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Pavitra Rishta

Pavitra Rishta Written Update 7th January 2014

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Pavitra Rishta Written Update 7th January 2014


Naren's room:

Naren tells Ankita his left arm is hurting. Ankita checks it and sees a wound on his arm, she says, Sir u are injured, probably when those reporters were trying to talk to you. One minute, I will put medication on it.

Ankita brings the first aid box and tries to apply medicine, Naren protests that the medicine burns a lot, but she puts it on gently and asks him if it hurts, he tells her she applied it so it didn't hurt at all.

Naren says they will buy a stock of that medicine so whenever he gets hurt, she can apply it on him. She puts an ointment on his wound and he flexes his arm to show it feels alright.


Mumbai street at night

Purvi is walking, depressed and crying. She remembers RK telling her he already registered his and her names for wedding and she has to marry him in a few days.

She thinks, how dare he? How can he propose like this? What does he think of himself? How dare he present such a proposal before me? He has money so he can make anyone bend to his will? How can he blackmail like this? There is a limit to disgusting behavior!

Then she remembers Arjun being dragged off to jail in police van, Arjun eating the prison food. She remembers the lawyer saying Arjun will go to jail for a long time and only one man can save him now with his power and influence. And that is Rishabh Kapoor!

Purvi sits down by the roadside and cries.


Next morning at Naren's house

An office girl is telling Ankita shes sorry to disturb her so early in the morning. Ankita says its alright, Pooja.

Pooja says these are some papers which need Naren Sir's signature.  Ankita says, its okay, work is important, I will get Naren Sir's signatures on them.

Ankita calls Kaka on intercom and asks for tea in the hall. She asks Puja to sit and have tea and she goes upstairs. Raunak comes down and sees Pooja sitting there and he gives a wicked smile.  He goes and asks Pooja who did she come to meet? She says, Sir I was...he says whoever u came to meet, just sit. He holds her arm, she looks uncomfortable. He tells her, beautiful girls like you shd listen not be heard.

Raunak removes her dupatta, grabs her arm and tells her to come to his room. She protests but he pulls her up and tries to take her along. Ankita sees Raunak misbehaving with Pooja from upstairs. She yells, RAUNAK! He looks up and lets Pooja go. She rushes downstairs, picks up Pooja's dupatta and puts it on her. She glares at Raunak and swats his arm, What do u think of yourself? Just because u are coming from rich family, u can misbehave with anyone! You don't have the right to play with a girl's dignity! You didn't get a licence for that!

Raunak says, You are talking too much, okay! Ankita says, Shut Up! I know what I am saying! If not about anyone else, at least think abt ur fiance! Stop your nonsense! Stop playing with girls' dignity!

Raunak raises his hand to slap her, Ankita grabs it! She warns him, I am ur Vahini, don't forget! Don't cross ur limits!

She pushes his hand away. Sunanda yells ANKITA! What is going on here? Don't forget, Raunak is the son of this house! And ur talking to him like this in front of an ordinary employee? This is not done! This is not ur chawl! Your standing in Karmarkar House!

Ankita replies, That is why Im doing this! Otherwise I don't feel like talking to anyone in this tone! Ma'am perhaps u don't know whats going on. Look at this girl, look at what Raunak tried to do with her! If u were in my place, then u would say the same!

Raunak says, Attu shes lying!

Ankita says, Im not lying, Ma'am. I don't need to lie, look at this girl (she pulls Pooja near her) this girl works at our company. She works for her living, she trusts the people of our company that's why she works for us. But there are some people in the company who tried to misbehave with her. If u don't believe me, then u ask her yourself! You are older than me and more experienced. I know I don't have to explain all these things to you.

Sunanda asks Pooja if she has completed the work she came for? Pooja nods, Sunanda gives her the file and sends her off. Pooja leaves. Sunanda looks at Raunak angrily and says, This kind of behavior will not be tolerated! Till today I overlooked whatever u did, but now ur getting married, this kind of behavior wont be accepted. I don't give repeated warnings! Get ur act together!

