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Raesha FF: Finding Home thread 2 link added.. (Page 26)

rimi_invisible IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by 123pritha



    "good" Heart
matlab tum kuch din yaha mere sath rahogi,"

    Shocked         DIL KI BAAAT MU SA NIKLA GAYI  bichara Sam

'i mean tum khana bohot acha banati ho.Tum jitne din yaha ho,mere liye please khana banana.Kitne saalo baad khaya yaha ghar ka khana,waise riya banati to hai,per wo khane layak nehi hota,'Sameer said making a puppy face.
puppy faceLOLLOLLOL

                       SAM KA DIL     

    two love birds staring at each other.

dinner aj nahi kal why not aj ka to plan already hogaEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

u for this awesome update

thanks so much prithaSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile

stay tunedSmile

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Originally posted by jia03

Awesome updateThumbs Up
lovely banner...Smile

thanks jia..stay tunedSmile

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Originally posted by skrafty

Great update
loved it
waiting for the next part
continue soon

thanks srafty...Smile
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Originally posted by _Nikita_

Awwssmmm part
loved it
cont sooon
plzz pm me

thanks nikita...SmileSmile
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Originally posted by ...Maha-Srk...

Kea update tha amazing continue soon n thnx 4 pm

thanks Maha for reading...SmileSmile
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Originally posted by Shanafr

Awesome fab updates
Cont soon
Plzx pm m

thanks dear..will pm you next updateSmile
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Originally posted by bgargate

Murder case sounds very interesting...  I hope u will continue the case EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Aisha getting a new case Thumbs Up
Good boy Sam... cutie pie Blushing ... bechara ... dhang ka khana nahi milta mere baby ko EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Aww... scared, pleading and puppy face mein Sammy kitna cute lag raha hoga BlushingBlushingBlushing

thanks bhavna di...glad you liked...keep reading...

Originally posted by Nandinisha

Cont soon.



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Chapter 5

Next day was long and hectic for the ETF members.The case was taking a dangerous turn.Shree was continuously working for hours at his station head buried into his laptop,retreiveing data,searching profiles and confirming records.Chotu was busy with his informers trying to get information about the man avinash worked for and also search nisha.

Avinash who was murdered was suspected to be a drug dealer.His girlfriend Nisha was a drug addict and suspected Avinash used her as the drug supplier in their college.Avinash's family had come down but they were unaware of everything.

The post mortem report gave some random finger prints all around the house,almost a set of 8 different fingers prints.Which among them was avinash's room mate its impossible to guess.The bullets used were from a small pistol normally kept for personal defence.

Arjun and Sameer had taken care of each evidences they recieved but could not get any whereabouts about the two people.Somewhere they felt that Avinash's room mate and Nisha both were in danger or had something to do in this murder.

All had accumulated at the conference room looking onto the facts again and again.Arjun was sipping his glass of tea and rotating his pen indicating he was thinking.Riya came in with avinash's room mates records from their college.She also got with her Avinash's and Nisha's academic records.Avinash and Nisha seemed to be brilliant in studies,the toppers of their batch.But Avinash's room mate,Kunal,was not at all good.

But the interesting fact was in the first year the results were exactly opposite.Kunal was a brilliant student while avinash had poor marks,nisha was a below average student.This sudden change in reports made the ETF team to suspect the college authority to be involved in this murder.

Arjun and Rathore went to their college to meet the principal.But to their dismay they couldnt pinpoint anything at all.Also since two lives were still at stake they couldnt reveal their suspicion directly.

Even Arjun's intutions and Rathore authority couldnt get them the required evidences or proof.It was getting late and the intensity of anger of the two bosses were also increasing when Chotu finally got a link.

'Sir,mere informer ne bataya ki avinash Jojo ke liye kam karta tha,uske sath avinash ko aksar dekha gaya hai,'

'ye jojo hai kaun aur kaha reheta hai??'

'sir jojo ka import ka business hai,fish,meat ye sab import karta hai,'

'usi aar mein shayad drugs bhi import karta hai,uske next consignment ke bare mein kuch pata chala?hume use red handed pakarna hoga,'

'Right rathore,agar nisha aur kunal insab mein involved hai to unki jaan bhi khatre mein par jayegi,'

'Sir,mein pata lagane ki koshish karta hu,'

Hours passed and it was late evening.Nothing came out about Jojo.Chotu was still trying to contact his informer.He said he would inform them as soon as he gets any information about his deals.Everyone was exhausted by then.Finally the day had ended on a low note.

Arjun,Riya and Rathore went to his home for dinner after Chotu and Shree went away.

Ayesha had been busy the whole day.Shopping,arranging the house,cooking everything was in her hands coz sameer was busy.Sameer had thought of postponding this dinner owing to him being busy with the case whole day but she had rejected the offer.She was idle at home all day.So it was better for her to arrange for the party.It would at least save her time of getting bored at home.

Everything was arranged,dinner was ready by late evening.She took a look around for any final touches.Everything seemed perfect so she went to her room to change.She sat down on the bed tired and signed.She called up Sameer,

'haan ayesha,batao,'

'kaha ho tum?'

'wo hum bas nikal rahe hai,arjun aur riya bhi hai sath mein.batao'

'nehi mein bas jan ne ke liye hi phone ki thi,tum log aa jao jaldi,'

'okay,mein rakhta hu hum bas aa rahe hai,'

'okay bye,'

She kept the phone and went to freshen up.

Ayesha was setting her hair when the door bell rang.She rushed down and walked towards the door.She could hear sounds of giggles outside.She opened the door and found the three of them happily talking standing outside.She welcomed them and Sameer introduced her to Arjun and Riya.

