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Posted: 21 September 2014 at 2:51am | IP Logged
Hi everyone...

Yes its after ages i am giving an update..but again i am early as this was suppose to get delayed by another 20 days..TongueLOL

So not wasting more time...thank you everyone, for their special appreciations to this story of mine..had those comments never came...this story would have never existed..

thank you so keep loving me like this..
Sorry couldnt reply to anyone..might be next time..filhal the next update..

its a small insight into the next level of this story...hope i would not confuse a lot of heads with this..

do leave your queries if any..ill try to revert back as soon as i can..Embarrassed

Chapter 26

Arjun walked in pushing the wheel chair. The wheel chair rolled on the ground and stopped beside sameer's bed with Aisha facing him straight. Sameer hadn't expected her and the sight itself brought in some strange mixed emotions in his heart. He heard babasa call her and ask about her health and aisha fumble in her reply, awkwardly alternating her gaze between the bed and others. Riya too walked beside her and held onto her shoulder, muttering softly into her ears,

'kya baat hain ayesha? Itne mahine alag rahe aur ab ek pal bhi sabar nehi hota? Hayeee kaisa ye pyar hain?' dramatically placing her palm on her chest,

'Riya!!' Aisha glared at her, her cheeks burning crimson, while her gaze moved to him for a lone moment.

Sameer was trying hard to look away from the blushing lady but his eyes seemed to have stopped taking his own orders. He could feel riya walk beside Arjun and chuckle poking him to look at the shameless duo. He could feel Masa silently look away at babasa, who gave an assuring smile at her. But nothing, not even the embarrassment from their taunting gazes, could help him to force his gaze to tear away from her. His gaze was fixed at her blushing face which still held a sly bright smile. Aisha too could feel his intense gaze on her and looked back at him.

If eyes could really speak, everyone would have heard the conversation going on between the two excited pairs. Sameer's eyes gradually moved toward her head and shoulder which were covered with heavy bandages. He frowned at her, just to be assured back with a blink of her regretful eyes and calm smile. His gaze calmed down, mercilessly scolding her for her reckless nature. Aisha gaze turned sober, lips curving at him while she silently tried to convince him but the very next moment the smile faded and her eyes showed anger as she looked at his palm, which still had the saline tube inserted into it. His gaze moved to his hands and back to her, giving her a sheepish innocent smile, assuring her his presence beside her. She looked away ashamed yet contended while he enjoyed her embarrassment.

Days and months of longing were finally trolling to an end inside this hospital room. Both had somewhere silently conveyed their loneliness and compassion they had realized in the absence of the other. They could easily watch the fear of losing the other in each other's eyes but accepting them in front of the other was still distant away. Both were shy and arrogant at the same time. Sameer was scared and apprehensive about the decision to accept his feelings for her, while Aisha was waiting impatiently for Sameer to take the first step.

The pin drop silent inside the room and especially between the injured yet furious couple was now getting intolerable for others, specially Arjun. Arjun had to reach ETF early due to Sameer's absence, but was already late. Moreover, since he had taken the responsibility of Aisha's visit to Sameer, he didn't want to leave in between. He waited for another few moments but again no one spoke. Sameer's lips still bore that playful smile, while aisha was giving away those uneasy glares. He looked towards riya, but she was almost mesmerized at their sight and enjoying the play in front of her.

Arjun cleared his throat gaining others attention and Sameer and aisha looked away, avoiding to look at anyone while Riya glared at Arjun, for the sudden interference.

'mujhe laga tum log kam se kam ek dusre ka haal puchoge, lekin last 17 minute mein nehi pucha, pucha kya ek baat bhi nehi kaha. mujhe nehi lagta aj baat kar paaoge, so, aisha tumne agar Sameer se mil liya hain to wapas chale? Mujhe ETF bhi jana hain..Already late ho chukka hu, bohot kam hain, thora sa rehem kar do..iss nanhi si jaan pe..' he spoke up giving sarcastic look at both,

Aisha gave a brief look at Sameer and looked at the floor, biting her lower lip, while her face flushed. Sameer glared at Arjun who replied back with a crooked smirk. Aisha looked up at masa and bid them and looked back at Sameer, who nodded at her and muttered softly, almost inaudible, but the small room made it loud enough for the others to hear them,

'Take care..'

