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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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waiting for update

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ye maan grrr geet ko illiterate keh diya
kuchh bolne se pehle pata to karlo kiss bare me baat kar rahe ho
poor geet so hurt...
ye maan kitna confusing hai ek pal me care karta hai dusre pal me he is so cold...
geet ko maan ko pass pa kar relief bhi mehsus nahi hota...
maan akhir chahta kya hai!!!!!!!!!!!
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He has lost it
Than burning in hell, he can simply confess his deed
By hiding it, he is doing big sin than he did.
Nice part

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Am so thrilled with the response guys. You all made my days n month with your lovely comments and likes. My lappy is working now so I'll be updating regularly nowBig smile. Also sorry for not sending pms.

~PART 14~

Holding her head she tried to restrain her streaming tears but they just kept on coming out. The vision of his face wouldn't leave her mind. He wasn't Maan. He just couldn't. Her body trembled n alone she felt fear trickle down her spine. Although, where could she go in search of relief. 
Dadimaa would know in a second that something had happened n she wouldn't be able to keep it to herself. Drained n helpless she curled into a ball. Tomorrow she would stop trembling, she would stop hurting. Everything would be fine or she could pretend everything was alright. She was good at acting, had perfected the art over the years so much so that she could fool her own self.

Maan wasn't like this. But why did he- the last remnants of her dream shattered painfully. People were not what they seemed in the start and she never was a stellar judge of character. Geet cried. He didn't even ask her to eat.
After that night Geet stayed away from him-he had scared the hell out of her-n Maan was fine with it rather say too much pleased. Geet, though, felt hollow. Why was she here? Now to her this was another Hoshiyaarpur. Her existence was meaningless. She was not abused but being treated as invisible was worse. Even Divya n Annie had given up on the taunting. They were bored too. Who would want to waste their time on a mute girl?
Geet aap kuch kehti kyu nai? Itni deer se hum hi bole jaa rahe hai.
*Kuch kehne ko nai hai Dadimaa.* Geet signed looking up.
Aree aise kaise. Kya kia aaj aapne?
Geet thought then signed. *Mai uthi, brush kia phir muh dhoya, bath lia...*
Dadimaa smaked her head. Ek-ek baat nai Geet beta, kuch khaas kia aapne?
*Nai. Khana banaya bas, garden-*
Aur Maan?
*Maan? Unhe nai dekha... wo kahi gaye hai. Shayad out of station. 2 din se ghar nai aaye.*
Unhone aapko bataya nai ke wo kaha gaye?
*Ab kuch batane ko nai raha.* Geet thought shaking her head.
She had told Dadimaa that Maan-again-had made particularly clear that she was nothing to him and so she had decided to stay away from him. Thankfully, Dadimaa never told her what to do n gave her the freedom to decide upon her actions. Dadimaa also never criticized Maan, never supported him either. It was too amazing that Geet had found a totally unbiased n non-judgmental friend in her; the reason why Geet was able to share almost anything n everything with Dadimaa.
*Mai aapko ek baat batana chahti hu Dadimaa.* Geet bit her lip. Maan obviously hadn't told Dadimaa about her.
Haan boliye, kya baat hai?
Geet steeled herself. *Mera rape hua tha jab mai 16 ki thi, gao me. Mai nayi thi aur ek sham jab-* She couldn't look up at Dadimaa's face. Loathing in eyes that held so much of warmth n love would be too unbearable. She hung her head n drank back the tears. It was a promise she had done to herself that she wouldn't ever cry on this subject. *Maine aapko nai bataya kyuki mujhe iss bare me baat karna accha nai lagta, agar mai uske bare me sochu bhi toh mujhe lagta hai ke jaise mai phir se ek baar wo hone de rai hu. Jaise mai apni zindagi me uss lamhe, uss aadmi ko jagah de rai hu. Mai sab bhul jaana chahti hu, jaise wo sab kabhi hua hi nai tha. Par, aisa ho nai sakta na. Sab hamesha bolte hai ke mai gandi ho chuki hu. Aapko bhi aisa lagta hai? Aap mujhse baat nai karengi ab?*
Geet's voice didn't break, didn't waver. It was firm, strong; in fact she sat straight, too straight. Dadimaa was shaken up against the headboard, tears ran down her cheeks. She had never imagined she would have to confront something like this. And she was incredulous how fate could be so cruel to a Geet or any girl for that matter. Dadimaa looked out of the window, speaking through a choked throat. Maan ko yeh pata hai?
Geet nodded a yes' instantly then frowned. *unhone kabhi mujhse iss bare me baat nai ki. Par-* She looked up n found Dadimaa crying. She shouldn't have said all this. Her past was ugly n Dadimaa was a heart patient, emotionally weak. Panicked she cupped Dadimaa's cheeks, making her drink water. Hum theek hai. Dadimaa assured. Aap gandi nai hai Geet. Agar koi ganda hai toh wo insaan hai jisne apke saath aisa kia. She said with disgust in voice. Humne aapko beti mana hai aur hume apni beti par garv hai. Aap bahut bahadur hai.
*Toh... aap abhi bhi meri Dadimaa rehengi?* Geet signed enthusiastically, disbelief making her heart pound. Hamesha beta. Geet embraced Dadimaa thanking her Babaji for the precious gift.

