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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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Posted: 14 January 2014 at 11:54am | IP Logged
Lovely update.
Smileiting for the next

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Great part.

The description of her pain,slowly eating her up,shows how much emptiness Geet feels.And Maan,he is behaving super confusing.At one side he is neglecting Geet and on the other,he reacted violently at the mention of her leaving.

Yeh Maan chahta kya hai????

You've created a superb web of mystery.M getting eager for answers.

Loved d part.

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Grrr...Maan..i am feeling like stangling him..
Aakhir yeh chahta kya hai..
Geet uske liye kuchh kare woh bhi usse nahi chahiye woh jaana chahti hai toh jaane bhi nahi hota..
Idiot..moron..kyu usse aise tadpa raha hai..
Ma poor Geet..wht's her fault tht she is bearing all this..

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I am amazed by the response. 250 likes this fast n so many commentsApprove I wish u all would be so nice without me giving any targets tooOuch

~PART 11~

Mujhse dur jane ke bare me sochna bhi mat tum. Tum yahi rahogi, issi ghar me, meri ankho ke saame, samjhi tum? She stood still. SAMJHI TUM?

Geet shook her head. *Mujhe mat batayi mujhe kya karna hai aur kya nai, kyuki aap mujhe apna kuch nai maante par mai... aapko* She came forward n signed slowly now so he understood clearly what she wanted to say. *Mai aapko apna pati maanti hu. Aap dariye mat mujhe badle me kuch nahi chahiye. Bas mujhse aapki care karne ka haq mat chiniye, kyuki wo mai wo nai kar paogi.* Tentatively she reached forward to touch his face but he stepped back. She understood he needed space n left instantly from there.

