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Raesha FF: Finding Home thread 2 link added.. (Page 123)

rimi_invisible IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 August 2014 at 9:18am | IP Logged

@annu :
so true...even i thought about this...dono apni fikar kyu nehi karte...
thank you so will get to see the reactions soon..usse pehele kuch aur baki hain..stay tuned..

@naina, @radhika,@zubiya,@nikita,@jia,@shrituleka,@ETFpradnya,@,@Areesha : thanks..

@ishi :
maine sammy ke saath kuch nehi kiya ishi...yogesh ne karwaya..mein kya karu??
thanks...sab pata chalge..keep reading...

@Ariyabestfan :
thanks dear...sab thik ho jata to story end nehi ho jati?? keep reading...

@esha :
hope so too esha...thank for your comment...keep reading..

@goldie :
thank you so much darling...glad you liked it dear...well ab ek chotu sa twist to banta hain na...keep reading..

@mridu :
yep you are right mridu..everything will be fine soon...but how soon...i dont know...pata chal jayega...stay tuned..

@sneha :
thank you so much dear...yep not only his job..lots are at stake..but dont worry...mein hoon na(SRK style) keep reading..

@skrafty :
thanks..kya hoga janne ke liye parte rahiye..stay tuned..

@palak :
congrats dear...Arjun and Aisha are my favourite pair here...the driving force of this FF..thanks...stay tuned...

@Florey :
thanks dear...keep reading..

@megha :
glad to see a nice comment from you after a long time...thanks..keep reading..

@pritha :
thanks dear...i am glad to see your comment after a long time..stay tuned...

: thanks dear...where are you?? long time didnt see you around?? no updts from you too..busy with something??

@deffa :
thanks dear...glad you liked it..keep reading..lots yet to come up..

@ridz : thanks rida..glad you liked..stay tuned...

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rimi_invisible IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 April 2013
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Posted: 22 August 2014 at 9:18am | IP Logged
Replies in the earlier post..please do check...this one is quiet a short update..and some might feel a filler too...but this one was needed..hopefully next one would be longer and more effective..Embarrassed

Chapter 25

Sameer was lying on the hospital bed. He had slept after the light afternoon lunch and had woke up sometime back. He was alone in the room with a few machines still beeping at the back of his head. He looked towards the window at his right. It was almost evening.

The Sun was bidding farewell, giving a crimson glow to the sky. The curtains were drawn and tied properly at the two ends, but still he could see an end of the curtain move with the gentle blowing breeze. He turned his head towards the door. None had yet come to visit him. It might not be visiting hours yet. He had lost track of time for days now.

He signed and looked towards the ceiling. He was facing the most difficult phase in his life. Not that he had not been attacked or injured earlier. His career always threatened a high life risk and he was brave enough to enjoy the games, but today it was much more than an attack or an injury or the pain that was disturbing him.   

The reason was the only lady in his life, Aisha.

This might be the first time in his life when he was scared of death. Or it could be termed as he was reluctant to die. He didn't want to breathe his last at least not before meeting Aisha and assuring she is safe. He wasn't able to move yet, not even sit up on his own. Even the least movement would make him feel weak and dizzy. He had to wait for someone who could bring him the news about Aisha.

He held up his hand closer to his face, it still had a saline tube attached on the back of his palm. He slanted his head and looked at the hanging saline bottle, it was almost empty. The nurse might soon turn up to change it. He smiled. He could atleast ask her to check on Aisha and inform him about her state until any of his visitors turned up.

He looked at the closed half-glass door of his ward. He was normally known for his calm and patient approach towards everything, but exactly at this state he was losing his patience every moment. The nurse didn't turn up even when the saline bottle was at its last layer of liquid and he groaned frustrated.

'dammit, koi ata kyu nehi?' he muttered to himself agitated.

He glared at the closed door, but even after a few seconds of glare when the door didn't even move he gave up and looked towards the window. He breathed out sharply. His lips curved in a smile as he looked at the fading sky. Could anyone belief the hard-core, no nonsense cop, the ACP Sameer Rathore, would behave like an adolescent romantic lover, just like they portray in fictional romantic stories?

Well, he wasn't quite able to believe himself. But again only he knew, it was all true. He was incredibly and helplessly in love with his legally married wife.  

Aisha's separation months back and then the sudden appearances in front of him, had changed a lot of things in near past and present. He had started realizing his longing and dependence on her. Not that he wanted her as a comfort in his life, but it was getting difficult for him to imagine anything in his life without her.

He had already tried all he could to keep himself away from her thoughts, but the thoughts kept loitering around, specially when he entered his bedroom which had recently turned into their bedroom. The emptiness inside the room without her confused glares, chirpy excited voice and instant rage had tortured him every night from the day Aisha left.

