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Raesha FF: Finding Home thread 2 link added.. (Page 57)

deffa Senior Member

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Posted: 01 March 2014 at 6:56am | IP Logged
Nice update
Smile Smile
Sorry like button nt wrkngCry
Short comments...board exm frm 2dy Cry Cry Cry

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Shamsad1607 Goldie

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Posted: 01 March 2014 at 12:10pm | IP Logged
You show another side of Sam's mom..the cute one..SmileSmile
mom-son, MIL-DIL talks were beautiful...
Sam also thinking about's a good sign.

& the case...nice ending...

Do continue...& thanks for PM.

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misakiscarlet Senior Member

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Posted: 01 March 2014 at 11:21pm | IP Logged
woweee...awesome post dear..
i hope vo apne rishtey ko ek aur mooqa de
contd. soon
thnx for pm

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Karan.Preeta IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 March 2014 at 11:39pm | IP Logged
Amazing update
nyc turn n plz continue soon n thanx 4 pm

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EshaalYousufzai IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 March 2014 at 6:03am | IP Logged
It was really a very cute update.
Loved it.
Case was very shocking.
U described every thing with glorious detail.
Con soon..
And no thanks for PM.LOL

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rimi_invisible IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 March 2014 at 8:37am | IP Logged

@sneha : thanks dear...yeah sam is crazy and so am I..Embarrassed

@ishita : thanks ishi..stay tuned...Embarrassed

@anant : masa has not changed dear...earlier also sam had told aisha,even her babasa,masa is nice just too conservative..Smile

@goldie : thanks dear...glad you enjoyed...keep reading and commenting..Big smile

@MV kohli,@Zubiya,@pravalika,@unishaz,@radhika,@radha,@rinku : thanks dear..SmileSmile

@jia : thanks dear..stay tuned..update coming up...Smile

@pinky : thanks dear..glad you following the story...Smile

@skrafty : thanks dear...update coming up..keep reading..EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

@nikita,@naina,@neha,@mridu,@maha : thanks dearies...keep reading..Embarrassed

@ariyabestfan : thanks dear..aisha ko ETF??abhi to nehi...LOL

@megha : thanks dear...stay tuned...Smile

@deffa : thanks for the comment..keep reading dear..Embarrassed

@Atisha : thanks buddy...keep up with me...I always love to read your comment..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

@Aradhya : thanks dear...hope so too dear..keep reading..

@easha : thanks to pm you?you need to add me for that..Embarrassed

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rimi_invisible IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 March 2014 at 8:38am | IP Logged
Scroll up for the comes the next part...

before the part...u know I am sometimes uneven crazy..WackoWacko

I had planned this part a bit different but after I started writing something like this came out...I am really not sure what I have done here and what really I have written..SillyD'oh

so its a request to all my readers..if you find anything wrong with the track or it seems too abrubt,do tell me ill try to change it..Big smileBig smileBig smile

Chapter 11

Ayesha finally took the time to check the mail,commisioner had sent her in the morning.Ayesha had not yet shifted to the guest room after her in-laws left as it was late and she was damn tired,and the most important reason was,she was no more scared or uncomfortable with sameer.So,since sameer was busy speaking to Arjun on call,she took the laptop,sat on the bed and typed the required details and waited for the mail page to load.

It took a few minutes for the attachment to get downloaded and she opened the file. The case mainly concerned about some Yogesh Shikhawat,owner of the top five hotels in the country,the 3 golf and racing clubs and 2 auditoriums with the latest improved technolgy available.

Basically to the world he is the most generous person who had always spends crores of money in building projects,educational institutions and hospitals.He had even done a lot for women and their children stuck in the red light areas.The winner of the some most prestigious awards for the good deeds done for the society and their people.

But the security service suspects him of dealing with a number of illegal activities behind all the ethical works he had done.A brutal murder case of a family had led to the mistrust on him but nothing could be fetched even after repeated investigations from the department.So finally the department has decided to plant an undercover officer who could get the rightful information and save the nation from his preying hands.

