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Raesha FF: Finding Home thread 2 link added.. (Page 37)

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Posted: 12 February 2014 at 9:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ariyabestfan

amazing yar..

Luv dabang girl..

Sam parents their..

Plz continue soon..

Thanks 4 pm

thanks dear..keep reading,..Embarrassed

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Originally posted by rinku95

Thanks for pm

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Originally posted by pinkerbell

last mein full shock.
continue soon

thanks pinky..stay tunedEmbarrassed
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Originally posted by Radhikerani

Awesome Update !!!

Originally posted by Godly_Affection

awesome update
loved it
thankx for pm

thanks dearies...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
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Originally posted by Shamsad1607

After long you gave us Nadia...thanks a lot!!
She made Arjun tounge-tight!! and Sam...:D
And at the end...errr..

Do continue...& thanks for PM.

thanks atisha..sange thekoEmbarrassed
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Originally posted by MriduB

Yeh kaisa shock diya last mein? :P Aayesha ko bhi n humko bhi! :P
Anyways, awesome update! :D
Cont. soon!

thanks mridu..keep readingEmbarrassed

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Replied to all do check...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Chapter 12

Ayesha took the elevator and reached their floor.She opened the elevator door and stepped out to get the the biggest shock she could have imagined that night.Her eyes turned wide and she muttered to herself,trying to convince herself the truth,


Shock would be an understatement,Ayesha was almost fainting to see them standing in front of their door.She first presumed over tiredness was making her hallucinate.She held onto the wall behind and blinked her eyes several time.But they didnt vanish.She was confused how to proceed next when finally her mother in law came to her rescue.

'Ayesha beta,aise itni raat ko kaha se aa rahi ho?Sameer kaha hai?'she asked looking at her dress closely,

'masa aap sach mein ho?meine socha mein sapna dekh rahi hu,'Ayesha blurted out,

'ye kiya kehe rahi ho?kahi pee ke to nehi ayi?'masa asked irritated,trying to smell her mouth,

'nehi masa,ap kiya kehe rahi hai,'ayesha finally composed herself.

She bend down to touch her feet but then realised the dress was too short and bending down would pull it up a few more centimeters.Masa did understand her situation and glared at her when she straighten and quickly took her hand away,feeling embarrased.

'Ab andar chale?'a male voice alerted both the women that they were still standing outside.

Ayesha smiled at the man,standing at a distance looking at her and quickly took out her keys.She opened the gate and switched the lights on.

'Aiye na babasa,masa aiye,'she welcomed them in.

All entered the house.Masa looked around the place.It was not too decorated but it was simple and decent.Most important the place was clean.Earlier when ever they visited sameer,first few days would flow in cleaning the house.

Masa and babasa kept there bags at a corner in the hall and sat on the sofa.Ayesha brought them two glasses of water and excused herself to change.

Ayesha ran to her room and closed the door.She sat on the bed and released the breath she was holding all this while.She was scared when suddenly masa and babasa came infront of her eyes.But now she needs to take care of the mess she has made outside.

She took her phone and called sameer,but sameer didnt recieve the call.He might be busy,she thought and send a message about his parents arrival.She kept the phone aside and went to freshen up.She took a simple salwar and changed into it,washing away her loud makeup.Clutching her hair at the back,she went out.

She went downstairs and found babasa sitting alone watching news.Some falling utensils from the kitchen informed about masa's presence there.She went to Babasa and touched his feet.He smiled and held her hands,blessing her quitely.

'babasa chai piyenge?'she asked softly,

'haan banaogi to zaroor piyunga,'he answered her calmly,

'banati hu,'she said and turned to leave when babasa called her back,



'Sameer kaha hai?abhi tak ghar nehi aya?'

'nehi wo ek important case aya hai,usi ke liye gaya hai,aa jayega,'

'thik hai,'

Babasa turned towards the idiot box again and Ayesha went inside the kitchen.Masa was looking into the fridge.She went near her and touched her feet.She blessed her but was still quite skeptical about her being normal and not drunk.

