong between naina and maan or was there a problem. the more he thought, the more confused he got, so he decided its time to sleep now and end this eventful day.
next day for vadera was just the same... the usual one. mohit was to leave this afternoon and they were doing the preparations. pragati and virat left for their office, kasak for school and manvi was sitting on the dining table looking at vanshika and swamini running around getting one thing or another.

" can i help M.I.L...???" manvi asked.
" no D.I.L. i want you to relax... see today i got a fashion magazine for you... " vanshika replied with a smile on her afce.
" aww... thank you soo much maa... " manvi smiled genuinely at vanshika.
" you were going through one... i saw it the other day manvi... but magazines alone wouldnt do... "
" ohh then...??? " manvi questioned but in her mind she was thinking about the ladoos.
" you have to take care of yourself, read good books, listen to good music... " vanshika explained sweetly.
" okkk mom... "
manvi getting bored from the magazine now dialled virat's number.
" hello..."
" virattt... what are you doing...??? " manvi started the conversation.
" manvi i am sketching one of the beautiful lady present in our office..."
" whattt...??????? " manvi yelled on the top of her voice.
" haha... relax... im working over here... " virat replied.
" okk i want to know whether u can go to pick kasak or you are going or we are gonna have a driver... " manvi said in braeth.
" wohuu... relax... i can go or i will send someone... you rest at home... fine...??? "
" fine but dont send someone unknown... kasu might get scared... " manvi stated.
" she is not the one to get scared... she can make people get scared by her... but sometimes she is silly... " virat smiled to himself.
:" my daughter isnt silly mr. vadera... "
" ohh yeah... my mistake... now i should get back to work... byer... "
" bye..."
naina was sitting in front of rishabh who was thinking about something. naina tried studying his facial exopression but she couldnt understand it. she knew rishabh was worried about her and her marriage but what is his other concern.
" you and madhu are getting along... i think... " naina said in a whispering tone.
" its time we get along... " rishabh replied plainly.
" hmm... yeah thats all marriage is about "
" you talk as if you are married for 50 years... " rishabh looked at naina from the corner of his eye.
" i think few months were enough " naina said emotionlessly.
" now spill the beans... " rishabh said sternly.
" bhai its nothing like that... me n maan... woh "
" okkk i will call him myself... "

