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26th December 2013 - Episode 33

Madhumathi attai is happy that Sruthi is going to quit her job. Shyam gives her sweet and wish her all the best. Sruthi begins to write her resignment letter. Priya hugs Sruthi and says that she is bit worried about how Ashwin will react to this. Sruthi says that she will fight back.
Priya says that they can go back to Coimbatore tomorrow, as they are no reason to stay back. Sruthi says that Chennai is not that bad, and she has learnt alot. Sruthi hugs Priya.

Ashwin walks into his cabin and overhears Lavanya's conversations with the girls. Ashwin gets annoyed to hear Lavnaya talks bad about Sruthi. Ashwin asks her about the calender, and Lavanya says is in the process. Lavanya asks him about how Patti, and Ashwin says he is trying to convince Patti and it was her fault to go there without letting him know. Ashwin walks and stops when he hears Lavanya calling Sruthi as "village girl". Ashwin turns around as tells her that you should call the people by their name and says her name is Sruthi and walks away. Lavanya gets angry and blames Sruthi for all the yelling she gets from Ashwin.

Sruthi walks into the office to the letter. Ashwin gets a call from Manorama, where she is all panicked and sounds like something is wrong with Anjali. Ashwin walks out of the cabin and stops at Sruthi's cabin and sees the God-statue, which belongs to Sruthi. He then leaves the office without seeing Sruthi is there. Sruthi sees Lavanya, who is angry at Sruthi asks her why she didn't come yesterday. Sruthi asks her where Ashwin is. Lavanya asks that are you going to quit the job, and she says yes. Lavanya and the girls laugh. They make fun of how confident Sruthi was and now she has lost the challenge. Sruthi tells them she is from Coimbathore, who has a identity. And tells Sim and Pam that you are hiding behind Lavanya, and have no identity. Sruthi says by looking at you I don't need this kind of life and there is other life outsite this office. Lavanya asks her to give the letter, but Sruthi says she will only give it to Ashwin, as the contract is with him.

Ashwin comes home, and sees a doctor and the others in Anjali's home. Manorama tells Ashwin that she has fainted. Anjali tells Ashwin that she was making soup for him and the suddenly everything went black for and she fainted. Ashwin asks her to rest. Patti says that Ashwin's taste does always change like girls. Everyone leaves. Ashwin sits on Anjali's bed and asks her why Patti is like this. Anjali says don't you see the love behind it. Maybe if their parents were here, there won't be so much anger in you and Patti. Ashwin gets angry and is about to yell but sees Anjali crying and holds her hands and tells her that she is the only family she has and has looked after him always.

Watchman calls Ashwin and says that Sruthi is outsite and want to talk to him. Ashwin tells him to let her in. Ashwin wonders why she is here.

Episode video:

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bahi. IF-Sizzlerz

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27th December 2013 - Episode 34

Ashwin tells Anjali that he will call Anjali's brother and convince Anjali to eat. Anjali stops him and says that he should not call him, but Ashwin says he will do it anyways. Manorama complains to her husband that Anjali's husband has not called yet, and wonders whether there is another girl in his life. Her husband gets angry on Manorama for talking rubbish.

Ashwin gets a call from his watchman, who tells him that Sruthi is standing outsite and wants to talk to him. Ashwin asks her to let her in. Sruthi comes in and Ashwin comes down slowly from upstairs while looking they have eyelock. (Rabbe Ve playing)
Sruthi looks at scar and Ashwin looks at it as well and they get a flashback of the building scene. Ashwin asks her whether she is all right. Sruthi is angry and says only you can ask whether I am alright after everything. Sruthi is fine, and she will feel better after resigning the job. She gives shows the resign letter. Sruthi says before he begins to talk about status etc. she wants to say that she didn't quit because of she was afraid. She did everything what he told her to do. But she has decided that she don't want work with a man, who does not care if someone gets hurt. For her, this contract does not mean anything, if this means her life will be in danger. She ends with that she is fine, even after all this.
Ashwin asks her are you done? And react out his hand. Sruthi gives the letter and says she is done.
Patti, Anjali and Manorama hear the conversation, and Patti calls Sruthi. Sruthi apologies for her behaviour in front of them, but she wanted to give the letter by herself, so nobody thinks that she is a loser.
Sruthi leaves, and stops at the door to look at Ashwin (Rabbe Ve playing). Ashwin is looking at her as well and holding the letter.

Anjali stops her, and asks her to continue the job, as she feels that Sruthi is a strong girl. But Sruthi tells her that eventhough he is your brother, does not mean that she allow him to behave wrong with her. Anjali tells her that must have been misunderstanding between you to, as Ashwin is not then bad, and aplogies to Sruthi. Sruthi ask Anjali not to be sorry as it's not her fault and leaves.
On the way home Priya calls her and asks her whether she has given the letter, and Sruthi says yes. Priya then asks her what Ashwin's respond was. Sruthi asks her to talk about this letter and cut the phone. Priya asks Shyam whether Sruthi can work on his office. Madhumathi interrupts them and ask Priya to take care of the cooking and make a strong ginger tea for Shyam as well.
Madhumathi asks Shyam about his family, and asks her whether they are looking for a bride. Shyam jokes and asks her that Madhumathi does not look so young. Madhumathi tells him that some of her friend asks her if she knew anyone, Shyam interrupts her and tells her to focus on Sruthi. Priya comes and tells her that Sruthi sounded tensed in the phone.

Ashwin folds the letter and thinks about the moments his has spent with her. Sruthi is on the way home and thinks about Ashwin.

