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Raesha FF: Finding Home thread 2 link added.. (Page 119)

deffa Senior Member

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Posted: 26 July 2014 at 5:02am | IP Logged
Update was good...Thumbs Up
Aisha ka dard and state of mind..Ouch well written...ClapThumbs UpThumbs Up
Finally Aisha realized her love... but isn't it a bit too late??OuchOuchOuch
Aisha disappointed with herselfCry OuchOuch
Yogesh ke saare galat kaam katam kar diye gayeSmileSmileBig smile
But Aisha n Sam ko kitna sehna pada aur bakhi bhi haiOuch
Happy that Aisha killed YogeshSmile
Sameer in ICU!OuchOuch
Yogesh ne bohot badly se uska accident kiyaAngry
Sameer ko thik karna Rimi... plzzzCry Plz usse coma mein mat dalna... ya aur kuch...CryCryCry Par severe TBI hua hai toh kuch toh hogaCryCry Hope Aisha will be able to face itOuch
Very sad wala update... Aisha ki stateCry Ab Sam ki state dekhni bakhi haiOuchOuch

Update soon

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rajeeviansonai Goldie

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Posted: 29 July 2014 at 5:29am | IP Logged
di plz plz plz update

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rimi_invisible IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 August 2014 at 12:29am | IP Logged

thank you for the comments everyone...sorry couldnt reply anyone...but they do mean a lot...

next update of the story..a short part this time..hope you like it...Smile

dont forget to give your reviews in comments..

@Naina SM you dont receive a PM coz you arent on my frndlist...send me a BR fir pm..

Chapter 24

Arjun leaned on the coffee machine, while it prepared and poured his coffee in the cup. It was a very tough and long day at work and he still had a tougher and a longer night to spend. He picked up the filled cup and sipped into it, closing his eyes he let the hot liquid calm down his tensed and tired muscles.

He walked along the corridor towards the ICU, where his friend was still struggling for his life. He sat down on the bench and quietly sipped his sugarless coffee.

A few minutes ago he had walked directly towards the ICU door where the security guards saluted him. He nodded at them and peeped through the door, slightly opening it. Sameer was still lying numb with a heavy bandage on his head and forehead. The machines were still beeping at the back, indicating his slow pulse.

The silence in the room was disturbing and suffocating. He walked out of the room instantly and closed the door. He felt the guards looking at him and walked away towards the pantry. He drank a glass of water, chocking the water and coughing badly. He composed himself and walked ahead for a cup of coffee.

He sat on the bench and leaned his head on the wall, closing his eyes. Aisha was out of danger now and had slept in the effect of the heavy sedatives. Arjun had felt her silence after she heard about Sameer's state. She hadn't spoken a word, though the silent sobs and the helpless tears flowing down her eyes, kept speaking about her state. Arjun had tried to console her once, but she seemed too much into the pain that she hadn't responded to any of his consoling words.

Finally Arjun had given up and left her. The doctor had given her a dose of sedatives to sleep and assured Arjun of her quick recovery from the wounds. She was sleeping now, so Arjun had come back to the ICU checking on Sameer. Riya had proposed to stay back at the hospital with Ayesha but the doctor had assured it wasn't required. So she had went back to receive Sameer's parents from the railway station.

It was sometime in the early morning, Arjun had fell asleep on the bench when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He opened his eyes to find Sameer's mother looking at him with scared tearful eyes. Arjun instantly jerked up,

'masa? Ap abhi itni subah kyu aye? Meine apse kaha tha na aram se ayiye,..' Arjun mumbled,

'Sameer kaisa hain Arjun? Wo thik to ho jayenga na?' she asked with a chocked voice, her eyes were already filled,

'masa ap baitho...aise..' Arjun held onto her shoulders and nudged towards the bench,

'nehi hume bataiye, kaise hain Sameer? Mujhe usse milna hain, please Arjun,' she requested holding his hands,

'masa, ap...thik hain ayiye,' Arjun took her with him towards the ICU. Sameer's father too followed them silently.

All three entered the room slowly and quietly. Arjun felt masa fisting his shirt tight and looked at her. She was frightened and it was visible on her face. Her hands were already shaking and Arjun wrapped his arm around her to step towards the bed. Masa took small steps and reached Sameer.