'masa ap log dinner karenge na?mein banati hu,'Ayesha asked her,

Masa looked at the grocery collection in the kitchen and suggested a simple menu.

'Ayesha tum suru karo,mein fresh hoke ati hu,fir tumhari help kar dungi,'masa said and left the kitchen.

Ayesha started working,chopping the vegetables,while tea was getting prepared.Masa took her bags and went to the room she normally stayed when she came to meet Sameer.

But there was a difference today in the room.The room was presently occupied by Ayesha.Masa entered and found Ayesha's clothes on the bed,her things scattered here and there,dressing table filled with makeup items.She looked around and the room signified Ayesha stayed here.She went to the cupboard and looked into the things.Sameer's things were missing from the whole room.

She signed and sat on the bed.She heard a phone ringing on the dressing table.She picked it up,it was from sameer.She recieved the call,

'Ayesha,kaha thi,kab se phone kar raha hu,masa,babasa kaha hai?kab aye?'

'Sameer mein masa bol rahi hu,'

'Masa ap?Ayesha ka phone apke pass?'

'Mein ayesha ke room mein hu beta,mujhe laga room khali hoga is liye,'

'masa wo,ayesha,'

'Sameer jaldi ghar aao,mujhe tumse baat karni hai,'

'jee masa,'

The call disconnected and masa walked into the washroom to freshen up.She changed and went down.Babasa was sipping his last sip of tea and ayesha was arranging the plates on the dining table.

'Masa ayiye,khana almost ready hai,mein abhi lagati hu,'

'Ayesha ruko.Sameer ka phone tha,wo kuch der mein aa raha hai,uske aneke baad khana lagana,'

'Sameer ka phone?'ayesha asked confused,

'tumhare phone pe aya tha,mein thi to utha li?'

Ayesha realised what might have happened.She looked away embarrased and went inside the kitchen.Babasa was looking at the ladies confused.Masa sat next to him and he asked her,

'kiya kaha sameer ne?kab ayega?'

'bas raste mein hai,aa jayega,'

'hmm,sab thik hai na?'

'haan,ap jao sameer ke room mein fresh ho jao,'

'sameer ke room kiyu?guest room haina,'

'haan wo,ap jao na sameer ke room mein,fresh hoke aao,khana ready hai,'

Babasa went away confused.Masa sat there lost in her thoughts.Ayesha finished her work and excused herself.She went to her room and packed her things.She needs to leave the room for them.But there wasnt any other room in the house,except the one sameer was staying.

She was getting frustrated now.Not knowing what to do,she started throwing her things aiming the bag on the floor.Some were hitting the target while some were getting scattered with a loud thud,some went rolling under the bed.She would irritatedly curse the things and bend down to get it out from under the bed.

This continued for sometime until the door bell rang and sameer came in.Hearing the door bell Ayesha quickly rushed down.Sameer took his parents blessings and looked around for Ayesha.He found ayesha rushing down the stairs and looked at her.She shook her head making a pleading face and knew everything has already turned sour and he needs to handle everything.

'Masa mein fresh hoke ata hu,fir baat karte hai,Ayesha ek bar suno,'Sameer controlled the atmosphere and called ayesha to his room.

Ayesha went in and found sameer sitting on the bed holding his head in his palms. She stood beside him and held his shoulder,

'Sameer wo masa ko shayad,'

'sab pata chal gaya,'he said and looked up at her,'kiya tum yaha shift kar sakti ho?'

'haan mein bags leke ati hu,pack kar liya hai,'ayesha told him,

Sameer nodded his head and closed his eyes.He was too tired to even speak today. The workload,the case and then the extreme tension of Ayesha meeting Jojo was taking a toll from the morning. Now when the day is over,he has nothing but some rest in his mind.He was glad that
Ayesha didnt fuss about the whole thing.

