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Raesha FF: Finding Home thread 2 link added.. (Page 132)

ariyabestfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 October 2014 at 3:51am | IP Logged
finally..arjun ne aayesha ko sam ke health problems ke bare me bata diya..
plz continue soon
thanks 4 pm

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rimi_invisible IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 November 2014 at 8:09am | IP Logged
Thank you everyone for the lovely all your keep them comes the next leave your feedbacks...Smile

Chapter 28

'Doctors ko lagta hain iss accident ki wajah se Sameer ko, Traumatic brain injury, hua hain, severe nehi hain, but he needs proper support and treatment, warna results could be adverse,' Arjun said holding on to her shivering hands.


Arjun pressed her palm slightly getting absolutely no response from her. She was sitting on the bed with downcast eyes looking lost. Her hand has shivered for a tiny moment with the news and then it all went numb. She didn't even move a finger after that. Arjun cupped her palm in his hands and leaned closer to her, holding up her cold hand in his.

'Aisha...' he called her softly but again there wasn't any response.

Arjun looked at her face carefully. It was pale and blank. Her eyes gave a distant look with a drop of tear stuck at the lower lids. She didn't even bother to blink her eyes, while the tear drop rolled down her cheeks. He knew she was feeling lost. She wasn't anywhere the Aisha he had known all these days. The Aisha who had fought with him and proven him wrong with her harsh deeds nor the aisha who had once beaten up Jo, in front of him. She was just another woman he had never known of. He sat back quietly holding on her hands waiting for her to compose herself.

Aisha heard the words coming from Arjun silently. She wasn't much aware of the effects of the disease that Sameer was suffering now, but the moment she heard it was something to do with a brain injury, she felt something inside her was missing.

'warna results could be adverse..'

These words rang repeatedly in her mind and she felt she has unknowingly put Sameer through a grave danger. When Yogesh had tried to kill him she had already lost a part of her with the fear of losing him and now, when a graver danger was standing in front, she was now losing everything she had. She was feeling empty, a lonely survivor. She was regretting for whatever happened in her life in the couple of months.

She was the one who had the mission at hand, the one who was working against the criminal, the one who was supposed to be hurt or killed. But here every blow is being thrown and absorbed by Sameer. Sameer wasn't anywhere responsible into this stuff, then why was he being tortured with so much pain. His only fault was, he married her. The marital bond between them had brought Sameer to this dangerous stage today.

For the bond, they never recognized, for the relation, they never valued.

Aisha was feeling helpless now. She was filled with remorse. She had thought of leaving him once he recovers back, but now after what arjun has informed, what if he...


A tear rolled down her cheek as she looked at the distance. A sheer pain trolled up her high beating heart. She could feel her chest crumble with that pain. She was feeling tired now. Her head was feeling heavy. She could feel Arjun hold her hand tightly and lean towards her.

'Aisha..' he called her again cupping is face in his palms,

Aisha looked up at him. Her eyes had blurred. She knew she was now at the losing end and arjun hadn't missed that look of hers. She removed her palms from his and held onto his shirt firmly, clutching it in a fisted palm. She felt Arjun sit beside her on the bed and wrap his arm around him. Though it was strange and unknown gesture from him, Aisha was feeling warm and secured. She leaned her head on his chest, losing on her strength there.

'Aisha... aisha..' arjun panicked at her state,

'Sab meri wajah se Arjun..sab kuch meri wajah se hua hain. Mujhe usse shadi hi nehi karni chahiye thi. Maine mom se kaha bhi tha, per mom to...Sameer ka mere saath koi rishta nehi hota to aj wo iss halat mein nehi hota Arjun, Maine hi usse mar dala,' she cried like a child on his chest,

'and still you think you people aren't into any bond?' he muttered softly to himself but it wasn't inaudible to aisha,

Arjun held the back of her head softly in his palms and caressed her hair. Aisha had heard Arjun but remained quite. She too knew she had started falling weak over this man. But the state they have witnessed and the remorse still so fresh in her heart, made her forget every little wish she had harbored to be with him. She just wanted him safe now. If not with her, then away from her.