Ankita gives Raunak a disgusted look and leaves. Raunak looks angry, he says to himself, You didn't do right, Ankita! I will make sure u pay for it!


Police station

Purvi is pleading with a police constable to let her meet Arjun Kirloskar. Constable says she cannot meet him. There is no permission, only his family or lawyer can meet him! But who are you? Are u his relative? Now get out of here!

Arjun is sitting in his jail cell, he is in pain. He sighs and groans as his head hurts.

Purvi is leaving the police station sadly, song "Benaam rishat wo bechain karta jo"  playing in background.

Arjun's headache intensifies and worsens. He holds his head and groans loudly. Police inspector hears him and asks if hes alright? Arjun says, its nothing!

Arjun is sweating with pain, he thinks, Arjun just calm down, I have to tolerate this pain! Arjun, just relax, Purvi shd not find out abt this illness. Control yourself!

Purvi is pacing in front of the police station, looking towards where Arjun is. Arjun in in terrible pain, he bangs his head against the wall. Finally he falls down from the bed, knocking down the water pitcher. Inspector yells at constable to go and see whats wrong with Arjun.

Arjun is on the floor, holding his head and yelling in pain. Constable picks him up and says, Sir, his head is bleeding!

Inspector gets up and rushes inside the cell. He sees Arjun and yells for someone to call the ambulance.

Purvi is sitting in front of the police station, she sees the ambulance pull up and a stretcher being taken into the Thana. She watches as Arjun is brought out. At first his head is turned and she doesn't see him, then he turns his head, groaning, holding his head with his hands. Purvi sees him and stands up in consternation! She says, Arjun!

She runs to the ambulance as Arjun's stretcher is being placed inside. She yells his name and asks the police what happened to Arjun? But they don't reply and close the ambulance door and take him away.

Purvi runs to the constable guard and asks him what happened to Arjun? He tells her what else? He was inside on drug charges, Police must have tortured him as he didn't open his mouth. Such dirty people are treated like that only.



Naren's house

Whole family is having breakfast at the table. Naren says the food is tasty, then he tells Ankita to finish quickly as they have to go to office.

Naren tells Sunanda, Attu do u know, I got Arjun Sir's message, he told me to conduct all meetings, because Im the best! And I also think that Im the best! Sunanda smiles and says, You are the Best!

Naren asks Ankita if hes the best? She smiles and nods, he tells her to finish the food quickly.

Naren finishes and tells Ankita Lets go! Sunanda says, One minute! Naren is ur responsibility! You have to look after him! Whatever happened yesterday shd not be repeated! I don't want any negligence!

Naren says, Attu, one minute! Ahana has explained everything to me! I wont let go of her hand and I will do whatever she tells me to do! Okay?

Naren says they are leaving, Rushali tells him his driver is on leave today so he can take her driver instead. He says no no, I don't want any other driver! When will Ram Singh be back? I will drive myself!

Ankita and Sunanda both say No!

Rushali tells him he cant drive as hes out of practice! Sunanda tells him he will not drive! Naren tells her he can drive, he has a licence.

Sunanda tells Raunak to drop off Naren and Ankita at the office. Raunak asks if hes their driver?

Sunanda says, Excuse me! Naren is ur older brother, if u drop him off then u don't become a driver! Drop them to the office and come back!

There is some tension and dramatic music, Sunanda leaves the table, Raunak keeps silent. Naren asks Ankita doesn't she know how to drive? She says no...he says, its very easy, I will teach you, u just have to hold the steering and move it left right...

Raunak asks Rushali why doesn't she keep a nanny for Naren? Oh Im sorry, Ankita is there naa..Bro's nanny! Bro will drive and she will wipe his drool. If bro gets lost she will run and find him.

Rushali says, Raunak, will u just shut up! Arent u ashamed, to talk like that abt ur brother and Vahini? What is this?

Ruanak asks, You don't have a problem calling me a driver? If shes a nanny then she is!

Naren gets angry and gets up, but Ankita makes him sit down again.

