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Raesha FF: Finding Home thread 2 link added.. (Page 87)

rimi_invisible IF-Rockerz

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First thank you for all the comments...couldnt reply to anyone but all your comments were motivating..

here comes the next part...

Chapter 16

Aisha took her seat inside the flight and looked outside. Finally the day has come. After months away from the city she was going back to Mumbai. But unfortunate for her, she wasn't going back home.

Though the house was never her home nor had she considered the occupant in the house her own but there was something in the few months of stay there that kept calling her back. She was feeling a strange restlessness at the thought of returning back to the place. She was eager to go back. But she knew well what her work demanded and she had to keep with it.

Yogesh took the seat beside her and adjusted his coat. He was happy he was finally able to take Aisha with him. He had all this steps ready. The lady beside him wasn't any ordinary woman who would fall for in with some fake greed. She needed some real reason to allow a man in her room.

Women weren't new in yogesh's life. He had his fascination for two things in life, power and women. He had had his hand on them ever since he had known them. Though not many know of his illicit affairs with his so called lady loves but there was surely few who knew him well. One of them was Manisha,' once his exotic muse, money'', thats how he called her,  and now the assistant designer at The Wales,' the event organizer company who will be arranging the charity event.

He had taken his precautions to keep manisha away from Aisha at any cost but still a slight doubt about the scene she could make once she finds him with another woman.

He looked at Aisha and found her looking outside lost somewhere in her mind. He called her twice but she didn't reply. Finally he held her palm. It was cold. She felt his hand on hers and jerked away from her thoughts, looking at him. He didn't leave her hand nor did she struggle.

'Aisha you looking beautiful today, may i?' he said and looked at her.

Yogesh looked at her sharp questioning gaze and slowly took her hand in his. Pulling it towards his lips he placed a soft kiss on the knuckles rubbing it with his chin. Aisha fisted her other arm to control herself from slapping the guy and masked her distaste with an amused expression on her face,

'Thanks lekin isn't it too early yogesh? We are still in a flight and this isn't a place to appreciate,' she spoke up with a smirk, the officer was back in her and her instincts told her what was coming up,

'well, yaha nehi to kaha?' he asked her with a wink,

'abhi to safar suru hua hai, performance to mumbai mein haina?' she replied to him,

Yogesh shook his head. He loved the way this lady always overpowered him but then he was here to cage her.

'Aisha we still have to cover a long journey, so don't you think we can talk of something else other than work?'

'The journey isn't too long yogesh. I am your employee and we are going for an important work, i think something else would only distract us,'

Yogesh started laughing at it and shook his head. She looked at him with a blank face,

'waise Aisha tell me, mumbai mein tum kisi ko janti ho? You have anyone your own there?'

'yeah a friend...' she replied thoughtful,

'friend ya special friend?' he probed her again,

She shook her head trying to remove the thoughts from her head.

'Just a friend, we had lost contact long back and now i don't know whether he would like to meet me ever,' she said in a very low tone, almost not audible but yogesh had heard,

'tumse koi na milke kaise rehe sakta hai aisha? He must be a fool to avoid you,'

'no he isn't a fool. I was a fool to have trusted him,' she thought but didnt speak a word.

Yogesh felt her silent and played his next set of cards,

'My ex girlfriend stays in Mumbai,' he said releasing his breath,

'apki girl friend?' she asked surprised at his sudden confession,

'haan manisha. Three years back I met her in pune. She was studying there. We met, we fell in love but a few misunderstandings and we broke up. She left the city and settled in mumbai. She works for The Wales,' the event organizer,'

'you didnt try to meet her or speak to her?' she asked,

'I did but her own insecurities took her away from me. She never tried to speak or talk to me after that and i gave her the freedom to decide her life.'

Aisha understood there was something behind all his confessions. She had to know the real back story behind this girl manisha and why was she suddenly being mentioned.

Aisha had known about Yogesh's numerous lusty affairs and then when his desires were fulfilled throwing the ladies into a rotten dustbin. Her informers had kept her notified about his moves, his plans and how he had wooed the ladies earlier. She had kept herself aware of all his cunningness.

But today his sudden confession was arousing doubts against him. Whether the story was true she didn't know, neither had she heard of manisha earlier.

She heard his sad story but kept a blank face putting on some sympathizing words.

'Aisha i dont regret anything i have ever done in my past, coz i am sure it has led me to this day and my present is the more than just beautiful,' he said looking at her closely pressing softly on her palm.

She smiled with an understanding glint in her eyes and looked away. She knew what he meant and what everything was leading to. She would meet manisha soon and she might be her sharpest weapon against Yogesh.