rishabh took out his mobile and dialled maan's number.
" hello..." maan answered the phone.
" its rishabh... where is naina...??? " rishabh straightaway asked.
" rishabh actually... naina and i... didnt she call you...??? "
" she is here... in front of my eyes but how do you not know about this... she is your wife maan... i trusted you... "
" now you can blame all of it on me... your sister is always right... "
" i am not saying this maan... but you knew how and what naina is like... you married her... "
" that was sort of my mistake... ask you sister to call me if she wants to sort things out and running away is not a solution... cowards do that " saying this maan disconnected the call.
" he hung up on me... how dare he...??? " rishabh growled.
" let him be bhai... i will talk to him... " naina stated and went out of the house taking her car keys.
manvi went to mohit's room and sat on the sofa.
" so all set mohit bhaiya... "
" yes bhabhi... " mohit replied.
" good... "
" how are you bhabhi...??? "
" ohh i am good... just a little bored... staying all day at home doing nothing... "
" very interesting... :" mohit said sarcastically.
" no need for sarcasm now...waise i wanted to ask you something... " manvi fiddled with the corner of her dupatta.
" go on bhabhi... " mohit said while having a final look at his luggage.
" why dont you get married...??? you liked shikha na... and moreover you and nainu "
" i know... do you miss naina...??? "
mohit left the file and sat on his knees in front of manvi. manvi nodded her head a little and looked at the floor.
" i messed up bhabhi... i lost naina, her love and see how efficiently i broke your friendship with her and i know bhai is upset with naina... the last time we all were together... that night on the dinner party " mohit said with tears forming in his eyes.
" mohit bhaiya whatever happened was destiny... else the naina i know would never abandon the one she loves... "
" just imagine if things never went wrong... naina and i would have been together... we four would have been together... "
" but its not like that now... you know what aapke liye na koi aur ladki hai kahin... bahut pyaari... bahut sundar... you other half... your soulmate... " manvi said in a consoling tone.
" hope so... now i have a flight to catch... "
" ya ya... okk... safe journey... bye... take care..."
" u too bhabhi..."
after sometime, the doorbell rang again and manvi almost ran to the door.
" mera bacha... come baby..."
manvi opened the door and took kasak in her arms and virat smiled at them.
" i missed you mumma... "
" me too mela baby... come lets go our room..."
" ohhh hello... manviii " virat called manvi but she ignored him.
" ladai ho gyi...??? " swamini said who just saw this scene.
" nahi bua ji... ye bas thodi naraaz hai... "
" koi nahi... mna lena... " swamini smiled at virat.
" sure... aata hoon..."
virat went to kasak's room to see the mother daughter involved in their talking.
" haawww... you hit him kasu...??? " manvi opened her mouth in shock.
" mumma... usne mujhe push kia tha... maine bhi push kar diya... " kasak replied innocently.
" bas push hi kiya tha...??? dia hota ek punch usko... " virat interrupted in between.
manvi glared at virat while kasak started giggling. both manvi and virat looked at each other and then at kasak with a " what...???" expression on their face.
" maine usko punch bhi kia... hahaha " kasak clapped her hands and giggled.
" ohh god... no kasak... bad manners sweetie... "
" usne mujhe bola girls weak hoti hai... they cry... "
" toh tumne punch kar dia... LOL " virat completed kasak's sentence.
" ha... " kasak replied.
" bilkul maa pe gayi hai... ": virat commented.
" virat i never got into that fight intentionally..." manvi defended herself.
" but u did slap that cartoon... the one that kinda proposed you... remember...??? haha... manvi ji hum aap se bahut prem karte hai..." virat laughed and mimicked that guy back in college.
" hahaha... mumma ne bhi slap kia... same pinch mumma... :" kasak happily jumped on the bed.
" ohh god virat... " manvi looked down embarassed and soon started laughing remembering that scene. just to keep that guy away, she said in front of the whole college, that she and virat were dating. she remembered thinking what fun days were they... the golden days... the unforgettable moments.
rishabh looked at his watch and decided to go and give madhu her medicines as it was almost noon.
" madhu... " rishabh called madhu.
" hmm... lemme sleep..."
" have this biscuit and then the medicine... "
" argghhh... ok " madhu replied half asleep.
after having the medicine, madhu was about to lie down when she noticed that rishabh was upset.
" now what happened...??? " madhu asked with concern.
" i think its really bad madhu... maan and naina... its torturing me..."
" things will happen for the best... remember you only told me this, that day... " madhu said in a considerate tone.
" hmm... and i am glad you listened to me... i dont want to lose my family..." rishabh said honestly.
" but the most importnat member of our family is in problem... naina... i know how much you love her "
" thanks... anyways you shouldnt take stress in a such a delicate condition... "
" ohhh god rishabh... i am not ill or something... i am just pregnant... " madhu said getting irritated and rishabh smiled.
shock lga lga... hahaha... Evil Smile
now atleast show some good response so that i update the next part soon... else its your choice, i will post it when i feel like... Embarrassed a month or two later Sleepy

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Niaksharma IF-Sizzlerz

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like family cute moments
too good
_keertu_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 April 2014 at 7:31am | IP Logged
unres if time permits Tongue LOL

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chandiniebinda Goldie

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Posted: 16 April 2014 at 7:32am | IP Logged
Awesome update...
Loved it...
What happend between Maan and Naina...
Love Naina and Rishab bonding...
Awww Kasak is soo sweet...
Loved Virman and Kasak little part...
But why is there soo less Virman parts????
Madhu is pregnent??How i mean when..
Rishab and Mandhu dont love eachtother...
Update soon...
Thanks for the PM...

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lobed it
awesome update
thanks for the pm
loved a llot

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Dik.. Goldie

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Super gud update naina...!!!

Rishab n madhu main normal baat..!!!

Manvi virat se upset coz of those laddus...!!

Update super soonn...

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