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Raesha FF: Finding Home thread 2 link added.. (Page 134)

rajeeviansonai Goldie

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Posted: 09 November 2014 at 4:33am | IP Logged
my god sammy ko glass nehi dekhai dia.yeh sob kya us injury ki wajase hua? plz plz update soon

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IshitaRocks015 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 November 2014 at 12:02pm | IP Logged
hiii... :-P
ok ok... a pretty good update
arjun is trying to help out in every possible manner...
aisha... well.. i too think it is better for aisha to tell sam about the injury rather than arjun...
they have to make his state better...
dept will just look for a chance to throw him out now...
that was d reason arjun was pissed... that glass part... that is something abnormal... 1stly doesnt see the glass..then keeping it smwhr...whr it wud break...

the doc needs to know this asap

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rimi_invisible IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 December 2014 at 10:56pm | IP Logged


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rimi_invisible IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 December 2014 at 10:56pm | IP Logged

Aisha locked the door and leaned her back on it. It was one of those mornings when she was overjoyed. But with the happy grins that always remained on her lips and gestures, she was feeling a sudden fear. It is after many months that they would again start living together in the same house. The feel of togetherness was a strange one.

Her heart was pounding inside her chest while her hands were cold. She couldn't stop smiling at her leisure thoughts yet she was feeling shy. Her cheeks were flushed yet she was hiding it with the touch of a little makeup. It was the first time in her life, when she was confused about her moves. She was making silly mistakes, keeping things randomly around, bringing out her whole closet on the bed to pick out a dress to wear. She had made her morning tea thrice, unknowingly spoiling the earlier two. It was all new and absurd for her, but she was enjoying every part of it, especially when the central reason behind each of her act was the man who was finally coming back to her.

She showered and dressed herself in some simple casuals. Rubbing her wet locks with the dry towel she looked into the mirror. She could imagine his first gaze on her. It made her brighter and a few shades deepened on her cheeks. Leaving her wet hair to dry, she chose a pair of tiny diamond studded earrings and wore them. They were tiny and simple and didn't give much of a special look. But she liked it. Rather she knew he liked such simple things.

Aisha still wasn't too well to get back to the kitchen, so it was either Arjun or Riya, who would prepare the food for her. Today too Riya had done her work in the kitchen for both of them. Aisha only had to serve the food. She walked into the dining looking at the clock. She had to take her medicines in time but Sameer hadn't arrived yet. She had planned to eat her lunch with him. It would be after days that she would finally have a company during her meal. Moreover, the company was Sameer, for whom she always waited nowadays. But she couldn't ignore her health right now. She brought out the food bowls on the table and placed two empty plates at their respective seats. She sat on her chair but kept looking at the door. Minutes passed, but no one arrived. She signed and pouted.

'hamesha late!!' she cursed him and made a face, smiling at herself in the next moment.

She served her plate and started her lunch. Each morsel reminded her of the numerous fights, Riya and Arjun had started while Riya arranged and cooked the food. Its wasn't too bad, but not to delicious as well. Arjun was a better cook. She compared in her mind while she finished her morsels and pours out some more rice. She was exceptionally more hungry today or was it mere excitement, she didn't know. Finishing her lunch she walked inside to take her medicines. Gulping them down, with a glass of water, she sat at the living room with the television showing the news telecast of a recent political controversy.

The channel kept playing the news repeatedly and she had started getting bored now. The medicines inside her was gradually melting bringing in tiredness and sleep. She leaned on the sofa and kept herself awake, occasionally looking at the door. Her eyelids gradually gave in and she didn't know when she fell asleep.

Her sleep broke when her phone started buzzing loudly on the front table. Aisha opened her eyes to look into it when the doorbell rang loud. She jerked up from her sleep and looked at her phone. It was from Arjun. She instantly stood up and walked ahead to open the door. She opened the door to an irritated Arjun and a tired yet scared Sameer. Her gaze was stuck at Sameer when Arjun's voice broke her trance.

