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SwaRon FF : Alpha's Territory #2 | CH 11 : PG 21 | 6th' Oct 2014

pehlanasha. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 9:45am | IP Logged


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pehlanasha. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 02 October 2012
Posts: 7911

Posted: 07 January 2014 at 9:45am | IP Logged

Who even thinks that i still send the PM's for updates of my work through this id are wrong. I have another id to send PM's and i useonly that to send PM's .

For those who kept waiting for me to accept their buddy requests on that id but when i don't they delete it. So, please don't do thatas i will accept the request. I only come to that id when i have to send PM's but before sending any, i do check my friend's waiting list and accept all the request then i send PM's. I can not log in to that id and accept the requests on daily basis but i doaccept them.
(PMz sending id)

^For those who want the update of my this FF have to add on this id. 

And who ever adds me to the id means they want to read this story and they read it which means i deserve and want a like and comment because nowadays people have stopped commenting and liking the stories, all they do is read, get happy and vanish but it does not encourage writer to write further.

"So whoever wants PM of the updates of this FF must like this post because only those will get PM who will like this post as i send almost 200 PM's but get only 20 comments back"

Yes, one most important thing i want to clear out.

This story/book has is not at all plagiarized by any means.

Copyrights reserved by Marium 2013.

If i do someone cheating or copying this story then i might take strict actions against him/her on illegal plagiarizing of my copyright for the books.



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pehlanasha. IF-Rockerz

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Swayam and Sharon both hold passion and love and wants for each other but they never takes steps,

which reach for each other. They burn for each others touch.

They need to be loved by their mates.

They need them, they want them but all in end, they love them.

What hurdles they will face to get each other?

What will happen after they will be mated?

What issues and problems their pack and they will face?

Beautiful tale is to be written or  battle ground will be colored red?


An Alpha is only a complete and successful Alpha when he has his Luna by his side supporting him and loving him. A mated male wolf is like blind magnet because all he can see is his mate and can do anything for her. No relation, no feelings, no emotions are above her. 

He can kill for her and get killed for her. He is like a magnet, which need her warmth all the time no matter what. He is blind to look anywhere else but her.  He dreams about her, think about her and all he want is to mate and mark her as his forever. 

A mated female wolf is the same, same as a mated male wolf. Even she is incomplete without his mate. He needs his passion, his love moreover she needs to have a complete feeling that her mate is with her. 

Without a mate no wolf has existed in history alive. They need mates to live happily or else there will be no use and good of their un-mated and existence for the wolf world.

It is all natural when a wolf came to know who is his or her mate. Wolf doesn't need to wait, it is like first sight thing. They see their mate and they know this wolf is their mates. 

Mating is a kind of process when you kiss your mate, naturally the name of your mates raise on your nape with light blue color. It is the first step of mating. It shows that yes, this is the person I love and who my mate is and who I am will get mated with and who I love and who will love me with same passion and who will be my side whole life no matter what. 

This goes for both male and female wolves. After mark, the need to be mated and mate their mates which is to make love, it is the most beautiful and unforgettable experience of wolves existence to get mate.

 This is the day they dream of, the most beautiful need and want. While mating the male wolves need to mark his mate as his and he bites on her pulse point. Which leave a wolf mark on it and thus she get marked. It is only for male though. 

After mating and having love with each other their inner desires and wants get aroused every time they see their mate. Which is wolf language is not lust or to have her but it is love which proves that you are attracted towards your mate and your mate as a power to make you drool every time you look at them. 

A mated wolf couple can hear talk through each other thoughts clearly but if their enemy is near any of them then the connection of heart talking detach. Not mated wolf can't hear and talk in their thought but they are also powerful to talk from their eyes. When a wolf is mated then no other werewolf or human can claim or get close to them because they are marked and they are someone else territory.

Like for a kingdom a king rule it. He has name but we call him king, same goes with the mated wolf who has his own pack or a pack he inherited from his family. He has name but all those who is in his pack calls him Alpha when it comes on command and respect.

