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Ishq Wala Love - OS

Niyaz_Lover Goldie

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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 10:12am | IP Logged
"You can join her in the hostel today and..*mute*"

She was connected to the new world around her, a smile danced on her lips. It was a beautiful morning of a marvellous day. The clouds were still without parting and the sun didn't rise up yet. She would join her new college today and her mom was talking to the staff while she enjoyed the pleasant environment. It was drizzling slightly. The campus was a big greenery on, the smell of the wet grass and the flow of butterflies in rhythm enchanted its beauty mesmerising her. A blue tiny cute butterfly which was flying slowly in air hypnotised her. She collected it on her forefinger and kissed it making her lips in partial contact with the beautiful wings. When she was going to feel its silky texture it got into air again and she was back of it lining the walls with her fingers as she moved towards the fluttering butterfly and it rested on the wall. She caught it between her two palms and opened them with a smile.

"Someone is here", a voice behind a two-way'd wall yelled in a shrieking tone. She closed her mouth to make sure she won't make any noise. She took little steps across the way when a gang came and blocked her way  Damn those big, tall people, she was sure they were working out in gym on a daily basis. "What are you doing here?!", beseeched one among them. "I was just...", she started but was cross-checked by a guy who walked closer with a mischeivious crooked smile. "Baby came to meet us I think..", he said. "Im n't baby", she remarked tracing her steps back. "Its ok BABY...what r u dng here?!", he asked stepping closer by every word until she crashed her back into something hard. She closed her eyes trying to avoid the inhumane face and haunting fear. She trembled when he forwarded his hand to touch her but Hold on a second! Did she feel the hand later?! No...she opened her eyes slowly and that guy was standing at a distance , there was an arm infront of her shielding her from others.  "I will talk to her leave", the person she bumped into said and they left. She turned around gazing from the arm to the face. She ignored the slightest of shivers she felt when her arm nudged into his chest. "Thanks", she said as her smile widened into a grin. There was something familiar with the way he looked, it was unlike the lusty eyes of his friends she thought. Ya! She could say that the gang was his friends since they shared friendly glares to each other . She shifted narrowly to go when he held her wrist . Her eyes widened as she looked at him questioningly. He released the grip off her when she turned facing him.

"What are you doing here?!", he questioned. She pointed out at the butterfly which was now settled comfortably on the wall. He smirked with a bitter smile, a smile which failed to connect with his eyes. "What's ur name?!", he asked casually staring at her. "Antara", she said in a simple timid tone. He stepped a bit closer and shifted back uneasily when he caught her left upper arm and leaned closer. The earthly seconds seemed to be like high passing minutes, she was flinching at his touch when she felt him too near. His hot breath tingled on her skin, their eyes connected to each other. She was getting goosebumps at his stern gaze, and their proximity of closeness.

"Don't come here again, this place is not good look beautiful", she looked at him crossly sinking the words into a better meaning. She could have blushed it was a compliment but it sounded like a warning too. When she moved to glance him, her hands rubbed on his shirt and she straited few steps back standing infront of him with her deeply confused chocolate brown eyes. He smiled at her innoncence. "Okay?!", he whispered. She walked off from the place remembering his smiling face.


"Hi", a voice mumbled behind her, a familiar voice she thought to herself. She almost lost a breath when she saw him again, hell she didn't see him from the time her college started except on that day and now on Fresher's day. She smiled nervously , her friends were too busy in their own way. They were having fun flirting n dancing while Kria stood rooted to her place unable to understand his presence their. They were standing by each other looking at everyone else except themselves. "Dance?!", she heard him whisper near her ear. She shuddered a bit but was startled with his question. "What?", she enquired unbelievingly. He was supposedly her senior and the craziest rule on her college till date was juniors shouldn't be found dancing, flirting or spending quality time with Seniors. "I asked you for dance", he told assuringly glaring at those widened chocolate brown eyes. "No...maybe you didn't know about the rules", she spoke out continuously trying to explain him. "Sshh...", he hissed concernedly. He forwarded his hand for her, she looked at it and then at him. He waited for her response but seeing her tensed up he held her hand and walked leading her. She was just walking with him, god knows exactly where he was taking her. He stopped in trance at a serene place, where the music was crystal clear but not hell loud like it was inside. He gave his hand to her once again but with the biggest smile ever of his, she slid her hand into his with the same heavenly smile. She moved her hand upto his shoulder and holded it, he looked at her hand and then his glances shifted to the deepest world - her eyes!  There was something, something laws of attraction, some unknown bonding, unseen trust which can only be felt by them. The new song was rocking the charts. It was "Ishq Wala love" ruling the hearts again.

