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Thursday 21/11/13

Episode starts with Shruti searching for her cloth bundle while Ashwin asking Anjali what it was on his couch simultaneously. Shruti thinks about Ashwins room and move towards it to search her bundle. Meanwhile Anjali tells him this was one girls bundle. By the time Shruti enters Ashwin moves out from the other side as it was getting late for him. Anjali asks her why she left the bundle there. Shruti explains how confusing it was for her to find out rooms and suggests Anjali to keep sign boards to which Anjali laughs.
Paati talks to her servant that no one can make sweet like what she had in Coimbatore and remembers the name of the sweet shop. Khushi enters her room with Anjali introducing herself as coming from Coimbatore. She explains how she had come to sell chikankari and other traditional worked sarees. Paati tries to verify those are good or not She explains the intricate works on the sarees impressing Paati so much. Anjali goes in to make Burfy and paati asks her not to make for Ashwin as he dislikes.Shruti gets a shock hearing that name and asks Paati who it was. She tells her that's her grandson china. Khushi feels china is some small kid who doesn't like sweet. Paati explains he has diabetes and wont have sweet. KHsuhi explains how some people hate sweet and their behavior is also bitter like Papaya and Neem. Paati coughs, Shruti takes water for her and gives her. Anjali comes with juice for Shruti. They selects sarees and Shruti gets excited when Anjali suggests to buy the whole bundle for the pooja. Paati strictly tells her how she would buy sarees for sure.KHushi compose herself and Anjali decides to buy 200 sarees which makes Shruti widen her eyes. She thanks Amman for the offer. SHe decides to leave saying bye to them after saying the juice is good. Paati is impressed with her bubbly nature. Shruti meets athai on the way who is worried about her black spot and lost earring. The servant takes her out as athai gets hyper about Shruti thinking bad about her lost earring.
Shruti's athai is worried about Shruti and Priya is worried for her delay to return back home. Shruti enters and tells them a good news that she got order for 200 sarees. Athai is not ready to believe but when Shruti assures and pinches athai to believe this. Athai asks her about advance amount while she thinks about it. She is sure that Anjali would call her back.
Ashwin's athai comes and asks Anjali and Paati about the sarees arrived. Anjali asks her to have a look as they are so good. Athai pretends to be good seeing it and plans to destroy some sarees as she mistakes that Shruti thought her as a maid. She tears one of the sarees and complains to Anjali who shows it to paati. Athai snatches the phone from and Anjali dials Shruti
Shruti and Athai having sugar to share this good news while she gets a call. Ashwin Athai tells Shruti that she is cancelling the order as some of them are torn. Shruti tries to explain but she hangs up the call. Shruti tells Athai who scolds her what mischief she had done to cancel it. She tells her how she would go and explain it to them abt this. Athai gets anoter call from her original customer who scolds her fr not sending clothes on time. Athai scolds Shruti for messing up her sales and says she would have lost it or sold it to buy something as she could stop her sister's marriage. Shruti swears that what she said was true and tries to call Anjali  Athai stops her
Ashwin family having their breakfast. Paati feels happy seeing all together. Ashwin teases Anjali saying his mama would be happy since Anjali is not there with him. Paati tease him back about his grumpy mood when Anjali is not around. Ashwin leaves with his brother and mama too leaves. Athai talks about not to buy sarees from unknown people. Paati calls for bhajan athai denies to accompany them which irks paati.
Shruti feels bad for what all happened. She tells Priya that everything is going wrong. PRiya blames her for going to wrong house. Shruti still believes she can manage this. PRiya stops her from going to Ashwins house again. Shruti talks abt getting a job too.. She prays for getting job and the saree deal.
Shruti comes and shouts at Ashwin for insulting her for money throws money on his face infront of media.. She wakes up from the sleep saying its a dream but it will happen. She tells it to Priya that this should happen in real life. Priya tells her that Shyam has called her .Shruti attends and agrees tosomething. Athai asks who it is.They tells them its a wrong number. Priya asks Shruti what he told. She tells Priya how shyam had called her to market to talk abt Job and asks priya to accompany. athai calls priya at the same time to go to market which shocks Shruti