'Aisha, aisa kuch bhi nehi hua hain. Stop blaming yourself. Sameer thik ho jayega, bas proper treatment ki zaroorat hain. And Aisha, we still have some more troubles on the way, its not the time to lose yourself. Get a grip on your feelings and yourself, its required,' Arjun told her softly, caressing her head with his fingers.

Aisha felt the soothing fingers in her hair and composed herself. More troubles? What was Arjun referring to now. She looked up from his chest and he removed his arm around her.

'More trouble?' she frowned at him,

He leaned on the bed rest while she sat straight on the bed facing him.

'trouble?' she asked again,

'According to the doctors Sameer ki injury completely curable nehi hain. But treatment could help him to lead a normal life. But again treatment ke liye usse iss injury ki baat batani bhi zaroori hain, without exciting him or giving him another shock,' he told and looked at Aisha who was now completely concentrating on his words,

'tumne bataya Sameer ko?' she asked him already guessing the answer mentally,

'nehi, I think you should tell him. He will be able to absorb it better,' he suggested looking at her fading face color,

'main? Lekin Arjun...Sameer meri baat se aur bhi zyada react karega. Tum usse bata do, shayad tum samjha pao,' she replied back excitedly,

'main usse nehi kehe sakta Aisha, kya kahu main...main babasa aur masa ko nehi bata paya, sam se kaise kahunga? Nehi aisha, main usse aise toot jate hue nehi dekh sakta,' arjun stood up from the bed,

'per Sameer tumpe bohot trust karta hain, tum kahoge to wo samaj jayega, usse samhalna hi hoga, hum...' she replied,

'tum nehi samaj rahi ho Aisha. Sam's injury might lead him to a number of abnormal behaviors and I am afraid I might lose myself there,' arjun spoke loudly facing his back to her,

'matlab? Kaise abnormal behavior?' she asked getting down from the bed,

'Iss bimari ke symptoms Aisha, wait..' arjun turned and held on her shoulders. He made her sit on the bed and went to pick out the laptop from the wardrobe. He gave her and she switched it on. Both sat on the bed leaning on the screen which was now showing the different symptoms of traumatic brain injury. Arjun kept slowly briefing her about what the doctor had said and prescribed about the disease.

'lekin Sameer ne to mujhe pehechana, babasa,masa, tumhe bhi to pehechana, fir...' she asked with hopeful eyes,

'Aisha maine kaha na, har ek symptom ho ye zaroori nehi, har ek patient ka alag behavior hota hain, lekin agar thora sa bhi kuch abnormality dikha de to bohot bari problem ho jayegi Aisha,'

'Matlab?' she asked curiously,

'department mein uska medical report submit hua hain and the department is claiming Sam to be unstable for the job now, due to this damn injury,' he stood up frustrated,

'what? What rubbish..abhi tak to Sameer ne aisa kuch bhi unstability dikhai nehi hain, fir wo log aise kaise..' she shouted hurriedly,

'exactly. Maine bhi commissioner sir se yahi baat ki, filhal wo maan gaye aur situation samhal liya, but I am afraid, Sam join karne ke baad ek bhi galti ki to usse department se...' arjun said banging his fist on the wall,

'matlab hume usse jaldi batana hoga aur treatment bhi bohot jald start karni hogi..'

'start kar denge Aisha. But wo itni jaldi thik to nehi hoga, aur fir usse batayenge kaise, normal hi itna aakdu hain, ab to pata nehi kaisa bana hoga,' he raised his hands in frustration,

'Arjun!!' aisha scolded,

'tum bata paogi na?' he asked her in a concerned tone, moving close to her,

'main koshish karungi, per mujhe uska reaction se ab daar lag raha hain, kahi kuch galat na ho jaye,' she replied,

'don't worry, wo itna bhi kamzoor nehi hain,' he told,

'acha? To tum kyu nehi bata rahe?' she asked him,

'Sam kamzoor nehi hain Aisha, main kamzoor hoon. Uske bina mera aur koi nehi hain, he is my only family Aisha,' he replied chocking his throat,

'Arjun!!' she held his arm,

'Aisha tum rest lo, tum bhi abhi tak thik nehi ho, main ETF chalta hu, ek important case hain, Riya ne ab tak sab ko pareshan kar diya hoga. Take care, aur raat tak aa jaunga,' he informed,

'Yaha? Per uski zaroorat nehi hain, main samhal lungi...' she started mumbling,

'tumhe mujhpe yakeen nehi hain ya Sam pe?' he asked crossing his arms on his broad chest,

'Arjun main..'

