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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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I am alright n neither am angry with anyone. You simply didn't get pm cause I didn't send any. And, I couldn't update because my laptop is in a bad condition. I have no idea when this problem would be sort out so please bear with me. Updates for sometime would be very less frequent.

~PART 12~

Geet raised her head n in the process her lips dragged along his chest n neck. Maan moaned sexily. Thousands of butterflies fluttered inside the pit of her stomach. But he was asleep. Geet sighed. *Ab kya karu babaji kaise nikalu yaha se?* She thought noticing how small she was against him. He had so completely wrapped her in him, like a mother would do to her child.

Her each curve n line fitted immaculately into his hard panes. Her eyes started to drop after a century of mulling over how to get out. It was futile when in truth she didn't want to go either. His bed was softer and bigger than hers n his body warm, strong. His breaths touching her head was a lullaby. For the first time in years she felt secure while sleeping.

Her eyes opened a bit late than her regular time. But the miracle was Maan being still asleep. He was damn punctual. A clock could tell wrong time or stop but Maan Singh Khurana couldn't be late. *Bacha lia, babaji.* She thanked her babaji then very softly pushed Maan's body back. He was in deep sleep so left her without much difficulty.
Geet took bath n got ready then prepared breakfast. She brought his coffee. *Yeh toh abhi tak so rahe hai.* Geet banged the door, hard and Maan woke up with a startled jerk. *Hawa ne kia.* She signed making a sorry face. Maan had, by now, discovered that behind that innocent face was a naughty devil. He smiled unusually. Her mouth formed a perfect O. He smiled!! Like... really smiled, with lips curving n teeth showing.
Maan frowned- Kya hua?? Geet shook her head rapidly. Yeh kya hai? He asked picking the note from the table.
*Oh teri, mai iske bare me toh bhul hi gai.* Geet cursed her memory and tried to sneak out while he unfolded the paper. Ruko. Making a puppy face she stood on her spot. Sorry. Mujhe wo sab nai kehna chahiye tha. Mera irada aapka dil dukhane ka nai tha. Agar aapko chot pahuchi ho toh mujhe maaf kar dijiye. He read aloud from her note.
Tumne mujhe chot nai pahuchai. He told. Galti... meri thi, mujhe tumse aise baat nai karni chahiye thi. Geet was nodding. Toh tum agree kar rai ho ke meri galti thi? Not knowing that he was teasing her she gulped n shook her head. He smiled inwardly looking down n took a sip of his coffee. It was way too sweet for his liking, she always prepared it with too much sugar but he never corrected her. Tum raat ko kaha thi?
Stilling for a moment, she started to sign nervously. *Apne kamre me.* Liar. Maan commented in his mind. He knew she was in his room, in his bed. He could feel her in the tangles of sheets, in the warmth of duvet and in the mesmeric aroma mixed in air.
He liked it. Loved it. Maan always took cat naps, a small resonance woke him up but last night he had slept a deep human sleep. And consequently, had woken up without a buzz in head.
Geet checked his forehead because he was smiling again. *Aapko bukhaar hai kya?* She asked to which Maan rolled his eyes. He stood up n she sighed at the sight of his biceps. The vest hid his taut 6 packs. Poor girl. Her eyes followed him, as he walked to the bathroom, observing his powerful strides, his legs, muscles and that perfect ass. The door closed n Maan released a long breath. He could still feel her gaze burning him.
Outside the door, Geet chided herself. *Apne pati pe droll karna band kar aur chalke naashta laga.*
That evening Maan's early arrival confused her as much as it surprised her. There was a middle age woman with him. Geet, yeh tumhari teacher hai aur tumhe ISL (Indian Sign Language) sikhayengi. Geet did a Namaste, her heart swelling inside her chest. He had been considerate enough to provide her with a teacher who could teach her sigh language. She had always wanted to learn it. If she couldn't speak at least she could know the language people like her used.
*Dadimaa wo mere lie teacher laye taki mai sign language sikh saku.* Dadimaa smiled at Geet's obvious elation. Yeh toh bahut acchi baat hai beta. *Unhone mere bare me itna socha.* Geet told dreamily. Dadimaa was Geet's only friend n confidante. Geet rarely hid anything from her n so she was very well aware of Geet's attitude towards Maan. Her sighs' n hayeees', she behaved like he was a film star n not her husband. *Yeh kal raat ke baad hua, maine aapko bataya tha na..* As Geet started to turn red again Dadimaa rolled her eyes. Beta kuch hua bhi nai aur aap itna sharma rahi hai. Jab hoga tab...
Geet's eyes widened n she hid her face in hands. Dadimaa laughed. Accha apne Maan ko thank you kaha? Geet hit her head, in excitement she totally forgot to thank him. *Nai Dadimaa abhi nai kaha.* Geet signed. Toh aap wait kis baat ka kar rai hai. Jake unhe thanks boliye. Geet grinned n nodded. Aur suniye, aapki class kal se hai na? Geet nodded. Toh aapki teacher ko boliyega ke wo humare kamre me teach kare, kyuki hum bhi sign language sikhna chahte hai. Geet's grin got bigger. She kissed Dadimaa's cheek then went to Maan's study.
Kya hua? He knew she was there the second she stepped inside the study.
*Aapko hamesha kaise pata chal jata hai ke mai hu?* Geet wrote on pad n showed him.
Tumhari chudiya aur payal tumhara raaz khol deti hai. His comment made her blush idiotically. Kya kaam tha?
She sat on the empty chair before his desk. Maan on other side looked almost untouchable. *Mai aivayi aapse baat karne ya aapko dekhne nai aa sakti kya?* She thought making a face then wrote on pad. When he didn't look up, she reached across the table n shook her hand before his face. The insistent khanak of her bangles caught his attention n he looked up to read her pad which said, *mujhe aapko thank you bolna tha, par ab nai bolungi.* Maan knotted his brows. Kyu? *Kyuki aap sunna hi nai chahte.* Maan closed the business file he was going through. Aur aisa tumse kisne kaha? *Aapki ankhone ne jo mere siwaye sab jagah hoti hai. Aap kabhi mujhpe dhayan hi nai dete.* How cutely she was cribbing to him and how ironic her complaint was. She was telling he didn't pay heed to her when in reality it was just the opposite. She was never out of his mind, and that was becoming a serious problem.
Aisa kuch nai hai. Mai bas office ke kaam me busy rehta hu. Aur mujhe tumhare thank you se bhi koi problem nai hai.
*Koi problem nai hai?*
Haan, nai hai.
Haan. Maan said mildly irritated.
*Toh apni ankhen band kariye.*
Wo kyu?
*Arre mujhe aapko thanks bolna hai. Chaliye ankhen band kariye.*
Maan sighed irritably n closed his eyes. After waiting for like ages he was about to open them when softness brushed his cheek. The mere touch of her lips made his heart beat go boom-boom. There was no other contact just her lips on his cheek. He felt them move against his skin as she mouthed a thank you' n then smiled. He felt it all in every nook n corner of both his body n soul.
Geet kissed him quickly n then ran from there leaving behind the eco of sweet chan-chan. Maan sat numb on his chair n touched his cheek. The more he tried to stay apart n hide, the more she penetrated his skin. He had thought his walls were solid enough to keep her out but no. They shattered every time; with lightest of her oblivious attempts n he had to build them again. And only Maan knew how much he lost n pained every time rebuilding his guards up.