The music bit started and he pulled her more closer, her elbow was nudging his shoulder and she was freaking close to him and his arm was securely holding her waist sending her shivers down the spine. She was mid-thigh prom dress, her legs were against his. They swayed slowly to the rhythm. He released her from the grip of his arms and held her hand but his hand bevelled her waist loosely.  He held her right hand and left the grip of her body, he swirled her 2-3 times and pulled her closer once again but this time with her back against his body. His hands were holding hers and were crossed on the chest. Her sweet fragrance was all he could feel, he inhaled the intoxicated breath. His breath against her shoulder were slightly narrowing her senses. She closed her eyes when she felt his lips kiss her shoulder and stayed longer there. Her fingers dug into his palm, she was trying to pull away but he was too strong for her. He left her and brought her facing him, he locked her in his arms glancing through her eyes. His lips shivered partedly at the fantasy which he long thought with her. He cupped her face, his thumb nudging her cheek and caressing it smoothly. He kissed her smoothly, he sucked her lips inspite of her protests. She gave in with his delicious lips, she kissed him back feverishly losting herself in the pleasure of his sweetness. She broke the kiss and pulled apart when she realised what she was doing She touched her wet lips moving away from him. It was a possibly a criteria which she would regret. She turned away and rushed to her friends. "My name is Raghunath Naik. ECE-2nd yr", she heard him yell loud ignoring the noise n music. She didn't care to look back at him that day.


Part 2 coming soon

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honeybees22 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 11:23am | IP Logged
wow this was soo beautiful romactic cute
pls update the next part today
Niyaz_Lover Goldie

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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 1:24pm | IP Logged

My day started on a good note. It is our freshers day, ragging n all happened but all my seniors were friendly except a few. This day so far was the best day after I joined this college. I enjoyed with my friends alot in the afternoon. We had lunch together and had fun while getting ready for the evening.

I expected the evening to be as good as the whole day was until I saw him. I didn't expect that I would be seeing the guy whom I saw on the first day. His name is...umm...starting with R...yup...Raghu.
In this college, having a gf/bf is a pride it seems and Raghu wants one for him too. Unluckily, I was considered an easy girl for him. Please god, I don't want anyone as of now, find Reyaansh some other girl. A girl who is good enough for him, he isn't that bad.
I wish I wouldn't face him again and I so badly wish THAT kiss would become the last thought of my mind. I don't want Reyaansh or anyone. I want to be myself with few good friends.

Thats all for today. I am tired and also sleepy. Good Night.

- Yours Antara :)

'Antara...', a familiar voice called her from a distance. She kept on walking trying to avoid that as much as possible. She ignored her friends who kept on telling someone was calling her.
She sighed in relief when she reached her classroom and the classes went on a usual note but she found herself wishing she shouldn't face again.

'Isn't he the same one who was calling you?', her friend whispered during the class of her last lecture.
She stared across the room to find Raghu standing outside the class smiling when she saw him. "Why me God?", she said to herself. Great! She was waiting for this boring lecture to get over soon and now she wants to sit there listening to it as long as possible.

The ringing bell startled Antara. Her heart was thumping as loud as the noise she was hearing. 'I shouldn't have attended the classes today', she said pushing the books into her bag taking all the time on earth.
Antara's friends stood there waiting for her as she chanted without a break. 
Raghu walked in posing one of his elegant smiles.Her friends rant stopped , finding it unusually Antara looked up and saw him at the door.
'She will come in some time', he said excusing on behalf of her walking upto them. Her friends shared some understanding glances for a second and left without asking any queries.

His gaze travelled to her lips which were mumbling silent curses to him and then fingers which were shivering nervously. He looked back and his eyes were locked with hers. It had an usual tint of confusion which she always had when he was infront of her. He smiled at her usual behaviour.

