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 koi hai kyaBig smile
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Originally posted by CutieTeju

Happy Makar sankranti..Big smile
Thank u and same to you tooBig smile
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waiting for update.
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Originally posted by rashmivaish

 koi hai kyaBig smile
main nahi hoon Wink

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Originally posted by reachsky2011

Originally posted by rashmivaish

 koi hai kyaBig smile
main nahi hoon Wink
pata hai 
bhoot do not existLOL
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Hii Praff
aaj bahut late ho gayi
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           this banner is created by-  Maan_manic



Time was flowing in the form of the days..On few occasions neighbours tried to talk about Man and Geet to Priya but priya did not give a ear and told them that they were like this since they got married to their respective partners and we respect their relation as both are doing their duties dedicatedly towards family..

Neighbours were shut by Priya with full respect..but she was forced to think..Later at night she shared all this with Ram

Ram-Priya you did right .Who are they to talk like this about our children.our children are of not that type..They respect each other well

Priya-You are right but I m scared Ram..Get ki reputation ki baat hai

Ram-Come on Priya..logon ka kya hai wo to sirf bolna jaante hain..And please don't share this crap with Maan or even Geet..We have full trust on our children..I don't mind what others are talking..we know that they both are like this from the beginning..there share a good bond of friendship from day one. Agar hum hi aisa sochenge to dusron ko to mauka milega hi.So forget about it.

Priya-I think you are right..


Days passed quickly and Ram and Priya forgot about that all..

Mean while the marriage anniversary  of Maan and Geet too came but whole family members held their minds and hearts well under control and supported each other at that day.


Winters were going to end..


One day in office ..

Geet was waiting for one of her client.In Geet's words she was a milking cow for her..She was her crazy customer. She always wanted to buy which Geet made for some other customer but  she never cared about the price.. she was ready to pay even 10 times to it's original price..some times Geet sold dresses to her if she had the time to prepare that dress again for it's original owner..Today her same client was coming and Geet had few dresses to show her..but she was not turning on and Geet was getting late as it was lunch time and she knew that Maan  or Ram could call her any time...

She thought to leave for some work while instructing Pinky she moved out side of the FH.she was thinking something and moving ahead. She was having chocolate in her hand which pinky gave her to eat..and she bumped in someone..her speed was fast and she almost fell on that person. She murmured a  quick sorry and made herself stand but she heard aloud voice-OMG..

she looked at the source of the voice..he was a middle aged man..looking smart. Now his shirt was having the imprints of chocolate on it..He was looking annoyed-What the hell you have done? Can't you see while walking ahead?

Geet was so ashamed to see him in that mess-..I m sorry  wo maine dekha nahin...thoda jaldi me thi..I m really sorry uncle..aapko lagi to nahin..and then she watched the chocolate print on his shirt and her eyes widened-Oh no aapki shirt to gandi ho gayi.I m very sorry..ab kya hoga..are you here for some meeting? ab aap kya karenge aap

That man's anger melted to see her on the verge of crying and next moment smiled to see her blabbering like that-No It's ok..I m fine ..tum theek ho tumhen to nahin lagi na...waise agar chalte samay saamne dekh lo to sehat ke liye achchha hota hai ..hai na

Geet was embarrassed-wo main kuchh soch rahi thi issiliye dekha nahin..mujhe sach me bura lag raha hai uncle..

Man-It's ok beta.. Do you work here? May I know your name?

Geet-Yes  I work here.. I m G..and her phone buzzed...Ji papa aa rahi hoon..she said to the man-sorry uncle abhi jana hai and I m sorry once again for bumping in to you and putting you in such an embarrassing situation..

That man-It's ok...Bye   and again  - arrey apna naam to bataati jaao.but geet was nowhere to be seen .Hmm ye ladki nahin to koi tufaan hi hogi..bas aayi meri shirt gandi ki aur chali gayi..he shook his head and left to meet the person for whom he came

Geet went back in FH to take something and that man left in the lift to go..


Ram heard a knock on the door and he looked there.His eyes shone with happiness-Ronittt..Tu yahaan? US se kab aaya? He got up from his chair and went to Ronit and hugged him tightly..I can't believe that I m seeing you here. I missed you a lot Ronit

Ronit-I too missed you a lot..Magar thoda door hi rah mujhse

Ram-Why?  what happened?

Ronit pointed towards his shirt.-tere kapde bhi gande ho jaayenge

Ram was surprised-Chocolate ? who did this?

Ronit-pata nahin..koi ladki thi naam nahin bataya ..but maine rakh diya TUFFAAN..kitni hadbadi me thi wo..

Ram-OK.leave it..when did you came from US..supriya kaisi hai?

Ronit-wo theek hai and she wants to meet priya but she is not feeling well so I asked her to meet priya later but I could not stop myself from coming here.I M sorry that I was not there when you needed me ..I heard about what ever happened with Yash and Maan.. I was so helpless ..I M sorry Ram that I was not with you

Ram was in some tears-I understand Ronit...Shayad I did something wrong in my last birth tabhi to upar wale ne itni badi saza di mujhe..