'Fir main kuch raat yahi rahunga, aur saath mein riya ko bhi launga,' he declared winking at the smiling lady, who nodded her head approving.

Arjun left after a word or two more assuring his presence whenever she required. Aisha latched the door and walked back to her room. She was feeling weak and tired. Moving the laptop towards the other end of the bed, she lied down on the empty side with Sameer's thoughts roaming all around her mind. It wasn't long when she fell asleep.


Sameer sipped the glass of water quietly, while the ward boy picked up the empty medicine foils from the table and wiped the spilled water on the floors. The ward boy had entered his cabin few minutes back to find him looking around the room visibly frustrated.

Sameer had woke up sometime back from his deep sleep coz of his dried throat. He looked at the table beside his bed for water but couldn't find the glass. Carefully shifting his body weight on his right arm, avoiding to hurt himself, he sat up on the bed. He leaned forward towards the table searching the glass that is usually kept beside the glass Jug. It wasn't there. He looked around the room. Everything was just at its place. The medicine tray, the stand, the monitors, everything except the glass.

He was thirsty and his throat and lips had dried considerably. He needed water. Usually it never happened earlier, but nowadays it was an usual occurrence for him. When ever he woke up from his sleep, he would either feel extremely thirsty or his lips would have dried to an unusual extent. He had consoled himself blaming on the various medicines he was having.

The thirst increased and he couldn't control it anymore. He reached for the Jug, trying to pull it to himself, balancing his body weight on his side. The Jug was full with water and dragging it with the already half bandaged injured hand wasn't quite easy. He dragged it a bit but was not able to pick it up. He kept in back and fell on the bed tired with his back paining.

This helplessness has now started making him annoyed and frustrated. He had always been independent in his own ways. He was capable of taking up responsibilities and had adhered to them properly by himself. He never required any help for such petty, usual matters. But this accident has made him so dependent. He couldn't even fetch a glass of water for himself. Accidents, injuries isn't knew in his life. His career and his work has frequently brought him such moments when he would stay back idle on a hospital bed, but the feel of agony, frustration and helplessness wasn't so much as this time. This time he was feeling as if he had lost his hope of getting back to his normal life.

'Damn those sedatives. They are getting on my nerves now. Mujhe yaha se jaldi nikalna hoga, warna ill lose it completely.'

He muttered to himself and looked back at the side table. Again searching for the glass he leaned forward. The glass was never missing from the table till the morning, then what happened suddenly. He started looking around the room irritated if it had been misplaced somewhere, when the door opened and the ward boy walked inside. Sameer looked at him and instantly sat straight, glaring at the middle aged man. The ward boy was surprised at his sudden gesture but didn't pay much heed and walked inside.

'Yaha ek pani peene ke liye glass bhi nehi rakh sakte tum log? Kitne irresponsible hain tumhare hospital ki staff,' he shouted at him,

'hospital humari nehi hain saab, aur glass wo to hain table pe, ap konsi glass dhoond rahe hain?' he asked him bluntly,

'kaha dikh raha hain tumhe glass? Tum log apna kam thik se karte kyu nehi,' Sameer barked at him,

'Arre ajeeb pagal to raha glass..ap kaha dekh rahe hain, samne to parah hain,' the ward boy spoke up forwarding him the glass from the table,

Sameer looked at the glass on the table from where the ward boy picked it up. It was kept right beside the Jug behind the medicine's tray. If anyone just leaned towards the table, he would have found the glass right in front. Then how could he miss it? Just coz it was beside the Jug and it was made of glass? Could be, but didn't he have a better gaze than any normal human. He was the efficient ETF chief and alertness was inbuilt into him now. How could an accident snatch it away.

'damn the medicines and over sleep. Its all coz of them. I would have to get out from here soon.' He again muttered to himself.