Naren says, hes joking, he jokes around a lot! I will also joke around with him! Hey driver, get up and take us to the office.

Raunak gets angry, Bro, don't call me a driver, okay? Naren laughs and tells Ankita, did u see that?

He gets up and snaps his fingers at Raunak, hey driver, let us go! Raunak gets up with a glum face and leaves after them.



Purvi is walking on Mumbai streets

She comes in front of the car. The car stops, Soham is sitting in front seat, all dressed in suit and hat. He yells at Purvi from the back, Hey Madam ji, if u want to die, then go somewhere else, why are u coming in front of my car?

Purvi thinks, This voice seems familiar. She turns around but Soham has already seen its Purvi and hidden his face with the hat. He quickly tells his friend to drive, that they shd not talk to these poor people as they are rich. The car moves past Purvi.

She is thinking, Arjun, police is not letting me meet you! I know u are innocent! But how do I prove ur innocence? how do I save him?



Soham's house:

Pranav and Sonu are playing on the new sofa. He brings some friends inside and tells the kids to move. He asks the friends to sit and he will get refreshements for them. The bar owner guy is also with them.  

Pranav asks Soham, who are these people? Soham tells him, this is ur future brother in law! His mother, father, Ghanshyam is there. Go and say Namaste to them.

Pranav goes and sits by the young man who is supposed to be his jeeja. He gets up, yelling, Chhhee, his mouth smells bad! Soham rebukes him and sends him away. He tells the boy's family Pranav is a kid so he jokes around. Mansi comes into the room, Soham introduces her as his wonderfully talented daughter. Mansi greets them. Soham tells her this is Babloo Shinde, do u know they have 4 Beer bars. Whatever people do they never leave drinking beer, so their business is doing very well.

He tells the guests, this is my dearest daughter! How do u find her? Isn't she beautiful and good mannered? So lets fix the proposal, bring the sweets right now!

Mansi takes him aside and asks him, what are u saying, Baba? How can I marry this guy?

Soham tells her, arey u don't know him! Hes a diamond among guys! You will be very happy after your marriage! Go inside and bring food.

Shes angry but he pushes her inside to get food. She goes in unwillingly. Soham tells those people that Mansi was feeling shy.


In the car to work:

Naren is teasing Raunak who is driving, he says, Driver, take a left from here. Raunak says, Bro, stop it! Stop calling me driver! If u say it one more time, I will stop the car right here!

Naren says, Okay okay, sorry sorry! Ankita's phone rings, she takes the call. Its Mansi, she cries and tells Ankita all abt the horrible bar owner boy that Soham brought as her marriage proposal. Mansi says Baba will get me married to that bar owner by force. Ankita asks, what are u saying, Mansi? I don't want to marry that guy! Tayi please do  something! If u don't help me, I will do something to myself!

Ankita tells Naren I have to go home right now, Mansi's wedding, I cant tell u ...

Naren says Okay, don't worry! Driver quickly take us to Ahana's house!

Raunak says, Sorry! I was told to take u to office! Naren tells him ,there now ur talking like a driver too? You take extra hours!

Ankita pleads with Raunak, Naren tells him, Mansi is in trouble!

At Soham's house, he brings an album and shows photo of his son-in-law, the boy's father says, Naren Karmarkar? Owner of AK Industries?

Soham tells them didn't he say so? Hes now FIL of such a famous guy! He tells them Mansi is a very talented and sanskari girl.  He calls Mansi to get tea for the guests.

Pranav tells Sonu lets teach these people a lesson. He takes his ball and throws it at the paan-chewing obnoxious looking guy with whom Mansi's rishta is being proposed.

Soham yells at Pranav, then rushes and pushes the kids out of the room. He tells the guests these kids are always playing around and not studying. Mansi brings tea and serves to everyone. The boy leers at her. Soham asks them how is the tea? Isnt it great?

 Mansi tries to leave but Soham stops her and makes her sit there between the boy and his mother.

