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VM FF || DIL MIL GAYE #6 | CH 92 N 93 on PG 141 (Page 108)

athniamanvi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 April 2014 at 2:25pm | IP Logged
u r really a great writer loved ur update.. but i really want  a lttle bit more of virman .. please Embarrassed
do pm me 

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jayprabu Senior Member

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Posted: 26 April 2014 at 6:39pm | IP Logged
Awesome update. In these past three updates I liked Naina the most. She is really adorable sister. Her bonding with Risabh was portrayed very well. I am glad Maan and Naina are happy together. Virat's care for Manvi is well expressed. Kasak is always sweet heart. Her talk with Maan was so sweet. Thanks for the pm. Please continue soon.

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Aenna IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 April 2014 at 8:50pm | IP Logged
Amazingg update...

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Posted: 27 April 2014 at 1:07am | IP Logged
loved the update.
thanks for pm

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naina927 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 April 2014 at 7:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by athniamanvi

u r really a great writer loved ur update.. but i really want  a lttle bit more of virman .. please Embarrassed
do pm me 
thank u dear and i will add virman... you will have them soon... Smile
naina927 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 April 2014 at 7:05am | IP Logged


Thank you so much for PMing me di! I'm not able to comment but reading your works! I'm be free after may 3rd! after that, i'll definitely comment! Thank you so much for PMingHug
your welcome sweetheart... Big smile glad u are reading them... i will wait for ur comment then... Smile
Loved the update Naina and must say beautifully written.
Clap ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
thank you soo much jannat... Smile
AHHH!! thank you so much! in love with DMG!! Pm me the next chapter please!!

thank you soo much for commenting shenna... Smile
Awesome update di continue soon... I'm really enjoying it 
thank u devashi... Big smile
Loved the naina - maan and rishabh convo... I want virat to understand naina...
Mohit has to get a life... He is behaving like rishabh part 2...
thank u dear... Smile he will understand naina... and i never notice rishabh part 2 thing Wink LOL
Awesome update..
Loved it...
Awww loved Virat and Kasak little scene...
Kasak is soo sweet yaar..
Love the little Virman scene...
Update soon..
Thanks for the PM...

thank u soo much chandinie... Smile
Good update   thanks for the pm
thank u dear Smile
Awesome upd8 once again
Luvd it
Will b w8ing 4 d nxt upd8...luv reading ur work!!!
Thanks 4 d pm!!

thank u dear... glad to know u are still following the story...
thanx for d pm dear awesum update
I luvd kasak so much in dis update
ur welcome and thank u... Smile
nice update nainu di.
loved it to the core
kasak's affection nd care to mannu
oh love it di
thanks for pm
thank u soo much dear... Smile
fantabulous update naina ji..kamaal kar ditta ..loved the friend milap and kasak to as always is epitome of cuteness!! ur amazing girl..keep it up! :)
thank u soo much vaishali... Big smile Big smile Big smile

thnk a too naina for the update loved it to the core...biggest wala hug...friends talking to each other after  a long time was very emotional lovd that part it was bang on...

ur welcome dear and thank u for liking... Big smile hug u back...
Lovely update...
Finally Naina n manvi reunite
Loved their conv
Maan-naina-rishab was really
Waiting to kn abt rishab n madhu
N hope no new mu will created b/w virman
Thanks 4 pm
Waiting for other stories updates
Try 2 update soon
thank you soo much dear... will try to update other stories as well... but for that i have to put dmg on hold for sometime...