She caressed the bandage on his head slowly and started crying holding her mouth to avoid the sound of the sobs to reach her son's ears. Sameer's father held his crying wife and looked at Arjun. Arjun nodded and left the room while the couple slowly stepped outside supporting each other.

'Doctor kya kehe rahe hain Arjun? Sameer kaisa hain?' Sameer's father asked Arjun calling him aside, while masa sat on the bench looking towards the ICU door,

'babasa, Sameer abhi bhi observation mein hain, doctors wait kar rahe hain ki usse hosh aa jaye, aur kuch ghanto mein agar hosh nehi aya to..' Arjun replied looking at the man, who was trying hard to remain strong in front of them,

'Aur aisha?' babasa asked him,

'wo abhi thik hain, so rahi hain, per babasa Aisha is disturbed with Sam's news, uske parents agar..' Arjun said,

'humne inform kiya hain, per wo abhi dusre sheher mein hain, ane mein waqt lagega, one of their close relative expired and they had to go,'

'in that case, agar masa ya ap aisha se baat kar lete to, usse thori himmat mil jati,' arjun told him,

'mein baaat karunga, Sameer zaroor thik ho jayega, mera beta itna kamzoor to nehi hain,' babasa muttered to himself,

Arjun nodded and asked him to sit beside masa, who was now crying alone.


It was sometime Masa had composed herself and sitting quietly, with folded hands lying limp on her lap. Arjun had gone to the washroom. Babasa was pacing along the corridor when finally a nurse came and walked inside the ICU.

Babasa stopped in his tracks and stepped back to the bench where his wife was now standing with hopeful eyes towards the ICU door. The door opened again in another couple of minutes and the nurse rushed out. She came back within seconds followed by a doctor. The doctor went in and masa rushed to the nurse, before she closed the door,

'kya hua? Sameer thik to haina?' masa asked with trembling voice,

'patient ko hosh aaya hain, he is breathing normal now, Doctor check karke batayenge, aplog wait kijiye,' she said and quickly closed the door.

Masa looked at babasa and held onto him. Her eyes had filled again and she was terribly scared. Arjun came back to find the couple standing holding each other's hand just outside the ICU. He rushed to them in quick steps.

'kya hua masa? Sameer kaisa hain?' he asked,

'usse hosh aya hain Arjun, doctor check kar rahe hain,' babasa informed,

Arjun signed in relief and wiped his face with a handkerchief.

'Aplog baithiye babasa, coffee piyenge, mein lata hoo,' arjun asked,

'nehi, hum bas Sameer se milenge, aur kuch nehi,' babasa stopped him looking towards his wife, who was nowhere in there discussion,

Arjun didn't nudge further. He was tensed too. He started pacing the corridor, rubbing his cold hands.

After what seemed like ages, the doctor walked out. All rushed to him.

'how is my son?' masa asked him,

'he is fine now. He will be shifted to the ward soon, you can go and meet him,' the doctor replied calmly,

'ACP Rawte, I want to speak to you, please..' he called arjun who nodded at him,

'kya baat hain?' masa asked the doctor,

'nothing serious Mrs Rathore, its about the precautions and medicines, abhi rest ki zaroorat hain ACP rathore ko, wahi baat karna hain. Ap itna ghabraiye maat, he is fine,' the doctor smiled and gave a glance at Arjun and walked away.


Riya came to meet them and found the three inside Ayesha's ward.

They had to wait another hour until Sameer was shifted to the ward, so they went to meet Ayesha who had woke up by then. Riya walked in ayesha's room and found masa sitting on the stool holding her palm, while the men stood at the end of the bed.

Riya understood they must be speaking about Sameer to aisha. She seemed calm and relaxed. All looked up at the new visitor in the room and Riya walked beside masa, smiling at Aisha.

'kaisi ho Aisha?' she asked her, touching her softly,

Aisha nodded at her slightly and looked back at masa. Masa held her hands in hers and pressed it softly,

'tum firse soch lo aisha, wo log bhi tensed honge,' masa told her, patting her head slowly,

'mein thik hoon masa, ap mummy papa ko kehe dijiye yaha ane ki zaroorat nehi, mein ghar jake unse baat kar lungi,' she replied her slowly,

'thik hain, jaisa tum chaho, per tum samhal paogi? aisi halaat mein?' masa asked her,

'masa ap log sab haina, mummy papa pareshan ho jayenge, ap unhe mana kar dijiye,'

'thik hain, per tum jaldi thik ho jao, aur zyada tension nehi, Sameer thik hain,' masa told her and smiled,

Aisha smiled and looked back at Arjun. His face was peaceful than yesterday, but the eyes were restless. Arjun was leaning on the wall beside the door, supporting his legs.