Maan's attitude taking U-turn againConfused.



Just a like n comment to make me happyEmbarrassed
Waiting eagerly Approve

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That was a very sweet update...
Finally after so much sad and confusing updates, ek update to cherish...
this Geet has the bubbliness and so cute that its so infectious that Maan ofcourse couldnt hold back to his decision...
The part where she tries to hide that she was in her room and him mentally screaming liar was all just really cute... both are just trying to deny that seems to be obvious..
The sign language classes seemed to just make her so happy.. she was actually not cared about at all previously.. so this simple gesture of him makes her heart feel so excited.. abhi phir se u turn of Maan... Ouch
donno when this maan character will become easier to understand for us...

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simply amazing
loved it

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lovely update

just maan cant take her feelings out of his mind and geet is hell bent on affecting maan with her innocent signs.

maan has oppointed teacher to teach geet sign language. good to see that dadima also wants to learn who is the only one campanion for geet.

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lovely update ..
geet so innocent and love maan ..
love geet and dadima bonding ..she is making geet comfortable in every sense ..
geet kissed maan ..sweet moment ...
waiting for next ..

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thats really good

why the hell
my lappy is not able to open 
your fb account

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awesome updateSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile

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hi osheen ..
i want to ask geet permanently dumb ya its due to shock ... plz tell me ..

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