Same goes for the mate of the Alpha that everyone calls her Luna when it comes to command and respect and even their elders can't say anything above their decisions or words. A female girl can only be a Luna of his mate in the pack when they both have mated but the male can be Alpha without mated too but one day or other he needs his Luna by his side and thus it is good is wolves finds their mates as soon as possible.


Wolf pack has his Alpha, who leads them and after that there is a beta who is selected by Alpha. Beta is the second position of the pack but he still doesn't have the authority to raise his voice against his Alpha. He can be kicked out off his position any time and no one can even raise their fingers or question Alpha for his decision.

 Beta always gets his mate with his mate will be the normal member of a pack and not any high hold member like him. There are lots of young wolves and experienced and aged wolves in the pack. The more the better.



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pehlanasha. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 9:49am | IP Logged

Swayam was turning 18 in 2 days and then he would take his position as Alpha of the pack he inherited from his grand-dad and then dad. He is a normal going boy of college in Simla. He is happy because becoming an Alpha was like a wish for his for so many years when he got to know that one day he will run a pack with his own commands and decision. He knows who his mate is but he is not mated. He looks at her, but never talked her. His eyes hold emotions for her but when she looks at him; he tends to close them to hide his emotions. He is strong but he is weak too to have a mate, a Luna. He needs his mate but he never takes step and reaches her.

Sharon a normal, happy going and actually a bit popular girls among college which is because he is the member of one of the strongest pack of Simla and the Alpha of the pack is his boyfriend. She knows he used to love him 2 years back, but when the day she saw his actually mate she just could not love anyone else rather than him. She is heartbroken and upset that he never shows his interest in her nor even looks at her. It is the most painful feeling for a wolf to know that his mate doesn't love her because a wolf know no matter what they have to love their mates even if the hate them and have to bare the pain all life. She waits for him to talk to her or approach her but he never does. She still waits but she knows that leaving his boyfriend right now when there is no one to protect her from his anger will be any good for her.


Pages links are hyper linked, simply click.

Thread One (Chapter One - Chapter Eight)

Chapter # 9 : Below.

Chapter # 10 : Page Sixteen.

Chapter # 11 : Page Seventeen.


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pehlanasha. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 9:49am | IP Logged
Thank you.

I know these are just 46 likes but i have more then 80 readers, dude! Just look up at first thread. Why am i getting such a low response now? Are you guys fed up of this story. Do tell me.

But anyways, whoever is still in contact with this story and showing there immense response, thanks to them a lot. I seriously love you for that! :)


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pehlanasha. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 9:50am | IP Logged

For PM's add to your id.

C h a p t e r # 9

Words : 2,026
Word checked.

Sharon met Swayam's parents and few of their other relative present their and almost the entire pack, may be to welcome her... rubbish. May be they were just curious, Sharon thought. Surprisingly her knees stopped shaking as soon as she realized no one is glaring at her nor spitting venom by this looks. She was going to thanks Swayam if he asked them not to. His parents were quiet comfortable with her. She felt strange though but they were good people. "So Swayam show Sharon her room. She must be tired. It's almost late night so we should be sleeping as well as tomorrow early in the morning you need to have a little meeting with Red Water pack's leader to supervise few things, remember?" His mother told him, "Oh shit! I totally forgot, I set that for tomorrow. Yeah, thanks for reminding me too." She turned to Sharon, "Make yourself feel at home and I will send something for you to eat, alright?" She told Sharon, "Oh, no. It's fine, I am not hungry just need some sleep, ma'am.. I mean Aunty...Err," Sharon felt confused as what to address her. "Aunty is just fine with me, Sharon." She told Sharon and walked to her room after smiling at her. Swayam winked at Sharon's direction, "Shall we?" He asked.