'Arjun,' she called him,

Arjun sprang up on his feet and looked at her,

'haan aisha?' he asked,

'thanks..' her lips curved in a slight smile,

Arjun smiled back and shook his head.

The nurse entered and informed them that Sameer had been shifted to the ward. They bid a smiling aisha and left to meet Sameer.


Sameer was lying with closed eyes when he heard the door open and a few footsteps come closer. He slowly opened his eyes.

He saw an almost crying masa and his father come forward, followed by Arjun and Riya, who were smiling. Masa held his cheek and started muttering something. He felt weak and started panting when he tried to speak. Masa removed her hand scared and looked at him. His father came forward and held his shoulder softly.

'kya hua beta? Doctor ko bulau?' he asked him and looked at Arjun, who turned back to leave the room, but stopped, with sameer's voice,

'Arj..u...Ais..ha...' he whispered in an almost inaudible tone, with a sly movement of his finger,

Arjun instantly turned back at him and masa held his moving hand.

'wo thik hain Sameer. Arjun ne usse bacha liya, wo issi hospital mein hain,' masa informed him,

'' he mumbled frowning at Arjun,

'wo...thori zakmi thi..abhi bilkul thik hain,' arjun informed him,

Sameer stared at him for a few moments. Arjun too kept looking at him silently. They seemed to be in a conversation. Finally Sameer looked away at his father.

'mu...jhe Ai..sha.. se.. mi...lna hai,' he muttered, trying to sit up,

'Sameer ruko,' Arjun, babasa and masa shouted together. Riya was at the verge of running for the doctor.

Arjun and babasa held Sam and made him lie down again.

'muj..he ais..ha se milna hain..' Sameer said again, ignoring his own painful groans,

'Sam tu aisha se mil lena pehele thik to ho ja, jayega kaise? Aisha bilkul thik hain Sam, tu pehele thik ho jaa, hum sab haina uske saath,' arjun spoke up,

Sameer was now groaning in pain. He closed his eyes to control his breaths. The nurse came in with some medicines and the others left the room.


Masa and Babasa left for Arjun's home while Arjun and Riya went to meet the doctor. They knocked on the door and the doctor asked them in. Both were disturbed with the meeting, but took their seats in front of him.

'Sameer thik to haina doctor?' Arjun started,

'ACP Rawte, mein apko kuch batana chahta hoon,' he stopped and looked at both the faces, which had deep worry lines on their forehead,

'kya baat hain doctor?' riya asked curiously,

'I have conducted a few major tests and from the results I can conclude..' he stopped again,

'kya doctor?' arjun gasped,

'ACP Rathore is suffering from moderate Traumatic brain injury and its not a good news ACP Rawte,' he looked at a confused Arjun,

'matlab sam ki jaan ko..' he muttered cursing his own words,

'nehi waise to jann ka koi khatra nehi hain abhi, but due to this injury many things would be disarranged and it might be fatal for his health and gradually his life too,'

Arjun and riya still looked confused at the doctor, who continued,

'Most accident cases, leads to this disease and Sameer's injury is in a moderate stage. I have seen such patients in my career. It isn't uncommon and it has treatment. But the treatment can only reduce the signs and symptoms but it can't erase it,'

'you mean..'

'The injury cant be cured and the symptoms would remain in his life forever. Though we would try to get him back his life as much as I can, but before going into the treatment the patient needs proper stable mental acceptance to go through it,' the doctor told them,

'what are the symptoms doctor?' riya asked him,

'Since the injury is directly at his brain, there would be some disorder in his body functioning. This disease has lots of effects, though it depends on the seriousness of the injury and the individual too. He might feel dizzy or feel nausea at times, difficult to analyze situations, circumstances, he might forget stuff frequently, he will have weakness in the limbs, lack of coordination in the body, sometimes speech might be affected too.

