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Raesha FF: Finding Home thread 2 link added.. (Page 99)

jia03 Goldie

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ch 17:
aisha is missing sam...
finally raesha meetBig smile

jia03 Goldie

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Posted: 17 May 2014 at 3:18am | IP Logged
ch 18:
awesome updateClap
finally they met... Big smile 
hope the misunderstanding gets cleared now...
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update kab de rahe ho?

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update KB milega
waiting dear
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hello peeps, long time...hope all doing fine..SmileSmile
well i know i am quite late this time..stuck up with work and some personal issues too..
also a mini block about the next updates...Embarrassed

now finally I am here comes the next two parts together...hope it makes up my long absence Big smile

but since its long..the updates might not be leave your feedbacks after reading them...nd if it isnt up to the mark, please forgive me..Stern SmileStern SmileStern Smile

now no more banters...couldnt reply to anyone individually...but have read and appreciated all the comments...they are the reason why were are here...Embarrassed

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Chapter 19

The song ended with a loud sound of applause and cheering from the audience. That brought Aisha back to her alerted form. She found herself still held onto Yogesh's arms. She looked at the mob, standing with their partners and greeting her with praiseful words. She tried to move herself away politely but Yogesh's grip on her waist wasn't lose enough for her to move away.

Though the level of rage increased a number of folds again, she controlled herself and looked towards Yogesh. He had a cunning smirk playing on his lips with a wicked glint in his eyes. Though he didn't speak a word, his fingers lingering on her bare back and curling slowly on her waist did give out his intentions.

Aisha looked away trying to hide her anger and disgusted feel, with awkwardness and a flushed face. Yogesh didn't miss that and was quite happy of his achievement. He leaned close to her ears and whispered softly in a husky tone,

'it was brilliant aisha, just like you.' he said and left her, moving towards the edge of the stage and down the hall.

Aisha was looking around searching for 'him'. But the sudden closeness and then the breath falling on her shoulder, startled her. She turned to her side, forcing yogesh to remove his hands of her. The compliment had already been expected but the disgusted feel it would give wasn't expected. She tried to mask her irritation, but failed initially. But quickly turned and masked it well, giving gracious smiles to her praising audience.

Yogesh moved down the stage and got busy with his guests. Ayesha moved towards the back stage, after giving a final look around the long hall. None of the ETF members were present. She quickly moved towards her makeup room in the back and entered hurriedly locking the door behind.

Was she angry or just tensed, she didn't know, but there was something which was making her heart feel heavy. Was it 'his' absence or yogesh's increasing steps towards her, but she was disturbed tremendously and wanted to smash her head on the wall.

She turned towards the room and took her bag to get the dress for the evening. She quickly changed into a simple blue chiffon saree and stood in front of the mirror to look at herself, picking up the sponge to give some touches to her makeup. She brushed her hair, all the way concentrating back on her work and steadied her betraying heart.

She finished her makeup and kept her things back. Firmly gripping the clutch in her hand, she walked towards the door. She turned the knob and went out, heading towards the party downstairs.

She reached the hall and stepped towards the back. The guards were on their strict duty at the end of the halls, but again none of 'them' were there. Her eyes scanned the whole place and found Yogesh talking to his manager softly, his face showed anger. Aisha stood in her place at the back, tracing the manager with her eyes and found him moving towards the bartender. He spoke into his ears and the bartender nodded, taking in his orders.

Aisha watched the manager leave and stepped towards the bar counter. She wanted to keep a close watch on the drinks being served, there was surely something messy going on. She sat on one of the stool, waiting for the bartender to finish his initial orders, when someone tapped at her shoulder slightly.

The thought of Yogesh brought back the initial disgust feel and her eyes closed at their own accord. She signed composing herself silently and turned with a pretty smile. But to her dismay it was Arjun and he seemed to enjoy her initial surprise and confusion.

Aisha looked at him and then around, watching yogesh or his men. Yogesh was stealing glances at her, from his usual conversations to the guests. Arjun stood beside her, ordering a fruity punch for the lady, which Ayesha didn't reject. The bartender instantly served the drink and Ayesha formally thanked him for it. Their eyes met and Arjun opened his mouth to speak, when they heard a sudden commotion at the end of the hall.