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22nd November 2013 - Episode 10

Madhumathi Attai and Priya go to the market, where Sruthi is also there to meet Shyam. Priya gets tensed when she suddenly remembers that Sruthi also will be there and they sees each other too.
Shyam wants to drink a tea with Sruthi and eat samosa. Madhumathi attai sees that Priya is giving signals to Sruthi and she is schock to see her at the market. She walks towards her, but when she turns her around she finds out that it was not Sruthi. Priya is relived.

Manorama Attai has called a settu to buy some jewelry. Patti does not want her to use the money on unneccesary things.

Shyam gives Sruthi hers appoinment letter, and she is surprised and happy. Shyam tells her the address to the office and she has to be there 10 am everyday. Sruthi thanks him and bid adieu.

Patti asks Manorama attai, whether she didn't go to the social service meeting as she said when Patti and Anjali had asked her to attend the poojai. Patti says it good that she was mistaking the poojai date, so she could find out that Manorama was lying to her just to buy jewelry. Patti sends the settu home and Ashwin sees this and Mamorama crying.

Madhumati attai and Priya come home, and knock at the door. Priya is tensed by the fact that Sruthi might to got home yet. Just that time Sruthi comes in to the house via the window. Madhumati wonders why it takes so long for Sruthi to open the door and calls her. Sruthi opens the door and acts weirdly.

Manorama complains to her husband and cries. Her husband tries to console and says that his mother didn't say anything wrong. Anjali comes in and give her the necklace box as she wanted. Anjali tells her that this is Ashwin's gift to her. Manorama is happy and praises Ashwin for taking care of her.

Patti sits in her room (furious) about the fact that Ashwin brought the necklace Manorama attai. Anjali comes to her room to console her, but Patti asks Anjali why Ashwin doesn't silence to anyone in the house. Ashwin comes into her room, and tells Patti, that Manorama attai is the one who helped him when he needed money to start up his business. Without thinking she gave him her necklace and all her money savings from her bank account. He will therefore always buy anything for her since she is one the reasons for his success. Patti replies that it's only your (Ashwin's) hardwork that made him got to this place in the society. Ashwin tells Patti that he repect her, but he will not change on the fact that he will only do what he wants to do.

Madhumati finds a letter on the floor, which is from the goverment pension section. She reads it and is tensed by the fact that they have stopped her pension. Sruthi tells Priya that she wants to work not only because of Ashwin but because Madhumati attai has difficulities with the money now.
Sruthi creates an act infront of Madhumai attai as this is a plan to make her agree to let Sruthi work. Madhumati does not allow Sruthi to work.

PS: Since there are two attai in this show, I have choosen to add their names. Madhumati is Sruthi's attai and Manorama is Ashwin's attai.

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25th November 2013 - Episode 11

Madhumathi attai tells Sruthi, that she should ask her parents for permission regarding job, and Sruthi calls her father and convince him at the end.

Sruthi gets tensed about going to work. She tells Priya that she has not imagine to be working. She expected Priya to get married and then Sruthi will get a propasal and get married too. A vision is being shown, where they both are married and talk to each other from their representive houses about household work. Priya gets emotional and Sruthi consoles her.

A broker comes by Shantivan, and he comes with some varam for Ashwin. Manorama attai tells this is the right season to get brides, but tells indirectly that Ashwin is ahead with this process. Anjali signals Manorama attai to be quite as Patti is also there.

At Sruthi's home, Sruthi gets ready to go to work. Madhumathi attai feeds her some sweet, and Sruthi gets happy to see laddos on the plate. Sruthi takes the first ladoo, and then takes another one (which was for Priya), but Sruthi says funny that acca you don't like laddo illaiya, and Priya nods. Sruthi takes another and was about to take the last one, where Madhumathi attai steps backwards, and says that she likes laddo, and therefore she can't the laddo, which is for herself. Sruthi says that there is something behind attai, and she looks back and Sruthi takes the last laddo quickly and rush out of the house.