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naina927 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 April 2014 at 7:15am | IP Logged
         ~~ yaariyan
RECAP :  manvi had morning sickness so virat asked her to rest and take a day off. he promised he will send kasak to school and but realised its not his cup of tea. vanshika gives kasak permission to skip school and manvi gives virat a piecd of her mind for letting kasak skip school. manvi calls naina and plans to meet her.
after talking to naina, maan was really happy but she didnt tell anyone about it because if swamini bua and pragati get to know that she talked with naina, they will not like it. so manvi stayed quiet and asked kasak not to tell anyone that they talked to naina. at night, manvi told virat about her little conversation with naina and at finding manvi so happy, virat didnt mind it all. manvi's happiness means the world to him and he can do anything for her happiness.
" so tomorrow im planning to meet her..." manvi told virat.
" great... but where...?? "
" at mum's place... mum will be so happy to see naina... "
" manvi lets the four of us go out on dinner... that ways i will also meet them... i should apologise... " virat said with honestly.
" you dont need to apologise virat... but surely we all can go... i will talk to naina about it... "
" okk... now you take your medicine and sleep... "
manvi smiled and taking her medicine, got into the bed. manvi hugged virat and he hugged her back.

" tumhari princess ne jyada trouble toh nahi kiya tumhe... " virat asked manvi before placing a kiss on her forehead.
" naah... you know i have to see my doctor in next two days... im nervous and excited... "
" you are telling me this now... "
" did i not tell you...??? oops... shorryy..." manvi said with a cute pout.
" its okk... i will join u and then -"
" then office se chutti... humne ghumne chalenge... " manvi happily cut virat in between.
" your wish is my command... "
" love you soo much... " manvi squealed.
" love you soo soo much... "
next day, manvi called up naina to meet at her place (manvi's parent house) and both girls planned to surprise mitali.
" ok i will reach on time mannu... " said naina.
" see u nainu... bye... "
naina disconnected the call and smiled at maan.
" im not going anywhere... " maan sighed.
" please na... im sorry... i love you na... "
" naina u and shopping... naah... "
" arrey its not like that... okk i will choose whatever u like..."
" okk lets go... "
" yeyy... gimme 10 minutes... " naina jumped with happiness.
" why 10 minutes...??? " maan asked.
" touch up honey... "
" arghhh "
maan groaned and went out of the room.
" you come inside na... aunty will love to meet you... " naina told maan.
" what will i do there nain...??? you girls and your gossiping... " said maan.
" enough... your coming and see today i didnt take that much time in shopping... " naina tried to give a good reason.
" ohh god... chalo... "
the doorbell rang and manvi opened the door.
" im first... looser " manvi playfully said and giggled.
" losers manvi ji... " maan added.
" we got late... traffic u know... and im not a loser... " naina pouted.
" nainu... i love you... "
manvi hugged naina and naina hugged her back.
" missed you badly mannu... "
" i also missed you too nain... " manvi said emotionally.
" nainu... mera bacha... " mitali pushed manvi away and hugged naina.
naina hugged mitali and kissed her cheek.
" i missed you aunty... "
they broke the hug and mitali looked at maan.
" come inside beta... "
mitali welcomed naina and maan inside.
" maan this is my dearest aunty... my jaan... "
naina officially introduced maan to mitali.
" hello ma'am... nice meeting you... " maan greeted mitali.
" ma'am... maan ji you are too formal sometimes... you can call mom anything u wish like... you can begin with aunty i think... " manvi said to maan.
" right... "

naina held mitali's hand and they immediately got involved in their never ending convos and went into the kitchen.
" they are like this only... you know soul sisters... " maan smiled and told maan.

while manvi was talking to maan, he couldnt help concentrate on whats is was saying. maan was occupied with his thoughts at that moment, he was feeling a little uncomfortable and wanted to escape from there.

