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VM FF || DIL MIL GAYE #6 | CH 92 N 93 on PG 141 (Page 134)


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Its ur choice dear...
But really egrly waiting for ur wrk..
Keep rocking dear.

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Supereb idea it is
wE want virman more 
So will wait for the treat nd do continue ur other stories too di
Update soon
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will update in half an hour...

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hiii guys im back... but this time with DOUBLE UPDATES...
i really hope u guys ENJOY IT...
we are so close to the END of this ff, so i would like you guys to go with the flow of the story and cherish the few last updates...
this JOURNEY is about to end... Broken Heart
so dont feel lazy to COMMENT n LIKE... it means a lot to me... Smile
link to the previous chap; for those who want a RECAP

         ~~  ehsaas
There was pin drop silence on the breakfast table and one or the other person was either quietly eating or playing with the food. But each n every action was being watched by everyone and then maybe ignored. After the breakfast, rishabh got up to leave for the office and maan joined him. Naina and madhu looked at each other for few seconds and then looked away may be thinking what to say to reduce the weirdness. This was the normal thing in singhania ever since maan left in anger. In the hope to make everything alright, rishabh told naina and his mother radha that madhu is pregnant and soon there will be new member in their family; their next generation. No doubt they were happy but things didnt improve and radha left as mr singhania was all alone in london busy in his business as always.

"How is everything now...??? " madhu asked naina in order to even start a conversation.
"Bhabhi how did you... how did things worked out between you and bhai...??? I mean... now you both will be gaving a baby n u know few moths back you both didnt even look at each other... " asked naina startling madhu.
"Umm... this is weird you know... do you have anything you want to share...??? "
"umm... no... no i dont... just asking generally... " said naina nervously.
"Honestly nothing really worked out in an instant. Just one night and here we are... i dont feel ashamed to say that their came a weak moment and we ended up like this... I was... i feared about rishabh's reaction when i found out i was pregnant. I decided to go for an abortion but rishabh came to know about the whole thing and stopped me. Its not like i didnt wanted a baby... but i was scared... i... i had a very bad childhood... after my mother passed away... my father abondoned me... i ended up in an orphanage and there i was abused in every way possible... at 19, i ran from there but by that time i was changed... i wasnt that innocent sweet girl... the new me hated everything... every man... just wanted money and money... i thought having lots of money and a settled life is all i need. I... i ruined so many lives... especially rishabh's... i told rishabh everything and strangely he understood me and promised me that he will change me one day and will take care of me and the baby till his last breath. I didnt believe him initially but then i realised that he really meant it... naina now i have start to believe that i will also have a normal life and nothing bad will happen. My child will have the family i never had and most importantly the love of his parents... "
Naina and madhu both had tears in their eyes and it felt as if they could really connect eith each other for the very first time.
"Now your turn... " said madhu trying to lighten the atmosphere.
"What am i supposed tk say...??? "
"The truth..."
"Bhabhi im struck... i dont know what to do... i dont know who to believe... " naina said unsure of how she should talk to madhu about it.
"Who do you want to believe...??? " asked madhu looking at naina.
"I dont know... there is my past and present standing in front of me at a crossroad, my choice will decide my future. Mohit... he is with me... beside me... he can never lie to me... i know him that much... he cares about me n when i told him that maan left me without a word, yes he reacted by taunting me n telling me that its karma but then he tried to get in touch with maan so that we could solve our issues. But... but mohit one day showed me some pics of maan with a woman and it wasnt anything like friendship between them. I was emotionally weak and mohit supported me... bhabhi he gave me love what i wanted the most... i want to love him back but i couldnt make myself forget maan. He is always on my mind... always but i will not tolerate him cheating on me... this stupid love jealousy hatred thing is making me go insane and mohit's love is making all this a lot of difficult... now maan is back... how can i even look at him bhabhi... i dont know he cheated on me or not but i feel i have cheated in him that too twice... i dont know what to do... im clueless... "
"You should leave him... " said madhu after listening to naina.
"I dont want to leave him... how can i leave him...??? he is my husband... "
"I never said im talking about maan... " said madhu with a smile on her face.
Naina got the hint and smiled back at madhu. Suddenly the air of awkwardness around them got cleared.