Though he had found the solace by staying back at office and engaging himself in work, but she kept lingering around his mind whenever he sipped his coffee or took a morsel of his dinner. Everything reminded him of her. He kept himself busy roaming around the city late at night avoiding his own house, but he would always end up standing at the road opposite to the same disco he had visited with her months back.

He would look at the various couples walking and tripping out in the dead of the night, hugging and supporting each other. Their laugh, their giggle and then sudden anger would make him imagine her with him. Her unforgettable antics, the laugh, the chatter and the embarrassments, everything seemed to be missing from his life. He had always thought his life was perfect. But now his life was just a spare piece of his regular monotonous breathe.   

The day at the party when he had seen Yogesh lusting over her, a pang of jealousy and insecurity had engulfed him. Later when Aisha had turned up in front of him at the ETF office, he had seen the wily and disgusted smirk playing on Yogesh's face. That was the moment he was scared.

Scared not only for the danger lurking around her but also the fear of losing her forever. That was when he had finally realized he couldn't lose her like that. Not when he knew about the danger she has forced herself into. He had followed her but finally landed into trouble himself. His heart had throbbed with triple beats against his chest when he found the car with her and Yogesh disappear around the corner of the lane and he couldn't even move an inch.

He could feel his life' leave him then and realized he had fallen badly for this lady. The realization itself brought with it the pain and miserable feel when his car started to be bang by the other vehicles from the either ends. He tried to jump out but that wasn't possible. He knew well Aisha's life and modesty both were at stake but as much as he tried, he hardly could do anything at that moment.

He was getting injured with every passing second and the pain was rapidly increasing until it became unbearable and then his senses turned numb. He didn't know, what had actually happened to him after that, when he opened his eyes, he was at the hospital bed, looking at his mother's tearful eyes.

He looked around and there wasn't any trace of Aisha and he knew he had lost her. His heart pained terribly, but he still couldn't believe he had lost her. He asked them and they informed she was admitted in the hospital. His heart stopped breathing now. Yogesh had surely done something to her. What happened to her? How severe was her state, no one informed. His eyes reached Arjun's and there was an assuring gaze in them. It meant Aisha was fine. How much fine? Where was Yogesh? Was he arrested? What happened to the case? It was all a mystery for him and none helped him to know. Moreover he wasn't in a state to walk to her.     

A gust of stormy wind blew through the open window panes and hit his face. His eyes closed instantly. He opened the eyes again to look at the fluttering curtains. Dark clouds had accumulated suddenly and it would rain anytime soon now. He looked back at the closed door again. None has come yet. He closed his eyes again.

He might have fell into a small nap. When he opened his eyes again, the window panes was closed and locked. Heavy rain was splashing on them, creating some weird sounds with the slightly creaking window frame. A nurse was standing beside his bed writing something on a paper and pasting it on the clip board.

He tried to speak to her, but she came forward towards his bed and slanted it up, making him inclined in the front. She adjusted the pillow at his back and smiled at him,

'how you doing Mr Rathore?' she asked him politely,

Sameer nodded his head assuring he is better now and opened his mouth to speak but she kept on speaking at him while collecting the empty medicine strips,

'You have visitors Mr Rathore, ill just send them in, but remember no excitement, right,' she informed with a slight smile and took the tray of medicines with her outside the door, before he could even utter a word.

Sameer leaned his head back on the pillow watching the door close behind her. A few more minutes and he saw some known figures come inside. His mother and father came in followed by a smiling Riya. He could see them clearly today. Masa still had a scared, pale face and sat beside him on the bed. His father took the stool beside the bed, while riya stood at the other edge of bed, holding onto it,

'kaise ho Sameer?' both his parents asked together and gave irritated looks at each other,

'mein thik hu babasa, masa..' he reply slowly and held onto his mother's cold palms fondly, making her turn to him,

'hum thik hain masa, itna tension maat lo,' he told her softly,

'tum thik ho? Kya halat banayi hain tum ne...hum kitne daar gaye the apko pata hain?'

'masa ap pareshan maat ho, ab to mein thik hu,' he smiled with a tired face,

'haan dikh raha hain, aisi kya zaroorat thi ki tum akele nikal gaye? Tumhe kuch ho jata to mein..' masa shivered with the thought and held her mouth while her eyes filled up,

'masa...' sam called out to her and looked towards babasa helplessly.

Babasa made an assuring nod and patted his wife's shoulder, who wiped her teary eyes and looked at Sameer. She caressed his hair softly and started speaking to him. Riya too stepped towards his bed and started speaking with him. Sameer asked her about Aisha and riya informed him, she is fine.