Soham says Bablu and Mannu Jodi looks like Lakshmi Narayan Jodi!

Shashank comes into the house right then. He sees Mansi sitting there with the boy's family.

He calls out Mansi! Soham sees him and thinks what is this Shashank doing here? Hes going to ruin everything now!

Soham tells Shashank, Arey Masterji, you can leave today, come tomorrow to teach the kids!  He tells the guests this is the kids teacher. He tells Shashank to leave and come the next day.

Shashank asks Soham, are u talking abt Mansi's marriage proposal? Soham says, Yes, I am, what problem is there?

Shanky looks at Mansi, she shakes her head. He asks Soham, is Mansi agreeing to this match?

Soham tells him, Masterji, u leave, why are u interfering in our family matters?

Shashank tells him, Look u cannot force Mansi to marry! First Ankita ruined her life because she was helpless! Now u are after Mansi?

The guests all stand up. Soham tells Shashank to mind his own business. Why do u come to this house repeatedly. First u were running after my older daughter, now ur trying to woo my younger one? Listen to me, I wont let her marry a poor man like you!

Shashank threatens him, Whatever u say, Mansi's marriage will not take place against her will!

They glare at each other! Meanwhile Naren's car pulls up in front of Soham's house. Ankita Naren rush out and run into the house. Inside the house, Soham is hitting Shashank, telling him to get out, both are grappling with each other, Mansi is trying to stop them.

Ankita runs in and stands in shock to see all that.


PRECAP: Shashank is saying, Ankita, I love you! And I care abt ur family! You sacrificed ur life for the sake of ur family. But I wont let this happen with Mansi too! Your family is mine too! I consider them my own! I wont let anyone come and play with their happiness!

Raunak who was waiting in the car opens the car window and listens to Shashank saying all that to Ankita standing on the verandah of Soham's house.

Raunak says to himself, Wow, I didn't know abt this chapter! That means in Bro and Ankita's love story there is the spice called Shashank! 


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Thanks for your tireless updates Pallavi! 

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Pallavi  thanks !! Ouch
It seems like from the WU that the whole episode was disjointed and jagged, not just the ARVI part.  It seems like they are jumping quickly from one event to another without finishing the conversation of the first event... no smoothness to the story.  So so many pieces to follow.  

I think they are losing it entirely !!  It must be that the drugs Arjun was dealing in, somehow got in the hands of the CV's ROFL  oops.  LOL

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Originally posted by Ashlaika

Thanks for your tireless updates Pallavi! 

You're welcome, Ash! 
Thanks for your appreciation! Smile

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Originally posted by naava

Pallavi  thanks !! Ouch
It seems like from the WU that the whole episode was disjointed and jagged, not just the ARVI part.  It seems like they are jumping quickly from one event to another without finishing the conversation of the first event... no smoothness to the story.  So so many pieces to follow.  

I think they are losing it entirely !!  It must be that the drugs Arjun was dealing in, somehow got in the hands of the CV's ROFL  oops.  LOL

Youre welcome, naava! 

Hahaha, I said exactly the same thing on another post somewhere! The drugs in Arjun's suitcase was planted by the CVs because they have been snorting them liberally! ROFL

I agree, everything is disjointed, scenes are skipping from ArVi to AnKen like a kangaroo hopping over the logicless desert called PR! LOL

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princess_farh Goldie

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thanx di ! I totally agree with naava, the episodes r one bumpy ride ! None of the scenes r reaching completion and the whole story is losing its essence. PR has become a drag to follow, we only watching it out of sheer arvi addiction!

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Thanks for the awesome update pallavi diSmile Loved how Ankita and Naren were making fun of Raunaq and making him angry. It was also good to see Sunanda telling Raunaq offLOL I just hope he doesn't create problems for Ankita by knowing about Shashank.

I completely agree naava, there is no smoothness to the story at all these days, the Ankita-Naren story is nice but I'm sure Raunaq and Kinnari will create lots of trouble for them unfortunately. Soham is extremely funny but I don't get why he wants Mansi to marry someone so bad.

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