It wasn't the first time when ETF was assigned for security of a high profile gathering. But the disgust feel of the members had increased a several folds mainly coz of the earlier case which had been so complicated and hectic yet they were flying with success.

Riya was continuously clicking on the print tab with a pouted face. She never liked these security works. They had to stand continuously watching around when nothing actually happened in front of them. Most of the cases they had assigned security earlier were fake alerts and nothing much happened for them to investigate.

Chotu was munching on the fifth packet of biscuit yawning and reading through a file from the organiser which needed to be checked before reporting.

Shree was checking on the security system of the place where the party was to be arranged two days later. He was continuously finding loopholes everywhere and instructing the security incharge. He seemed quite frustrated but kept on working.

Arjun was coming out of his cabin when he found Riya angrily cursing the printer for not getting her records printed. Arjun came close and looked at the printer. It wasn't switched on. He switched it on leaning close to riya and she turned around surprised.

He showed her the records which were getting printed now. Riya glared at the printer angrily and then at Arjun embarrassed.

'Riya dhyan kaha hai tumhara?' he asked stroking her red nose,

'Arjun wo main, nehi kuch nehi..' she said lowering her face,

'Mujhe pata hai tum irritated ho, per duty hai, kabhi interesting hota hai, kabhi nehi, to duty chor dogi? Abhi agar mein tumhare alert na hone ka faida uthata aur tumhare saath kuch karta to kya karti?' he asked her playing her smirk on her lips,

'Surrender kar deti aur kya karti?' she replied innocently with a naughty wink and quickly left the place collecting the papers,

'Riya aj to tum gayi,' Arjun spoke up looking towards a shocked shree who might have heard their conversation,

'kya hua shree?' he asked him hiding his embarrassed self and posing back is no nonsense self,

'Sir wo print out..' he replied pointing towards the printer,

'hmm' arjun hummed and walked away quickly.


Sameer was again getting frustrated about this case. He had always showed his distaste towards providing security to VVIPs and the commissioner had always tried his best to avoid such situations. But this time he was hell bent on ETF taking the case. There was surely something hidden behind the normal facade.

Shikhawat wasn't knew to the world. He was an well known industrialist and his immense charity always kept him high in the news. Sameer was looking into one such seminar where shikawat was the chief guest and given a long lecture on homeless children, their needs, their priorities, their scarcities, their treatments and how much he had tried to save our future youth.

Sameer's investigative experienced eyes didn't miss the fakeness of the statements he made and there was something surely missing behind everything this man did or said.

Sameer was keenly reading his profile when Arjun came in. He had to leave early today with Riya for some urgent' work, but finding sameer in a serious and lost state he sat down.

'kya hua sam?' he asked him but didnt get a response, so he walked to him and looked into the laptop screen.

Yogesh shikhawat was looking at him from there. His profile was opened in front of him even some of his bank statements,

'tum ye,' arjun asked him,

'shree se kaha tha, its very interesting Arjun. Koi bhi aadmi itna contribute kaise kar sakta hai, look at the statement, he hardly has anything left for himself,'

'still he lives a quite comfortable luxury life, how is that? Koi aur account hoga, ill ask shree to check,' arjun said and called up shree for the same,

'organizer se baat ho gayi hai, we would be visiting the place tomorrow and check on the security system, they will forward the guest list tomorrow morning,'

'okay, shree is already working on their security, i had asked him to,' Arjun replied,

'hmm, party mein kuch bara hone wala hai arjun,' sameer said looked at Arjun with a meaningful gaze, who returned back with a frown,

'meri instincts bhi kuch aisehi kehe rahi hai, per abhi se kuch nehi kehe sakte, let this be between us, dont inform anyone,' arjun instructed,

Sameer nodded his head and they sat discussing on the extra precautions they need to take. Shree came in with new data and a few more bank statements.

'Sir, iss aadmi ke kitne bank accounts hai? kuch to records mein bhi nehi hai, kuch gadbad hai sir. Arjun sir, i checked his criminal record, he is clean, kuch zyada hi,' shree informed,

'okay, party hall ki security ka kya hua?

'almost everything done sir, kal jake check kar lunga,'

'shree keep the security system connected to your laptop, incase koi bahar rahe to wo bhi monitor kar sakta hai,' Arjun instructed him,

'what are you planning rawte?' sameer asked irritated,

'Shree will be outside watching the entrance and the CCTV footages, if anything happens inside, he can be safe to alert the backup team from outside,' he informed,

'aisa kya hoga sir? apko kuch shaq hai?' shree asked arjun,

'the party is the celebration for an accepted deal shree, may be the deal will take place, we have to be extra alert,'

'Rawte is right, riya aur chotu ko bhi bata dena, we cant afford to lose anything,' rathod instructed,

'yes sir,' shree went out with the papers,

Arjun and sameer sat checking the data for some more time.