But Sameer wasn't convinced. His eyes were looking around for Arjun. He needed to speak to him about Aisha as well as yogesh and the case, coz Riya wasn't telling him anything in front of his parents. But Arjun was nowhere around. He might not have come today. Finally when he could not resist the tension more, he asked riya about him,

'Riya, Arjun kaha hain? mujhe usse baat karna hain kya tum..' he told her,

'Sameer ap abhi koi kaam nehi karenge, apko sirf rest lena hain,' masa scolded him,

'masa mein bas usse case ke bare mein kuch baat...' sam started just to be stopped by masa,

'meine kaha na, abhi koi kam nehi, ap samajhte kyu nehi hain meri baat?' masa told him agitated,

'Masa...' riya held her shoulder to control the situation,

'Sameer Arjun aya hain, doctor se baat kar raha hain, ata hi hoga,' she informed,

Riya's words confused Sameer more. He was fine now, so if Arjun was meeting the doctor it would surely mean something about Aisha. Did something happen to her, which was serious? He looked at riya, but she ignored his gaze and then towards masa, who was looking away angrily. Babasa remained rooted at the spot looking at them,

'Aplog mujhse kuch chupa rahe hain? Aisha thik nehi hain kya? Kya hua usse?' he asked infuriated and impatient,

'Sam wo...' riya started but stopped when Sameer almost tried to sit straight and holding up his head.

'Aisha ko kya hua hain riya? Mujhe sach batao,' he pleaded her with scared face,

'sam ruko..kya kar rahe ho tum?' riya ran to him while masa stood up to control him,

'mujhe Aisha se milna hain abhi, mujhe kuch nehi sunna hain, mujhe...' he tried to sit up,

All tried to control a struggling Sameer, who was groaning in pain now. All looked at each other helplessly when finally the door flung open and Arjun came in holding the door.

Everyone looked at him and Sameer too stopped struggling to get up.

'kya ho raha hain yaha?' he barked from the door, glaring at Sameer,

'dekho na arjun, Sameer kisi ki baat nehi maan raha,' riya complained furious at Sameer,

'I know Riya, yahi scene abhi dekh ke aya raha hu,' he replied with a smirk at rathore,

'kya matlab?' riya asked him surprised,

'wo baad mein..abhi filhal Sameer se koi milne aya hain,' arjun looked at Sameer, who has now lied back on the bed, breathing heavily, with his eyes straight at arjun,

Arjun moved away and there she was. Aisha was sitting on a wheel chair, looking at them confused. Arjun moved behind her and pushed her inside the room. All turned towards her while Sameer blinked his eyes and kept gaping at her. Aisha's eyes too never left his.


Around half an hour back in Aisha's cabin

The doctor entered speaking with Arjun and walked towards Aisha's bed. Aisha was sitting on the bed yawning when Arjun stood next to her.

'how are you Mrs Rathore?' the doctor asked her while checking on the reports,

'I am fine, bas thora weak lag raha hain,' Aisha replied looking at him,

The doctor nodded checking her pulse,

'wo kuch din aur rahega, proper rest and medication will help you recover fast, but you got to be careful, the wounds are quite deep and needs time to recover,' he informed her and looked at Arjun, who nodded,

'mujhe discharge kab karenge,' she asked again,

'haan ACP Rawte se wahi baat ho rahi thi. There is a stitch at your forehead. Ill cut that day after tomorrow, then I can discharge her ACP Rawte, but she needs rest, and I mean complete rest,' he informed,

Aisha gulped down and looked away. The words from the doctor weren't quiet acceptable for her. The doctor checked her and turned to leave, when Aisha called him back,

'Sameer kaise hain Doctor?' she enquired,

The doctor stopped and looked at Arjun, who alternated his confused gaze between Aisha and the doctor. The doctor smiled back at Aisha and patted her shoulder,

'your husband is fine, Mrs Rathore, he is recovering, kuch aur din, fir hum unhe bhi discharge kar denge,' the doctor informed and turned towards the door,

'Doctor, Sameer thik to haina? Koi ghabrane wali baat to nehi?' she asked again, giving a voice to her inner doubts,

'abhi wo thik hain,' the doctor said and looked towards Arjun again who was not looking at him now.

'abhi matlab? Baad mein kuch ho sakta hain kya? Kuch serious hain kya? Internal injuries? Bataiye na doctor, what happened to Sameer?' she straightened on the bed and leaned in front.

Arjun sat beside her holding her by her shoulders while she gradually lost her calm and exhilarated. Arjun held her palm, which had turned cold and was shivering. Her eyes were agitated at the silence in the room and she jerked arjun fisting his shirt.

'Arjun kya hua Sameer ko? Wo thik to haina? Mujhe milna hain usse?' she asked him clutching his shirt,

The doctor ran back to them.

'Mrs Rathore control yourself, Sameer thik hain,' he shouted at her, but Aisha wasn't in control anymore. She left her legs from the edge of the bed to get down, while Arjun wrapped his arms around her, holding her in his arms.