Sruthi comes home and wonders why she is not happy but sad after quitting the job. Ashwin has Sruthi's pearls in his hand and says "Sruthi". Sruthi also has something, which reminds of him and says "Mr. Ashwin".

Episode video:

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30th December 2013 - Episode 35

Ashwin is cutting is plants in the garden, and reminding all the words Sruthi said. He gets angry and destroys the pot. Anjali comes and tells him that Sruthi is pretty much like you, when she is angry. Anjali knows that he was worried about Sruthi, when she was stucked in the building. Ashwin says enough and does not want to hear more. Anjali walks away and was about to faint, Ashwin sees this and holds her. Ashwin asks her whether her fast is not over yet. Anjali says no, since the fast is not over yet. Ashwin says that he has take off from the office to take care of her.

Sruthi comes home and feels about yelling at Ashwin. She wonders why she is like this. Priya comes and opens the door and asks Sruthi whether everything is over now. Sruthi comes in and says that she has given the resignation letter. She hears something in the kitchen, and Madhumathi asks her to see what sound it was. Sruthi comes into the kitchen and sees pani puri. Shyam is dressed like a pani puri saler and makes Sruthi happy. Priya and Madhumathi come as well and convince Sruthi to eat it, as she loves pani puri. Shyam gives it to her and says that he knows what she loves. Priya feeds her but Sruthi is still worried. Priya sees this. Priya asks whether Ashwin was angry, Sruthi replies that he was not saying anything, which is worring her a bit. Shyam talks in the phone, and talks about that he will wait to tell his love whether it is 6 months or a year and says that is waiting for his lover and looks at Sruthi.

Priya asks Sruthi's phone, as she want to talk to her parents. Sruthi goes and gets it in the room and finds the temple key, which belongs to Ashwin.
Ashwin's server-man gives some pearls (which belongs to Sruthi) to him, and says that he found it when he was washing Ashwin's clothes.
They both think about eachother (Rabba Ve plays in the background). They both says eachother's names.
Priya comes and asks her, whom key Sruthi is belonging to. Sruthi says it belongs to someone else.

Anjali comes and asks Ashwin to eat. Ashwin asks her whether she will eat. She says no since she is fasting. Ashwin says then I will call her husband and tell him that she does not care about herself. Anjali stops him and says that he will get worried. Anjali asks him to ask Lavanya to hold fast for him, maybe Patti will get happy to hear this and leaves.

Priya tries to call her parents and wonders why they don't take the phone. Priya sees that Sruthi does not listen to her and asks her what is wrong with her.

Anjali talks to Patti, and sees that Patti is worried, and asks her what is wrong. Patti says that he is worried for Ashwin. He is getting angrier day by day, and he is not willing to forget the past. Patti is worried whether he will become like his father.

Sruthi tells Priya, that she can not forget anything, and she wants to meet Ashwin again and argue more. Priya asks her to forget it and leaves.
Sruthi's phone rings and talks with her parents. They asks her whether she has quit the job, and she says yes. Priya grabs the phone and talks with them. Sruthi thinks about Ashwin, and wonders why she is sad instead of being happy now.

Watch full episode:

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Tuesday 31 Dec 2014

Episode: 36

Patti talks to Anjali complaining that chinna is getting angry cannot forget the past and he is actign like his father. The way he behaved with Shruthi - have you talked to him. Anjali says I tried but he is not talking to me.

Patti asks about lavanya, and Anjali says what ever he has decided should be right and he has to live longer happily so I am ok with that. Patti says Lavanya cannot be this house daughter in law I will talk to him alone.

In Shruthi house, Athai sends her to kitchen to get Chapathi as Shyam is making it. She goes and Shyam on phone tellin I will come this time for sure. He sess her and cuts the cal lsaying will call later and tells Shruthi it is client. Shruthi in thoughts didn;t pay attention.

Shruthi still in thoughts, Shyam advises her to forget past and live the way you want. That's how I think. Shruthi says ok will try.

Patti not comign to eat, everyone goes to her room to invite. Ashwin asks why so adamant, she says you are the one adament, not listening to me.

Aswin says no, I did not say like that, it is my life and I have to make my own decisions and I have to live.

patti mad saying you are doing mistake like your father. He did what ever he wanted and you see how the family suffered, I cannot let you make the same mistake. 

Aswin says no, Patti tries to stop, Aswin says then I will leave the house and go far away. Then every one will be at peace. All shock. patti asks where will you go? To Lavanya house, Ashwin says yes I will go and stay with her only. More shock.

Shyanm continues his advise telling you should not cry at all. Phone comes for Shyam, i nthe phone it says Rani Sahiba.

She calls him but he did not come so she wonders why Rani Amma calling him and picks up the phone, Shyam comes and snatches the phone from her and tells work not done on the phone and cuts. 

Shruthi asks who is Rani Amma. Shyam says she is rich and and I take care of her court dealings. Shruthi smiles and walks away.

Shaym packs and leaves thinking the past some black and white he is happy and and then next second crying Amma and patti keeps saying you like your father.

He takes the bag and leave, but Anjali walks out and brings him back. Patti angry, Aswin angry, Anjali cries telling them to stop and lets deal with this after tomorrow as mama coming tomorrow for nonbu.
Ashwin leaves the bag saying I am not going any where only for you and Patti says she won't talk about it until tomorrow. Anjali tells she will bring food to Patti.

Manorama auntie is so happy telsl hope this problem is resolved soon.
Anjali doing Pooja, Aswin forces her to drink some juice.

Anjali praise her husband saying no one like him and he takes care of me nicely. She tells I am happy but there is a small fear that some thing wrong happening. Ashwin holds her hand says as long I am with you you will always be happy.


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