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Episode 12th December 2013 - Episode 24

Sruthi stands in the rain outsite in the parking place in deep thoughts. Suddenly a car is coming towards her and Ashwin grabs her and they have a cute hug. They then look at eachother and rabba ve playing in the background. They stand like this for some time where they come to reality and Ashwin pushes her from him. Ashwin tells her that he only said to take care of the parking not stand infront of the cars. He sees that she is shivering and he walks towards her and asks her whether she tries to act innocent and demand her not to start crying as she looked hurt by his words. He gives her his coat. He asks her to take care of herself. He says that he does not care about her but he cares about his reputation of the company. Sruthi says that she does not need his coat and hands it over to him. He gets angry and takes it out from her. Sruthi covers herself with her dupatta and Ashwin leaves Sruthi alone at the parking place.

Madhumathi and Priya are worried for Sruthi not coming home yet. Sruthi is standing at the office door and is looking for a ricksaw to come home. Ajay offers her to drope her home, and she eventually agrees.

Ashwin drives very fast and is thinking at all the events he had with Sruthi from their first meet till now. He stops the car and comes out of it and feels for the time that he is doing something wrong. He then convince himself that he is always doing the right thing. He is wondering why he keeps thinking about Sruthi. He tells himself not to think about her anymore and closes his eyes.

Ajay's has a driver and Ajay sits at the front seat and Sruthi at the back seat in the car. Sruthi is looking at her watch and worried for coming home late. Ajay looks at her and reads her mind and asking her that. Sruthi informs Ajay that today is Priya's birthday and feels bad for not doing anything for her and for not even buying a gift to her. Ajay remembers that he has brought the dupatta that Priya had an eye on at the market when he saw her for the first time. He gives it to Sruthi and tells her to give this as the present to Priya. Sruthi likes the gift and Ajay convince her to gift this to her or else Priya will be sad of the fact that Sruthi didn't give her anything on her birthday. Sruthi tells him that she will give the amount for this dupatta, but Ajay tells not to as he knows that many this happend today, which should not had happend and she should accept this like a payment. Sruthi tells her that he should not take the fault, which "Governor" did. Ajay laughs and asks her whether the nickname Governor is for Ashwin. Sruthi says that she is angry at Ashwin because of his behaviour. Ajay explains that Ashwin has been like this for a long time as he had to take responsibility of his family from her very young age. Sruthi says that she does not know about that, but explains that even you (Ajay) has everything but are still very kind to her.

Shyam tries to call Sruthi, but she is not taking the phone. Ajay's car crosses by Shyam, and Sruthi sees Shyam. Shyam looks back and is looking at the car number and regonizes the car.
Priya stands at the door of their house and Madhumathi hears the car sound and is wondering why a car is standing in their area. Priya is happy to see Sruthi. Ajay looks outsite and sees Priya and gets and their romantic song is playing at the background. Ajay asks Sruthi who she is and she introduces her as her acca. Ajay looks at Priya and tells Sruthi that he knows that Priya likes this dupatta alot and corrects himself and says she will like this dupatta - not to confuse Sruthi.
Sruthi asks Ajay to come in and wish Priya and cut the cake with them, he was about to agree but then the last scene with Priya complaining about rich people made him to make an excuse. Sruthi goes out of the car and hugs Priya. Ajay sits in the car and wishes Priya happy birthday.

Shyam's comes and sees Sruthi at home, and asks her who did drop her home, and she answers him that Ajay did. Shyam says that they should get in to the house but Sruthi is stocked in the mud and tries to get out. Shyam admires her and Sruthi asks him why he is looking at her like that. Shyam comes to senses and tells her that he was worried for her health. Sruthi sneezes

