Saalgirah Mubarak ho, Mallika- e- khash Saba !!!! HBD Arieltabi

Haal-e-Dil IF-Sizzlerz

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Baa-adab, baa-mulayeja, hosiyaar!!!!!

Mallika-e-basherz, Deewan-e-khas, Arjun forum  mein tasreef la rahi hain !!!!!!!!!!!!Star

*drum rolls please*Clap


sorry for the weird 18th century kind of starting, par kuch to new karna padta hain na.Embarrassed

aur tab to aur bhi zyada unique thread plan karna padta hain when its one of us, us means KBBs aka Devils Angels member's bday!!!Wink

yeah yeah abhi 2 din pehle hi ek ka kiya tha, ab ek aur ka...kitna kaam karna padta hain hum bechariyon ko.CryLOL

par everything is fair when it comes to friendship, and we are friends of bad times.Big smile

Leki - Ri !!!!! cut the crap and tell everyone whos the bday girl
Ri aka me- oops, sorry baby.Ouch

ok, so this member is one of the youngest members of our group. or well youngest in the sense of ranking. hum sab rockerz sizzlerz dazzlerz ban gaye and she is still stuck in goldie!!!!Angry

she is biggest ariya fan. yes i mean it biggest. she is always ready to drool on them.Wink

she is very very straightforward. jo dil mein wahin muh pe, no sarcasm or suger coating her words. and me likey this attitude of her.Clap

she is a big fan of muskan. she even threaten her to post her updates soon, and though she hardly comments on other ariya stories, comments in muskan's story is a must!

she also like Dekha Ek Khwab show. she is fan of udayveer- manyata couple too. she will never get bored when talking about this couple.Tongue

she is soft hearted, mostly when it comes to on screen couple. she hates incomplete story. she is a big studious girl, unlike many of us.LOL

ok, i have given enough hints, so, presenting, the bday girl of today.


Saba, aka Sabu, aka Haba, aka sabu dana, aka Arieltabi.LOL


Happy birthday girl. ok, i and all others KBBs should say sorry to you, we are so bad friendsDead. only last night we come to know its your bday. so this is actually last moment preparation. please forgive us and take our hearty wishes for this day.Big smile

may your every wish come true.
may you shine brightest in life.
may you achieve greatest height in future.
may you get you Shaleen/ Udayveer/ Edward/Akbar as your future BF/HubbyLOL


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agar pasand nahi bhi aye to bhi tarif karnaLOL

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 Riya was walking beside Arjun and looking at him with dreamy eyes...

Tujhe chahoon betahasha

He was busy talking and telling about how his day went and what he did and what he loved about his day...this talks never bored her but makes her fall more for him...
that cute smile,anger and frown...hayeee she falls in love more everyday with him...

Mere ameer, dil habeeb
Tujhe chahoon betahasha zehnaseeb

Arjun didnt miss the dreamy look on her face while he was can he..he too always used to sport one when he hear her talking...his life not all moments were filled with Riya,but in which she was present it was enough for him..happiest moments of his life...and which didnt have her,lets keep them aside...

Tere sang beete har lamhe pe,
Humko naaz hay,
Tere sang jo na beete,
Uss pe aitraaz hay,

Now both are silently walking on beach with their legs touching the waves and they enjoying the cold air...

Well Arjun thinks about cold air he was ever thankful to that climate...why you ask,because it gave them perfect reason to cuddle up in nights and have cute and strange talks on sofa...

When he sees her blush he knows she was also remembering the same thing..shy smile was present on both faces...

bot different yet same in many ways..bonded forever...!!!

Iss kadar hum dono ka,
Bandan ek raaz hay...!

When people look at them,even a blind person could tell that they are madly and crazily in love with each other...even now though they are walking in silence...words are exchanged just unknown to people but known to them...

they love for each other increase day by limits no bars...

Hua amir, dil gareeb,
Tujhe chahoon betahasha zehnaseeb,
Zehnaseeb, zehnaseeb,
Tujhe chahoon betahasha zehnaseeb..!

they always preferred to come late in night for walk on beach since they hated to be crowd..and apne arjun kuch naughty things nahi kar pate ;)

they loved to be isolated from world,not because they are afraid of the world but because they preferred their world

Arjun and Riya...had their own world Ariya...

Lena dena nhi duniya se mera, 
Bass tujhse kaam hay,
Teri aakhiyon ke shahar mein yara,
Sab intazaam hay,

good times ya bad times,smiles or ya downs,both were together,with each other,being each other strength..equally shared everything...

aada hissa woh aada hissa yeh...milke hua ek...!!!

Khushiyon ka ek tukda mile,
Ya mile ghum ki khud chale,
Yara tere mere kharche mein,
Donon ka hee ek daam hai..!

how they ended up meeting,no one knows..just in bliink of eyes they were standing infront of each 

other in their college days...for moment they stared at each other and next moment a smile crept on their they knew they will end up together...


anjaane mein phir mile baatein baadi...baat badi aur aaj is mukam pe hai ki,they cant leave each other..ever...

they were,are and always be irrevocably in love with each other...

Hona likha tha yunhi
Jo hua..!
Ya hote hote abhi,
Anjaane mein ho gya..!

now at present they are walking side by side...Arjun hugging her and she enjoying his warmth...

Suddenly he stops at a point...

above of them the moon was shining bright...

he makes her face him...

she smiles and even does he...

love reflecting in their touches and eyes...