Anjali asks Manorama attai to be quite about Ashwin and Lavanaya's relationship. Anjali then calls Ashwin and congrats him about the fact he will get married soon. Ashwin is not interest. Patti overhears the conversation and is schocked. Later Patti watches the news which tells the gossip around Ashwin having a girl in his life. Anjali watches this too, and tells Patti that it's rubbish.

Sruthi is at the temple, and ask God to make her day good at the office. Shyam comes and tells her to be normal and not tensed. Sruthi says that she is a little less tensed that Shyam will also be there with her. But he says that he does not work there, and Sruthi is looking schocked. But he only knows the people there, and got the appointment for her.

Patti is blabbering to herself, and wondering why nobody had told her about Lavanya. She says that she will find a way to get the family tell her about Lavanya.

Sruthi comes to a storage unit, where they are asking for Sruthi's appointment letter. Sruthi seems to have lost the letter. They then tell her to go to the main office and ask for Lavanya.

Lavanya's entry.

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Tuesday November 25, 2013
Episode 12

Ashwin talking to his business people about developing a land and notices cake in the car.  He immediately says Lavanya and there comes Lavanya very stylish in a stylish car.  He asks why here she says you will be stressed too much in the office. She hugs him and tells sugar free cake.

Shruthi looks all over for the appointment letter the guys tease her and tell her to go to the main office and meet lavanya madam. 

There in the middle of nowhere he cuts the cake Happy anniversary. Aswin seems irritated but says see I never say anything against you that itself big thing. They both give cake to each other. He asks her to ready files, She says meet you in office.

Shruthi goes to main office and gets scared seeing people all dressed up and wearing short clothes. They look at her and tease here seeing in traditional clothes.

Lavanya comes saying she has allergy due to eggs. The girls tease why she had egg cake she says he likes and I will do anything for him.

They give ointment.  But Shruthi jumps tells wear Sandal and Multhani matti, Lavanya gets scared seeing Shruthi and tells the girl not to even let Shruthi come nearby.

the girls try to send her off. Shruthi says she will wait till lavanya calls.

Ashwin comes but they both didn't meet.

Aswin brother(Cousin?)  going on a trip and grandma tries to pull him separately ask about Lavanya but Anjali doesn't let her him talk. Paatti says she will find out.

While waiting in office some girl comes and says her name Sonia and need to go meet Lavanya as she is her new assistant. Shruthi tries to stop her saying she is in line to see lavanya.  Sonia pushes her away and walks in.

In Lavanya room, she is happy her allergy better, realizes Sonia came and rushes to Ashwin room. On the way she tells the girls to chase Shruthi away.

In Aswin room he asks for some files and Sonia gets it correctly, Lavanya comes and sees her, Ashwin gets angry at Lavnya for not working correctly and he leaves. Lavanya scolds Sonia not to join as she is crossing the limit.

At home flowers delivered and it is from Lavanya.  Before grandma sees the name goat eats the paper. Anjali thinks she will talk to Ashwin about Lavanya.

In the office, Lavaya walks in bit the girl Sim stops her saying wil lcall security. While arguing Aswin walks out missing her.

Lavanya chasing out Sonia asks who will you give the job, Shruthi peeks from there calling mam, she says I am giving the job to her pointing Shruthi. Sonia tries to talk but La chases her out.

Shruthi says my job in inventory store but La says I am offering the job to you, you have the choice to accept or I can make you have no job any where.

Shruthi stunned.


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Wednesday Updates
Episode 14

By migan Embarrassed

La Mam waits for Shruthi response. Shruthi has no choice agrees to thake the position. La runs looksing for Ashwin. Ashwin goes to the car, Anajali calls and teases about bouquet she tells Paatti will come to know soon, and think about wedding plan. Ashwin gets irritated cuts the cal lsaying will call later.

Anjali smiles.