Aisha was given a good detailed background about the role she gonna play there.She would start being the weekly and main occasional performer in one of his hotels and later would try to get into his life and the so-well hidden bussiness.She had a period of 8 months to complete her work at the proposed site.

Ayesha read the details again and again making a note of the few things she needs to do and also those she was doubtful about.After the details needed were completely copied in her mind,she closed the mail page,logging off from it.She opened the browser and typed in 'Yogesh Shikhawat'.The page loaded with a big image at the side and his achievements on the other.She went through them quitely.She even heard on a few interviews taken by the media about him.  

She was hearing one such interview when Sameer came inside the room and looked at her.She had headphones on her ear and was completely engrossed in her work.He silently went to freshen up and came back after about 20 minutes.Ayesha was still in the same position working on her laptop completely unaware of his presence.

He sat beside her on the bed and leaned forward to peep into the screen.Thats when he found Yogesh Shikhawat on the screen speaking and Ayesha listening to him in a lost state.He pulled the headphones from her ear and paused the interview.Ayesha jumped up at that and looked at him with a questioning gaze..

'ye to wo yogesh shikawat haina?spoilt rich brat,isse kiyu ghur rahi ho?'sam asked her,

'aisehi,tumhe kya?..waise tum jante ho isse?aur rich spoilt brat kiyu?'

'nehi mein nehi janta,per paper mein aksar parta reheta hu,iski nautanki,'

'nautanki?itna donate karta hai,kitna acha kam karta hai aur tum kehe rahe ho nautanki?'

'aur kya?koi itna bhala thori hota hai?wo apne kuch bure karam ko chupa raha hai ye sab karke,'

Ayesha looked at him confused,while he looked at her straight.

'acha tum batao kabhi kisi ko bina faide ke kuch bhi karte hue dekha hai?'
she was still looking at him silently.

'nehi na?har koi selfish hota hai,jo bhi karta hai kisi wajah se karta hai,'

'nehi har koi aisa nehi hota sameer,kuch log bina matlab ke bhi bohot kuch karte hai,'


'jaise mein,tumhare pagalpan ko bardasht kar rahi hu,koi reason thori hai waise hi karti hu,'she said laughing,

'acha to mein pagal hu?tum kiya ho?tumhare nakre dekhe hai kabhi?kitni bhayankar ho tum,'

'sameer,tum mujhe insult kar rahe ho?'she shouted at him,beating him with the pillow while sam rolled on the bed laughing.

Finally he got up,composed himself and softly muttered a 'thanks ayesha,'

'kyu?'she asked raising her brow.

'subah ek case ke chalte mood kharab ho gaya tha,abhi tumse baat karke acha lag raha hai,'he replied back to her,

She smiled and looked back at the laptop.She switched it off and got down to keep it on the table.Suddenly Sameer asked her,

'Ayesha tumhe pyar pe yakeen hai?'

Ayesha was surprised at his sudden question.She turned back to him surprised.He realised that and tried to make up,

'nehi wo mujhe ye sab bohot confuse karta hai,aur jaha dekho pyar ka bhoot chara hai sabko,bas isi liye pucha,hamare arjun sahab bhi pyar mein dhoobte hi rehete hai,pata nehi ye log bore nehi hote?ye pyar naam ki chiriye mere samaj se bahar hai.'

Ayesha kept listening to his words silently.She too had thought the same thing always.She never understood the maddness loving couples posed.She never understood why actually people got married,just to stay together and fight and struggle for the rest of their life?She still thinks somewhere in the same track but few things have changed abrubtly.

She still doesnt understand love,but she has started enjoying and understanding relationships.She values the comfort,the closeness people feel while in the shed of a lovable relationship.

She had a capability to judge and get the truth from a criminal mind and always found it difficult to trust people,even her close ones.But today she trusts a completely unknown person,and she knows she would never be cheated by him.A soft smile came on her lips and she looked up to find herself looking into two calm,sobar and utterly confused black orbs.Sameer was standing in front of her trying to analyis the thing that had suddenly made her smile.