Ayesha brought in her things and kept them in his room.He heard her and got up.He came down and asked Masa and babasa to keep their things in the guest room.Ayesha too helped them with that and then all settled for dinner.

It was around 2 o'clock in the night when they sat for dinner.Sameer started talking with her parents in between the meal.

'Babasa ap logo ne bataya nehi ayenge?'

'beta,achanak hi ek kam aa gaya,bata deta lekin bohot jaldi nikalna para.Kafi der bhi ho gayi thi,Ayesha ke ane se kuch der pehele hi hum yaha pohuche,'his father replied,

'Ayesha se pehele matlab..'sameer started and looked towards Ayesha who lowered her face in embarrasement.He understood.

'Ma wo Ayesha hamari case mein kuch help kar rahi thi,'he told his mother,

'meine to kuch bhi..'masa started,

'ma late hua na,is liye bata raha hu,aur kuch nehi,'

After this they spoke about regular stuff at home in Rajasthan,his work,his gifts and some usual chats.They finished dinner and finally all retired for the day.

Ayesha walked into Sameer's room with lots of things going on in her mind but to her surprise Sameer was already in deep sleep by the time she entered.She walked to his side and found him sleeping with an open mouth,one hand dangling  from the edge of the bed.After a long day,it did bring a pleasent smile on her face.

She took the hand and placed it on his stomach,slowly closed his mouth and turned the bed light off.She too was tired.She lied down and within few more minutes of changing sides she finally slept.

Next morning,Ayesha woke up with the sound of Sameer speaking with someone.She turned around and found Sameer sitting on the bed,supporting his back on a pillow and speaking on phone.She blinked her eyes trying to open them but they refused to budge.She yawned loudly which made Sameer look at her.He smiled and again went back to his call.

Ayesha looked at the clock,it was 6.30,it had just been around three hours she had slept,she was feeling too tired and sleepy again.She pulled the blanket again and closed her eyes.

Sameer had woke up just few minutes back.He knew he would be late to office today,owing to her parents surprise visit and Ayesha handling everything alone.He needed to speak to Ayesha before anything turned completely sour.He called Shree and informed him about his delay and instructed him his duties.

Sameer disconnected the call and looked at ayesha,who was yawning continuously with closed eyes and tired face.

'Good Morning Ayesha,'he greeted her,

'good morning,'she replied lazily,peeping her head from the blanket,

'Uthna nehi hai?Masa babasa ghar pe hai,yaad hai na?'

'Arre haan,kal raat unho ne mujhe waise dekh ke kafi gussa kiya hoga,haina?'She jerked out of the
blanket and looked up at Sameer,

'Pata nehi kuch kaha nehi,per unhe pata chal gaya ki hum alag rehete hai,shayad ma tumse kuch kahe,'

'kiya kahenge?'she asked him earnestly,sitting up,

'wahi,humare rishte ke bare mein,aur unke next generations ke bare mein,'

'oh no..fir se?'she said softly,difficult for Sameer to hear and looked away pouting her face,

'ab shadi ki hai to,next generations to ayenge..'Sameer teased her with a smile,

She looked back at him confused and angry.

'Ayesha,mazak kar raha hu,unhe kuch maat kehena,bas ignore karna,bura lag sakkta hai..thik hai?'

Ayesha nodded in approval though she was not too happy with the idea.

'waise kal tumne bohot acha kam kiya?bapre tum kitni bhayanak ho..bichara jack,wo to bohot daar gaya hoga,'Sameer told her pressing his lips hiding a smile,

'Sameer tum mazak ura rahe ho mera?'

'are nehi sach bata raha hu,tum kaise uspe lapak pari thi,mein kiya Arjun bhi daar gaya tha,'

'waise Jojo pakra gaya?'

'haan kal raat wo aur uska ek bara consignment dono pakre gaye hai,'

'acha to case solve hua?'