Aswin again walks inside office as he gets another call and all the ladies stand still and tell Shruthi to be quiet. Shruthi understands what is going on and when she looks up Ashwin already walked in, she misses him.

Shruthi calls her sister priya and informs aboout the job. priya worried, Shruthi says will come and talk i nthe evening.

Girls pam and Sim take Shruthi around and introduce her and most people laugh seeing her. Shruthi doesn't know what to do.

They take her and show computer and ask if she knows what to do with a computer. She says yeah learned in school but you teach me I will pick up fast. Pam says teaching computer too in addition to teaching job.??

Shruthi looks into the computer sees a model wearing I guess shorts and top covered in a towel. Shruthi feels pity tells the girls there is money problem people are poor they cannot buy clothes that's why she is dressed like this. The girls laugh tell this is top model for them. Shruthi says instead of her have some nature like flower or scenary, girls again doh
In house Patti goes through Ashwin room with  lakshmi to find clue about Lavanya. Lakshmi munches some papers.  Patti askign Lakshmi to search more. When she turns runs to 

Hello Hi Bye Bye Athai...


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Episode starts with Shruti entering office. Shyam calls her and asks about her job. Shruti is doubtful on how she got her number for which he replies that he got it from her biodata. Shruti tells him how she lost the appointment letter and was sent to the main office where she got another job. She is thankful to him to have got another good job. He is little confused but accepts it. She tells him how she is worried about athai's pension issue. Shyam assures her that he will clear it out since it is his responsibility to clear two three people who have the same pension issue and boasts himself being the best lawyer in town.She hangs up the call as she is getting late for work on the first day.
Ashwin and Lavanya having a meeting with the clients where Lavanya talks about the finalization of the deal. Simultaneously Shruti gets irritated with the number she is trying ending up in anger from the receptionist. Her eyes falls on the Devi idol on the side of the office which makes her squeal in delight. She talks to Devi ma saying why no one is responsible in lighting up the diya( vilaku ) infront of her. She assures that daily she will light up diyas for Devima and goes out to breath fresh air.
Ashwin comes out with clients talks about the best company they are dealing with.He explains how perfect they are in business. Right then the fire alarm rings making people run with the water falling through the extinguishers. the whole office is drenched while Ashwin stands on the same position staring. Shruti is enjoying her tea outside happily. The water stops Lavanya apologises while he stares at her for the mistake happening at office. The security guard explains its because of the diya lighted near Devi ma which is the reason for fire alarm. He asks him who did this job.
Shyam sneaks into athais house. Athai asks him to go out as she is not ready to belive such romeos who are behind girls. She stumbles down and cramps her leg. Shyam helps her and praise about Coimbatore. She asks him who he is. He explains how he helped Shruti in Coimbatore and by giving a job in Chennai. She praise him saying he looks like God to her and she thought he cant be wrong. He again praise about Coimbatore and makes them feel that he is close to them.
Shruti walks through the car park talking to herself about the tea but she feels hungry She takes out some fruits and haves it while Ashwin comes down angrily towards his car. He ignores the plead of the security to take a towel to dry. Shruti sees him and runs behind pillar as she feels he is a bad omen to her. She then decides to ask his house address to give back the money. He sees the fruits on his car bonnet and throws it away which makes Shruti come out of her hiding. Shruti asks him how he can do such things. Her presence astonishes him that too in his office car park.
He asks her what she was doing there. She tells him not to be on the false impression that she is scared of his angry stare. She fumbles. He asks her to move away as he is in  a bad mood. She asks him his house address for which he replies that he knew one day she would come to ask money to him again. She tells him it was to give him back his money. He insults her by saying if she got any other man in her trap. She scolds him for his cheap talks.She explains she got a good job. He asks who gave a job to her.. She tells him not to talk abt her boss. He tells him the boss is such a stupid to give her a job. He knows about her as someone who would do anything for money. She  gets angry. She asks him to shut up while he asks her to go away. Finally she tries to leave while her shawl gets stuck on his rear view mirror. She tries to take it out but manages to get a stare from him for wasting his time. He comes out in anger and tears the shawl to relieve it from his mirror and drives fast to his house. SHe feels bad that her luck everytime he bumps on him and its her loss. She says she would give him the money deducting the price of the shawl.
She enters the office where people are cleaning the water. The receptionist girls explain how this happened. She feels guilty but goes to check inventory and inform Lavanya about the news. The girls stop her for having pizza and continue.
Ashwin is dressing up at home while Anjali buttons his shirt and advice him that it had to be his responsibility to light up diya.. He shuts her up saying it was stupidity. She says her brother started to talk first words infront of her and he can say anything to her. He tells her Lavanya didn't send the bouquet. Anjali wonders who it would be while the goat makes a sound making them turn around and see their paati. Paati asks Ashwin is he ok after the fire alarm problem. He says he is fine and it was because someone lighted diya in office. She feels its  a good gesture  a blessisng from Devi ma. She leaves with her goat and complaints to goat for spoiling her plan of tracing about Lavanya..
Shyam cracks jokes with Shruthi's athai making her laugh. She is happy at his witty nature. Priya comes and get introduced to shYam. Athai asks her to take the red file from inside. She asks Shyam where he stays. He explains he stays in hotel as he still misses Coimbatore. Athai proposes him to stay in their house as Paying guest as a room is vacant. Shyam feels happy inside.

