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Raesha FF: Finding Home thread 2 link added.. (Page 45)

rimi_invisible IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 February 2014 at 7:50am | IP Logged
Originally posted by misakiscarlet

read last 2 parts togthr..
awesome yaar..becharii ayesha.masa ne to us ka jeena haram kar diya..
eargly waitng for nxt part..
thnx for pm

thnaks dear...jina haram karna abhi bhi baki hai..WinkWinkWink

rimi_invisible IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 February 2014 at 7:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Godly_Affection

nice update
loved it
thankx for pm


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rimi_invisible IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 February 2014 at 7:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by easha4539

Awesome update.
Loved it.
So the stone is melting.
Con soon.

thanks easha..glad you following...sange theko..Embarrassed
rimi_invisible IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 February 2014 at 7:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shamsad1607

40kv ka jhatka!! sabko laaga...specially Aisha's MOL ko...
but she was very calm...I thought she'll burst...after seeing Aisha in short dress, living in different room...but she did nothing...
Mohabipod songket!!...I hope yeh volcano akeli Aisha pe na erupt ho..

& in this story I love the Frustrated Aisha!!...& cool Sam too.

Do continue..& thanks for PM.

thanks atisha...frustru aisha??well its just the beginning you never know when their roles change..WinkLOL
rimi_invisible IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 February 2014 at 7:57am | IP Logged
Thank you and replied to you all...Embarrassed

here comes the next part with a new banner for the story...Big smileBig smile

                                                   Chapter 8

She stepped towards the dressing table and wore her mangalsutra and put in a tinch of vermilion.She looked back at him but he was busy reading a file.She signed and went down to the kitchen.

She rushed into the kitchen and almost banged into her mother in law but controlled herself in time.Masa was bringing the plates to set the table,when Ayesha came in running.

'dheere dheere beta,kiya karti ho?'masa scolded her,

'sorry wo mein dekhi nehi,'ayesha said embarrased,

'ab lo plates table pe rakh do,aur sameer aur tumhare babasa ko bula lao,'masa instructed her,

'per breakfast?'

'ready hai,jao bula lao warna late ho jayega,'

She nodded and took the plates.Arranging them on the table she turned to call sameer and babasa..

She knocked on the door and called babasa,who nodded at her with a smile.She reached her room to call Sameer,but he was busy in a call,standing in the balcony.She walked to the balcony and was about to touch his shoulder when he turned almost on her and she lost her balance and fell down.

'Aisha...'Sameer called her,surprised at her sudden appearence.

Aisha sat up holding her head with narrow eyes.Sameer looked at her and broke into a cheerful laughter.Sameer held onto the railing to control himself but one look back at aisha and her bright red face,his laughter flooded in again.

Aisha angrily stood up,glaring all the time at Sameer.Sameer noticed her getting up and went inside the room quickly hiding his face and smile.Aisha walked to the door and turned towards him.

'Masa ne breakfast karne bulaya hai,aur agar ek bar bhi tum mujhe haste hue dikhe na to,'she told him showing her fist near his nose.

Sameer shook his head pressing his lips and rubbing his nose, and Aisha left the room.
Babasa had already started his breakfast and sameer's plate was also served.Sameer came down and sat down for breakfast.Masa asked Aisha to serve him his coffee,which she reluctantly did, all the time glaring at him making Sameer chock his food.

Sameer went away for work and Aisha got busy with her regular lectures and training sessions from her mother in law.Though it was increasing her temper but she kept quite and posed to listen to her attentively.

It was a usual morning at the ETF office.People roaming around the place with files and papers.Shree was working outside the interrogation room ready to record whatever Jojo told them.Arjun was in his cabin speaking with the commisioner.Chotu standing inside with Jojo and Riya working with some files.

Arjun walked towards the interogation room banging the door open.A heavily beaten Jojo was sitting silently behind the table.Last night one of his biggest deal was confiscated by ETF and he too was arrested from the site.Jack was also arrested from the bar in an usual raid and he was at their custody now.

Jojo looked up as Arjun dragged the chair and sat on it,resting one leg on the other, keeping his gun on the table.

'Avinash ko kiyu mara?'Arjun started his questions,

'kaun avinash?'Jojo asked back.

Chotu held his neck from the back firmly and Jojo crumbled,

'batata hu,batata hu,wo mere liye kam karta tha.Mein use drugs deta tha wo apne college mein bat ta tha,lekin meine use nehi mara.Mein kiyu maru?wo bohot sara customers leke ata tha,use paise bhi bohot milte the.Mein use kiyu maru saab?'