He couldn't help himself but hold her palm in his entwining his fingers with her soft ones. She stood numb with the touch. This was the thing for which she avoided him since the day she saw him. She knew it would make her senses suffocate with this touch. She tried to take his palm off his grip but he holded her by the waist  just to stop her from protesting. She stood calm and serenly, his hot breath tingled on her neck and teased her sense. She learned a thing that she shouldn't runaway or protest, at the end of the day he would take her more closer with that.

'Are you running away from me? Or the situation?', he huskily voiced his question near her ears. 'Or Both?', he added eyeing her from the corner of his eye. She tilted her head and his eyes sinked deeper into her, trying to read the answer to his questions. 
'Both..', she answered genuinely wishing he would understand that she really meant it.

'I am actually glad...thank you so much', he cheered enthusiastically as his grip loosened a bit but never left her. 'What do you mean?', she snapped feeling irated to the core. 'Umm..', he mumbled deeply lost in thoughts on how to put his feeling in words and then he glanced at her like he figured out his answer. 'You are someone whom I started liking but I still don't exactly know what I feel for you... I don't want to say I Love You because I really doubt if I do and then its just that...I like spending time with you...I like seeing you smile from a distance...I like it when you look at me in a way which no one could ever I am sure I like you but I don't know if I Love You...', he spoke out. She watched as he expressed his thoughts for her , his eyes depicted the same his words portrayed. She stood there in a silence for some more seconds but where was her role in the entire figure he traced out? She was confused, she didn't know if she has to push him and walk off or praise him for saying the truth he felt but her heart wanted some answers.

'So, you are testing me if you could ever love me?', she asked with a spice of seriousness in her tone. 'If LOVE could ever be tested then I am sure everyone would be doing the same with the every girl/boy they share happy moments with', he told. 

He didn't wanted to sound harsh to her nor was he ready to leave her even if she says to. Unable to play with the turmoil he was feeling, he found solace by fusing his lips over hers. He just wanted her to realise how lost he feels in her when he kisses her. Her fingers fumbled with his collar when she felt herself drawn to her.

It was never an understanding completely to them . They felt something for each other but weren't sure what they felt back then. A hug and a kiss and some sweet moments with each other without the name of 'Love or Friendship' bloomed their bond.


It was the night of Valentines day they shared together with their friends. Antara and Raghu sat there beside each other with their usual charming smiles.

'Can't believe you are still single Raghu...',Raghu's friend and he smiled in reply.

He tilted his head to get her view, they weren't still in love atleast officially but he now knew what he felt for her and what she felt for him.

Surkh wala soze waala faiz waalaa love

Raghu watched as she interacted with their friends, her eyes gleaming the pounds of happiness that reciprocated through her smile and laughter.

Hota hai jo love se zyaada
Waisey waala love

He nudged his fingers on her palm and held it surprising her. He felt her stiffen and stammer slightly while talking and he fought back the urge to chuckle hard.

Ishq wala lovee..

She glanced at him while her friends kept on talking. For a second, she was lost in him. The noises around her and the talks couldn't alter her gaze from him. She felt those goosebumps which she felt whenever he touched her, no matter even if it was entwining the fingers.

'Antara, come..', her friend spatted little loudly. He let go off her palm and watched her walking form seeping away. 

They were enjoying  but Antara's gaze wandered around looking for him. Her mobile beeped grabbing her attention with a message. 'Searching for me?', it read and she smiled. She again looked around and got up for a walk saying her friends she will be back in few minutes.

As she straited, she was pulled to a corner and that moment she stared at the brown eyes infront of her. He circled his arm pulling her closer and she hugged him while he nuzzled into her hair feeling her intoxicated fragrance as he took her into his arms.

She moved back caressing his face with her fingers, he cupped her face and sealed her lips with a kiss which conveyed a promise of trust , care and immense unfettered love..i.e. Ishq Wala Love.


This is the end of this OS...

Hope u liked it :)

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bokul IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 1:30pm | IP Logged
2nd part wonderful dear
Roy.nikki143 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 1:30pm | IP Logged
Awww too too sweet dear loved it so much thankx for pm Smile
honeybees22 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 1:34pm | IP Logged
OMG so beautiful
 m listening to the song right now it made it even more beautiful
loved it soo much
.Suchi. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 7:14pm | IP Logged
I loved this OS a lot!
Its both parts were lovely much feelings and full of emotions fr eachother.
Thanks fr pm
hayakhan5 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 8:08pm | IP Logged
Very nice...
I loved it...
Thanx for the pm...

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