'nehi kunal aur nisha ke bare mein kuch bata nehi raha,aj interogate karte hain,kuch to batayega,'

'mein bhi chalu?'

'Ayesha tumhari interogation aj Masa legi,tum uski taiyari karo,'Sameer said and got up from the bed streching himself.

'mein akeli kiyu?tumhari bhi honi chahiye,'

'haan leni to chahiye,thik hai tum le lena,'he told smiling picking up his towel,

'waise tumhe tumhara case details mila?'he asked her again,

'nehi aj shayad mile,fir pata chalega kab nikalna hai,'

'thik hai...mein ready ho jata hu,office bhi jana hai,'Sameer said walking into the washroom.

Ayesha too got up and cleaned the room.She heard a knock on the door and opened it.

Masa had got up sometime back and reached the kitchen.She had seen Sameer leave early to office earlier and thought of preparing the breakfast for him.She hoped to find Ayesha there too but she wasnt there.She waited for sometime,when she didnt appear,she went to their room to call her.

'Masa ap?aiye,'

'tumne abhi tak nahaya nehi?Sameer ke liye nasta banana hai,jaldi nhake kitchen mein aao,'

'Masa wo der se jayega,office mein breakfast kar lega,mein jake chai bana deti hu,'

'nehi breakfast bahar kiyu karega,mein banati hu,tum jaldi taiyar ho jao,'masa said and turned to
leave,not before sparing a good look around the room.

'uff ab us gadhe ke liye breakfast bhi banao...God please uthalo usse,pareshan kar rakha hai,kab tak is dharti ko..'Ayesha stopped hearing a male voice,

'kiske bare mein bol rahi ho Ayesha?'Sameer asked her standing beside her in a towel,

She shook her head looking at him.She quickly took her towel and clothes and ran inside the washroom,feeling embarrased.Sameer smiled and took out his clothes.

Ayesha came out in a loose salwar rubbing her hair dry and found sameer looking for something.

'kiya dhoond rahe ho?'she asked dropping the towel on the tool,

'wo ek important file,arre haan wo masa tumhe bula rahi thi,'

'ohh shit,der ho gayi,mein abhi ayi,'

'Ayesha ruko..'sameer called her holding her arm and pulling her to him.

'Sameer,'Ayesha called him shocked at his gesture.

'Mangalsutra aur Sindoor lagake jao,masa ko acha lagega,'he told and left her,

Ayesha stepped back a few steps but kept looking at him.She was almost ready to scrach his face in case he tries to come close to her.But his sudden gesture of helping her was not expected.She looked at his eyes and they shown honesty.She knew she could trust be blindly.

She stepped towards the dressing table and wore her mangalsutra and put in a tinch of vermilion.She looked back at him but he was busy reading a file.She signed and went down to the kitchen.


bas khatam..ab parke comment karo...warna no updates...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Awesome update...
LOL...bohat zor ka jhataka laga masa-babasa & Aisha ko...ROFLROFLROFL
Chalo masa yeh dekhke toh thodi khush hui ki ab unko Sam ke ghar aakar safai abhiyan nahi chalana pada...ROFLROFLROFL
LOL...Masa ko doubt hai Aisha ne drink nahi kiya hai...ROFLROFLROFL
Hawww...masa ko pata chal gaya ki yeh dono alag alag rehta hai...ShockedShockedShocked
Bechare Babasa ko kuch samajh nahi aaya...ROFLROFLROFL
The way Sam was sleeping...ROFLROFLROFL
Next Generation...LOLLOLLOL
Haan ...Sam Aisha kafi bhayanak hai...bachke rehna...ROFLROFLROFL ROFLROFLROFL
Masa vll interigate Aisha & Aisha vll interrogate Sam...ROFLROFLROFL
Sam as gadha...ROFLROFLROFL
Continue soon...Thanks for PM...

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