..and Ashwin sneezes as well (at his home). Anjali comes and dries Ashwin's hair. Patti comes and tells Ashwin that she had made turmeric milk for him so he will get well. Mamorama comes and tells Patti that Ashwin will not drink all this. Patti says that she knows how to take care of her grandchildren. Patti and Mamorama's quarral begins. In all this time Ashwin is in his own thought thinking about Sruthi. Then he suddenly hears that some of the guest had insulted Anjali today at Poojai, and gets worried and asks what happend to his acca. Manorama tells him that a lady called Ratna asked rude questions about Anjali not living at her husband's place and asked her whether her husband has left her. Mamorama tells her that she only tried to defend Anjali.
Ashwin tells Anjali to chill out and not give so much pressure on her husband for not being home. Ashwin continues and tells her that he as alot to think about: In one hand work pressure and now you. Anjali interupts Ashwin answers that she never were not sad on him for not being home. Anjali looks at Ashwin and throws the towel on his face and tells him to dry his hair by himself. Ashwin sees that Anjali is angry. Patti says that Anjali it angry on both Ashwin and Anjali's husband for not attending the poojai today. Patti then says that at least she is happy that they had begin to light a vizhaku at the office. Ashwin gets angry to hear this and thinks at fire alarm incident.

Ashwin is in his room alone drinking juice and thinks about the deal with Sruthi. He calls Lavanya and asks her to send Sruthi's number to him. Lavanya is shocked and gets angry and asks him the reason for calling her at this time. Ashwin gets irritated at all her questions regarding this and demands Lavanya to give him Sruthi's number. He hangs the phone and thinks that he will not let Sruthi go so easily.

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Monday December 15, 2013 

Start with both Shruthi and Aswin i nthe breakfast table and patti forcing  her to eat. She takes a piece but before putting in mouth she is scared, looks at him. All notice that. .  Ashwin gets a phone call and he leaves, Anjali and hello Hi bye Bye aunt y leaves as well.

Patti uses the chance to enquire about Lavanya and Shruthi tells all about that Lavanya is with him all the time and blabbers all about her and asking when is the wedding. Shruthi asks Patti you don't know va nnu, Patti says I know everything and asks who else knew in the office. Shruthi blabbers again that they were close in the office and she suts off. Hello bye Bye auntie hears everything and tells ok this girl pottukuduthyfy everything.

Both Anjali and Patti asks him to drop her in the office. Aswin tries to say no but they insist. They go outside and Ashwin says know your status and I am not going to drop you, you take auto and go.

Manorama auntie tells Anjali everything. Anjali upset and calls Ashwin and inform him that Shruthi told everythign to Patti. He is mad tells her he will talk later.

Patti interrogate Anjal ifor not telling, She is mad that Anjali didn;t tell her anything. Anjali tries to say sorry  but Patti goes off angrily.

She calls Lavanya and tells her to come meet her immediately. La freaks out and runs.

Shruthi walks in to office, Ashwin angrily calls her to his room. He is very angry, tells I never   let any one  interfere in my personnel life. Why did you inform everything to Patti. He tells girls like you expect some benefit and talks cheap of her. Shrthi tries to say sir, he throws things angrily. He asks her I know you are upset that you didn;t get a rich guy. tells her he doesn't want to see her face any more. as his mood will be spoiled. He asks her to get out and work in guest house, Screams her to go. 

She goes to the guest house and and it is in bad shape. Workers are working and blaming the rain that building might fall off. She gets the report and all ok. Calls Ashwin he barks at er for calling and tells her to rewrite the whole report. She calms down and asks for manager and workers point her to up. She slowly goes up .

Ayay in car calls up Ashwin asks him to go meet the manager at the farm house for some thing, Aswin tells will do later.

The car is in-front of Shruthi house, door closed, he is looking for Priya if she got the dupatta va nnu. Waits for some time, driver asks what to do he says lets go. After car leaves door opens and Priya comes out wearing the dupatta walking in the other side he didn't see her.

In the farm house, Shruthi goes through the construction goes up her dupatta stuck and she keeps the bag and cell phone takes the dupatta off and goes away with out taking her purse and cell phone.


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Tuesday Dec 17, 2013

La storms into Ashwin house, clashes into the servant and scolds him, sits down and the goat comes and smells her. She gets irritated and pushes it away. Watched by pattima. She comes and says I don't like you. La tries to act nicely but grand ma angry.

In the farm house Shruthi walks up through the construction sight. One guy tells there is a girl came looking for you. The building starts falling apart Shruthi not knowing walks up and the door shuts behind her.

manager tries to reach Ashwin, but Ashwin irritated that manager calling just liek that didn't pick up the phone. 