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29th November 2013 - Episode 16

In Ashwin's office, all the staffs sit and eat pizza, while Sruthi tries to eat it for the first time and seems not to like it. Sruthi is worried whether Lavanaya had got the file or not. She gets up from the canteen but gets stopped by Pam and tells her to pay the bill for the pizzas. Sruthi gets schocked to see the bill.

Anjali does poojai and ask the God to keep her husband safe. Patti asks her why she always does poojai and fasts. Anjali tells her not to worry. Manorama attai comes and tells Anjali that there is a gift to Anjali from her husband. Anjali tells Manorama attai that's because he will not so soon as he promised. She opens the gift and sees a ring and gets happy. Patti asks why she is crying and Manorama attai says that's because the diamond ring is too small. Patti scolds Manorama and says that her Laksmi (Patti's goat), is clever than her. Manorama cries and walks away.

Sruthi asks why she has to pay for the pizzas, and Sim and Pam reply that she was the one, who gave them all a treat. Sruthi says that is not true since she will never do it as she don't have money enough. Lavanya comes and asks what happend. She then ask Sruthi whether she is finished with the work she had asked her to do. Sruthi says that she didn't get the person. Lavanya gives her the money and ask her to pay the pizza-deliver.

Lavanya tells Sim and Pam that she made a mistake by hiring Sruthi. They tell her not worry.
The lady from the canteen offers Sruthi a muffin and she says no thanks to her. The lady makes her sit, and tells her that she doesn't offer muffins to everyone and asks her to eat it. The lady advices Sruthi and tells her to imagine this office as her in-law house, where Sim and Pam are hers sister-in-laws, and Lavanya is her mother-in-law.The lady tells her to listen everyone and avoid troubles.

One of the employes tells Sruthi to go and get a sign from the boss of the company (which is Ashwin). Ashwin arrives. Sruthi goes behind him and is about to call him when he stops for a while, but then he start to walk again. Sruthi talks herself and says that this in-law weird, as her first task is to ask a sign from her "husband". Ashwin hears this and stops. He was about to turn around when his phone rings and walks into his room.

Sruthi walks into the room, while he talks in the phone. Sruthi looses her balance and is about to overthrow a framed picture (of Anjali), then she looses her papirs on the floor. Sruthi gets under the table to get the papirs, and Ashwin feels that someone is behind him and looks back, where he sees a hand under the table. He bowns down and him and Sruthi see eachother and are completely schocked.
Ashwin says "What the?"LOL, and Sruthi stands up. They get a flashback of all their meetings. Ashwin shouts what she is doing in his cabin. Sruthi says that this is not his cabin, this is Sir's office and stops herself and reliases that everyone was reffering him as Sir.

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