He will always be disturbed as the brain would not be functioning properly. He would be restless, agitated, confused, show lack of attention at work. At later stages he might even lack identifying things or people, he might forget about his emotions too..but inme se unpe kitne symptoms honge, I still have to check. Now he needs complete rest. Extreme stress or tension, might be harmful, I hope you are understanding ACP Rawte?' the doctor explained,

Arjun and riya felt their hands lay limp on their lap. Arjun was sitting with his head bowed down. He was thinking. Riya was confused and disturbed. She tugged onto arjun's arm and held him tight.

'to kya Sam kabhi..' she voiced out,

'dekhiye, ap aisa maat sochiye. I have told you, I can reduce these to some extend and help him lead a normal life, but the patient has to accept his state, otherwise the injury might lead him to kill himself,'

'aisa kuch nehi hoga, ill speak to him, Rathore itna kamzoor nehi hain,..' arjun shouted,

'Arjun...sorry doctor,' riya controlled him and walked out dragging arjun with her.

'Arjun kya kar rahe the? Doctor pe chillake kya hoga?' riya tried to console a frustrated arjun,

'kuch nehi kar sakta to doctor kaise bana?' arjun shouted banging on his SUV,

'tum itne pareshan kyu ho rahe ho? Doctor ne kaha na, sam thik ho jayega,'

'riya tumhe samaj nehi ata? Agar uska ye hal ho gaya to wo ETF mein kam nehi kar payega, ya fir department mein, aur wo ye kabhi nehi maan sakta, ETF is his dream riya,'

Riya looked at a shattered Arjun, leaning on the hood with his head in his palms. She looked away loosening her hold on him. She hadn't thought about it.

'Arjun, how would we tell Sameer? And Aisha?' she muttered to herself, looking at the empty road.


done for today...leave your feedbacks..Smile

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Chulbuli_Annu IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 August 2014 at 1:17am | IP Logged
jaisi update waise res Wink unres
sam k parents aa gye...
masa kafi dari huyi lg rhi hai...
aisha ko sam ki...aur sam ko aisha ki fikr ho rhi hai
dono apni apni bhi fikr kr le...
chalo sam ko hosh to aa gya...
pr use aisha se milne ki zidd macha di
ye banda kabhi nhi sudhar skta
good to see k sam k parents ne iss sab k liye aisha ko koi blame nhi kia
even aisha k kehne pr uske parents ko aane se mana kr dia
ab new shock...sam is not well...uff aise me usee job se nikala jaa skta hai
pr ETF to uska sapna tha...let's see dekhte hai ye sab sam ko kab aur kaise bataya jayega
aur sam kaise react karega...even aisha ka reaction bhi dekhna hai mujhe 

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NainaSM Goldie

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Posted: 08 August 2014 at 2:17am | IP Logged
nice part .Clap..arjun convo with sam parents emotional ..Hug...sam and aisha r fine but health problem ... what next ? continue soonThumbs Up

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IshitaRocks015 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 August 2014 at 2:24am | IP Logged
mai v resCry
Unres... waise... ek chiz to kar hi sakti hu...
Well... ap humesha sammy ke sath aisa kyu karte ho??Cry
Atleast he is fine now...
But not out of danger..
His parents are in a miserable state too...

But arjun managed well... Consoling parents... looking after his friend...then Aisha..
Ria stayed back with aisha...gud...Big smile
Atleast she is fine now...

Sameer hosh me ate hi josh me aa gayaOuchOuch Khud utha nehi jaa raha aur Aisha se milna haiDead pagal..
Usko sulaye hi rakho...warna achanak se usko Aisha se milna hai dance karegaOuch

Oh.. Traumatic Brain Injury?AngryAngryAngry I hate u rimi di... aisa kyu kia??AngryAngry
Khair...story hai...nautanki CC thread pe karungi...
But..on a serious note... how are they gonna tell this to Sameer n Aisha...
Sam wouldnt accept this at any cost... specially his disease affecting his job...Dead

What will happen now?CryDead 

I want update soon.. nehi tohAngry

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ariyabestfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 August 2014 at 2:34am | IP Logged
omg..what is this..?
meine socha ke sab thik ho jayega..par..?
sam has brain injury..?
tumne toh muze dara hi diya he yar..
plz continue soon
thanks 4 pm

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EshaalYousufzai IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 August 2014 at 3:10am | IP Logged
Awesome update Rimi di.
Loved it very much.
Loved the way you described every emotions.
Thank God Aisha is healing.
And Sameer gained conscious.
But what is this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope everything played out fine.
Con soonz..

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