"Why the hell dont you both understand...???  Why...?? " mohit shouted in swamini and pragati.
This morning they had an argument early in the morning when mohit came out of his room and bombarded them with questions and accusations. The argument got really heated up and now swamini was crying sitting on the sofa.
"Bhai you are making mom cry...??? What is wrong with you...??? Cant you see you are hurting us...??? " disgustingly pragati said to mohit.
" you all cant see me happy... cant you see im happy now...??? "
" par beta..." said swamini and before she could say another word mohit sat on his knees in front of her, holding her hands.
"Maa im happy... ab sab theek ho jaega... naina pyaar karti h mujhse... she loves me... woh.. woh maan ko chod degi... naina meri hogi... mujhe mera pyaar milne wala hai maa... " said mohit.
"Mohit she is married beta... " swamini said to mohit .
Pragati sat down on the sofa holding her head in her hands mentally preparing herself for mohit again defending naina.
"I know... par... she is not happy with maan... she will divorce him... please promise me... promise you will accept naina... i love her... main naina ke bina marr jaunga maa... jee ni paunga... " mohit broke into tears and it melted swamini.
"Okkk... i promise... mera beta khush hai toh main khush hoon... "


"This is not possible... such blunders..." rishabh shouted on the accountant and calming himself down asked "Where is mohit...??? Send him in my cabin right now..."
Maan looked at rishabh and rishabh apologised to maan for the mess he created. Maan nodded his head and waited for mohit to grace them with his presence. They were told that mohit didnt come to office by now and that infuriated rishabh even more.
"Why did you even hire him...??? " asked maan.
Rishabh had no answer and stayed quiet but he did text mohit to reach office as soon as possible.

Naina made up her mind and decided to go and see maan. She needed to clear the misunderstandings between them and without wasting a second, she entered the cabin. The door opened and three pairs of eyes looked at her. Rishabh thought naina might have come to see him and sought out the differences. Mohit assumed that naina came to meet maan and if god forbid they would talk, he will lose her again. Maan looked at naina and then at mohit; who was looking at his wife, this made maan jealous and angry. There naina stood clueless and numb... all these eyes focused on only her made her nervous, guilty and scared.
"Maan... " whispered naina brealing two hearts in the process.


"Manvi hurry up yaar... we are not going for a week..." virat called manvi to come out of the room so that they could leave for jaipur.
"Coming... just 2 mins..." came the reply.
Virat made a face and leaned his head against the main door of the house. Kasak giggled on seeing this same thing happening for the fifth time in last 10 minutes. Vanshika couldnt help but smile seeing this cute scene.
"Im done... how am i looking virat...??? " asked manvi showing off her new dress.
"Out of the world..." said virat and rushed towards the car without even looking at manvi.
Kasak giggled again and ran outside to virat. Manvi made a face and slowly made her way to the car.

As soon as virman left, vanshika got a call and swamini told her everything that happened. Vanshika was at loss of words and decided to visit swamini.

On the way to jaipur, virat observed manvi who was sitting quietly looking outside the window. Kasak was playing candy crush on manvi's mobile and the kid apparently needed nothing other than a packet of her favourite wafgers, which was now opened beside her.

"Jaan " virat said in a soft tone while his eyes focused on the road.
Manvi ignored virat and crossed her arms against her chest.
"Ohh meri madhuri... sorry na... we were getting late na... " explained virat.
"Its not my problem... its your baby... is it my fault i felt sick and then became lazy... " said manvi getting into her sherni avatar.
"No... no... its my fault... my fault... i agree... you toh are innocent baby... " saId virat to manaofy manvi.
"Hmm... itsss okk... now get me a pizza... "
"Pizzaaa...??? "
"Haan... pizza... yummy cheese Pizza with lots of toping and a large pepsi and garlic bread..." manvi saud while licking her lower lip.
"Okk... lets find a pizza joint..."
"I also want pizza daddy... cheesy dip also... " kasan said drawing virat's attention and then she again got busy in playing the game.
Go on and read the next part... Big smile Big smile

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         ~~  tere hoke rahenge
Sometimes in life all you need a change... a break from our routine life... a change of place and atmosphere works like magic. Manvi was looking out of the hotel room window and there was a sweet smile playing on her lips... may be it was the beautiful weather thought manvi. Kasak came running and sat on manvi's lap. Manvi looked at her angel and kissed her forehead while kasak did the same with manvi reciprocating her mother's action. Manvi felt like the luckiest woman alive... her husband takes care of her as if she is a delicate feather and her daughter loves her as if she is her priced possession or may be a rare diamond or something priceless.

