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VM FF || DIL MIL GAYE #6 | CH 92 N 93 on PG 141

naina927 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 January 2014 at 3:53am | IP Logged

a journey which VIRAT AND MANVI started as friends, they fell in love and now they are married... HAPPILY married... story of a bond a mother shares with a child even though that child isnt born from her womb... and now manvi is expecting her first baby... manvi and her immense love and care for KASAK is the LIFE AND SOUL of this ff... WILL THIS NEW CHANGE BE WELCOMED...??? WILL THE LIVES OF VIRAT, MANVI AND KASAK GET CHANGED...??? WHAT WILL THE CHANGES THAT WOULD TAKE PLACE I

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naina927 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 January 2014 at 3:55am | IP Logged
******** INDEX ********
chap 70  BELOW
chap 71  pyaar ka bandhan
chap 72  tere pyaar mein
chap 73  do pal pyaar ke
chap 74  bebasi dard ka aalam
chap 75  zindagi tujhse hai
chap 76  dil kya kare
chap 77  kitni mohabbat hai
chap 78  tu saath hai
chap 79  kuch bhi tere vaaste
chap 80  dil hai ke maanta nahi
chap 81  thoda sa pyaar
chap 82   ishq deewana hai
chap 83  rishton ki dor
chap 84  iss tarah
chap 85  tu meri jaan hai
chap 86  yaariyan
chap 87 khushi ke pal

chap 88 ye kasoor 

chap 89 teri zaroorat hai

chap 90 aaj fir tumpe pyaar aaya hai

chap 91 kashmakash
chap 92 ehsaas

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naina927 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 January 2014 at 3:56am | IP Logged

This update is for my baby _keertu_ and my dear fauzia darling aka Syed695 for becoming SIZZLERZ and ROCKERZ respectively... congratulations to both of you...!!!! Big smile Hug

now you all should thank KOKUBABA because of whom you guys are getting this update... Smile

       ~~ tu meri jindagi...
manvi was pacing in her room waiting for virat. she needs to talk to somebody right now and who better than virat would be. before being her husband, he is her friend. he knows and understand her better than anyone could. but next moment, a thought crossed her mind... is it..?? does virat knows her better than anyone else could...?? unintentionally and suddenly, a small voice came from the beck of her mind and it said a clear no and the person who knows her better than anyone is rishabh. he knows her in and out... better than she knows herself... and its a truth, whether she accepts it or not...
virat entered the room and looked at the worried expression on manvi's face. he wondered whats wrong with her now. already he was broken and shattered and now manvi being an unstable state of mind was making things difficult. he stood there only thinking how to take a step near her but who was he running away from. how can one run away from his life and he trying it was just another useless effort.
looking at her pale face, made him even more guilty. what has he done to her, to him, to them and to everything around... their small little family. one wrong move and he successfully destroyed his world. his manvi is no longer his, the way she used to be. she used to trust him soo much and now she seems uncomfortable on sharing anything with him. why wouldnt she when he gave her hundreds of reasons to...
maine jis din tumhare saath wo saat phere liye the, uss din se main tumhari hoon... aur zindagi bhar tumhari rahungi chahe tum mujhe apnao ya chod do...
maine jis din tumhare saath wo saat phere liye the, uss din se main tumhari hoon... aur zindagi bhar tumhari rahungi chahe tum mujhe apnao ya chod do...
virat remembered manvi's words from the cd he heard on his way back. he was happy today after a long time and the reason was the happiness and the smile which he saw on manvi;s face. she was and is his happiness... that was proved once again today. he got in the car and played the radio. when nothing appealed him, he played the cd. once the cd started playing, he applied the brake of the car immendiately and listened to what was there in that cd.
listening to the cd brought tears into his eyes... those werent words... those were manvi's true emotions and her feelings... her journey of life... she told him everything... poured her heart out to him and she was ready to face anything that comes from him. she confessed it to him herself without expecting anything but trust in return, which he didnt give her. he doubted on her instead hurting her beyond limit. but listening to that cd gave him and unknown pleasure... manvi did love him and from the time, when he also felt something for her. she didnt fall for time given the circumstances after they lost maya... she loved him even before maya became an importnat part of his life and most of all, she didnt marry him under the burden of her guilt. she married him out of love... her love was not a lie... and not was his.
manvi turned around and she found virat standing at the doorstep thinking about something... something was disturbing him... critically disturbing him... his face told her so...
manvi : virat...
virat looked at manvi breaking his trance and took steps towards the girl who was his reason of existence, closing the door in the process. virat scanned manvi's face and seeing the worry lines again, prayed to god to always keep her smiling and happy.
mere gale mein tumhare naam ka mangalsutr hai, maang mein tumhare naam ka sindoor hai aur dil mein tumhara naam hai... tumhara pyaar hai... i love you... i love you virat...
her words came running back to him and he closed his eyes. he knew how uch depth those words held... they werent only words... they were something all together... something he would never be able to express in words... those emotions could only be felt...
manvi saw virat taking baby steps towards her and his eyes fixed on her face. after a long time, she could feel seeing her virat in the virat standing in front of her. she felt as if she can read his thoughts and hear his heartbeat in this moment of silence. manvi saw him stopping and turning towards the dressing table. she saw him picking up her sindoor box and coming towards her, a wave of happiness ran through her.
virat picking up the box opened it and stood in went of front of manvi. he took a pinch of sindoor and filled it in her partition. manvi touched her partition with her fingers and a smile played on her lips. she was touched by this gesture of his and it again made her belong to him. it completed her all over again and she realised how much she missed this feeling of belonging to him. she was his... only his.
manvi whispered his name " virat... "
virat confessed his love for her " i love you..."
manvi replied with tears in her eyes " i love you too... "