'Aisha, ruko, you aren't well,' Arjun shouted at her,

'mujhe Sameer se milna hain bus, mujhe jane do,' Aisha shouted, jerking away from his hold,

Arjun was facing a tough time to hold her and calm her down. Finally he spoke to the doctor,

'Doctor, please ap usse milne dijiye, ye dono ke liye acha hoga, trust me, warna isse samhalna...' he stopped when the doctor made a weird face at the struggling Aisha,

'rukiye stitch khul jayega aise...ACP rawte, I am sending someone, ap inhe leke jaiye, but I don't want any harsh action, ETF ke sare officers aise hain kya?' the doctor gave a hard look at Aisha and walked out muttering to himself,

Arjun consoled Aisha, but she was getting restless now. Finally a wheel chair was brought and Arjun took the responsibility to personal conduct her visit to her husband. He was pushing the wheel chair with her towards sameer's cabin, when he heard him shouting from inside.

********* leave your feedbacks...Smile

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res..aj me 1stBig smile
sneha di..
Sam still in hospital... kuch zyada hi injured ho gaya becharaOuch
Poor him...Dead
Too weak to do anything on his own...
han han... ACP rathod turned into a Adolescent loverLOLLOLWink
Real life me ho na ho...All is fair in FFsLOLLOL
Bechare se koi milne nehi ata...Sam ji...sabr ka fal mitha hota haiEmbarrassed
aa gaye na sab... mom dad...Riya...aur last me hero wali...oooppss hero/heroine wali entry mari Arjun ne Aisha ke sath...
Sam restless..kyu kudna faandna kar raha hai...aur din hospital me rehna hai kya?Angry
 Arjun's dialog "yehi scene dekh ke aa raha huLOLROFL"
Then comes Aisha...
the tensed furious ko to mar hi deti agar ekbar aur rokta uskoLOL
acha hua Arjun le gya usko... warnaDeadDeadDead
Update soonEmbarrassed

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Snehajain IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome update...
Finally Sameer realized & accept his feelings for Aisha...Big smileBig smileBig smile
Liked the way Sameer's feeling & mind state was written...ClapClapClap
LOL...bottle se leke door tak sab gura raha hoga...LOLLOLLOL
LOL...Sameer used to often go & stand outside of that Disco...ShockedShockedShocked
Sameer's MV was written beautifully...ClapClapClap
Sameer was really scared for Aisha & her life...Big smileBig smileBig smile
Sameer tried to ask sister but she didn't gave him chance...LOLLOLLOL
Sameer ko masa se daant padh gayi...LOLLOLLOL
Sameer wanted to see Arjun bcoz Riya was not answering him...LOLLOLLOL
Sameer was hurting himself to meet Aisha...OuchOuchOuch
LOL..Arjun's dialog, 'yahi scene abhi dekh ke aya raha hu,'...ROFLROFLROFL
LOL...Poor doctor...ROFLROFLROFL
Aisha is really scared for Sameer...Big smileBig smileBig smile
LOL..Poor Arjun faced tough situation handling Aisha...ROFLROFLROFL
Both Raesha are desperate to see each other safe & fine...Big smileBig smileBig smile

Continue soon...Thanks for PM...

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EshaalYousufzai IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 August 2014 at 10:22am | IP Logged
Awesome update.
This Update was indeed short but full of emotions.
Loved it very much.
Loved the way portrayed every emotions.
Past memories lingering in the air.
Thank you so much for sharing.
Con soonz...

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Anny90 Goldie

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 He was incredibly and helplessly in love with his legally married wife.  Blushing
He could feel his life' leave him then and realized he had fallen badly for this lady. *Whistles*
'I know Riya, yahi scene abhi dekh ke aya raha hu,' he replied with a smirk at rathore, rathore couple! dono ek jaise hai..
its not done!!! cliff hanger!

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Chulbuli_Annu IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 August 2014 at 10:39am | IP Logged
iss update ko padh k ek song ki lines yaad aayi
hum sochte hi reh gye aur pyar ho gya Wink
sam ko kya sahi time pe realise hua 
thodi derr arjun nhi aata naa to uper baith kr aisha ka intzaar krna padta use
ab realise ho gya hai to pura majnu ban ne ki sujh rhi hai
koi aa kyun nhi rha...aa gye ji...parents ka sath sath arjun surprise gift bhi laya hai 
aisha ko bhi sam ki laila declare kr dena chahiye...
doctor bechara idhar sam ko aisha se milna hai
udhar aisha ne arjun aur doctor ki halat kharab kr di
k doctor ko uski baat man ni padi 

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skrafty IF-Rockerz

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Awesome update
Loved it
It was full of emotions
Dono pati-patni ek jaise hai
pagal kahi ke
agar Arjun ko aane main thodi aur der ho jaati to pata nahi kya hojata
waiting for the next part
continue soon

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