Manager gets a call from inspection saying it is not safe to remain in the building. He asks the workers to evacuate. The guy tells the girl came but manager suhshes saying no one and asks evry one to leave immediately as it is veru dangerous.

In Aswin house, Patti takes lavanya and scolds her for not wearing proper clothes. Grandma asks her to take the shows off. La tells next time will wear full clothes nnu.

Patti says I need t odo Pooja. La asks can I leave after Pooja, but Patti says no I need to talk to you and stay.

In the building everyone leave. Shruthi tries t obreak the door with with a stick not budging.  Priya tries to reach Shruthi as it is getting late asking Shyam can we go check in her office and no answer from Shyam.

In office Patti calls Ashwin and asks him to come immediately as she needs to talk.

Shruthi yells is any one and no answer and realize everyone left and cries. She blames Aswin, saying you are Rakshasan just for talking to Patti you gave this punishment.

Ashwin walks in the house La there and she leaves immediately saying him to call her.

priya tells Shyam to coem but he gives the office number. Security picks up saysevery one gone and Shruthi was sent out by ASwin. Priya asks where security says I don't the details .Priya begs him to give Aswin number as she is so concerned about her sister. Athai is mad and angry as usual. Security says i will give Aswin number but please don't say I gave the number.

In the farm house Shruthi crying 

Aswin walks in and asks Patti what is going on and he seems very upset. He asks why you didn't tell me before. Patti says it is our family matter.  I have already seen what mama done. Aswin says mama married athai and they are happy and it is my personnel life and no one can interfere. Patti says I can decide about your life. I need to approve the girl.  Everyone assemble and Patti says you all know but  didn't tell me. 

In Priya house, She begs Shyam to talk to Ashwin. Shyam hesitates too much.  Finall yhe calls and hangs up saying busy. Priya dials next and ring goes and gives the receiver to Shyam. In Aswin house, Patti says Lavanya is not suitable for this family, all are shocked. 
Phone comes Anjali picks up says Hello, Shyam speechless.
In the farm house, Shruthi sitting and crying.


Aswin gets a call, Manorama answers phone Shruthi ya I don't care who she is, if your sister didn't come home then why do we need to worry, Aswin is shocked hearing this.

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Wed Dec 18

Anjali picks up and Shyam cuts the call saying line is cut.  Anjali hangs up as well. Patti keeps talking  saying no Lavanya this house marumagal. 

Ashwin gets a call, Manager talks saying the building in bad shape. Might fall off any time. Workers fine. He asks if Ashwin sends a girl va nnu. At the same time Priya calls Ashwin house Manorama picks up and starts yelling what Shruthi why do I need to worry, if your sister didn't come home then what will I do, I don't care and hangs up.

Aswin hears the last sentence about Shruthi didn't come home and he panics remembering him sending her there. He calls her cell switched off. 

Aswin storms driving fast.

Priya in tears and tells everyone bad they didn't even let me talk to Ashwin. Shyam says he wil lgo and check, Priya asks him to file a police complaint. Shyam shocked, tells he will go and leaves both Priya and Athai cry. Athai worried that I didn;t take care of you, could not fulfil promise to your father. Athai polambufies saying I should not have sent her to work. Priya hugs her and cry. 

Shruthi in panic prayin some one come and rescue her. She is worried that her sister will be concerned as well. Lightning blinds her and she feels faint. Aswin comes and runs inside. He looks for her everywhere. Didn't know if she is there. Shruthi slowly closesher eyes. He notices her bag and cell phone panics and screams Shruthi. Shruthi opens her eyes and says she is here. Bangs the door. Aswin could not trace where she is. He wonders where is she.  He runs up but building is falling apart. Shruthi screams praying Amma be with me and save me. She is scared, Aswin hears her voice, moves things around and opens the door and notice her and immediately goes to her holds her hand and and drags her out, as soon s they run out the building falls apart. Aswin relieved. He turns around and calms himself. He tries to say something, but Shruthi pushes him away. He says listen to me, Shruthi says I am not ready to listen to you, just because you have money don;t think you can have everything. Always you talked about my status and level, He tries to say some thing but She stops him.  You only have life and we do not have personnel life, do you know how much my father cried last time, She pushes her and he holds her hand and pins her by the wall and they are very close. 