'aise kya dekh rahe ho?'aisha asked him with a frown,

'tum yaha aise khare hoke has kiyu rahi ho?doctor ko bulau?'

'sameer,tum na..'


'kuch nehi good night,'aisha said and walked to the bed.

Sameer frowned at her sudden antics but he felt good,looking at her happy face.he too lied down beside her.He looked at her side and found her sleeping with her head covered with the duvlet.He wasnt sleepy.He kept stairing at the ceiling with wide eyes.

It was almost an hour and still sameer was struggling to sleep.He was changing his side in every few minutes and it was disturbing Aisha,who was making a sound everytime he would turn the other side,which sameer would respond with a small 'sorry'.

After an ample time of controlling herself,aisha sat up,removing the duvlet from her face,and shouted at him,

'kya hai?aise kiyu ghum rahe ho?mujhe sone kyu nehi dete?'she shouted irritatedly.

'mujhe neend nehi aa raha,kya karu?shayad over exertion ki wajah se,'he replied at her still lying
towards her side and looking up at her,

'mujhe wo sab nehi pata,mujhe neend aa rahi hai,mujhe sone do bas,'aisha told him angrily,

'thik hai tum so jao,mein disturb nehi karunga,'sameer replied with a smile,

'agar ek bar bhi ab hile na,to dekh lena,'

Sameer looked at her angry self and nodded his head.Aisha bumped on the bed again,covering herself to the head.Sameer didnt move much and stayed still.Aisha again fell asleep.

It was almost 10 minutes after aisha had slept,though not too deep,she felt him turn again.She kept quite controlling her anger.Everything became silent again.She again closed her eyes.After a few more moments of silence again he turned.Now Aisha was swearing under the duvlet.Another few seconds and he turned again.

Aisha couldnt take any more,she peeped out from the duvlet and found him facing his back towards her.She pushed the duvlet down and using her hands on his back,she pushed him.Sameer in a moment rolled down on the ground and fell on his back.Aisha streached towards his side,bending herself towards him at the edge of the bed and gave a cheeky smile to the glaring sameer.

'dhakka kyu diya?'sameer asked her,holding his arm,which was paining.

'ab tum zameen mein ghumte raho aur mujhe sone do,good night'

She said and turned back to her side and covered herself and slept.

Sameer sat up on the ground.He signed looking at Aisha on the bed.He had tried not to disturb her sleep but then it was impossible for him to lie down in one position for long.It was so irritating.He got up and walked down to the hall.He had thought of watching the midnight news but the thought of Aisha throwing him out of the house this time,he abandoned the thought.

He walked out to the neighbour's small garden,which his neighbour had maintained well and now it was the only place where he could get some fresh air.He opened the latch of the garden and walked inside.The trees,flowers moving with the breeze was actually calming him.

He knew well over exertion was not the reason of his sleepless night.He was disturbed. Babasa's care,masa words,the case and the days of aisha's stay at his room was awakening unknown feelings in him.He wanted to ignore them,but his mind kept on playing them again and again.

He stopped at the middle of the garden,ran his fingers through his hair,bending his head back looking up at the starey sky,his eyes automatically closed feeling the wind touch him gently.A breeze brought in with itself a shallow aura of 'her' perfume.His lips curved into a smile.He had smelt this perfume earlier.The days she was spending with him in the same room,the smell had always indicated his lady's entry in the room.

He didnt open his eyes,neither did his smile dissapear.He kept cherishing the moment,taking in the special aroma giving his throbbing heart the desired feel.Every feel,every breath and every beat was so unknown to him,but he was feeling contented.

His thoughts were broken by another push from the back and he stumbled and stood a few feets ahead.He looked back and found Aisha standing there with a smile and winking at him.He posed anger and covered a few steps towards her,

'ab agar dhakka diya na to dekh lena,'

'kya karoge?'

Aisha laughed and bend down on the grass.She removed her slippers and sat down crosslegged.He kept looking at her baffled when she looked up at him and indicated to sit down next to her.