It was a drunk girl dressed in formal clothes, trying to enter the party hall but was stopped by the guards. She was struggling all along with them but they were adamant to stop her at the door. The girl was shouting at the top of her lungs, muttering curses at Yogesh and his guests. All the attention of the guests had shifted to the lady at the door and so was Arjun and Ayesha's eyes too.

Ayesha looked at the girl. She could recognise her now. She had seen her during her performance, sitting at the bar, with her back to the stage, stuffing in pegs of whiskey. She hadn't seen the face then, but now she could see the pretty face, giving out disgusted looks and heated glares at Yogesh.

She kept the glass back on the table and looked at the bartender, he seemed to enjoy the show and was completely engrossed with the curses she was pronouncing wrong. Ayesha took the chance and stepped towards Arjun. Arjun felt her presence beside and quickly took a look at her from the corner of his eyes.

'kya mamla hai janti ho?' he muttered under his breath, but quite audible to Ayesha, who stood beside him,

'Manisha, designer at the event managing company and Yogesh's last muse,' Ayesha replied in an equally soft and inaudible volume,

Arjun looked at her for a brief moment and looked back at the door, where Yogesh had finally taken over and manisha was pointing her shoe at him. Rathore had arrived too along with Riya, who was trying to pacify her holding her by her arm.

'lo tumhara gulam bhi aa gaya..'Arjun spoke in a husky tone,

'gulam?' she asked him surprised, carefully looking around for any other ear,

'wo green and black checked shirt, manisha ke piche khara hai,' he replied with a smirk,

'mujhe laga tum apni baat kar rahe ho,' she replied with a smirk,

'nehi, my master is trying to help that idiot lady Ayesha, mujhe chorke sabki help karti hai,' he replied with weird face,

'waise tum yaha kya kar rahe ho? Uske pass jao and keep a track on her, she knows something,' she replied,

'tumhe kaise pata?' arjun asked,

'Yogesh ne mujhe bataya tha, pehele hi warn karna isn't a good sign, you know,' she replied,

Arjun frowned at the information and looked at the lady, who was unconscious now and was being taken out by some men. Rathod was instructing some guards along with riya, while Yogesh was apologizing to his guests. Yogesh kept a soothing smile on his face, though the scared look in his eyes, didn't go unnoticed by any of the ETF members.

Arjun looked back at Yogesh and found him back to his own self again. He looked at Aisha and found her speaking to an aged lady, beside her, who was complementing her for her lovely performance. The lady took her away a few steps checking out her earrings and Arjun waited. Arjun didn't know why, but there was something in her gestures, which made him wait for her. He walked close to her and called her.

'Aisha,' she looked at him and then excused herself from the lady,

'tum kuch kehena chahati ho?' he asked her softly,

'there is some problem with the secured network, mere phone mein kuch hai about manisha, get that from there aur manisha ko track karo, she knows much and her...' she couldn't complete, as a hand with two glasses of Champaign arrived in between them.

Arjun and Ayesha both turned towards the glasses and found Yogesh standing with a confused expression plastered on his face. Ayesha composed herself instantly and gave him one of her most mesmerizing smiles.

'a drink for the lady,' Yogesh forwarded her one of the glass,

Ayesha accepted it politely smiling at him.

'meine disturb to nehi kiya?' he asked alternating his eyes between the two,

'nehi,'Ayesha replied with a seducing smile,

'this is ACP Arjun Rawte, second in command ETF,' she informed looking at arjun intently,

'Nice to meet you officer, apke bare mein kafi suna hai,' Yogesh nodded at Arjun,

'pleasure Mr Shikhawat, 'Arjun informed,

'pleasure is mine ACP Rawte, such fine officers securing my petty party, thank you for your efforts,'

'abhi Ayesha apki aur apki party ki hii tariff kar rahi thi,'arjun started,

'Don't embarrass me Ayesha!! so how do you know each other?,'

'ahh,I know him personally yogesh,' Ayesha replied, 

Arjun nodded at that and looked at Ayesha. He was just about to take her leave when Yogesh spoke up again,

'ohh, hume bhi batao, ap ek dusre ko kaise jante ho?' yogesh asked them, sipping his drink,