Ronit-Nahin Ram..Nothing is like that..all happened according to the wish of  that almighty.

And then Maan enterd and saw Ronit..He bent down to touch his feet-Namastey uncle kaise hai ..US se kab wapis aaye

Ronit-yesterday only..issiliye dauda aaya Ram se milne..Maan smiled..

Ram-Ronit come it's lunch time .have lunch with us.

Ronit-Why not ..isiliye to iss time aaya Priya ke haath ka tasty food khaane.

Maan-Papa ... your boss is still not here..


Ram-Haan  Now we have a boss here who commands us on the behalf of Priya ..just wait for few will see yourself..

5 minutes passed but Geet was still not there..Maan called her

Geet looked at that phone-LO jiska darr tha wahi hua..ab main kya karoon..She took it and said-Maan wo aaj meri important client aane wali hai..I will be late .you both have your food please..

Maan-No way..He cut the phone and said-papa two minutes, just coming back.. and he left.. Ram shook his hand .He knew where he was going and few minutes later a cribbing Geet was standing in front of Ram-Papa you know my customer is going to come ..and Maan forced me to have lunch ..agar wo chali gayi to bahut loss ho jaayega

Ram-Geet this rule was set only by you so it applies on you too so come and have lunch..customer ko rohit aur pinky dekh lenge

Geet-Papa you don't know that lady..She is little mad they both can't handle her..

Ram-No more arguments Geet  aur haan meet my friend..Ronit

Geet turned and looked at Ronit-arrey aap?

Ronit was looking with surprise -Tum?

Ram -you know each other?

Ronit-yes..and for me she is TOOFFAAN..dekhti kahin hai chalti kahin hai

And he laughed loud after saying it Maan was watching them confused and Ronit told him about their first meeting and Maan too laughed hearing it..and thought -she is indeed a toofaan

Geet was again ashamed and she again said sorry to him

Ram-Geet he is my childhood friend Ronit..he shifted to US few years back  and has come back now  and Ronit this is Geet..Yash's wife

Ronit got a shock to know Geet as Yash's wife..(ST) omg..bhagwaan bhi kya kya galatiyaan karta hai..she is such a beautiful girl but he snatched most precious happiness from her

Geet too gave him a faint smile and she  took his blessings..Ronit was short of words to see Geet as Yash's widow.But he controlled himself somehow and kissed on her forehead

 Ronit was silent for few minutes and then said-ab mujhe lunch par invite kiya hai to khana to khilaao ..I m hungry yaar..

All smiled and Geet served lunch for all..

All were having their lunch and as well as talking too.Ronit asked Maan about his work..Maan was telling him about the projects he was handling..suddenly he coughed as some piece of food stuck in his throat..Geet immediately gave him the glass of water..Maan drank water and gave back to her muttering a thanks to her.Geet took it back and asked- Are you ok?


Then Ronit asked Geet about her ..She told him about her family and FH.

Ram- which customer you were talkiing about Geet?

Geet-Papa you know she is such a crazy lady..It seems her husband earns a lot of money and she wastes it completely. Aapko pata hai she is ready to spend ten times to it's original cost if she likes a dress..and she is completely out of control of her husband..pata nahin kitna shauk hai shopping ka..I pity her husband whenever I see her.pata nahin kaise jhelta hoga apni biwwi ko

Three men smiled to her Geet..Geet's phone rang.Geet received it-Haan pinky..oh ok..let me see.abhi aati hoon...And she got up from her chair.

Maan-Geet where are you going? Finish your food first

Geet-Maan wo aa gayi hai and Pinky is not able to handle her..

Maan-No...give me the phone... he snatched the phone from her hands and ordered Pinky in a stern voice-Pinky ..just offer her some tea and coffee ..Geet abhi aa rahi hai...take care of her...and he cut the phone and handed it over to Geet.

Geet pouted-what if she leaves?

Maan-so what?.just let will get some other customer

Geet-sirf customer nahin paise wali customer who can spend many thousands in one day... and she laughed..agar aaj wo chali gayi na to main apna loss aapke account se debit karwa loongi

Maan -And I will not mind that at all..

It all was normal for Ram as he was used to such talks between Maan and Geet but Ronit was amused to see the understanding between them..He was surprised to see how both were taking care of each other and both were very open too .He noticed that both understood each other so well that they did not need even words to ask.

Lunch was done and Geet called the peon to collect the crockery and she took a leave ..Papa Mow  I m leaving..Bye uncle

Ronit-Bye beta aur haan come to our house with Ram and Priya

Geet-Sure uncle..I will. I m getting late now . wo madam Pinky ko pareshaan kar rahi hogi..and she left .Ronit saw her leaving

Ronit-Ram  ek baat poochoo?