'kaha thi tum? Kabse bell baja raha hu..tum thik to ho? Phone bhi nehi uthaya?' Arjun yelled instantly,

'wo main so gayi thi.. tumlog itne late se aye..' she replied back all the time looking at Arjun, avoiding her gaze at Sameer,

'wo sab tumhe Sam batayega, ye lo bag, main chalta hu, sham ko milunga, new case, main aur riya ETF chale, bye, Aisha ill call you to help with his medicines,' Arjun turned from the door itself, before anyone could stop him.

Aisha and Sameer remained at the door, until Arjun zoomed away with Riya. Both looked back at the other and their gaze met. Aisha smiled and moved aside and Sameer walked in slowly holding on the door. Aisha kept herself behind him, until he reached the sofa and slumped on it. She kept the bag on the ground and brought him a glass of water. Sameer took the glass from her and sipped into it quietly. She remained standing looking at him, when he looked up at her,

'kya hua?' he called her,

'kuch nehi, wo tum lunch karoge?' she asked him, trying to compose her high beating heart and burning cheeks,

'haan thora sa, zyada bhook nehi hain. Per tumne kyu banaya? Tumhari bhi tabiyat to..'

'nehi maine nehi, Riya ne banaya subah,'

'Riya?' he asked surprised,

'haan Arjun aur riya, dono kal yahi the, aj bhi ayenge sham ko,'she said and started smiling,

'really? Isse acha to main hospital main hi rehe jata,' Sameer pouted, lost in Riya's delicious dishes and Arjun's glares.

'Sameer, wo humari madat kar rahe hain aur tum? I know thore pagal hain per itne bhi nehi,' Aisha giggled,

'thore nehi aisha, Arjun to pura pagal hain, aur Riya, uska better half, I mean better pagal, main hospital wapas chale jata hu,'

'kya Sameer, tum sirf unke bare main sochke bhag rahe ho? Main bhi to hu na yaha, kabse wait kar rahi hu main tumhara, aur tum...' Aisha said but stopped realizing her slip,

'tum mera wait kar rahi thi?' he asked again,

'nehi..wo..' she looked away embarrassed,

'nehi?' he smirked,

'nehi matlab haan, main un dono pagalo main akeli par jati hu na, isliye, tum rahoge to company rahegi,' she bit her lips and giggled,

'ohh ye baat, mujhe laga...'

'kya laga tumhe?'

'nehi kuch nehi, main fresh hoke ata hu,' Sameer signed loudly and stood up. He slowly walked inside his room. Aisha grinned looking at his retreating back. It was so good to feel his presence back in her life.


A few days flew by. Sameer would mostly stick to his room sleeping or lying forcefully, or would watch his favorite news or sports channel in the living room. He was on house arrest and was not allowed to even think about cases until he recovers completely. Aisha too was happy to have Sameer in the same house, though she avoided talking to him much during the day. She kept a close watch on his medicines and even scolded or woke him up in case he slept or forgot about them.

Sameer too would love her concerns and would silently enjoy her closeness, pretending to have forgotten his medicines. They would steal glances at the other, but pretend ignorance when caught by the other. It is in the evening when arjun and Riya would join and all would sit in their evening chatter and gossips along with their cups of beverages, Aisha would sit near him and join him to tease Riya and Arjun. Aisha was quite well now, so Riya and Arjun both would have her help in the kitchen. But their fights continued amusing the other silent couple.

But during these few days, aisha hadn't missed the behavioral changes in Sameer. He would get disturbed easily, even get agitated about simple issues. She had even seen him looking lost at times, thinking about something or searching something. When she would ask, he would silently shake his head and turn away. Then the next moment he would be back to his normal self. She had seen him avoiding visiting the terrace. Later she understood, he was facing issues taking the steps. Either his vision was disturbed or he wasn't able to take the steps correctly. He looked scared at petty things.

During the evening sit outs he had even asked for tea instead of coffee, when everyone knew, he wasn't quiet fond of the flavor of tea leaves. When he would be reminded of that he would either get completely silent or would start a fight regarding some meaningless topic, diverting from the main. Even his headaches had increased. Aisha had seen him sweat profusely and then splash his face with water inside the washroom. He would then sit on the bed for hours holding his head in his palms.  