Everyone settled down on the sofas in the dining hall.Riya was amused at the cleanliness of the house and kept looking around.

'kiya dekh rahi ho?bilkul saaf hai,'
sameer asked Riya,

'wahi to dekh rahi hu,itna saaf kaise?Ayesha nehi kiya hoga,tum to,'

Sameer glared at her and all others burst out laughing.Sameer glanced at Ayesha,she seemed a bit confused how to proceed.He tried to explain her but her not too well kept hair unlocked and fell on her shoulders and he stood looking at the beauty in front.

Ogling at beauties was quite interesting during his college days but ogling at his not-so-interested wife was something he could never imagine.Sameer came out of his trance when Arjun loudly coughed and he found ayesha had already clutchered her hair in an untidy bun.

Sameer looked at arjun and left to his room to freshen up leaving Ayesha with them.Ayesha hesitated in the beginning but tried to entertain her guests as much as possible.

'Arjun,Riya coffee pioge?'

'haan kiyu nehi,chalo mein tumhe help karti hu,'
riya said and stood up,

'per arjun akele,'

'wo akela hi thik hai,use remote dedo,wo news yaad karega,'
Riya said.

Arjun glared at them but picked up the remote from the side table.

Ayesha smiled at riya who had a see-i-told-you type of expression on her face,and both entered the kitchen.Ayesha was making tea and coffee both.

'arre ayesha chai kiyu?'

'wo mujhe coffee pasand nehi,'
Ayesha replied

'ohh great to Arjun ke liye bhi bana do,use bhi chai pasand hai,'
Riya exclaimed,

Sameer came down to the hall to find Arjun watching news intently and could hear Riya in the kitchen.He entered the kitchen and found Ayesha was silently working while riya was continuously speaking,as if with herself.

'Riya,meri coffee barbad mat karo,tumhare kitchen mein rehene se bhi taste kharab hota hai,'

'Sam,mein itni buri nehi hu'

Sameer opened his mouth to speak but a call disturbed him.He walked out and recieved the call.Ayesha and Riya brought cups of coffee and tea for everyone.Sameer came back after the call and sat next to Arjun.Adressing him he started,

'Chotu ka phone tha,Jojo ka koi pata nehi hai,shayad wo desh mein nehi hai,'

Suddenly the cheerful sounds in the room changed into a helpless silence.Arjun was sitting with his tea cup lost in thoughts,while Riya too was looking lost.Sameer was looking at his phone expecting something would bring them a news about Jojo.

Their silence was broken by Ayesha's tough tone.

'Tum log kis Jojo ki baat kar rahe ho?wo drug dealer?'she asked forwarding the coffee to sameer.

Everyone was initially startled,riya even spill her coffee but then all realised she was a officer too..Sameer was the first one to compose himself,

'haan,tum janti ho use?'

'haan ek undercover mission pe meine uske sath kuch kam kiya tha,'

'fir uske drug consignments kabhi pakre kaise nehi gaye?'
Arjun asked her,

'mein uske through ek aur drug dealer ko chase kar rahi thi,agar Jojo ka mal pakra deti to mein
muskil mein par jati,'


'Jojo ka business bahar se fish aur meat import ka hai,lekin andar wo usme drugs supply karta hai.Uske kam ka ek alag tareeka hai.Wo mahine mein 1 bar wo consignment bhejta hai,aur ek bar wo consignment wapas ati hai.wo consignments bohot bare hote hai.'

'kab jata hai ye consignment?aur kiske pass?'
Rathore asked,

'kiske pass mujhe nehi pata,aur kab ye sirf jojo ko pata hai.'

'daamit,to hume kaise pata hoga?'
Sameer banged his fist on the table,

Ayesha looked at the desperate faces and thought about it.

'haan ek admi bata sakta hai,Jojo ka right hand man,jise wo sabse zyada trust karta hai,Jack,'

'aur ye jack kaha milega?'
Arjun asked raising a brow at her,

'jack to kisi bhi local sharab ke adde mein mil jayega,per information tum nehi nikal sakte arjun,'

'acha mein nehi nikal sakta to kaun nikal sakega?'

'mein,mein pata laga sakti hu,'

'nehi hum tumhe isme shamil nehi kar sakte,hum kar lenge,'

'nehi kar paoge arjun,ulta agar Jojo ko pata laga to wo deal cancel kar dega,'

'aisa kuch nehi hoga,hum usse sare details pata laga lenge,'

'arjun,apne ap pe confidence rakho per itna nehi ki dusro ko kuch na samaj ne ki galti karo,tum kiya
tum mein se koi nehi kar sakta,riya bhi nehi'

'Kiya tum kar paogi?'
Rathore asked before arjun could mess again,

'sammer mein undercover missions mein kam kar chuki hu,'

'thik hai to tum mil lo usse aur dekho kiya pata chalta hai,'

'rathore tum galti kar rahe ho,ye agar nehi kar payi to,'

'Mr Arjun,mein agar kuch kehe rahi to usse manna sikhiye,sirf ap hi ek officer nehi hai is sheher mein,'

Arjun kept silent.Sameer controlled the situation before arjun burst out and asked Ayesha to meet Jack and get as much information as possible.The atmosphere was still tensed,Ayesha and Arjun were glaring at each other.

Finally riya jumped up,

'bohot bhook lagi hai,dinner kab karenge?'

'haan chalo dinner karte hai,'
Sameer too jumped up and walked towards the table.

Ayesha composed herself and helped riya to get the food spread.Arjun too calmed down and joined them.Everyone finished dinner and went away.Further discussions on the case was stored for the next day.

chalo done with this part...sorry for getting late...was not doing too give back your feedbacks..Embarrassed

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