Ayesha smiled and nodded her head but before she could open her mouth to reply back, Riya came hopping behind her and held onto the arm of her wheel chair,

'Dekho Arjun, Majnu ne bola, wo bhi take care,' aye hain, Sameer tumhe Ayesha ki kitni fikar hain, kash Arjun meri itni fikar karta,' Riya said pouting at Arjun,

'kaho to tumhe ETF se nikal ke yaha admit kardu? Fir roz ake tumhe take care' keheke jaunga,' Arjun replied back,

'haan kardo, kamse kam tumhe meri yaad to ayegi, iseme to kabhi nehi ati,' she replied with another smirk,

Arjun walked beside her in a sarcastic grin but before he could speak Masa spoilt their fun time.

'Riya, Arjun, ye dono abhi bhi puri tarah se thik nehi hain, they need rest. Arjun tum Ayesha ko cabin mein chor ke aao, aur riya ab hume bhi chalna chahiye, visiting hours almost khatam ho chuke hain,' she ordered them,

'haan, mein bhi wahi kehe raha tha,' Arjun fumbled back and pushed riya aside to hold onto the wheel chair, earning an angry look from her. Ayesha bid everyone and Arjun took her back to her own cabin.

Sameer kept looking at their retreating back, while Arjun laughed and spoke to Ayesha while taking her through the door. The door closed and she vanished away from his sight. But he was feeling calm now. Aisha was safe and close to him. The extreme fear and tension he was feeling from the day he had gained senses has suddenly subsidized and he was now feeling comfortable.

His eyes looked away from the closed glass door, when masa touched his shoulder and bid him before leaving, again asking him about his health. He smiled at her and she left with babasa and riya.


Riya, Shree and chotu were sitting around the glass table at their refreshment area, with their empty lunch plates, when Arjun barged in the office visibly agitated. He found the three smiling and talking among themselves and walked towards them. He stood at a distance and barked out,

'listen, I want a strong, black coffee without sugar, immediately at my cabin,' he walked away instantly not even sparing a glance back at anyone while the three kept looking at his back.

'black coffee? kuch to choot raha hain riya,' Chotu mumbled at her,

'haan, Arjun commissioner sir se milne gaye the, kuch urgent meeting tha..I guess waha pe hi kuch hua hain,' Riya replied back, looking at his retreating back,

'hua to zaroor hain, warna achanak cutting chai se black coffee? chal ab jaldi kam pe chalte hain, warna fir aa jayega samjhane, waise hi mood thik nehi hain,' Shree spoke up,

'haan, mein coffee le jati hu, dekhti hu agar kuch pata chale?' riya told them and all three departed for their respective stations.


Riya took the steaming mug from the coffee machine and walked through the corridor towards Arjun's cabin. She peeped in through the glass walls and found Arjun sitting on his chair, leaning on the right arm of the chair, rubbing his temple. His forehead had deep furrows and it showed well, he was disturbed.

She had seen him disturbed from the time The Commissioner had called him for the meeting, in the morning. He had not spoken to her since then. She wasn't sure what had disturbed him so much, but somewhere she felt it was about Sameer and it could be related to his illness that the doctor detected that day.

She could feel a tension build up inside her. She couldn't dare to think, what the department was planning for Sameer now, which had disturbed Arjun to this extend. She couldn't think more, her impatience was giving in, she quickly walked ahead and knocked on the door.

A few seconds passed by but Arjun didn't call her in. She turned the knob and pushed the door slightly. Arjun was sitting there still as she had already witnessed. She walked inside closing the door behind her and stood at his table, facing him. Arjun had heard her close the door and walk close to him. He straightened and picked up a random file to fake himself busy. He heard Riya keep the coffee mug on the table and call out to him,

'Arjun, tumhari coffee,'

Arjun nodded at her and got back to his file. His ignorance was scaring Riya now. She took a step closer to the desk and held onto it,

'Arjun commissioner sir ne kyu bulaya tha?' she asked him again,

'kuch important kam tha riya,' Arjun replied sounding quiet irritated,

'Sameer ke bare mein?...kuch kaha kya?' she probed him,

Arjun instantly banged the file on the table and stood up, pushing his chair. Riya was astonished at his behavior and took a step back.