virat held her hands and rested his forehead against it. manvi was finding it difficult to understand virat's inner turmoil. she wanted to know whats going on in his mind... in fact she has never seen his in this state.

virat : i dont deserve you... manvi... manvi but i love you...
manvi : virat... virat kuch hua hai kya...???
virat : you confessed it... tumne khud sach btaya..

manvi freed her hands from his grip and made him look at her by cupping his cheeks.
manvi : haan par...
virat : mujhse galati ho gayi manvi... i did a grave mistake but i cant let you go... you are not leaving me manvi...
manvi : i am not... not in this lifetime...
(wiping a tear that rolled down his eye)
virat : manvi i spoiled everything... ideally you should leave me and go... but promise me you wont...

manvi got scared thinking what mistake is he talking about... the small sentences that he was speaking were confusing her even more and making no sense to her..
manvi : mistake...?? what mistake...??? did you sleep with someone...???
virat : ohhh god... nooo... i didnt manvi...
manvi : fir...?? fir kya kiya tumne...???
virat : i believed rishabh and his filthy words... i fell in his trap... he found my weakness... you and our love...
manvi : what...?? you are lying... you didnt believe him... you didnt virat...
virat : i did...
(falling on his knees)
manvi : no... i can stand you doubting on me... but you believing a third person is just... i cant believe virat... you listened to the person who was always against us and our love...
virat : i am sorry manvi... i am sorry...
manvi : sorry... what did he say to you...???

before virat could say anything, manvi interupted him.
manvi : wait... i know what he must have said... i tricked you... right...??? i tricked you in loving me and marrying me... i must have used kasak as a ladder to reach you... right..??
virat looked up at manvi with shock written on his face. he wondered how she knows what happened there back at rishabh's place that day.
virat :  you know... how...??
manvi : because i know him... though i hate to admit it, but i know him...
manvi's words hurted him somehwere down his heart. it hurted him to think that his wife knows her ex to that much extent and here is he... he who didnt even trust his wife when the time came...
virat : and i broke your trust...
manvi : you didnt believe the cd i put in the car... you believed rishabh instead...
virat : i never listened to it... i played it today only...
manvi : no... you are cooking stories...