Precap - Ajay and Anjalikeep trying for Ashwin phone could not reach and worried. Manorama telsl he has gone to see lavanya, Patti says if he did then he is not my grandson.

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19th December 2013

Ashwin screams that he didn't know that the building was in such a bad condition. He turns Sruthi to the stamp and he stares at her and holds her hands very tight. He then realises that he has broked some of her bangles and Sruthi faints and Ashwin holds her. Ashwin holds her and touches her face. He lifts her up and takes her out of the building.

Ajay and Anjali tries to call Ashwin, but they can't get him.

Ashwin stops his car at Sruthi's place and Sruthi is still unconcious and her head is on Ashwin's shoulder. Ashwin takes her into her house, where Priya and Madhumathi are shocked to see Sruthi's condition, and asks him what had happend to her. He does not say anything than asking where Sruthi's room is. He looks around and finds her room and makes her lay on the bed. Priya asks him again what is wrong with her, and he says that she is only unconcious. Priya then realises that he is Ashwin and yells at him for putting Sruthi in danger. Ashwin is about to touch Sruthi but Priya stops him and says that he dare touch her and Priya sits with Sruthi. Priya cries and asks him why he is troubling her so much. First letting her stand in the rain, then giving her night work and now this.
Ashwin feels bad and asks them whether he should call the doctor, Priya says no need of your help and asks him to go. He was about to leave when Madhumathi stops him and warning him that if something happens to Sruthi, then she will not let him go easily. Ashwin stares at her and start to leave, he then stops when Priya says to Madhumathi that she will call Shyam. Ashwin looks back at Sruthi and leaves the room. Before he leaves the house, he turns around and glares at Sruthi again and feeling sad.

Anjali calls her husband and tells him about Ashwin being angry. Manorama asks Anjali what happend, and she replies her that she does not know whether to tell this about Sruthi. Manorama says that you should tell everything to your husband as he will understand you.

Shyam gets a call where he asks how did Sruthi come home a looks at Ashwin's car. Ashwin comes out of the house and gets into the car. Shyam turns around to hide himself. Ashwin sits in the car and looks at his wounds. He gets the flashback of Sruthi crying when he hold her, and then he looks at the piece of her bangle at the seat next to him. He takes it and hold it and gets the flash where a drop of Sruthi's cry falls on his hand and let Sruthi's hand go.
He then starts the car and leaves. Shyam turns around again and looks at Ashwin's car.

Priya attends the call and says are you going to give more troubles to Sruthi and cuts the call. Shyam asks who was it, and Priya replies that it was Ashwin's sister Anjali. Shyam gets worried.

Friday WU will be added in page 2 by RoshiniEmbarrassed

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23rd December 2013 - Episode 31

Anjali calls Priya and asks how Sruthi is. Priya scolds her and asks her first Ashwin and now you, and asks her not to trouble Sruthi more and hangs the phone. Sruthi makes jalebies to calm her down. Madhumathi, Priya and Shyam come to kitchen, and Madhumathi and Priya worry for her, but Shyam signs them that he will take care of it. Shyam stops Sruthi by ask her to calm down and eat the jalebies and relax. Priya and Madhumathi come back and is happy to see Sruthi being calm and eats the jalebi. Madhumathi says that God has sent Shyam to them for the god. Sruthi goes to sleep, and Shyam looks at her. Madhumathi comes and asks Shyam how he did calm her down.

Anjali tells Patti that Ashwin didn't go to visit Lavanya but he went to save Sruthi. Patti gets relaxed and asks Anjali whether Sruthi is fine now, and Anjali says yes. Manorama says that Lavnaya is better than Sruthi. Patti gets angry and says we are not going to talk about this and does not like Lavanya.