It was almost late evening when Sameer finally spoke up surprising Arjun,

'final plan kal bana lenge, tumhe kahi jana tha na Arjun?' sameer said with a smirk,

'haan riya ko shopping karna tha,' he replied making a wired irritated face and then again looking back into the file,

'to jao, riya wait kar rahi hai,' sameer instructed,



Sameer hadn't missed the restlessness riya was going through sitting at her desk waiting for Arjun to come out of his cabin. She was continuously checking the watch and then his cabin, for traces of Arjun, but Arjun being the man, had forgotten his love over his duty.

Earlier Sameer too was ignorant of these feelings and found it quite stupid to do something one hated the most, but after his visit to the disco with Aisha, now he understood the fun part of it.

Sameer wasnt unknown to the love these two showered on each other and had supported them even when Riya's parents were not too fond of Arjun. Riya was his team member and his friend's beloved and he respected and adorned her much for the love and care she showered on him too, at times paying high for it.

But the sudden concern about the love birds was a surprise for Arjun and he gaped at him open mouth.

'tu kabse itna kuch samajhne lag gaya?' arjun asked him,

'tu jaiga?' he scowled,

'pata hai uss churail aisha ka asar hai, pyar nehi karoge to do char laath khane parenge, aisi hi kuch dhamki di hogi na?' arjun spoke,

'Arjun..tu ja raha hai ya leave cancel karu?' he glared at him,


'bye' sameer replied and immersed back in his work.


those looking for raesha scene got to wait some more...flight late hai..kya kare...then yogesh...chorta hi nehi aisha ko Stern SmileEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

leave your feedbacks...

PRECAP : Sameer finally meets aisha..Wink
update will be late by a week or more..

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unres first...PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing 
Awesome update...
Aisha is thoughtful on going back to Mumbai...
This Yogesh is so irritating...AngryAngryAngry AngryAngryAngry
But why he is suddenly telling Aisha about Manisha...ConfusedConfusedConfused
Aisha think that Sam broke her trust...OuchOuchOuch DeadDeadDead
Riya band printer se print nikalne ki koshish kar rahi thi...ROFLROFLROFL
Loved Ariya convo...LOLLOLLOL
Poor Shree...wrong time pe entry li...LOLLOLLOL
Everyone is frusted bcoz of this security case...LOLLOLLOL
Liked the small teasing by Sam to Arjun...LOLLOLLOL
Continue soon...Thanks for PM...

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EshaalYousufzai IF-Rockerz

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Awesome update di.
Loved this part.
I hate hate hate Yogesh kamina.
And I surely didn't like the way Aisha thought that Sameer betrayed her.
Plz update soon and make Aisha realize her mistake.

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unresed on Pg:- 93...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
skrafty IF-Rockerz

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Awesome update
Loved it
So kuch bada hone wala hai party main
Ab raesha ka face-off hoga to ye to badi bat hainaWinkWink
Poor shree Ariya ka convo sunke bechara shock ho gayaLOLLOL
Samjun's last convo was great
waiting for  the next part
continue soon

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GOLD3009 IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome part dera 
aish is a tough nut to crack 
yogesh kab samjhega 
lovred how she fely about sameer 
n what she told yogesh Big smile
Hmm so lets see party main kya hota hai 
hmmchalo sameer samajhta hai LOLLOL
aisha chudail LOLLOL pyar nahin karoge to haath pair tod doongi 
that was fab dear 
thanks for the Pm 
Continue soon Smile

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unishaz IF-Rockerz

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awesome dear.. Love it.. Thanks for pm..

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Anny90 Goldie

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AngryAngry This yogesh guy has to stop his advances warna bahot bhari padega isko..
Manisha!! Aisha will get to know about him from manisha..
Aisha did missed his (ermmm..Sillyor kya kahu friend to nahi bol sakte na) husband and 'their' home too..WinkWinkWink
ETf mein sab pagal hue jaa rahe hai..
riya ko Mr.SYS samja rahe hai..LOL alert na hone ka faida..aahan ...she wants to surrender!! LOLEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Mr.yogesh kuchh jyada hi clean hai...TIDE use karte hai kya??WinkTongueLOL (gussa mat hona mere silly jokes pe Silly)
PRECAP is more more more more interesting..
wo jab face to face aayenge tab dhamaka honewala hai..Big smile
I just want to know that how will he behave or react !!!
will he J or possesive ya angry hoga ya hurt hoga!
yeah yeah,,,i have to wait!!Tongue

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