Ayesha looked at Arjun and then looked back at him, she was about to start a story but Arjun quickly started his,

'Ayesha ki shadi hone wali thi mere dost ke saath, per isne behe rehemi se usse reject kar diya, bas tabse usse samjhane ki koshish karta hu. Lagta hai Aisha ko ACP pasand hi nehi, shayad gangster dhoondna parega,' Arjun spoke up, giving a smirk at Ayesha, earning a glare in return,

Yogesh started laughing loudly at that. The other two looked at each other and then him. He composed himself and came close to aisha, holding her by her shoulder,

'Aisha is a gem ACP Rawte, uske liye to ACP bhi gangster ban jaye. Isi party mein dekhiye najane kitne shahid hone aye hai,' he said looking at Ayesha with lusty eyes,

Aisha gave a shy smile and moved away, firmly removing the hand which held her close to the man, she hated most.

Arjun watched that and came forward to take the leave. He was on work and needed to attend to that immediately.

Aisha smiled at him, nodding slightly. Yogesh was watching them quietly. He was doubtful about the conversation which went around in front of him, but kept quiet. He didn't want to disturb his night. The lady in front was more delicious than any of his exotic deserts.

Yogesh shook hands with Arjun and bid him goodbye, raising the glass at him. Arjun nodded and looked at Ayesha for the last time. They need not speak words to exchange their minds. Ayesha knew what he meant. 

Yogesh found Ayesha lost in thoughts and slightly tapped at her glass. She looked at him with a small grin and accompanied her into his circle of guests.

He took the attention of the guests and raised a toast for their success. He clicked the glasses, raising another toast at his special performer's awesome performance. Ayesha didn't disappoint him. She gave a pleasant smile and took the glass to her lips. She sipped the drink slightly and looked up, smiling at him.

Ayesha wasn't sure of the Yogesh's intentions today and kept the glass away from her lips as much as she could. A few sips and she knew well, what it was. Yogesh had played his cards well and there was surely something disastrous hidden behind everything going around. The only one help was Manisha.

She was happy she could inform Arjun about the same and he trusted at her instincts. She was sure, Arjun would tap her phone and would get all the information she wanted to send them. The security network failure from the time she had arrived in Mumbai was giving her mission a major setback.

Aisha looked around and found yogesh again busy with his guests. She quickly opened her clutch and took out her phone. Keeping an eye around, she typed something on the phone and pressed the send button. It showed a message being delivered to a particular number. She was happy and relaxed.

She made her way to the washroom, keeping the glass intact with her. The washroom was occupied by two other ladies, who worked for Yogesh and were smitted by his charms. That's what she could get from the lousy discussion they were into. She took the end of the wash basin and kept her glass and clutch on it. She washed her hands and used a drier to dry it.

She could see through the mirror the girls had noticed her and was surely muttering some curses at her, for being so close to their charming Prince.' She smiled at their weird faces and the strange angry glares, thrown at her, behind her back. She picked up a tissue and smudged her nose and upper lips with it.

Quickly giving a few curl strokes at her fallen locks with her fingers, she opened her clutch and picked out her lipstick. Colouring her lips to a deeper shade of pink, she took a look at her sari, adjusting it at places. The other two ladies were almost in the verge of killing her with their curses, if not for the clutch to fall down from her hand and hit the glass splitting the special champanyne on the floor, with the glass breaking into another thousand pieces.

Aisha looked at the debris on the ground. The liquid flew down on the floor, with small particles of white crystals remaining behind. She gave a winning smile at the other two ladies, who seemed to be in a shock. They were looking at her with wide eyes. None of them would have even tried to place the so-special drink toasted by such a handsome, rich young man, on a wash basin so carelessly. Aisha hid her laugh at their desperation and made a stupid pouted face.

She shrugged her shoulders at them and picked up her clutch. Giving a last look at herself in the mirror she walked out, tapping her toes and smirking at the dumb folded faces.

She walked out and went straight to Yogesh. Yogesh too was looking around for her, when he finally found her coming out from the direction of the washroom. He welcomed her alerted and gave one of his most charming smile. Aisha too returned back her pleasantries. Yogesh introduced her to few of his guests and all praised her for the song. She posed overwhelmed. The names of the guests had been noted inside her little brain and they needed to be investigated too.

