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MG(SS)~Bezuba~ #2..Next thread added (Page 68)

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awesome update osheen...
waiting for next part...

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oh Geet wrote letter to Maan and telling him everything about her r**e...
but where is that letter...she has kept it in his room...

the way Maan is trying to get glimpse of Geet and missing her indicates that he loves her or atleast likes her and care for her then what is the problem in accepting...or he has planned not to marry whole life remain bachelor just doing his business...kya businessman shaadi nahin karte...or is it that he thinks Geet is poor and mute girl so people will laugh on him to marry such a girl...

very interesting update...
waiting for next part...

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part 14
poor Geet...
Maan is an idiot...
Geet is avoiding Maan...
well cant blame her...
shes so hurt...
now Daadima knows about Geet's past...
cont soon dear...

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Thanks for all the awesome comments loveliesEmbarrassed. They really give me insight on how to go forward with the story. I see many new readers joining in. A big welcome to them n tons of thanks for the complimentsApproveHug.

~PART 15~

Dadimaa- Aapko wo mili kaise?

*Mai toh bas aivayi outhouse me idhar-udhar ghoom rai thi toh mujhe store room me mili.* Geet signed excitedly. *Aapko maza aaya ke nai?*
Dadimaa fondly caressed Geet's head. Hum saalo baad kamre ki diwaro se bahar nikale. Agar aap itni zidd na karti toh hum kabhi nai jaate. Geet grinned n that made Dadimaa's smile too. She couldn't remember when was the last time her old eyes had witnessed the sun but today Geet had forcefully took her out to gardens on the wheelchair she had found in storeroom. The wheelchair was brought for Dadimaa only, years ago, but she had refused to move on it. Her bed was enough to carry her weight n room to provide a space for breathing. She didn't want to go out or talk to anyone. Dadimaa's sickness after the stroke she once had was more of self induced rather than a result of old age.
Dadimaa- Aapne jaise hume inn char diwaro se azaad karaya hum chahte hai ke aap bhi ussi tarah azaad ho. At Geet's confused expressions Dadimaa continued. Aap apni studies continue kyu nai karti. Aapko padhna pasand hai na?
Geet- *Par Dadimaa mai school gai toh sab hasenge na? Mai itni badi hu.*
Hum college ki baat kar rahe hai. Apne apni schooling toh complete karli hai.
*Haan, lekin mere paas certificates, marksheets kuch nai hai. Bina uske mujhe kisi college me admission nai milega.*
Hmm. Hum kuch zaroor sochenge beta, aap fiqar mat kariye.