" maan... maan tell aunty that i dont cook that bad... " saying this naina came and sat beside manvi and wrapped her arm around manvi's.
" yeah thats only maan can tell us... " said manvi.
" she cooks good enough not to put my house on fire... " maan commented.
" what...??? i hate you maan... " yelled naina.
" my mannu and nainu are together... im soo happy... " mitali sighed with happiness.
maan was listening to random things and incidences and memories all the ladies were talking about.
" ohh god i have to pick kasu... "
manvi suddenly realised on seeing the time and almost panicked.
" mannu rela- "
mitali was cut in by manvi " dont call me mannu mom... "
" lets go and pick my cupcake then... " naina suggested.
" if you dont mind, i can go and pick kasak... just tell me the name and address of the school... " maan interrupted in between.
" yeah thats great... maan can go and till then we can catch up... " naina squealed with happiness.
" and meanwhile im gone, you better catch up nain... i have some piece of work... we have to go... " maan sterly told naina.
" no ways... you can go... i can come back home or anyone will drop me... " naina said and gave maan i-m-done-with-the-convo look.
" i will text you maan... " manvi said as maan got up.
maan was driving towards kasak's school and smiled thinking of kasak and her cuteness. he has met her few times only but it is not wrong to say that he is fond of kasak, just like his wife is. he wondered what will junior naina be like... but on seconds thought, he realised kasak and naina were almost alike... kasak is really something and very close to what junior naina will be like. maan liked this thought very much and smiled widely.
" so i want to tell you... " manvi again started and naina interrupted her.
" what mannu...??? dont create suspense yaar... " naina sighed.
" you are not letting me complete nain... " manvi complained.
" okk... i will not say anything now... you say... "
" impregnant... " manvi said in one breath.
" what...??? "
" i... am... pregnant... " manvi said stressing on every word and taking gap between words.
" OMG... sachiii mannuuu... mannu mammmaaa... "
naina jumped with happiness and hugged manvi and kissed her cheeks.
" nain... i cant breathe... "
" oops... sorry... "
naina broke the hug and giggled on realising how tightly she was hugging manvi.'
" how far are you...???? and by the way congratzzz to be mumma... " naina said happily..
" it almost 11 weeks now... " manvi replied with a pure joy reflected on her face.
" 11 weeks and i get to know it now... not done... " naina made a face and crossed her arms against her chest.
" sorry na nainu... how could i have told you after what happened... ." manvi explained.
" i understand... whatever happened... ' naina felt uncomfortable
" things changed naina... things got worse... out of our hands... ' manvi sighed and her eyes were filled with tears.
naina looked at manvi and her eyes also became teary but naina controlled herself. while manvi seemed the stronger one, she wasnt actually... she is really sensative and naina... naina tried to look strong at times... she hated showing her weaknesses to anyone and just cried... just cried in front of mohit and now maan... infact maan doesnt let a single ter make its way to her eyes.
manvi told naina everything that happened after she left. mohit's breakdown, manvi being desperate to have a kid, her going through a treatment, the revealation of maya being accidently  hit by manvi's car, virat doubting and accusing her, her taking a decision of growing up her baby alone, virat apologising, things getting back to what they were. manvi intentionally skipped telling naina what rishabh did and what he tried to to with her and virat, she doesnt want anything wrong between naina and rishabh. manvi knows what rishabh means to naina and he doing such things, will hurt naina first and then affecting anyone around.
" say something nain... " manvi shook naina a little.
" aa.. i... hmm.. " naina struggled with words.
" nain... "
" i should have been with you mannu... you wanted a friend and i was not there... "
naina hugged manvi and cried her heart out. manvi wiped her tears first and then soothed naina and breaking the hug, wiped naina's tears.
" you want to spoil your make up nain... " manvi remined naina.
" no... im fine... "
manvi giggled and naina with a smile composed herself wiping her tears and fixing her hair.
" i can see you are happy nain... and you being there with me at that time would have created problems between you and maan... ' manvi said to naina.
" problems...??? "
" mohit bhaiya still isnt over you... he still thinks he loves you... " manvi said with uncertainity and confusion in her voice. she dint know whether she was right or not in bringing up this topic.
" i know... "
naina replied and got up from the bed.