Priya and Sruthi are in their room. Priya tries to make Sruthi sleep, but Sruthi is afraid and thinks about Ashwin. Priya says it's obvious you are tired and gets angry and says she should sleep. Priya also says that she is not going to the office anymore, but Sruthi replies that she cannot resign the job, as the contract is not over yet. Priya gets angrier.

Madhumathi calls Sruthi's father, and tells about Sruthi. He gets worried, but Madhumathi asks him to calm down. Madhumathi tells about Shyam taking care and worries he has for Shyam. Shyam hears this and smiles. Sruthi's father seems not to like it. He says that there is no need for Sruthi to go to the job anymore.

Ajay asks Ashwin why he looks so tired, and asks him whether he didn't get any sleep. Ashwin thinks about Sruthi, he then says that his face is always looking like this. Patti has invited a family for Ashwin's marriage. Ashwin stops and and asks Patti what is happening. Patti asks him whether he likes the girl.

Sruthi's father tells Madhumathi that Sruthi is not allowed to work anymore, Madhumathi agree.
Sruthi tells Priya that she is ready to fight against Ashwin.
Patti tells Anjali that Ashwin is only going to get married to the one, she selects.

Episode video:

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Tuesday 23 - Dec
Patti pulls Ashwin aside and says Vidya is the right girl for youshe asks him to talk to vidya. Ajay asks secretely if Anjali is responsible, she shakes her head.

Athai calls her brother, praises Shyam and tells her brother Shruthi will not go to work. Shruthi father tells he is planning on visiting and Athai shock.

Ashwin apologizes to the people and saying I don't want you to waste time as I am not interested in marriage. Rajesh and family leave.

Patti angry. Aswin says I only want to take decisions about my own life and you brought me up not to make any mistake. So no one talks to me about this any more. He leaves.

Morning Shruthi wakes up, gets ready to go to work. Shyam brings tiffin for Shruthi, Poori, potato, and Jilebi and milk with manjal podi. He says you haven't eaten anything yesterday so I got it. She tastes the Jelabi and happy. Shyam says it is my mistake as I got you the job. Soem times how ever many times you try you cannot correct mistakes. Shruthi asks what and Athai comes and says why do you do that, Shyam says I am here and I will take care. She looks at the clock and gets up.

Priya stops her and asks her to call Aswin and tell him not coming to work. 
Patti mad and scolds Ashwin to Anjali, Anjali says I will talk.
Priya tells I cannot tolerate your suffering due to Ashwin and call him now. Athai tells I told the same to you father and Shruthi is shock. Athai says your parents are coing here.

Shruthi thinks about the contract. She says I don't want to go there but if I don't go people think I lost. She brings th contract and priya says let it be. He may complain in police or file case but we have Shyam, She says Illa Shyam, Shyam is shock but says yes.

Anjl iand Patti discuss, Anjali says let me talk to him gicve some time. 

Shyam tells shruthi only think about yourself, He says if I need to be peaceful everyone shock and he changes saying everyone need to be peaceful, then don't go.
Priya insists mistake only on Ashwin and inform him you are not coming to work. Shruthi thinks.
Manorama and her husband thinks about Ajay wedding saying we need to be prepaid for the wedding, her husband says prepared not prepaid. He asks what if the girl is good, she says no your mother will not tolerate since I was poor I got emotional black mail. I don't want my daughter in law to be like that. She only needs to be rich then I will have status. Ajay think about Priya and upset.

Shruthi gets ready Priya scolding if you ave any pasam at all with me  then you should not go, Shruthi gets ready.

In Anjali house, Anjali sees Ajay and asks what matter, why you upset. Ajay says I am upset because of Aswin wedding matter. He says elders give importance to status. Anjali says don't worry only good heart is needed. She talks about her husband see how your mama, he is rich but he is affectionate towards me. So money and property will not come inbetween. Ajay happy. She asks tell me who you are thinking about. I will manage. She drops some thing Ajay screams Akka.

Shruthi tells I am going to office today, Priya upset. Shruthi says but this is the last day as I am only going to give my resignation. Priya and rest happy.

Precap - Anjali and Ashwin emotional moment, he holds her hand saying you are only my family.


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Reserve for Wednesday(Is there serial???)

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