'Nisha,Kunal janta hai inhe?kaha hai ye log?'

'Nisha,wo larki pagal thi,hamesha Avinash se jhagda karti thi,khud bhi drugs leti thi,yahi deta tha,per pata nehi use kiya samjhaya,avinash ye dhanda chorna chahta tha.Meine samjhaya tha,per manta hi nehi,rone lag gaya.Fir dusre din drugs lene aya,to meine de diya,larka kam acha karta tha.Fir do din baad wahi rona dhona.Fir to nehi aya..fir pata chala wo mar gaya,'

'aur kunal?'a hard voice made all heads turn towards the door where Sameer was standing,

'kaun kunal saab?mein kisi kunal ko nehi janta,'Jojo replied looking at Arjun.

Sameer came and sat beside Arjun.

'Kunal avinash ka room mate tha.wo bhi la pata hai,'

'room mate?kiya kehe rahe ho saab?avinash to uss larki ke sath reheta tha na,ye kunal kaun hai?'

'usne tumhe bataya?'

'haan.shadi manana bhi chahta tha,isi liye to ye dhanda chorna chahta tha,'Jojo informed them,

Sameer frowned at Arjun.

'nisha ko asthama ka problem tha?'Sameer asked him,

'haan tha,wo to do bar hospital bhi gayi hai uske liye,avvinash mujhse hi paise leta tha,'

They came out of the room gesturing chotu to take Jojo into the cusody back.

'Hume avinash ke landlord se milna hoga'Arjun told sameer

'haan aur college bhi jana hoga,mujhe waha kuch garbar lag raha hai,rawte'

'ruko Rathore,Riya aur shree tumlog avinash,nisha aur kunal ka back ground check
karo.Dekho same college ke alawa aur koi connection hai teeno mein?'


Sameer and Arjun left to meet Avinash's landlord.They were travelling in the car silently when Sameer spoke to Arjun,

'masa babasa kal aye hai,'

'achanak?tumne bataya nehi?kab aye?'

'mujhe bhi nehi pata tha arjun,kal raat achanak aa gaye,'

'acha hai,aj sham ko mil lunga,'


Both met the landlord and came to know that kunal came with a girl once,whom he called his fiance but avinash always came alone.They asked the landlord to make a sketch of that girl which he readily agreed.

It was evening by the time the sketch was made and riya came in with the required information.

The sketch was of Nisha.According to the information gathered by riya and shree,kunal and nisha belonged to the same city and studied in the same school and both knew each other from childhood.Avinash was from a small town and a moderate family,so it was easy for him to surrender to the needs of luxury.

According to nisha's school mates,nisha was dating Kunal during school days but after school they had broken up.Later she was seen roaming about with avinash,even visited him in his room regularly.

The whole suspicion went for Kunal and Nisha.Chotu activated his informer to search for them.Sameer called it a day,as they had to wait for the information from the informers and it was also quite late.Sameer went back home and Arjun went to drop Riya at her place,before going to sameer's place.

Aisha was careful the whole day to keep herself busy so that masa couldnt probe her much about her relation with sameer.But in the evening after they had finished cooking dinner Masa spoke to Aisha.

'Aisha yaha aao tumse kuch baat karni hai,'she called her to sit beside her on the sofa,

Aisha had guessed this was coming and with a throbing heart sat beside masa.

After a moment of silence,Masa took her hand in hers but before she could speak babasa came down and asked her to make a cup of tea for him.Masa walked out glaring at him and babasa sat down gesturning Aisha to sit with him,

'Aisha,Sameer ziddi hai,per wo insaan bura nehi hai.Usne tumhe bataya ya nehi mujhe nehi pata,per wo aise tumse shadi nehi karna chahta tha.Per humare family mein shadi aise hi hoti hai,aur hamare liye hi usne tumse shadi ki.Ye sahi hai,ye mein nehi kehe sakta,lekin meine jitna tumhe jana hai,tum sameer ke liye sabse achi larki ho.

Sameer apne dil ki baat tumse kabhi nehi kahega.Tum use galat maat samjhna,wo bura nehi hai.Use samajh neki koshish karna.Haan nalayak hai,per tumhe khush rakhega,itna yakeen hain mujhe,aur tum bhi uspe yakeen rakhna.'

'babasa ye sab..'