Sharon entered in her now new room. "This is nice," She commented. Swayam smiled and laid down on down with a loud thud. He was being jolly and kid now right. "You could have break the bed," Sharon said coming over him and laying flat on him as she folded her arms on his chest and looked at him. "Then I could have got a new one for new, simple!" He said and Sharon laughed. "Well, someone seems to be getting bit naughty..." Swayam said while eyeing their position as Sharon laid flat on him. Sharon frowned and got back, slapping in his chest. "Ouch, it hurts." Swayam mocked. "Yeah, right!" Sharon said, and then looked hesitated. "What happened?" Swayam asked sitting on bed now. "I was just wondering if you told your pack to behave, I mean they weren't glaring and all?" Sharon asked playing with her fingers. "Oh that, yeah I kind of told then to behave and respect you as their future Luna but about they not hating or rather you glaring at you is their own choice. They don't hate you, neither dislikes you. Actually they hate nobody in your pack except those who harm us. Our pack never hated yours, we was just protecting ourselves. We tried to talk to you pack many times about this but they seems to never care what is right and what is not except your father used to agree and few other peoples. So yeah... you can I didn't ask them to behave. Happy?" Swayam told Sharon and smiled looking at her confused face. "So you mean your pack doesn't hate mine as mine hates yours?" Sharon asked. "No, they don't and I am not saying this because they are my people. It is just a truth ad besides your could definitely see the different in your welcome in my house and when I entered in yours. Though it was fun, I didn't mind!" Swayam said with a smirk. "Idiot, Aplha!" Sharon said smacking his chest again.

Both of them were talking randomly when Sharon frowned, "Now what Ms. Luna?" Swayam teased her. "Um...  I am... hungry," Sharon told Swayam. "What? You didn't have dinner at your home?" He asked and Sharon bit her lower lips, which means a no. "Stupid woman, why did you say no to mom when she asked for something to eat?" He asked glaring at her. "I don't know." She said and made a puppy dog pouting face. "Remove!" Swayam said and closed his eyes. "What?" Sharon asked to him about what was he asking to remove. "That pout, or else I would kissed you!" He said so bluntly making Sharon blush and she smacked third time on his chest. "Whoa, don't find ways to touch my chest, pervert!" Swayam teased her. Sharon rolled her eyes, "You wish," She said. "Alright, so let's go to kitchen and heat you the dinner." He said and they both walked out of the door, only to be seen stopped by at a sight of Rey, eating something. Swayam rolled his eyes and went further into kitchen. Sharon stood behind him as he searched for leftover food. "Hurry up, I am very hungry, Swayam!" Sharon wined from behind. "Where did the left over spaghetti went? Into air or what?" He said. Hearing that Rey got stunned and stop his hands on the leftover' dinner he almost has finish now. Sharon tapped Swayam shoulder, "There!" She said and made a puppy face again. Swayam saw where she was pointing and he felt like putting his entire arm in Rey's intestine and get the spaghetti out of it. "You really think I would eat the spaghetti came out of an intestine?" Sharon gasped at Swayam as she heard his kind, obviously. "No, but it would be fun to try something like this, right? He is a fat-ass. Always eating!" Swayam said glaring at Rey who gulped down with fear. "What is fun?" He asked knowing that Swayam is pure frustrated right now. "To put his arm all the way in your intestine," Sharon said calmly as it is not big deal and next thing Rey ran into his room. "You we have to nothing to eat, really?" He said searching the fridge again.

After few minutes they finally realized that there was no actually food in the kitchen for Sharon to eat except eggs and snacks. Which she doesn't want to eat at all, she would rather sleep empty stomach then eating eggs and chips for dinner. At last she left no option for Swayam to pull up his sleeves and get started over Italian spaghetti, one thing he knows best to make and doesn't need many ingredients for it.  "We got spaghetti, tomato puree, cheese, capsicum, chicken and... some cumin seeds and Indian spices," Swayam said grinning at Sharon. "What cumin seeds and Indian spices, in spaghetti?" Sharon asked out of confusion. "Yes, that is why I call it Punjabi spaghetti and also I will give tarka over it with ghee." He said and chuckled at her horrified expression. "You know Swayam, suddenly I am not feeling that much hungry. We can sleep you know?" Sharon said trying to make some excuse as she doesn't wanted to risk her life after eating this super Punjabi spaghetti and that too made by non-other than chef Swayam. "Shut up and keep it mind to not make noises while I cook as people are sleeping." He said and started cutting chicken into cubes. "You know how to cook?" Sharon asked while she opened a packet of Oreo cookies and started munching. "No, I just saw mom teaching Sonia how to cook spaghetti for her fianc so I learned from that but when actually tried to make myself one time I totally forgot the main recipe and instead tried few different things which I knew were always done in cooking, like when I open the drawer I saw cumin seeds, and they looks sort of cute so I added them and then of course Indian spices are commonly used in every city of India and I put that too and in end I give it a tarka and surprisingly it came out too good. After that I make that often when I wish to make food for my family," He said. Wow, Sharon was impressed. "Nice," She murmured. Swayam smiled at her.