'Tumhe aur koi kam nehi hain Riya, saradin, sirf gossip ke liye topic chahiye tumhe. Whats wrong with you? Tumhe yaad bhi hain tum ek ETF officer ho, aur humare pass abhi bohot kam baki hain, so if you can please get back to your work and stop disturbing me?' Arjun shouted at her giving her heated glares,

Riya was more surprised than hurt at his words initially. Arjun wasn't a man to shout and yell, without any suitable reason. He would taunt or make sarcastic comments and even scold his junior officers including her, but this shout was different and it showed there was something seriously wrong, which was disturbing him immensely. Riya was getting more curious at his attitude of keeping things hidden from her. She tried to reason with him but it turned out like a piercing cold sword. He kept shouting and yelling at her. She didn't know what had suddenly turned so sour between them when she tried to speak about Sameer.

Finally it started hurting her and she protested,

'Arjun tum chilla kyu rahe ho? Mein to bas tumse puch rahi thi, ki..' she told him, frustrated at his sudden rage towards her,

'Ki Sameer ETF ka chief hain ya nehi? Hain aur get back to your work, right now,' Arjun yelled at her,   

'Arjun, tum aise kyu baat kar raho meine ek simple si baat...'

'ek aur baat and you can go back home right now. Just leave, get out of here riya,' Arjun spoke between his gritted teeth and turned his back at her.

Riya was genuinely angry now. She had just come to show her concern, but Arjun had turned everything too sour. He was a hot headed person and infuriated at small things, but this was something bit too much. She kept her silence and walked away. Arjun heard her footsteps move out of the door and sat back on his chair. He was regretting to have lost his control on her.


wait scroll down for rest..Big smile

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rimi_invisible IF-Rockerz

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By Evening there was a suicide case reported and the victim being a well known politician the case was transferred to ETF. ETF got busy with the case led by their current acting chief, ACP Arjun. It isn't new for Arjun, he had lead the team earlier in absence of Sameer, when he was busy or injured earlier, but the whole team knew, there was something different today.

Though Arjun tried to keep a calm and professional indifference towards their scared and skeptical gazes, he too knew he wouldn't be able to mask his frustration for long. Already he had hurt Riya in the afternoon, without any fault of hers and now when he was regretting, she has started avoiding him, except for case related discussions.

The political pressure on the case, urgency from the higher authority, the media rebuking the case and ETF's involvement in it and his conversation with the Commissioner earlier during the day, was taking on his patience and level of aggression. Within hours ETF team was working silently inside the ETF office trying to solve the case as soon as possible, while their present chief kept a vulture's eye on them and the evidences. None even dared to look at the raged Tiger, while he was looking around for the prey, the Culprit.


Sameer was sitting on the bed smiling at the old man, sweeping the floor and giving him his personal insight about the ETF team and also the strange stories he had heard about their jobs. Sameer laughed while the illiterate old man gave out stories about ETF team getting special divine powers from the almighty by which they could easily sense the real criminal and then the fearless ways they solve out cases inside haunted mansions, encountering with real lady ghosts and other creepy creatures.

Sameer had once thought of rectifying his myths but then the aged man seemed happy with the incredible thoughts and stories and even took the attempt to bless them for their generous work for the society. He kept nodding or speaking a word here and there or smiling at his words. The man finished his job and walked out of the room, handing him the TV remote, which was giving out some regional program, which was helping to encourage the sweeper to clean the room faster. Sameer took the remote and looked at the door close while the man walked out.

He changed the loud instrument being played on the present channel and looked into the recent news. The reader was then giving out sports news about Arjun's once favourite football team, who had won the game. He looked into the score of the previous matches. The team had lost the first but won the rest of the two. He checked onto his own favourite team. They have lost the last game, while won the earlier one. He memorized it for the discussion with Arjun later.

The sports details ended and another news came up. It was about a case of a local MLA's sudden suicide. The case was presently handled by the ETF team lead by ACP Rawte. He increased the volume and leaned forward to concentrate on it. He could watch Arjun walk out of the minister's house through the press cameras. The media weren't allowed to step inside the crime scene so he couldn't get a glimpse of that.