Ram-Haan bol

Ram-Geet yash ke jaane ke baad tumhaare saath hi rahti hai

Ram-Haan aur kahaan rahegi

Ronit-No ..I mean uske parents ne kaha nahin usko le jaane ke liye

Ram-It was Geet who decided to live with us..aur sach poochho to hum sab bhi usko bahut chahte hain..We can't imagine our life without her,.After her marriage with Yash she became the life of KM..Yash ke jaane ke baad wo jaise bikhar gayi thi but thanks to Maan who took her responsibility and he and Rahul- Geet's brother helped her to stand on her feet and she started to live again. Though Maan was himself passing through a tough phase because of the loss of his wife but still he took her responsibility

Ronit felt his eyes wet thinking about two persons who were sharing their life with each other and trying to be happy..

He took leave from Maan and Ram..Maan again took his blessings and Ronit hugged him tight and said-I m so proud of you...Ram come to meet supriya some day..but don't forget to bring Maan and Geet.Supriya will be happy to meet Geet

Ram-sure Ronit why not? We all will definitely come

And Ronit left..he reached  at ground floor where Geet had her FH,He reached there and found Geet busy with her crazy customer..he could see FH in a mess because that lady was demanding more and more...Geet's eyes fell on Ronit as he was entering in FH.He could not stop himself to meet Geet one more time.

Geet-Arrey uncle aaiye..ja rahe hain

Ronit-yes and thought to meet you.

Geet-ok..Come have a seat

Ronit-No I m leaving now bas tukhen dekhne aa gaya

Geet-ji.. and she touched his feet.

Ronit caressed her head-Geet be always like this..IT was a pleasure to meet you

Geet-Same here uncle..and Ronit left. Geet again got busy in her work


One day Priya's one friend came to meet her..she was the relative of Priya's one of the neighbours.She had heard all that crap about maaneet which was growing in the she asked from Priya about that. Priya was shocked to know that they were still talking about them.She got angry

Priya-I don't know why these people's stomachs are aching..why don't they stop talking about Maan and Geet. They are like this from day one..jab hame sachchhayi pata hai to unko kyun problem hai.wo hamaare bachchhe hain hum jyada samajhte hain unko.

Taiji was there too. She smirked at this(ST) so the spark which I ignited in their minds  has now turned in a fire..Now it's time to put my foot forward.

Taiji-Priya you are right but you can't hold their tongue..kisi ki zubaan ko hum nahin rok sakte Aise to hamaare bachchhon ki bahut badnaami ho jaayegi. Bte ka to kuchh nahin par Geet par hi saari ungliyaan uthengi.

Priya's friend-Taiji is right Priya. It is Geet only who will be affected by all this.I think you should think about some solution I know Maan and Yash were twins so all four were friends but situation is changed now.

Taiji - dewar bhabhi ka rishta hi aisa hai bahut naazuk aur  ki koi bhi baaten  banana shuru kar deta hai..waise hamaare paas ek raasta hai un ko chup karwaane ka

Priya and her friend looked at her

Taiji-Maan ki shadi kar do..uski patni aa jaayegi to logon ki zubaan khud hi band ho jaayegi aur wo undono ki dosti par koi shaq bhi nahin karega.. Priya-Taiji what are you talking ? How it is possible? Yash aur Arpita ko gaye abhi ek saal bhi nahin hua

Taiji-As if you followed all other rituals perfectly after yash and Arpita ?

And Priya was shut as taiji was right in that matter..They did not followed any of the ritual in a traditional way..

Priya's friend-Priya I think it will be a better option..society ka muh bhi band ho jaayega aur Geet aur Maan ke rishte par bhi koi sawaal nahin karega..

Taiji-ye  theek kah rahi hai priya aur jitni jaldi ho sake hamen un logon ka muh band kar dena chahiye..kal agat Geet ke ghar me ye baat pata chal gayi to wo Geet ko shayad yahaan nahin rahne denge..Apni beti ki badnaami kaun maa baap sahan kar sakte hain(She is right priya we shoud try to make their mouth shut as soon as possible.What if Geet's family comes to know about these talks..they will not let Geet live here,No parents can see their daughter gaining bad name)

Priya was in some dilemma now. Taiji pressed the right nerve .priya loved Geet a lot .she did not want even to imagine to see Geet leaving them. she asked her-But itni jaldi ye sab kaise hoga ..Man ke liye ladki kahaan milegi?

Taiji-I have someone in my mind..If you are ready I can make that girl's parents agree for this marriage

Priya-Whom you are talking about taiji?

Taiji-I m talking about Suman..

Priya-What ? Suman?

Taiji-Haan.I think it's the signal of God..dekho na abhi tak Suman ko koi rishta bhi nahin mila. Ho sakta hai she is made for Maan.Pahle bhi tumne bina mujhse poochhe bachchhon ka rishta kar diya tha..May be God did not feel that right and he did all that to rectify your mistake..

Priya ..I will talk to Ram about this first..I m very confused now.

Taiji-Haan haan kyun nahin..hamne to sabhi musibaton ko door bhagaane ka raasta bataya hai

Priya's friend-Priya..I think you should think over this issue..Now I m leaving..and don't worry sab theek ho jaayega

Priya nodded and her friend left...

Precap-A storm in Maan's life


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