Sitting at the table Geet thought what to write. She didn't want to face Maan not because she was terrified of him but because he had put in so much effort in scaring her. The thing was he didn't want her near him and no matter how excruciatingly painful that was for her, she respected his wish.
Talk with Dadimaa earlier that day had stirred doubts in her mind. She always assumed Maan must be aware her past, it was so big thing in her village. All knew about it surely the kaka at haveli where Maan was staying would have told him or the pandit who had chanted mantras at their wedding. Maan didn't consult her about the marriage, he just took her to the mandir but he would have talked to somebody, planned it all and they surely would have informed-warned-him about her tainted body. Or not? Now when she thought about it Geet felt sick. Maan would have never married her if he knew. He wouldn't have married her anyway. He had just saved her but- was she unknowingly taking his advantage. If he didn't know-
Tears collected in her eyes. She had to tell him n if he pushed her even further was fine. If her tiny hope of him someday considering her his wife for real was going to shatter was fine too. But he needed to know. She couldn't hide; it would eat her from inside.
Geet scribed whatever was there in heart on the paper n then after folding it neatly; she went to keep it in Maan's room.
Maan grunted upon returning to KM after a good amount of days. Maybe he should have stayed at some hotel to avoid coming back. Although, for how long it would have lasted, he had to comeback one day.
KC was progressing becoming the big name he wanted it to be not just in India but internationally. Their first international project in Germany was about to start and would be complete in next few months n with its completion they would announce the erection of very first international branch of KC in Germany. A base in Europe n soon KC would rule the world. Maan Singh Khurana was going to show everyone that he was relentless. One day his name would be the biggest.
The success had nothing to do with peace. There wasn't any deliverance. He attained, took over n snatched but the quiet was nowhere to be found. Why his heart always buzzed with unease, why he was trapped in his own skin, when this would finally end? Would he ever get rid of this agony? The answer was way too clear n he couldn't change it, not with any amount of money or success or fame.
As he laid his head on the pillow, utterly tired, visions of Geet in the room beside him minding her own business danced before his eyes. What she must be doing? He hadn't seen her in days. His heart cried for just a glance. Despite the protests of his exhausted body, Maan got up and went to Geet's room.
She wasn't there. He searched the whole outhouse but she wasn't anywhere. Maan didn't know why but whenever something like this happened his heart thudded so hard that he feared collapsing on the ground. She wasn't a child n she definitely didn't need him to look after her. He was the last thing she needed. Why he couldn't accept the fact? Moreover what could happen to her in the mansion? What if- what if she had left? He hadn't called home to check in so many days. Hell, she could be hurt n alone, somewhere, anywhere. He tried to shake off the horrible assumptions but they beat at him punching the air out of his lungs.
He ran to mansion n climbed the stairs like madman.
She was there inside Dadimaa's room, sitting on bed, her back to him. Maan tried to calm himself. God, he wanted to see her face. He ached to shout n ask her to turn towards him. Clutching his chest he did nothing of that sort n just removed himself from the doorway, disappearing from the view.

He was so pathetic. Maan realized with a mocking smile, resting his head against the wall.
The tingle of her bangles brought him some solace n slowly his breathing got normal.

Maan provoked by the servant... oh he is so goneTongue


Just a like n comment to make me happyEmbarrassed
Waiting eagerly Approve


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This Geet is simply amazing... and Maan is utterly weird and confused soul...
She is so shattered with his words... when she had just thought this place was better than HP, it proved to be the same minus abusing.. She is not a person who expects much and sulks.. she is the most optimistic person who tries to welcome every day with a new hope.. but Maan.. God that guy is weird.. weirdest... the most confused soul and an enigma.. 
Am still not sure what he is repenting and hurting over.. he feels for her, but restricts at the same time... all of his weird behavior is just giving mixed signals.. he seems to have achieved so much in his career, but that seems to be nothing coz he feels he can never be happy... gosh.. this guy is MYSTERY...
I loved Geet - Daadi part... Poor soul barred her past out in front of the only friend in KM... and when she thought she would lost that friend too, daadi was totally understanding.. so atleast one soul is with her and provides her solace...
So far she was thinking maan knew about her being the raped girl.. but now she is not sure and had poured out the truth in the letter... but where did she keep it and will he see it???
and finally when he searched for her after all the crap he spoke to her, i really felt that this guy is mad and has lost it... first u speak all rotten things and then u feel anxious if the girl left... Ouch
am glad you updated... and since ur lappy is back, abhi tho back to back updates chahiiye mujhe..

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Every update is making me confused now...

Why dadima did  not react much as if she knew who the person..

Mera question abhi bhi wahi hain .. was the man Maan and tats why he is like this.. why does not dadima react to him much..

Geet's pain and the fear she has is something tat no one can explain. Even talking or thinking about it is so painful for her yet she told dadima but for the first time she felt someone genuinely was saying tat her being raped did not affect her life...

and then the thoughts she had for maan.. how could she even explain wat she is going through.. its so painful and idiot donkey maan.. why did he marry her.. kash he leaves atleast this will give her less pain now

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me so happy that geet said everything to dadimaa
and hope mk too reads d letter
oh god he wann her but still he dont wann her
confused khurana

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I just hope at least after reading her letter, he confess !!!
Its not just easy, but he has to coz both their lives is at uncertainty node
Nice part , glad DM is not being judgmental seeing the facts in broader way.

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