manvi moved away from him and stood near the window. virat got up and followed manvi. he stood behind her unable to face her.
virat : im not manvi... i didnt listened to that cd... in fact, on the day of your birthday, i got a cd... i listened to that which made me storm to rishabh's house and he somehow brainwashed me... mera vishwaas kamjor padh gya manvi...
manvi : do you have that cd...??
virat : yeah...
manvi : play it virat...
virat : there is no need of that manvi...
manvi : i need to virat... i need to know how your love and trust on me became weak...
virat searched for the cd and then played it. listening to every word of that cd made virat felt disgusted of himself. manvi looked at virat from the corner of her eye and knew if she was at his place, she would have also believed the words in that cd. she wondered how smartly the conversation was trimmed in order to make it appear as something totally opposite.
virat : manvi i...
manvi : please virat...
virat : i apologise manvi... i seriously feel so disgusted that -
manvi : i would have also believed it, if at your place...

virat turned manvi around and looked at her trying to make sure whatever he heard was right or not.
manvi : you heard it right...
virat : but...
manvi : i will kill rishabh... ohh goshh he is such a creature...
virat : manvi listen to me... first listen why i believed him... manvi main na tumse -
manvi : i also love you virat... i forgive you... do you hear me...???
virat : you forgive me... pakka...
manvi smiled and hugged him.
manvi : yes i forgive you.. but you are such an idiot... mujhse baat nahi kar sakte the... angry young man banne ki kya jaroorat thi...
virat : accha baba sorry... now should i touch your feet and apologise...???
manvi : nahi... paap lagega mujhe...

virat pulled manvi closer and hugged her with a soft yet possessive hold.
virat : ye ghatiya baat kahan se suni tumne...???
manvi : ye ghatiya aur bakwaas nahi hai... aisa hota hai...
virat smiled and kissed her hair.
virat : i love you sooo much...
manvi : but admit i love you more...
virat : yes you do... its your love only...
manvi : ab na you have to promise me something...
virat : anything you say baby...
manvi : kabhi bhi na mujhse gussa mat hona...
virat : kabhi bhi nahi... main pagal thodi hoon ke apni hottie ke saath fir se fight karun...

manvi : hehe... pehle the na pagal... maan liya na... kaafi hai...
virat : god... how much i missed being close to you...
manvi : me too...
(lightly kissing his chest and holding a fistful of his shirt)
manvi broke the hug and virat looked at manvi as if she is did a grave mistake.
manvi : what...???
virat : what is your problem...?? abhi abhi toh -
manvi : i want to talk to you about something...
virat ; i dont want to talk tonight... i just want to -
manvi : sharam karo thodi si... you are going to be a father soon...

virat pulled manvi in his arms again.
virat : jisne ki sharam -
manvi : uske phoote karam... i know...
virat thanked to god for giving him his world back and kissed manvi's forehead. manvi smiled and closed her eyes the moment his lips touched her skin.
manvi : i love you...
manvi kissed his cheek and again hugged him. her husband is back and so is here happiness...
a special note for rishabh lovers... he will be back soon... may be in the next update... Big smile
P.S : I Heart RISHABH... Big smile Big smile

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kokubaba Senior Member

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congratsss Embarrassed
pink1 IF-Rockerz

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congrats new tread 
update soon

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kokubaba Senior Member

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superb  yaar i wonder how u manage it...finally all misunderstanding is gone...Tongue Aab Rk ka entry og god...nahieeeSmile

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naina927 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by kokubaba

superb  yaar i wonder how u manage it...finally all misunderstanding is gone...Tongue Aab Rk ka entry og god...nahieeeSmile
thank u first of all... and how i manage... hmmm i also dont know Tongue Embarrassed
haha... rishabh toh aa ke hi rahega... LOL LOL
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congrats for new thread Smileand update was really nice...
thanks for the pmSmile

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