Manvi closed her eyes when kasak hugged her and almost hid herself in her mother's arms. Kasak's head was resting against manvi's heart and manvi could clearly hear and feel kasak's heartbeat. Why wouldnt she feel it, she thought to herself; kasak is a part of her heart and soul... she is like the most important part of a jigsaw puzzle without which the jigsaw puzzle will remain incomplete and useless.
"Mumma... "
"Will everyone love me less after the small baby comes...??? " kasak asked and manvi understood that kasak might be feeling insecure again.
"kasu what did mumma told you baby...??? " manvi asked kasak while brushing her hairs with her fingers.
Kasak remained quiet for a minute and then pulled back a little to look at manvi.
"That... that mumma papa... everybody loves kasak first and will love her no matter how many babies come... im your first love... hai na mumma...??? "
"Yes... undoubtedly... kasak is mumma's first love and first love is the most important thing in the world... i love u baccha... and now my kasu will not think about such things... okkk...???? " asked manvi.
"Ok promise... but how many babies will finally come mumma...,??? " asked kasak innocently.
"haha... only one... this one (pointing to her little swollen belly) " manvi giggled and replied her little daughter.
"But do i have to share my room...??? " asked kasak.
"Not now i guess but u know what sharing is caring... " manvi smartly replied.
"But my friend said her sister doesnt let her play in the room... so she doesnt like sharing and she wants a separate room... "
"ohh i see... but dont worry the baby will stay with my room... i have to take care of the baby na..."
"The baby will sleep in your room with you and dad...???" asked kasak who didnt like this particular idea.
Manvi nodded her head trying to guess whats cooking in her daughter's mind.
"No no... i will sleep with you mumma... not the baby... pleaseee... " kasak started protesting and climbed down the chair and made a face.
"Sorry not possible... mumma likes sleeping with me... only me..." came the voice and mother daughter duo turned to find virat standing there, who returned from the meeting.
"Virat..." manvi said with her cheeks pinkish red in colour.
Virat smirked and blinked at manvi.
"No... mumma loves me more... i will sleep with you two... " said kasak in a voice that told them that she was never so sure about something in her life and this time she herself knows that nothing can go against her.
"Yes... i love kasak more... " manvi said and showed her tongue to virat.
"But i toh love you both... " said virat with a sad face.
Kasak smiled and ran to virat. Virat picked kasak in his as and kasak kissed his cheek and hugged him.
"Ohh baby... i love you too... " kasak cooed.
Listening to this cooeing of hers, manvi and virat burst into laughter.


"She is having soo much fun but you know she kinda got insecure today..." manvi said while take a sip of tea.
Virat looked at kasak who was playing with other children in the play area, which was in the mall they came to visit.
"Yeah... by the way i loved this castle cum barbie palace style play area... my little princess is having a great time... i can see... " said virat.
"You missed the insecure part... " commented manvi.
"No i actually didnt... but i know you must have handled her efficiently... " virat said to manvi with endless trust and confidence in his eyes.
Manvi tried controlling the smile that involuntarily crept up on her face.
"Are you blushing wifeyy...???"
"No virat im not... dont assume things, ok.. " said manvi with her cheeks still pinkish red.
"Assume...??? Haha... im not blind " virat said and smirked.
"Lets go back to hotel... "
"Yeahhh...  we will finish what we started... "
Virat wrapped his around manvi; his little world - the mother of his kids.
"Why were are going so early...??? " kasak asked in a complaining tone.
"Because its late honey..." manvi replied.
"No... its not late... dad...??? "
Kasak looked at virat with such a cute puppy face and pleading eyes that it melted virat's heart and he agreed in a heartbeat.
"Okkk we can have an early dinner... what say...??? " asked virat.
"But rides first and cold coffee..." kasak beamed with happiness and clapped her hands.
Manvi couldnt afford to lose that smile on kasak's face and happily followed the father daughter duo. They were her everything - everything she could have ever asked from god.