Sameer signed and sat down looking the other way.He would never understand this girl. They sat silently for a few minutes when finally he decided to break it,

'tum yaha kya kar rahi ho?ab to mein room mein bhi nehi hu disturb karne ke liye,to sojati,'

'haan per tumne itni bar disturb kiya hai,ab meri neend uur gayi,to mein yaha tumhe disturb karne aa gayi,waise tum kisse baat kar rahe the?'

'mein?kisi se to nehi,tumne kuch suna?'

'nehi per aise akele smile aur blush kar rahe the to laga koi atma wagera ka chakkar hoga,'she said laughing again.

Sameer kept silent,embaraased at being caught red handed by the very person whose thoughts had made his heart beat a thousand beats more.There was again an awkward silence between them in which both were lost in themselves.

Finally Aisha broke the silence,

'waise acha hai,jab mein yaha nehi rahungi tab apni uss bhootni ke sath hi baat kar lena,aur koi larki to tumhe milegi nehi,aur milegi bhi to koi criminal hi milegi,'she said smiling at him,

'tum yaha nehi rahogi matlab?kaha jaogi?'sameer asked in a serious tone,

'naye mission pe,'aisha exclaimed,

'kab ja rahi ho?'he asked her dissapointment pretty visible on his face,

'kal agar sare arrangements ho jaye then porsu,'



Sameer nodded and looked down thougtful.He was aware of the proceedings and dangers lerking.He couldnt even ask her more about the mission.He silently wished everything took some time and she remained behind for a few more days.

He looked offended and that disturbed aisha.She had thought he would be happy when she would leave him back to live his own life again.Even she would go back to being 'her'.But nothing was as they had thought.Things have changed a lot.Their friendship had developed to a even more beautiful relation,which they couldnt define yet,neither will they be able to define ever.

She waited for him to compose and she too took the time to calm her heart from skipping the beats.Sameer looked towards aisha from the corner of his eyes and found her sitting quitely looking at the grass.Her face was down but he could feel the sadness and nervousness smudged all over her face.He spoke up,

'ab tum ja hi rahi ho to,kal last night celebrate karte hai,'he told her,

She looked at him confused.

'party?'she asked,

'haan jaisa tum chaho,'he told her,

'great,to disco chalte hai,loud music,drinks,dance...ohh my god,kitne din baad finally,kal raat ko hi chalenge,thanks sameer,'she almost jumped on his lap and hugged him.

Sameer was uncomfortable now.He never liked loud ear damaging music,drinking was never in his genes,dance..well he could only run and beat up criminals from different angles thats all about dance for him.He made a weird face at her proposal but looking at her happy cheerful face he agreed.


done with my give back your feedback LOLLOL

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Snehajain IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 March 2014 at 8:46am | IP Logged
unres... me first...PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing 
Awesome update...
I m getting high -ve vibes from this Yogesh...DeadDeadDead DeadDeadDead
Sam felt kind of jealous when Aisha was viewing Yogesh video...LOLLOLLOL
'jaise mein,tumhare pagalpan ko bardasht kar rahi hu,koi reason thori hai waise hi karti hu,'...ROFLROFLROFL ROFLROFLROFL
Sam ka mood Aisha se baat karke thik hogaya...WinkWinkWink WinkWinkWink
Sam-Aisha having similar thoughts for love...DeadDeadDead DeadDeadDead
Sam is happy seeing her happy...WinkWinkWink...Sam this is love jaldi se samajh jao...LOLLOLLOL
Poor Sam... Aisha ne bed par se dacha de diya...ROFLROFLROFL ROFLROFLROFL 
Acchha hua Sam ne TV on nahi kiya...warna sachi mein Aisha use ussi ke ghar se bahar fekh deti...ROFLROFLROFL ROFLROFLROFL 
Sam smiling & blushing remembering Aisha...LOLLOLLOL WinkWinkWink
(U like to confuse me with ur mysterious updates... & I like this confused Sam about love...)WinkWinkWink
Both Sam-Aisha are not happy with the mission...DeadDeadDead 
Party woh bhi boring Sam ke saath ...ShockedShockedShocked 
I m waiting for this party...Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
Continue soon...Thanks for PM...

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