The media was continuously criticizing the working style of ETF team when Arjun had kept his complete silent towards them. The continuous criticizing words were agitating Sameer. Arjun's face showed, he was disturbed and angry, might be coz of the high profile case. Arjun wasn't too fond of protocols and orders. He saw the commissioner confront the media and give a neutral statement. Nothing about the evidences or the progress in the case was informed.

Sameer was feeling restless now. The continuous criticism about his team and work was irritating him. He sat straight looking into the screen. The same news about the case was being shown repeatedly. He fisted his palm and hit it on the bed. The helpless silence by the commissioner and the ETF, was suddenly increasing his aggression. He knew and had faced it often, but now when he was watching his team go through the same phase, he was getting frustrated. He knew it always happened like this. The media would sensationalize their silence and they would have to helplessly wait for the case to get solved. But it had never pained him in the neck before. May be the failure to reach them at this moment was contributing more to his excited state.

He felt his fingers tremble and he couldn't hold the fisted palm longer. He released the fingers and lay the hand on the bed. The saline tube from his left hand had been finally removed, but the point on the hand, where it was injected was still quite painful. His head was feeling heavy and dizzy. He had a mild pain from the back of his neck to his chest. He was sweating and his heart was beating fast, making him feel sick.

He leaned back on the stack of pillows and closed his eyes. The news channel was still playing the news of the MLA's death. He could hear them speak about Arjun and then ETF. Then the news changed and started giving highlights about some hospital fire and so on. He couldn't hear any longer. He was feeling sick. He rubbed his temple and moved his head to the side, slowly sliding on the bed. He didn't know, how long he remained awake, coz when he opened his eyes next, babasa was standing beside the bed, looking at him.


'Sameer,' babasa called him, touching his arm softly,

'babasa!!' he replied, trying to sit up,

Babasa helped him to sit. Sam asked him to sit beside him on the bed and he did.

'Masa nehi ayi?' Sam asked,

'ayi hain, wo Ayesha se milne gayi hain. Uske parents Ayesha se baat karna chahte the, isliye Ayesha ka phone usko dene gayi hain, bas ati hi hogi,' babasa replied,

'hmm,' Sam hummed, he wasn't feeling well yet, he was weak,

'kya hua Sameer, tired lag rahe ho? Tabiyat thik nehi lag rahi?' babasa asked,

'nehi wo, pata nehi, I am feeling thirsty, babasa wo pani..' sam told him, and immediately babasa brought the glass of water to him,

His lips were dry and his throat parched. He gulped down the full glass of water and asked for some more. Babasa poured from the jug beside and he gulped it down too. He returned the glass to babasa and leaned back on the pillow trying to smile at him,

'kya hua Sameer? Mein doctor ko bulau?' babasa panicked, touching his cold palms,

'nehi babasa, mein thik hu, wo kafi din se yahi hu to, thora ajeeb lag raha hain, shayad ye sick atmosphere ke liye,' he explained,

'jaldi apko discharge kar denge, bas kuch din aur. Mujhe ek baat batana tha Sameer,'

'kya baat hain babasa?'

'kuch urgent kam aa gaya hain, mujhe wapas jana parega, tumhare masa yahi rukhengi, mein jaldi wapas ane ki koshish karunga,bas kuch din..' babasa told him,

'babasa ap akele kaise rahenge? Ap masa ko bhi le jayiye, hum thik hain, aur arjun riya sab haina. Ap itna stress mat lijiye, hum manage kar lenge,' Sameer spoke up,

'Ap hume bhagana kyu chahte hain Sameer?' masa asked from the door,

'masa!!' both the men turned to the door. Masa walked in silently.