"Im sorry... i shouldnt have behaved like a bitch with you last night..." naina confessed looking down at her feet while her fingers playing with her engagement ring.
"No... im sorry... i wasnt thinking naina... i was disturbed already and that little heated cobversation blew up my mind... i left but i know i would have stayed... i know i made you feel unwanted..."
Naina sobbed and swallowed the lump formed at the back of her throat.
"No... no maan..."
"I did naina... i did..."
Maan cupped naina's cheek and leaned in, resting his forehead against hers.
"I love you naina... " maan whispered.
Naina pulled away from maan and all maan could see on her face was guilt.
"I want to tell you something..."
"Hmm..." said maan while his heart beating loudly in his chest.
"What if you find one day that i cheated on you...??? " naina asked nervously.
"My wife will never cheat on me missey... she loves me... only me... i trust her to never break my trust or betray me or hurt me..." said maan with his eyes focused on his wife's face.
Naina fell on her eyes and endless tears flowed through her eyes. This did scared maan but not even for a second he doubted his blind trust on his wife.
"Nain i trust you sweetheart... dont think about stuff that will never happen... you can never cheat on me and same goes for me... i would prefer to die instead of cheating on you..." maan tried to console naina.
Before naina could reply, a knock on the door interuppted them.
"Sir... its time for the meeting and everyone is waiting for you in the conference hall..." said an employee.
"Ill be there..." maan told that person.
"I will wait for you here... go n finish that damn meeting asap..." naina said with a weak smile on her face.
"Ok... take care my love..."

Naina after few minutes, stood near the window in maan's office and closed her eyes. And then it was perfect timing, a pair of arms wrapped around her waist.
"You did not do it... right nain...??"
Naina knew it was mohit and she tried to push his hands away from her body but she wasnt that strong compared to him.
"I... mohit i went but" naina fumbled.
"You didnt get rid of that bas***d thing growing in your womb... did you...?? why naina...???? Answer me... "
Naina felt threatened and struggled in his arms and she panicked when she noticed that the door was looked from inside.
"I dont have whole day nain nor do i have patience left..." he said pulling naina closer while her eyes were filled with pool of tears, "tell him you love me and lets get over with this mess... we dont need this now... we love each other and thats the end of the story..." mohit said but this time in a more calm manner and he tried comforting naina with his touch but he unknowingly disgusted her.
"I dont love you... i never really said that to you... i realised i cant love anybody but maan..."
"You think i will let you leave me again... if u think so, then you are highly mistaken..."
"I will call maan... leave me... i will shout..." naina warned mohit.
Mohit picked up a vase and with force hit naina with her. Her head started spinning and eyes got heavier with every passing seconds, things blurred and she fell on the floor. She fainted hoping maan would save her and their little one.


"How does baby comes here (pointing to manvi's tummy) mumma...??? " kasak asked manvi, who was trying to her daughter to bed.
"God gives babies so he puts the baby in here..." manvi replied placing her hand on her tummy.
"Okk... so how will the baby come out...???" Kasak again asked.
Virat banged his head on his pillow and gave manvi a "we-are-dead" look.
"Hmm... they will cut my tummy... " manvi replied unsure of what she should have said in reply.
"Ohhh nooo... then i will never have a baby... they will cut my tummy too... "
Kasak panicked and stood on the bed with a scared face.
"Dont worry you are not having a baby anytime soon... " virat said to kasak trying to control his laughter while manvi felt embarassed.
"Okk... now i can sleep... goodnight..."
Kasak got into bed and virat chuckled and manvi also joined him seconds later.


so thats it for now...

now please atleast hit a like; if u guys cant even spare a minute to appreciate me n my work...
i will update the next chapter in a NEW THREAD ONLY... Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed so spam the thread or do whatever...
anyways i started a ss on IshRa, if interested have a look...

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Its awesome dear
hate mohit
he beat naina
now wat will b her position
liked virman family time nd their nok-joks
eagerly waiting to read next part
continue soon nd thanks fr pm dear

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you now that i love maan % naina coulpe?? and hate mohit, and with this part, i hate him more,

why naina thinks she cheated on maan ??happend between naina & mohit anything?? ( dont give me a heart attack please)

by the way i have to say that i liked the talk between naina & madhu and i relly felt bad for madhu, hope she can live with rishab and her baby in peace..

owww VIRMAN can a family such perfect, they are just tooo cute...

great work naina...and thanks for pm

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chandiniebinda Goldie

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Awesome update..
Loved it..
It was really nice..
Double update...
What happend with Mohit why is he changed soo much???
Loved Virman and Kasak part..
Kasak is such a sweetheart..
Pleasee update soon..
Thanks for the PM..

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