She made it a note to get her informers working on it soon. After about an hour of enjoying with the party finally Yogesh called her for the dinner together. She posed tired and skipped it. She took her leave politely and walked towards the entrance. She wanted to meet Sameer before he left the building for the night.

But Yogesh wasn't an easy catch. He knew well, Aisha wasn't much affected with the drug he had induced in her drink. Though her eyes showed tiredness and heavy, but he hadn't missed the controlled self she was in. He proposed to drop her at her room before she left the hall all alone.

'Its ok yogesh. Apke kuch guest abhi bhi yahi hai, they might like to meet you before they leave, I can leave myself. Thank you for the concern,' Aisha said and turned to her heals, she didn't want to wait there another second.

'Aisha ruko, you don't seem well. Ill company you, my guest would be taken care of by my manager, lets go,' yogesh said and walked ahead of her towards the elevator, without sparing another moment for her to think.


wait...scrolll down for the next part..WinkWink

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Chapter 20

Aisha didn't have a chance to escape this time. She was desperately looking for one glimpse of any ETF members, through whom she could atleast send a message to sam. But all were busy outside, only the security officials were present. She couldn't meet them as Yogesh was waiting for her inside the elevator.

She quickly look her step inside the elevator and took a corner, away from Yogesh. Yogesh was standing behind her devouring her with his eyes. Aisha could feel his gaze at her back and felt a loathing engulfed her. She fisted her palm trying to stop the increasing rage inside her. The elevator stopped at a floor and looked up at the number, still some floors left for her desired floor to arrive.

She pressed the button on the metal beside and the door closed instantly. The elevator started moving again. The journey was in pure silence and with the two of them only. Suddenly she felt a finger tracing her naked arm. She turned her head slightly and saw Yogesh standing just behind her inhaling the perfume from her open hair. His fingers were lingering on her skin, making tiny circles on her arms and shoulder.

She fisted her palm tighter trying to keep herself calm and composed. She remained standing their stern and cold. Yogesh had felt her body stiffen and moved a step back. Aisha didn't make a single move. She was as cold and numb as she was when they first stepped in the elevator. The dirty filthy hands of the man behind her, was giving an irritated feeling down her spine.

She looked at the number of the floor, another two floors to go. She waited losing her patience every second now. Yogesh was silent too, but his attention and his eyes, never left her for a single moment.

The elevator dinged at the right floor and Aisha picked up her pleads to get out. Yogesh followed her keeping a small distance between them. They reached her assigned room and that was the first time when she turned to him. She smiled at him and muttered a soft 'thanks.'

Yogesh nodded at her, still looking at her for his answer, but Aisha looked away, fiddling with the key from her clutch. She turned at the door and had just put the key in the keyhole, when she felt two strong arms wrap around her and hold her palm. She struggled a bit in the beginning but stopped the moment she heard a soft whisper at her ear,

'Do you mind Aisha?' the husky voice from yogesh fell in her ears,

Aisha shook herself up forcing him to remove his arms around her. She turned to him with a smirk and a cunning glint in her eyes.

'Yogesh, did I ever say I mind?? But everything has a proper time, and it isn't the time for pleasure. We are here for business and your guests are still waiting for you. I think you should entertain them first before entertaining your special performer,' Aisha replied him, rubbing his suit with the back of her palm,

Yogesh gave her a meaningful nod along with a cunning smile.

'you always do this Aisha, it hurts, don't you know? But there will surely come a time, when you wouldn't be able to reject me with anything, I promise.' He said and took her hand.

He softly placed a kiss on the back of her palm and smoothed the skin with his tongue. Aisha held her hand tight and took away the instance, he left it. He bid a goodnight' and walked towards the elevator again. His manager too met him at the elevator, speaking about something, both went inside.


Aisha entered the room and locked the door. She leaned on the closed door and closed her eyes.  She was surprised that she was actually scared when Yogesh stepped closer to her. It wasn't that she was incapable of fighting him back, but there was a strange feel which had cumbered her. She felt he had started doubting her intensions.