'Tumhara chehera kyu uthra hua hain? tabiyat thik hain na?' she asked him with a concerned touch at his chest,

'nehi ma, mein thik hu, ab ap pareshan hona band karo,' Sameer replied irritated,

'pareshan nehi hogi sameer? Hospital mein ho kabse, iss halat mein, ab bhi pareshan na hu? Aur tum kya kehe rahe the? Mein chali jaungi to tum log dono injured pati patni kaise samhalo ge sab kuch?' she retorted back,

'masa. Babasa akele kaise rahenge? Ap jao,' Sameer told her irritated,

'ill manage, masa yahi rehegi, tum log manage nehi kar paoge beta,' babasa replied,

'hum kar lenge na babasa, please ab koi baat nehi, masa, ap aur babasa, jaiye, kam khatam kijiye, aur aram se baad mein ayiye, hum samhal lenge, ab mein thik ho gaya hu, aur Ayesha bhi..' sam replied,

'tum itne chid kyu rahe ho Sameer? Hum tumhari bhalayi ke liye hi kehe rahe hain na?' masa asked him,

'mein chid nehi raha hu, bas apko samjha raha hu, please aplog itna pareshan maat huiye, I am fine now,' Sameer replied back,

'thik hain beta, hum kal subah ja rahe hain, jaldi ane ki koshish karenge,' babasa replied, nodding at a reluctant angry masa.

Both left after some more words with Sameer and his recovery stages. The nurse came back to check and dress on his wounds as usual. Everything done properly he had his meal and slept for the night. He was tired and the sedatives were even more affective.


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Res /unres 
yaah me first PartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancing
itna isliye ki bahut time baad aayi LOL coming to update ******

loved it dear Rimi 
awesome update  
I just loved sasha convo (aankho ankho main) LOLWink
& every one teasing the injured couple  
but loved their concern for each other    
I think something big has happened  
otherwise arjun would not have reacted like this  Ouch
Kya sameer ko ETF se hata rahe hai?  OuchConfused
& in all this he hurted riya too Ouch
sameer is sending his mom & dad ab kya hoga 
how will they deal the situation 
thanks for the PM  
Continue soon  Smile

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rimi onek din por update dile.
Kichu bolar nai di.farafari update.arjun eto stressed kano?bechari riya sudhu sudhu arjun riyar upor rag dekhalo.
Sammy k taratari thik kore dao.
Plz di update soon

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_Tabassum_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Awwwsssmmm Update
Loved it
Loved Sam-Aisha's silent love... n everyone teasing them...
Why Arjun is so didtrubed...??? Sam is getting restless...
Cont sooon
Waiting for next part
Thankf for the PM

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Thanks for the pm

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jia03 Goldie

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Superb update!
Aisha Sameer meeting was beautiful..
Arjun ne tou kuch btaya ne k what the commissioner said.. even um scared for sameer's future now...

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Snehajain IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome update...
From the time Aisha entered into the room Sameer's eyes didn't left her even for a second...LOLLOLLOL
LOL...Riya ne Aisha ko blush karne par majboor kar diya...LOLLOLLOL
LOL...Sameer's eyes are betraying him...LOLLOLLOL
Anakhon hi Ankhaon mein Raesha ne ek dusre ko scold kiya aur ek dusre ko assure bhi...LOLLOLLOL
They didn't not exchange any word yet they talked shamelessly...LOLLOLLOL
LOL...Riya was enjoying the silence while for Arjun it was getting intolerable...LOLLOLLOL
LOL...Riya gave glare to Arjun for his disturbance...LOLLOLLOL
Arjun nani si jaan hai toh baki koi toh abhi tak iss duniya mein hi nahi aaya...ROFLROFLROFL
Riya also want attention of Arjun like Sameer gave to Aisha...LOLLOLLOL
Now Sameer is feeling relax...Big smileBig smileBig smile
Arjun want Black Coffee instead of Cutting Tea...OuchOuchOuch
What has happened at commissioner office???ConfusedConfusedConfused
I m sure it is related to the job of Sameer...OuchOuchOuch
Arjun was hell angry & irritated & he vent it out on Riya...OuchOuchOuch
Politician's suicide case...OuchOuchOuch
Now Riya is avoiding Arjun...OuchOuchOuch
Old man said that ETF has some super natural powers...ROFLROFLROFL
Sameer didn't correct him bcoz he was happy with that...Big smileBig smileBig smile
Sameer was feeling restless bcoz of news...OuchOuchOuch
I guess his illness is now showing in his behavior...OuchOuchOuch
Sameer made masa forcefully go with babasa...OuchOuchOuch

Continue soon...Thanks for PM...

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