Jo bhi hua, hua azeeb,
Tujhe chahoon betahasha zehnaseeb,
Zehnaseeb, zehnaseeb,

he shakes himself from drowning in those eyes,pulls her near to him and kisses her forehead...

he wanted today to be special and what not...

he was ready to spend his whole life earning to just make tonight special but at the last moment dropped all his plans...

why you ask...even his friends asked that..

he had a simple answer that he knows her well and he knows what she likes...

Tujhe chahoon betahasha zehnaseeb..!

Arjun knew Riya wouldnt like the cheesy things,gifts,flowers ballons and all that..

Materials wouldnt make tonight special he knows...

Her words clear and still ringing in his ears..

"you are enough for me"

Hua amir, dil gareeb,
Tujhe chahoon betahasha zehnaseeb,
Zehnaseeb, zehnaseeb,

Lost in her love,he wanted to make tonight special for her by just being there for her and thats how he planned everything...

He knows well she love a simple proposal like he had planned now both in their comfy clothes rather than posh holding each other hand beside each other...

Tujhe chahoon betahasha zehnaseeb..!

he bends down on his knees pulls out the ring and in simple way try to put his words in front...

"Riya,we are here today or more like tonight because it was fate and I will make sure this fate always stay the same way,for that I just need your support...i wanna dance in every rain like mad people as we always do...end our day cuddling on couch with each other...end up the fights we have every night we have on who will cut the I would love you to hold you in my arms forever...saath dogi mera...will you marry this sadu as you called me in first..?"

Riya rather than crying like a typical gal just pouts..Arjun was confused with her expression..this gal always makes him mad..he thought she will be happy lakin..before he mind turns in negative direction

she sits down on her knees and hits him slightly on his shoulder and tells"puch kyun rahe ho..haq hai tumraha"smiles her dimple killer smile...

Arjun mind takes few moments to register her words and when it does..he just laughs shakes his head and  thinks yeh hai uska jawabb...

"simple yes would have done Riya..."Arjun smiles

"where is fun in that Arjun.."she winks..

he hugs her tightly,slips the ring and kisses her knuckles...

Zehnaseeb, zehnaseeb,
Tujhe chahoon betahasha 
Tujhe chahoon betahasha

both stand up looking at each other with hope of a beautiful fun and happiness filled life ahead for each other...

Riya feeling the cold air,just pushes his hands away,traps herself in his jacket in form of hug,more like his warmth...

he smiles and hides her in his jacket..sorry arms..

both lost in moment in each other...


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Haal-e-Dil IF-Sizzlerz

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aahan now time for some maine course dishesWink

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Happy bday dear.
kamini aaj kal zyada busy rehti hain, ati hi nahi humse baat karneCry lobb u

acha chal thik hain...pehle wish kar doon baad mein vao khaoongiLOL

Happy bday sweety. wish you all the best in life. well i am bad with wishes so thats all for me. 

ab humari kahani ki suruyat to hui know whereWinkLOL wahan se yahan tak ka safar kaafi acha tha. kya solid bajai na humne group chats and pm pe, agar koi baharwala pade uske to hosh udd jayeLOLLOL

but i had the best time with you guys, and you have a special place in my heart. your craze for couples remind me of myselfLOL and you are a nice human being, straight forward. i want to be like you. sachhi.

ok here is something for you. i am no good with edits and all so please bear.

with love and lobb


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Sabuuu Happy Birthday !!!!
 Happy Birthday !! Have a wonderful happy, healthy birthday and many more to come.

Sorry yar forgot about your b'day this was last minute preparation... well you know us well we don't do anything before handLOL
Now about you ... U are sweet straightforward Studious Kaminii...EmbarrassedLOL
                          Miss you yar!!!

 Happy Birthday!! Hope your day is filled with lots of love and laughter! May all your birthday wishes come true.

Small gift for you...Not that great still...

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Happy bday darling !!! will edit my wishes later, pehle  gift le leLOL

okay mai kya bolu.. am very bad at thisBig smileEmbarrassed but ab jo bhi likhu tujhe jhelna padega...!!!TongueWinkLOL so jehlo...!!
phle to a big sorry for not remembering your birthday.. wo to kripa ho google  baba ki jisne hume yad dilaya warna pta ni aj kya se kya ho jaata... anarth ho jaata okk... i know i know am being a DQ but kya kare wo hi to apun ka ishtyle hai

okay okay i am wishing wishing.. stop glaring at meTongueLOLWink
a very happy birthday Sabu...
am so glad i met you ... at you know where... "Which it shall not be named"Wink
hayee kitni masti kati waha... and i met all my kbb's there... jo kisi ne socha na tha.. wo sab humne kiya and we vecame the you know what gang...!!!!  i can never forget the masti we did there... our drooling on shana/ariya ...Wink shaa ke liye fightsLOL B of you now whoLOL in short almost everything...!!!
and man i like your attitude...!!! jo dil mai h wo bolo.. no sugar quoting and all... jabhi to you are very own studious tigress...\!!!!Wink
love you so much girl...!!!!! 
hope ki tere papers jaldi khatm ho.. aur tu zyda der aaye online..   warna to ajkal madam eid ka chand ho gyi hai...LOL
but i hope you had a blast today ...!!! enjoy...!!
may you get all the happiness and success in your life...!!!!
now gifts timeWinkLOL 

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