Swayam didn't served spaghetti in plates rather pointed a fork towards Sharon when he switched off the stove, "No serving?" She teased him. "Nope. There is always a reason behind it." He said. Sharon took first bite of the spaghetti and was actually impressed more. It actually tasted like spaghetti but more yummy. "Wow, this is really nice Swayam. It's amazing!" She said and rolled a large amount of spaghetti on her fork and gulped down. "Told you," Swayam said. They kept eating the spaghetti from the utensil until it cleaned as new. "We ate all!" Sharon said and giggled. "Yeah, I made enough for both us. I actually started feeling hungry while making it." Sharon smiled widely, "God I am so full. It was the best spaghetti I have ever eaten. I am surely going to bug you often to make it for me." She said and took water bottle out of fridge and drank. "You come on, go to your room. We need to take some good sleep before morning as tomorrow it is your official day of meeting with my family and pack. May be lots of pack members will come to visit you." Swayam said looking at her happy face, but Sharon frowned hearing what Swayam said. She was still very nervous. Obviously suddenly new place, new house, new people, basically everything is new now. "Don't worry nothing will go wrong. I am with you right?" Swayam said smiling softly at her. "You sure?" She asked shrugging. "100% sure!" He said and wrapped his arm around her waist. He walked her to her room wishes good night to her before leaving to his own room.


Sharon wasn't able to sleep even if she was trying. May be it was stupid but she felt like someone was watching her. Her room was not too far away from the other rooms. She could just run out if she wanted to but she was scared. She was a werewolf and she didn't feel any emotion called fear. What she was feeling was conscience. She got suspicious. She could hear roaring of night wind through her open window. She doesn't close it though. She walked out of the bed and reached towards that window. She opened the door next to it and stepped in the balcony attached to her bedroom. In his house, every room has its own attached balcony even though it was small. She took a deep breath of a fresh wind. In a second she felt someone passing in front of her. Someone like her; someone so fast that she wasn't even able to see the face if that someone has it though. Sharon stiffened and looked around her getting all conscious and suspicious now. She stepped back inside opened her bag. She took out her cell phone and flipped her. There were those 5 crystals still attached. She pressed her palm over them and closed her eyes for a second as she smelt a familiar yet so unfamiliar smell around her and it smelt so nice. It smelt like... Swayam. Sharon frowned but stiffened again just to confirm as she thought that she thinks it is Swayam's scent because all she does all the time is to think about him. She thought, "Gosh, how stupid this love can be sometimes! Now I can smell that jerk's scent as well who wouldn't care and must be sleeping in his room by now!' She thought and slapped her forehead, just then a strong wave of the same scent filled her nostrils but this time it was different. It wasn't actually Swayam's scent. Sure, it smell same but this time it was a bit changed, like a person with Swayam's smell but the person himself is not Swayam. Not that is not good,' Sharon though.

She thought that Swayam just went to his room but... shit! What if he is in danger or something! She ran out of her room towards Swayam's room and knocked at the door, twice, thrice... no one answered. She went to her room and to the balcony and eyed the entire road and the forest opposite the road from the balcony. It was dark, entirely and scaring dark, like scorching a soul beneath the darkness. She couldn't think more. All she could do was to react and she did jump out of the balcony turning into a huge bundle of white furs.


So yeah... 15 pages to be spammed and i really want to see 60 likes at least this time. Why am i having a feeling that people has stopped reading my work now!? I want nice comments too. I am sad that i am not getting any deserving response.

I am increasing my pages demand i get a little lesser time to write and you have time to whenever you want to spam so that i can write easily.

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Reserve if you want a update will be posted in a while.

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unres free hone ke baad

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