Geet shivered lightly coming to her room, she hardly answered people back. Somehow she had said-signed-all those things to Maan n was relieved that she did otherwise the regret would have remained forever. A little weight lifted off her. She had wanted to confess this part of her feelings since the time she had gotten here. And finally she had collected enough guts to tell him.
Although, her feelings didn't remain same for very long. Around midnight Geet came to standstill in front of Maan's bedroom door. It always happened with her. She blabbered all madness then mulled n cursed herself for it later. Don't know what all she said n how much he understood. Was he mad at her? *Wo toh hamesha hi naraz rehte hai. Par phir bhi tujhe itna sab nai kehna tha, Geet. Agar unke dil ko teri baat lag gai toh?* Strangely, Geet didn't pay heed or remembered that he had said he wanted to stay away from, there were so many people already telling her that. She, however, remembered his words when he had so angrily yet dreamily said Mujhse dur jane ke bare me sochna bhi mat tum. Tum yahi rahogi issi ghar me, meri ankho ke saame, samjhi tum?' *haan samajh gai* She thought n blushed. *Kehte hai kuch maante nai aur pura haq bhi jatate hai.* Pushing open the bedroom door she quietly came in then kept her sorry note on the table.
Geet covered his body with the duvet n then enchanted with the soft glow of night light falling on his face, she sat on edge of bed. Running her hands through his hairs she discovered how thick n smooth they were. *Jaagte samay toh chune bhi nai dete.* Geet lamented remembering how he had stepped back from her touch. Was he always running from her because his mother didn't accept of her? It couldn't be so because then he wouldn't have left the mansion n came to outhouse. He didn't seem to be a person who very much cared about what other's thought of his actions, be it was his own family.
Then... Geet for first time thought of the possibility of her past affecting her present. Was he appalled by her because she was once raped? She was dirty, did he think that n just married her because of a serious case of pity. He perhaps saw her like the world generally saw a rape victim. Everyone sympathized with them, pitied them on TV screens n newspapers but a person from good family would never desire to meet them or be found as their friend by others. They would maintain distance. Did he also think that she had called upon herself that gory incident?
Did he even know how she lost her voice, that she was raped? It was all over the town, the talks always fresh. She wasn't known as Geet. She was known as the girl who had been deflowered one night in the farms four years ago. Except for her no one was oblivious to it. Only she ignored it n all others made it so obvious as though raped' was written across her forehead.
Just Geet had chosen to forget it. She couldn't live with it. Nobody ever consoled or assured her she was safe. Her only support was her own mind and she had decided to never fall weak. The trauma had followed her for ages but in the end she succeeded in leaving it behind. For no one else was there but her own self. And she had never done anyone's bad. Happiness, freedom, love, respect was at the end of road n someday, sometime, she was bound to reach that end.
She didn't realize that her fingers were stroking his face. Maan wasn't appalled by her. To even think along the lines would be his insult. He had so heroically saved her life, married her, gave her clothes, food, shelter, care. She remembered his each gesture, his touch. He hadn't freed his hand when she had woken up clutching it in the car. Instantly her dreamy brain got to work again. *Hayeee, aur wo bathroom me bhi toh...* Geet blushed furiously in the darkness. *Par sach me yeh kitne hot hai. Honge bhi kyu nai roz subah dhada-dhad workout jo karte hai.* Geet cursed herself for covering his body with duvet now.
Geet caressed his cheek n he leaned into her touch. Neend me bhi usse uska ehsaas tha. As if her heart got wings, she started to fly with his small, unconscious approval. He was so perfect, his features sharp n masculine yet there was tenderness in the dark deepness of his eyes, in the curve of his lips. Geet lightly touch his lips, so full. Her heart thudded as she recalled how passionately they had kissed her neck, a bit soft-a bit rough. She was leaning so close to his face there her ragged breath hit his skin. Maan stirred. *Babaji yeh jag gaye toh, kya sochenge? Ke mai neend me inka fayada utha rai thi.* Even as she thought so her finger was erotically pressing on his lower lip, parting the lips a bit. Before she could move back Maan pulled her over n then down beside him on the bed. Geet gasped tangled in the sheets n duvet with him. Maan drew her close, desperately removing the duvet n sheets from between them. His arms wound tightly around her and she found her face pressed over his chest. His toes shifted her salwar up, tickling her calf. She restrained the giggles that tried to erupt.
Geet raised her head n in the process her lips dragged along his chest n neck. Maan moaned sexily. Thousands of butterflies fluttered inside the pit of her stomach. But he was asleep. Geet sighed. *Ab kya karu babaji kaise nikalu yaha se?* She thought noticing how small she was against him. He had so completely wrapped her in him, like a mother would do to her child.
Her each curve n line fitted immaculately into his hard panes. Her eyes started to drop after a century of mulling over how to get out. It was futile when in truth she didn't want to go either. His bed was softer and bigger than hers n his body warm, strong. His breaths touching her head was a lullaby. For the first time in years she felt secure while sleeping.

Would Maan know where she was the whole night or not?Blushing


The faster I'll get likes n comments, the faster u'll get updateBig smileWink

Just a like n comment to make me happyEmbarrassed
Waiting eagerly Approve

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wow a lovely update. enjoyed a lot. u really made my day

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nice part.Clap

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Beautiful Update

Sachi mein Geet jhalli hain..

She said so much to Maan though nothing wrong but she felt bad for it and came to say sorry and kya hua..

she is in so much love with Maan tat even in his sleep she would just keep staring at him..

but the thought tat she was raped and he was having pity on her was painful.. though watever she said was right as rape victims are looked upon like tat.. but here tats not the case..

Ab tho m damn sure tat its Maan and his guilt is not letting him to come closer but for me i want to know does he knows tat she is the same girl or is it tat its his guilt tat he has ruined someone.. mera confusion sirf increase ho raha hain..Cry

But loved the way Geet's admires Maan.. her love for him is so pure tat she does not want anything from him but just the right to take care of him and his small needs... and Maan ne tho needh mein bhi fayda uttaya.. apni hi biwi ko leke so gaye...LOL

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