She was feeling tired. She dragged herself to the bed and slumped on it. She still has some work to do before relaxing inside her room. She picked up her clutch and from it the mini metal detector. She dragged it all around the room, searching for any hidden cameras or devices. It was her work everyday now. Assured she again sat down on the bed.

Leaning her back on the stack of pillows slightly she closed her eyes. The images of the long day came flashing back at her.

The shocked face of Riya, 'His' sudden entry into her dressing room, the verbal fight, the pain in 'his' eyes, 'his' abrupt confession, 'their' absence during her performance, Sam's angry face, Arjun's restlessness, Arjun's conversation with Yogesh, Yogesh's scared face, manisha and the irritating closeness from Yogesh.

'that night I did lose my control, but I had not used you. I might be selfish and filthy but I had never tried to touch your modesty. I had always respected you more than I did for anyone. But I know that doesn't count. I don't know where and how we will meet again, but I hope you keep yourself safe from the respected gentleman you are serving for,'   

The words still rang in her ears. Was it the actual truth? Was he so much concerned for her? No it wasn't, he was again trying to make a fool of her, of her feelings. Feelings? For him? No way, I cant fall for that idiot, dumb, careless fellow, its just that I care for humans, and he isn't one. I care for inhumans too nowadays.

Aisha sat upright. She held her palm and rubbed it vigorously. That Moron Yogesh, how dare he even think of getting cosy with me. Agar ye mission nehi hota, I would have chunked the head out of him. Itni himmat ati kaise hai?

Sameer ko dekho, pata hai mein yaha hu, fir bhi ekbar mil nehi paya. Ek bar mil leta to kiya jata uska? Haan mission thora risky ho jata, but fir bhi, I wanted to meet him. How dare he lie to me. If he hadn't come close to me that night, to fir wo baat ayi hi kiyu?

Ullu, wo kya karega mere saath, ek ulte haath ki paregi na to akal thikane aa jayegi. Kahi sameer gay to nahi? hamesha larkiyo se sharmata firta hai. nehi nehi, gay nehi hoga, mein bhi na kya kya sochti hu.

Bewakoof kahika...wo kya mere pass ayega. Kyu nehi ayega? Meine manaa thori kiya hai?

She started smiling at her own thoughts. Her cheeks had started burning already. She turned and looked into the mirror. Her nose and cheeks were taking a shade of red. She looked away thinking about him.

Sameer's concerned angry faces, his weird shameful red faces when she came close to him, his dumb peculiar expression and weak smiles when it came to shopping things, the tired snoring sound sleep after a long day and his blushing cheeks, when aisha complimented him, everything was giving her the bliss, which her work, her success, even the male attentions couldn't give.

It wasn't the first time, she was missing him, but it was definitely the first time, she was longing to meet him. She would return back to Pune the next evening, before that she wanted to meet him once, may be the last time to get things sorted out between them.

She stood up to pick up her clutch and get the phone from there. She was expecting a message and it had come. She opened it and smiled. Her work was done. She changed and washed her face. With Sameer, all over her mind and soul, she slept for the night, waiting for a day with him'.


It was late night when Arjun reached the ETF building and parked the car. Shree dropped out from it and walked towards the gate. The lights were still on, people were still sitting at their stations working inside the ETF office.

Arjun headed towards Rathore's cabin while Shree went back to his work. Sameer was engrossed into a CCTV camera footage, where it was playing Aisha's performance. He was watching it for a hope of getting some evidences from it, but the moment Aisha started singing he was mesmerized by her.

He knew this lady was multi-talented but the lady who kicked the asses of the brutal criminals, could sing with such zeal, it was incredible. He increased the volume of the earphone and concentrated on his lady. Her face, the little gestures with her hands, the tapping of her feet softly with the occasional rhythm and the soulful voice. He was completely lost in her.

He looked at her face, it held a calmness, which he had not seen when they first met after so many months in the dressing room. That face held pain and anger. The day she had left was the worst day for him. He had kept himself busy with work but her voice, her antics, her tears, her innocence, everything was around him, in his mind in his soul.

He knew she wasn't wrong in what she said or thought, he had erupted the thoughts in her. He felt guilty for that but there wasn't a scope nor was he brave enough to accept his guilt in front of her. Then the divorce they were seeking, had sunken his heart into a greater sorrow. He kept quiet, trying to figure out the next moves in his otherwise lonely life.