Geet descended the stairs hopeful with what Dadimaa had suggested. She would be so happy to continue studies. She had loved studying n knowing reasons for everything. Books made you familiar with the world around. When small she had wanted to become doctor but changed the plan when she found out how cool police officers were. Later she had discovered about engineers n following that entrepreneurs. She had wanted to be something new every week.
Sadly, she could achieve nothing. Her father died n books, school n dreams became a thing of past.
Upon seeing a servant working in the kitchen Geet decided to help him. She didn't want to go back to outhouse n be alone. Annie n Divya were also not around so she wouldn't be scolded.
*Mai help kar du?* Geet wrote on pad n showed to the servant.
The servant made an unpleasant face n shook his head. Hum khud kar lenge. Apparently, all servants found Geet no better than themselves. She was from a small village n wasn't respected by both Divya n Annie then how could they accept her as their mistress. Hence they were rude to her too.
*Aap akele kaam kar rahe hai, mai madad kar dungi.* She showed him the pad n then picked a knife to cut the veggies that were already lying on counter. Irritated, the servant held her hand and took the knife away from it.
Servant- Aapse kaha na maine hum kar lenge. Agar kuch gadbad ho gaya toh memsaab humme dosh dengi.
Dinesh haath chodo uska.
At the enraged voice both their heads turned.
Servant- Maan sir aap...
Maan marched towards him n held his collar. Tumhari himmat kaise hui usse chune ki. His skin burned with the vision of Geet's hand in that servant's. How dare he touch her and the way he talked to her- Anger surged in him like wildfire and within moments he was shaking with fury.
Nakul, Raghu sab ke sab yahan aao. Nakul maine tumse kya kaha tha? Nakul bowed his head. KYA KAHA THA?
Ki Geet madam ka dhayan rakhna hai.
Toh phir yeh kya hai? Ab kya mujhe tum logo ko sikhana padega ki malik-naukar ka rishta kya hota hai. Maan slapped the servant hard n pushed him back. Everyone standing was left stunned including Geet. Ise meri nazaro se dur karo isse pehle ke mai kuch kar du. Aur dobara mujhe koi bhi, yaad rahe koi bhi, Geet se batameezi se baat karte hue, ya dekhte hue bhi mil gaya toh mujhse bura koi nai hoga.
Leave him outside n make sure he never shows his face again in KM.
Divya came there- Aap kab tak aise karte rahenge Maan. Suresh kahin nahi jayega. Yeh ladki apke kaan bharti rahegi. Aap kya sabko ghar se bahar kar denge?
The condition in which Maan was he didn't want to argue with anyone, least with his mother. Maa, isme koi behas karne wali baat nai hai. Bas yeh KM se bahar jaa raha hai.
Divya- Aaj aap isse bahar nikal rahe hai. Kal yeh kisi aur ki chugli karegi toh aap usse bahar nikalenge, phir aap hume bhi bahar nikal denge?
Maa... Maan screamed. Mujhe aapse koi baat nahi karni, samjhi aap. Divya's eyes filled with tears n Maan gritted his teeth. YEH YAHA NAHI DIKHNA CHAHIYE. Geet kept her hand over Maan's but couldn't contain him; he was a force too massive for her to hold.
Divya's voice broke but it had anger mixed in- Aap aise hamesha apne man ki nai kar sakte, Maan. Hum jo keh rahe hai wo apke bhale ke lie hai. Aapko dikhta nai yeh iss ghar ko tod rai hai?
Maan whispered- Jo cheez salamat ho usse toda jaata hai. His voice hardened again. Mai jo chahu kar sakta hu. Yeh ghar mera hai. He turned towards the servants. Iss ghar me Geet ki wahi izzat aur position honi chahiye jo meri hai. Mai dobara iss baat ko repeat nai karunga. With that he marched out n Geet ran behind him.
Mujhe akela chod do. Maan said when Geet resisted his attempt at closing the door n keeping her out. She shook her head coming in. Miserably, he pushed his hairs back, off his sweaty forehead. When Geet moved her hands he gave her his back. Koi baat nai karni mujhe, tumhe samajh nai aata. His voice was weak now, almost indecipherable. He wished her to leave, he was going to burst if she didn't or worse break down. How could he let her witness that? What would he answer? Already he had failed as a man, as the husband she deemed him to be. He couldn't look after her, didn't even know what she wanted. He wanted her to hate him n it was so difficult living up to everything together. Visions of that servant holding her hand made his blood boil at the same time freeze in his veins.
Perhaps he could kill him n get rid of this suffering. Geet raised her pad in front of Maan's eyes. Her face was troubled n pleading. She was probably freaking out seeing him like this. A guy, who shouted on his mother, overreacted massively over a servant touching her n now doing a freak show in his room. Anyone would get scared. Good for her.
He read what she was showing.
*Aapko itna sab nai kehna chahiye tha Maan. Mai jaanti hu aap galat nai hai. Mai samjhti hu. Par jo aapne kia wo bhi sahi nai tha. Jaisa log sochte hai usme hamesha unki galti nai hoti, balki haalat galat hote hai. Uss naukar ko nikaal kar aapne galat kia aur maa se aise baat karke aur bhi galat.* Geet had tears in her eyes when Maan looked into them. She signed with her hands. *Jitni galti aapki hai utni shayad meri bhi hai. Maine koshih ki ke mai maa ko dikha saku ke mai itni buri nai par wo-*
Bas. Maan showed her a hand and Geet jumped back as if electrified. Mai lad kar aaya apni maa se wo kafi nai hai tumhare lie? Akhir aur kya chahti ho tum. Mai jaan gaya tum koshish kar rai ho par agar maa tumhe apni bahu nai maanti toh isme mai kya karu. Mai unhe force toh nahi kar sakta. Geet shook her head. He was taking her words wrongly. She didn't mean what he was thinking. She wasn't complaining. Mai thak gaya hu. Waha maa se aur yaha tumse. Well, I have news for you. Mere paas aur bhi important kaam hai so get lost.
Geet kept a hand over her mouth to muffles the silent sobs n rushed out. Maan punched the mirror; blood trickled down his hand dripping on the floor. It would leave mark on the carpet, Maan thought with a hysterical laugh. Some stains could never be cleaned.

PRECAP- Will Maan read the letter?


If you read on blog, commenting there is not that tough. If you are facing some prob PM me, will help you out. Khumaari N BF readers am typing both the ffs and will update soon. Just that bezuba parts were banked so am able to update this one otherwise my lappy didn't let me type anything.

Next update after 25 pagesTongue.

Just a like n comment to make me happyEmbarrassed
Waiting eagerly Approve



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Will i ever get to know this Mystery Man - MAAN.. and would i ever understand him... Ouch
Every update i get a mixed feeling about him.. one part he cares and the other part he is a volcano which erupts badly...
the first part he was so angry on seeing geet being treated badly and then when she tries to speak to him.. the volcano eruption happens...
and amidst all that there is his self conscious that curses him and wants himself to not live anymore.. he feels bad that he is not able to be the good husband she deserves.. he really cares for her and somewhere feels deep too.. but there is something that is refraining him from expressing it or accepting it... actually he is crazy... 
he feels at times for her... cares and tries to be so sensitive towards her when ppl are behaving bad and then on the other side he is the one who is hurting her in the process of trying to maintain a distance..
yeh maan khud pagal hojaayega and hum ko bhi pagal kardega... 
good u updted and as always i cant wait for nxt..

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MY-WAY IF-Sizzlerz

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OMG ! You really updated today as you have promised Yday Big smile
Thank You Thank You Smile

Sad update Ouch

Geet n Dadi bond is getting stronger every day. Love their cute se moment and both forget their misery.

Oh God ! Even servents are too muchAngry Maan anger was on peek after seeing Geet is not treated well. He shout on her Maa Cry but why Maan's maa always misunderstand Geet Ouch

Agar sab se jayad jo suffer ho raha hai toh woh Sirf humari Geet she has suffered a lot in past n her misery still continued but in different form. I hope she gets her deserving happiness. Plz Babaji help my Maaneet both are in pain.

Can't wait for next update

Oye Hoye ! after 25 pages we will get another update...come on frnds HALLA BOL ApproveLOL

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nice update
omg maan got this angry and even argued with his mother too
he is doing so much but still trying to push geet awayConfused
wonder why he said that jo cheese judi ho wohi tootegee and
then stain on the carpet and not going awayConfusedConfusedConfused

me such mein confusing by this maan

but like the way geet is trying her best still

and dadi' suggestion to go back to study

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