Aisha had told about her observations to Arjun and both had decided it would be better to start with the regular treatment soon. Arjun had spoken to the doctor but the initial and most difficult part of it was still pending. They have to make Sameer aware of his illness and that the treatment would be beneficial. Finally after thinking and discussing for a long time, Aisha had decided they would tell Sameer about his illness the next evening. Arjun was supposed to be present as well to support her, but some urgent case came up and Arjun got stuck with it, leaving the whole trouble solely on Aisha.


That evening Sameer was sitting on the sofa in the living room watching the repeat telecast of his favourite match and Aisha was working inside the kitchen. Riya would come late tonight, so aisha had taken it completely into her own responsibility to prepare their dinner. Along with the dinner aisha was also preparing herself to face Sameer, with the truth about his illness. She peeped outside the door and found him biting his nails, while he leaned forward to concentrate on the match. She smiled at him and a mild pain throbbed up at her heart. The thought that he wasn't well itself was making her feel disturbed and sad, how would he react to it?

Absent mindedly Aisha picked up the sliced onions and threw them inside the heated oil. She picked up the spatula to stir it when she accidentally touched the heated side of the pan and the pan lost balance and it fell on the ground with a loud thud. Aisha had somehow moved aside and saved herself.

Sameer heard Aisha's sudden shout and then the loud thud and hurriedly ran inside the kitchen. He found the pan fallen on the ground with the floor smudged in oil and onions and Aisha standing at a distance holding on the spatula in her hand. She looked frightened at the floor. Sameer called out to her and she looked at him.

'Aisha!! Are you fine?' he asked her, showing out his concerns,

'haan, main thik hu, wo tel, pata nehi kaise...' she stammered looking at the mess on the floor,

'Aisha, its okay, bahar aao, dhyan se,' Sameer held out his hand for her.

Aisha walked out slowly avoiding the oil smudged floor, holding his hand for support. She didn't know when she had landed into such a danger. She was still trembling when Sameer held her arm forcefully and turned her to face him.

'Aisha its okay, kuch nehi hua..relax,' he tried to calm her down, but Aisha was disturbed and kept quiet looking at him, with fearful eyes.

Sameer left Aisha near the sofa and stepped back, just to be pulled back by her. She wrapped her arms around his neck hugging him tight to herself. Sameer felt the sudden tug and her body slowly loosen her weight on him. He stiffened back with the sudden action. His hands fell by his sides, while he felt Aisha rest her head at the crook of his neck. He was too surprised to even react and kept numb. He could feel her heart beating against his chest and gradually all his resolves started breaking down. The feminine scent in her hair and the beautiful aura of her cheeks rubbing on his neck and grown stubble made him weaker and he closed his eyes, inhaling it sharply. His hands moved around her back, wrapping her closer in his arms.

********** bring in your comments..Wink
but no violence please..Dead

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_Tabassum_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 December 2014 at 2:27am | IP Logged
Awwwsssmmm Update
Loved it
Wonderfully Written
Continue Sooon
Waiting for next part
Thanks for the PM

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Joined: 03 December 2013
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Posted: 07 December 2014 at 3:15am | IP Logged
bina pm ke hi atack kar diya
very nice..
ariya's f8... too good..
then the kitchen accident in last part was hazardous n well explained
cont soon
thnk for pm

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Joined: 11 September 2013
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Posted: 07 December 2014 at 3:34am | IP Logged
hmm loved it Rimi 
awesome update 
why things become so complicate in life 
Poor sameer really feeling bad for him Cry
his illness is taking a toll on everyone around him 
as all love him a lot especially aisha Smile
her concerns & reactions were natural Clap
fight of ariya were too cute  LOL
really dono pagal hai LOL
loved the last part now what will happen next Embarrassed
Thanks for the PM 
Continue soon Smile

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rajeeviansonai Goldie

Joined: 30 April 2014
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Posted: 07 December 2014 at 5:32am | IP Logged
wow!     mujhse raha nahi ja rahi haiy.plz update soon

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