But now when he had almost confessed his guilt in front of her, he was now longing for her. He had missed her every moment of their separation, but the desperation of meeting her after knowing she was here in the same city was different. He wanted to talk to her, convince her that he needed her in his life, beside him and with him, with his every misery, with his every courageous defeat but there was still something inside which kept him silent, not accepting his own feelings.    

He came to his thoughts when the music went a bit loud and he found Aisha in Yogesh's arms. His hands were moving slightly tracing the slim waist, while his eyes never left Aisha's lips. He felt a sudden pang of anger and jealousy and banged the table with his fisted palm.

'Dammit, ye larki, pareshan kar degi mujhe, dekho kaha fas gayi hai ye, agar bolunga to mujhe hi bewakoof kahegi, mein kuch nehi bolunga, jab khudpe musibaat ayegi tab samjhegi,' he muttered to himself, looking closely at the screen,

Yogesh swayed with her in the screen, while his hands slowly moved up towards her shoulder, caressing her back. But with everything going with her, Aisha was busy looking around.

'was she searching for me? No it cant be, she is enjoying herself with that ba****d. Kisi din mere samne aye na to haath hi ukhar ke fhek dunga,' he muttered with a deep frown.

It took him sometime more to finish watching the performance and he tried to keep a tab on Yogesh and his moves on Aisha, after the performance but Arjun came in, followed by Shree.

Sameer looked up at them and paused the video, removing the headphones from his ears. Arjun took a seat while Shree stood beside them.

'Rathore, Aisha ne uss larki ke bare mein bataya, Manisha, Yogesh ka kuch purana chakkar hai. Aur Shree ko kaha hai Aisha ka phone trace karne ke liye,' Arjun spoke up,

'shree dhyan rakhna, her secured network will start soon, network ko hack kar lena, we want all the conversation and information about Yogesh. Wo larki Manisha kaha hai rawte?' rathore asked,

'mere ghar, Riya hai uske saath, behosh hai, hosh ate hi riya bula legi,' arjun informed,

'okay, Shree, Aisha ko track karte rehena, Yogesh ki nazar hai uspe, she could be in trouble,' rathore spoke up,

'Right sir,' shree replied,

'chotu kaha hai?' arjun asked,

'Wo apne kisi informer ko dock pe nazar rakhne ke liye usse milne gaya hai,'shree replied,

'okay, kuch bhi pakra nehi gaya na?'

'nehi sir, custom ne already dispatch kar diya tha, hum usse rok nehi paye,'

'kal subah waha chalte hai, shayad koi suraag mil jaye,' Arjun exclaimed and all nodded,

Shree left after a few more minutes of discussion. Arjun too discussed the rest of the case and got up to leave. He was at the door when he turned back,

'Sameer acha kiya jo tum Aisha se nehi mile, Yogesh is a sharp dog, my gut feel says, he had smelled something,'

'I understood that rawte, isi liye to tumhe bheja tha, she too needed a support, Yogesh isn't a simple criminal.'

Arjun nodded and turned to the door,

'tum ghar nehi jaoge rathore?'

'Nehi mujhe kam hai abhi,' Sameer replied and put back the head phones,

Arjun smiled and walked out, leaving the building quickly.


Yogesh was sitting inside his lavish room watching the television, when he received a call from one of his trusted allies. He picked up the call and spoke to him,

'haan, deliver hua?' he asked,

'haan saab, koi kuch nehi kar paya,' the caller replied,

'hmm, aur jo pata lagane ko kaha tha? Uska kya hua?' he asked again,

'mein pata laga raha hu saab, per lagta hai ACP Rawte ka unke saath kuch nehi hai,'

'pehele ka koi connection?'

'aisa kuch pata to nehi chala, per hum koshish kar rahe hai,'

'Arjun Rawte ka dost, uske bare mein pata lagao, zaroor kuch milega,'

'thik hai saab, pata lagte hi phone karta hu,'


The call disconnected. Yogesh kept down the phone and concentrated back to the television screen.


done for today..hope you dont go to sleep after reading the two parts together...give back your feedbacks...Embarrassed

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