'Aisha,tum log ek dusre se alag rehete ho na?tumhare masa ko problem hai per mujhe nehi.Tumhare masa nehi mujhe bataya.Mein samaj sakta hu.Tumhe time chahiye time lo,lekin aisha alag kamre mein rehene se tum ek dusre ko avoid kar sakte ho kiya?Isse acha hai ek dusre ko samajhne ki koshish karo.Rishta agar toorna chahti ho to kabhi bhi tor sakti ho,bilkul muskil nehi hai.Per usse pehele ekbar koshish karke dekho,shayad kuch miracle ho jaye.

mujhe dekho,mein bhi sameer ki tarah tumahri masa se shadi nehi karna chahta tha,per abhi uske lecture ke bina dil nehi lagta.Aur sameer to is nacheez ka beta hai,use to tum aise thik kar dogi.'

'babasa ap mujhse ye sab..'

'mein nehi chahta apke saas apko aur lecture de,wo buri nehi hai aisha,bas family traditions ko zyada manti hai,meri maa bhi manti thi,unho ne hi sikhaya hai.'babasa said smiling,

Ayesha too smiled lowering her face,

'meri baat pe dhyan dena aisha,'he told her blessing her and patting her cheeks fondly.

Masa brought his tea but by that time Sameer arrived and all settled for an an evening chat.

Aisha was happy after her conversation with babasa and Sameer too noticed that.He occasionally kept smiling  at her asking her what had suddenly happened.He thought Aisha had gone mad otherwise how could she be happy,if masa had actually taken her interrogation.But he kept it for later sometime in the night.

Arjun joined them about an hour late,earning lots of wrapped teasing sessions from Sameer.

Aisha went inside the kitchen to bring Arjun his tea.Arjun too went behind her asking for some water.Aisha fetched a glass of water and handed him.Arjun took the glass and sipped the water looking at her.He kept the glass on the counter and voiced out looking at the glass,

'tumne usdin acha kam kiya aisha.sameer ko bolna parega dhyan se rahe,warna kab tum us avatar mein aa jao aur sameer bechara to gaya kam se,'he said smirking,

'Arjun,tum meri tareef kar rahe ho ya..'ayesha glared at him,picking a spatula and pointing it at him.

'aree nehi nehi,aisa maat karna,jo bachi kuchi izzat hai sab chali jayegi,'he replied making a scared face,

'Arjun..'she said keeping the spatula and putting tea leaves into the boiling milk,

'waise masa ne kitna pakaya?'arjun asked her smirking,

'arjun,aisa kuch nehi,'she replied smiling,

'Yeah hui na baat,jaisa sameer waisi hi uski biwi,ram milaye jodi,'Arjun said cheerfully,

'arjun ab to..'aisha picked up the spatula again and started hitting him with it,which he dodged well,

'ye kiya ho raha hai?'masa 's voice stopped both of them.

Arjun left the kitchen instantly and Aisha got busy with his tea.

Masa looked at both and shook her head.She started heating the food for dinner while aisha took the tea for arjun and sat outside chatting.


done with this give back your feedback..nd dont forget the banner...

masa's interogation..Wink(may be)

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GOLD3009 IF-Sizzlerz

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Res Evil Smile / Unres 
Loved it Rimi 
Wonderful update 
Too cute 
Baba sa seems very intelligent n understands aisha well 
Hope she gives a chance to this relationship
Loved Arjun teasing sessions to Aisha 
That wa sso sweet
Case seems interesting 
Thanks for the Pm 
Continue soon Smile

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Snehajain IF-Sizzlerz

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Liked Banner a lot...simple & sweet...
Awesome update...
LOL...Poor Sam...ROFLROFLROFL..bina kuch kiye hi Aisha ke draggers ka sikhar ho gaya...ROFLROFLROFL
Case is so going nice...Thumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up
Haww...I thought babasa is unaware of all this...but he is quite smart...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed Thumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up
LOL...Sam is not believing that Aisha is happy after her interrogation by masa...par ussko kya pata ki interrogation abhi hua nahi hai...balki ab hoga...woh bhi uske saath...ROFLROFLROFL
Arjun teasing Aisha...ROFLROFLROFL LOL...woh bhi sayad Aisha se darta hai...ROFLROFLROFL
Eagerly waiting for interrogation...
Continue soon...Thanks for PM...

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Originally posted by Snehajain

Sneha  ROFL sorry me first this timeSmile

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