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Raesha FF: Finding Home thread 2 link added.. (Page 20)

rimi_invisible IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 January 2014 at 9:22am | IP Logged
Thanks have replied to all do check the earlier post...Here comes the next update but before that Anant has gifted me a beautiful banner for this story...and here it comes along with the update...

thanks Anant for the lovely you...


It was early morning when Sameer entered the ETF office.No one had yet arrived at that early hours.He was making a coffee for himself when the receptionist came there.

'Good morning Sir and wish you a happy married life ,'

'Morning,Thank you.Shadi ke bare mein tumhe kaise pata?'

'Sir wo Riya Mam ne bataya ki ap shadi ke liye chuti liye the,'

'Acha to apki riya mam kaha hai?Jaipur se mumbai wapas aye to kafi din ho gaye,'

'Sir,wo aj thora late ayegi,kuch kam hai,Arjun sir ko batake gayi hogi,'

'hmm thik hai,'

Sameer took his coffee and went to his cabin.Arjun reached the office after an hour.He directly reached Sameer's cabin.

'Sam,tu aa gaya? itni jaldi??'

Sameer looked up at him from his laptop once and signed,

'kiyu tujhe problem ho rahi hai?'

'Arre nehi yaar mein to khush hu,ye chief wali duty mujhse nehi hogi,tu kaise karta hai?mein to
gusse se faat jaunga lag raha tha,'
Arjun said and slumped down on the chair.

'tu aur tera gussa,soitela bhai hai tera wo,pata nehi tu kab samjhega,'

'tu hai na mujhe samaj neki kiya zaroorat hai?waise kab aya?'

'kal.Kal saradin ghar thik karne mein chala gaya.Waise riya kaha hai?'

'Oh haan mein batana bhool gaya,riya ko kuch kam hain thora der se ayegi,'


Sameer again concentrated in his file.Arjun opened his mouth to speak when they heard the rest of people coming in,filling the whole area with the sound of their laughter.

Arjun went away to his own cabin.All settled down in the next hour and started their usual work.Cases never stopped bothering them and they never stopped keeping records of the cases they solved.

By afternoon a case came up where a college student had been killed.Rathore and Arjun along with his team went to the crime scene.Riya joined them there directly.Arjun looked at the dead body.The guy was shot dead once near his chest and second near the left ribcage.Liza checked the body temperature and deduced the death time around 12 hours back.

The guy was a young student name Avinash and lived in a rented room with his friend.His friend was missing but his bags and things were there in the room.They checked the surrounding for clues.They got two bullet shells and an asthama pump.They got few packets of cocain hidden inside the pillow.They took them as evidences.

Arjun and Riya went to speak with his friends.His family had been informed who would be coming down by next day.Shree was checking into his mobile and bank details.

Rathore went back to ETF office by evening and everyone settled to discuss about the case.From the call details they track down a number which he had called frequently. Shree tried to get information about the number but everything recorded was fake.

Riya informed that the asthama pump was not of avinash but his room mates. Avinash had a girlfriend,nisha,and he used to spent a lot of money on her.She was an addict and everyone suspected avinash use to supply her.A day or two before his death nisha had a fight with him and after that fight no one had seen them.

Arjun looked at the facts on the fact board thoughtful.They were at a dead end.Others started yawning as it was already late.Sameer looked at the tired faces and called it a day.Riya took her things and waited for Arjun.Chotu and Shree took that time to tease her and ran away when Arjun opened the door of his cabin.

Sameer came out of his cabin and found the two love birds staring at each other.He walked beside
Riya and held her shoulder.She jerked back from the dream,

'raat ho gayi hai riya,ab ghar jao dono,ya yahi rehena hai?'
Sam asked raising a brow at her,

'Sam sorry mein late ayi aur tumse baat bhi nehi hui.Kaise ho?aur haan mujhe na ayesha se milna hai,shadi ke din thik se baat nehi hui,'Riya changed the topic quickly embarrased at being caught red handed,

'thik hai abhi chalo,sath mein dinner karte hai,ayesha bhi ghar pe hi hogi'

'abhi lekin?'
Riya looked towards Arjun for help,

'nehi sam hum kal ate hai,abhi late ho gayi hai,chalo nekalte hai,'
Arjun controlled the situation,

Sameer understood the hesitance and didnt drag further.

They drove back to their home.
Ayesha knocked at the commisioner's office at the perfect time and went in.The commisioner had been expecting her.

'Jai Hind Sir,'

'Ayesha,Jai Hind,baitho,'

'Sir ap ne bulaya tha,'

'haan ayesha,tumhe last mission ke kamyabi ke liye congratulate karna tha,tumne bohot acha kam kiya,'

'Thank you sir,'

'Ayesha tumhare liye mere pas ek bohot important kam hai,lekin kam bohot zyada khatarnak hai,tum kar paogi?'