" you know means... nain look at me... " manvi asked naina.
" he is pestering me mannu... calls, messages, emails, and what not... " naina said and she was clearly pissed off.
" what are you going to do...??? " manvi asked out of curiousity..
" IGNORE... " naina replied while looking at her image in the mirror.
" what do you mean ignore huh...??? "
" he wants to meet me... but no ways i will go and see him... he has gone insane mannu... trust me... " naina said.
" insane... excuse me..."
" i think he needs a doctor... koi kisi se itna pyaar nahi karta mannu... he needs to go and get a life... "
" thats rude naina... " manvi told naina.
" he wants to spoil my life and im way too happy with maan mannu... i dont want to go back in time when i know he still has the power to affect me... "
naina turned around and faced manvi.
" naina... are you sure you dont love him, the way he loves you... " manvi asked unsure of what to understand.
" i just dont want him mannu... thats it... "
" here i come... "
naina and manvi turned around to look at the door. they smiled on seeing kasak standing with a smile on her face and soon maan and virat followed her.
" virat you here...??? " manvi asked on seeing virat.
:" maan met me at kasak's school... i went to pick her up... ' replied virat.
" ohhh i never knew you were going else i would have never troubled maan... " manvi sighed.
" you didnt trouble me manvi... trust me... " maan told manvi.
in the meanwhile kasak ran to naina and hugged her. naina and kasak were smiling at ecah other and when naina ruffled kasak's hair and kissed her cheek; kasak repeated her action. virat was the first one to look at this scene and he smiled. manvi and maan soon followed virat's gaze and they also couldnt help but smile.
" naina maiya main dikhayi nahi diya kya...??? " virat asked naina.
looking at naina, virat realised that she was trying to avoid the situations getting weird and awkward, so he himself started the conversation.
" nahi aisa nahi hai... hiii... ' naina hesitantly replied.
" lets start things a fresh... im sorry naina... ' virat said while moving towards naina.
kasak looked at virat and on seeing him taking steps towards naina, stopped him.
" nain meri hai dad... "
kasak said as soon as she climbed on the bed and stood with her hands on her hips.
" nahi nain maan ki hai... aur meri bhi... " virat replied to kasak and showed her his tongue.

kasak didnt seem to like this, so she ran to where manvi and maan were standing.
" nain aapki hai...??? " kasak asked maan and maan bent down on his knees.
" you mind sweetie... " maan sweetly asked kasak.
" nainu meri hai... " kasak pouted.
" okk done... rakho nainu ko... "
" thank you maan uncle... ' kasak smiled widely and hugged maan.
manvi went towards naina and virat.
" im sorry... " naina sniffed her nose.
" its okk... pagal ladki... " virat replied and opened his arms for naina.
but before naina could hug virat, manvi cleared her throat.
" main yahin hoon... door raho... " manvi said gritting her teeth.
" door hi toh hoon... " naina reasoned.
" good... "
virat giggled and said " chalo tum dono hug kar lo... much better... "
" good idea... " manvi exclaimed.
manvi and naina hugged each other and manvi mouthed a " thank you " to virat and he mouthed her " i love you ".
" food is ready bacha party... " mitali said standing on the doorstep and taking the sight of the scene in front of her eyes.
" what food nani...??? " kasak asked.
" your favourite honeybun... come... "
mitali took kasak with her while the four of them followed them.
they all had their lunch and enjoyed their time with each other and while leaving naina gave the gifts she brought for everyone and they all seemed to like it except kasak, who wanted more chocolates that maan gifted her last time.
i toh loved typing this chapter... donno why but i did... Embarrassed
did u guys like it...????

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naina927 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 April 2014 at 7:20am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jayprabu

Awesome update. thank u... In these past three updates I liked Naina the most. glad...Smile She is really adorable sister. Her bonding with Risabh was portrayed very well. I am glad Maan and Naina are happy together. Virat's care for Manvi is well expressed. Kasak is always sweet heart. Her talk with Maan was so sweet. Thanks for the pm. your welcome... Please continue soon. updating in few minutes...
reply in bold font

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