'haan?? Ab kya hua? Glass to mil gaya, pani bhi de diya. Ab pila du?' the ward boy asked him holding the water filled glass in front of him,

'nehi..' Sameer replied arrogantly ignoring his own faults and took the glass. The man raised his hands in frustration and turned his back muttering to himself. Sameer smiled looking at his frustrated state and sipped the water quietly while the man got busy with his work cursing him all the way.

Sameer gulped down the water quietly and leaned forward to keep the glass on the table. The man was placing the cleaned tray back on the table when Sameer kept the glass beside it.

'Yaha rakhoge to toot jayega, yaha rakh raha hu, dikh raha haina?' the man asked him keeping the glass again beside the jug.

Sameer nodded his head ashamed and the man picked up his things and walked out, humming some tune to himself.

Sameer leaned back on the headrest. It was almost time for the doctor to arrive. He would have to speak to him about his discharge. Its been too long. He would surely get into some mental disease had he stayed back longer. He picked up the Tv remote beside him and switched it on. It was giving the recent football match. He kept the remote back and stretched on the bed enjoying it.


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Anny90 Goldie

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Posted: 05 November 2014 at 8:16am | IP Logged
Arjun is being suppoting pillar to sam and his family.he is more than  brother to sam.He helped aisha too.Sam's injuries will going to cause problems to his career.I wonder how aisha gonna tackele all problems.thier life is going through tough phase.they both need each other.aisha is still not able to understand her feelings for him.
what is sam's problem with glass ?is he not able to see it or there is some other problems..this is just a start and sam is this much frustated..socho age kya karega ye banda?

@sneha: hiii..LOL record break hua tumhara?

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Snehajain IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Anny90


Itna chotu sa update...DeadDeadDead
Awesome update...

I just love Arisha on this FF...HugHugHug
Aisha cursed her presence in Sameer's life...OuchOuchOuch
Arjun was with her & calmed her...Big smileBig smileBig smile
Arjun dont want to tell Sameer about all this...OuchOuchOuch
Arjun called Sameer akdu...& Aisha glared him...LOLLOLLOL
"tumhe mujhpe yakeen nehi hain ya Sam pe?"...mast dialogue by Arjun...LOLLOLLOL
Sameer is getting more fursted & irritated...OuchOuchOuch
Glass was kept beside the jug but Sameer didn't see that...OuchOuchOuch
Arjun said if Sameer makes one mistake in his job than department will throw him out...that's why I don't want Sameer to join his duty before he recover...OuchOuchOuch

Continue soon...Thanks for PM...

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skrafty IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 November 2014 at 9:24am | IP Logged
Awesome update
Loved it
Aisha's state was written nicely
Loved the way Arjun Supported her
Sam wala part was nice
So symptoms dikhne chalu ho gaye hai
Lets see what happens next
waiting for the next part
continue soon

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Joined: 11 September 2013
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Posted: 05 November 2014 at 9:25am | IP Logged
loved it Rimi 
Awesome update 
Aisha was hell worried about sam Cry
she was really numb after hearing the truth CryCry
She was cursing helself for the same 
but Arjun managed well in consoling her Clap
lets see how Aisha manages to tell sameer 
& what i his reaction 
even I am scared of it Dead
Last scene was really touching 
signs of his brain injury have started Ouch
lets see how sameer takes it Ouch
Thanks for the PM 
Continue soon Smile

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Chulbuli_Annu IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 November 2014 at 10:12am | IP Logged
nice update..
arisha convo was good...
and the best part of arisha convo
mujhe bharosa nhi hai ya sam peLOL
aisha ka khayal rakhne k chakker me ariya romance naa krne baith jaaye 
finally aisha ko sam ki injury k bare me sab pta chal gya...
use pta hona bhi chahiye ...biwi hai wo sam ki
hope jaldi hi sam se uski bimari k bare me koi to baat kare
and hospital scene is also good
sam ko glass hi nazar nhi aaya
sam ko doubt to ho rha hai apni bimari ko lekar
dekho aage kya likhti ho 

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rvss Goldie

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Posted: 05 November 2014 at 10:33am | IP Logged
Nice plese continue.

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