'hamare is kam mein to hamesha khatra hai sir,isme nayi to koi baat nehi,'

'nehi ayesha,isme khatra kuch alag hai,'

'kaise sir?'Ayesha asked confused,

'tum samaj jaogi,mein kuch dino mein tumhe sare details mail kar dunga,bas itna yaad rakhna ki is bar tumhare dushman ki koi kamzoori nehi hai,uske liye apne ap ko prepare karna,kuch bhi linently mat lena,'

'mein sach mein kuch bhi nehi samjhi sir,'

'i know,mujhe pata hai ye kam tum kar sakti ho is liye tumhe de raha hu,details parlo sab pata chal jayega,aur haan ye mission top secret hoga,iska koi bhi backup ya file hum maintain nehi kar sakte,isi liye tumhe pure misson ka dhyan rakhna hoga,'

'right sir,mein dhyan rakhungi,'

'right to mein tumhe do teen din mein sare details mail karta hu,tum preparation lena start kar do,'

'right sir,ill take your leave sir,Jai Hind,'

'Jai Hind,waise Ayesha,congrats for your marriage,'

'Thank you Sir,'

'Sameer ko mein saalo se janta hu,bohot acha insaan hai,you are very lucky,'

'thank you sir,'

Ayesha bid bye and went back to her house all the way muttering under her breath,

'mein lucky?us kambaqt kumbhakaran se aur kaun shadi karta,meri futi kismat,'


Sameer reached home and parked his car.He walked upto the door and tried to open the door with his keys but it was locked from inside.He didnt want to disturb Ayesha at this late hour and planned to sneak in without her notice but she had locked the door and reluctantly he had to ring the bell.

To his surprise Ayesha opened the door on the first ring itself.She opened the door and moved aside holding one of the doors to let him in.Sameer went in and looked around.The TV was on and she must be watching that.The dining table had some bowls and a plate which was covered.He went near and it smelled of some delicious food.He had forgotten about dinner in his busy schedule and now looking at the ready platter he was feeling extremely hungry.

Ayesha closed the door behind Sameer and again settled herself on the sofa and watched the program she was already watching.Sameer looked back at her,she seemed much comfortable today.

'Ye khana?tumne banaya?'

'haan wo mein bore ho rahi thi to socha kuch karu,'

'ohh khusboo to bohot achi hai,tumne khaya?'

'haan thori der pehele hi khaya,'

'okay mein fresh hoke ata hu,'

Sameer walked over to his room while Ayesha sat there watching TV.After some time Sameer came fresh and sat down on the table.He served himself on a plate kept and started eating the food.The food was not from a perfect chef's kitchen but it was good and for someone who had not eaten from the morning it was an elixir.He ate the food silently occasionally glancing at the program Ayesha was watching,some crime show.

Sameer smiled at that and finished his meal.He took his plate and kept it in the sink of the kitchen counter.He washed his hands and kept the remaining food in the fridge.He poured a glass of water and sat down next to Ayesha sipping it.

Ayesha too was keeping an eye on his moves and was amused to see that he had suddenly become so clean and neat.She smiled at him when he sat down next to her.

'how was your day?'Ayesha asked him,

'very tiring,ek case aya hai,aur clues nehi mil rahe,saradin bhag dhor..'
Sameer said streaching his legs on the table and leaning his head on the sofa.

'Tum gayi thi na commisioner sir se milne??kiya hua?'

'haan,wo ek mission hai,per abhi tak details pata nehi,thore dino mein mujhe mail karenge,'

'good,matlab tum kuch din yaha mere sath rahogi,'


'i mean tum khana bohot acha banati ho.Tum jitne din yaha ho,mere liye please khana banana.Kitne saalo baad khaya yaha ghar ka khana,waise riya banati to hai,per wo khane layak nehi hota,'
Sameer said making a puppy face.

Ayesha laughed at his different facial expressions,first scared,then pleading,then thoughtful and then a wierd puppy face remembering the food riya had cooked sometime.
Ayesha asked about Riya and thats when Sameer remembered about Arjun and Riya's wish to meet her.

'Are haan mein bhool gaya wo Arjun aur riya tumse milna chahte the,kal dinner pe bula lu??'

'Haan thik hai,'
Ayesha said softly trying to hide her irritation,

'Ayesha agar tumhe problem hai to mein mana kar dunga,'

'nehi sameer its ok,tum bula lena,'

'waise Arjun aur Riya dono bohot ache hai,tumhe acha lagega,trust me,'

Ayesha smiled and nodded.They planned the next day's dinner and other arrangements.Ayesha took the responsiblities of the dinner.It was late now and Sameer had started yawning,so both retired for the day. 

done with this part...bring on your chappals if i have dissapointed...Tongue but do give back your comments...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by IshitaRocks015

res 4 cmmnt.. me 1st

sorry there was some error it was not getting posted in the above post
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Originally posted by Snehajain

res... ishi...AngryAngryAngry
mera record tod diya...LOLLOLLOL

sorry it was not getting posted in the above post..Smile
Snehajain IF-Sizzlerz

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unres... me first...PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing 
Awesome update...
Loved banner...
Arjun's condition...LOLLOLLOL...fat gaya toh problem ho jayegi...LOLLOLLOL
Case is interesting...
Aisha's mission is seeming scary...OuchOuchOuch
Raesha stealing glances of each other...WinkWinkWink...chalo starting toh hua...LOLLOLLOL
Jab Riya ko pata chalega ki Sam ko haath ka khana pasand aata toh kya hoga...ROFLROFLROFL ...poor Sam...
Continue soon...Thanks for PM...

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superb part
ayesha back to her work.
loved that she cooked for sameer.
hope slwoly they fall for each other..
ur title is very very beautiful..and concept even better..
thanks for the pm

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nice one.. like it.. thanks for pm..

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Loved it dear awesome 
Yaar poor samsha padh ke lg raha hai kahah fas gaye LOL
Poor sam chalo kuch din ghar ka khana khayega WinkWinkWink
Sameer kumbhkaran ROFL fab yaar 
Loved the update 
Case sounds serious 
Thanks for the PM 
Continue soon Smile

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Superb story n concept
Read in 1 go
Awesme parts
Waiting to knw hw will Ayesha n sam fall for each othr

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