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Raesha FF: Finding Home thread 2 link added.. (Page 11)

rimi_invisible IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 January 2014 at 10:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by IshitaRocks015

Day Dreaming


patience dear...update coming soon...tomorrow...Big smile

rimi_invisible IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 January 2014 at 10:41am | IP Logged
Read and replied to everyone...please check the earlier pages...SmileSmileSmile

Since I am getting good response for this story till now here I am updating the next part...Sorry got late Smile

I have finally made a banner for this story...Wink..i know its not at all worth to be called one..but do give back your feedbacks regarding that too...and also suggestions for improvement...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

so without any more is the next part...

Chapter 2

Sameer asked ayesha to get ready.She was surprised first but agreed to him.Both dressed and left the house.

Sameer kept driving for a long time.Ayesha sat beside him.She kept glancing at Sameer every now and then.Sameer was concentrating on his driving.At last after a long time he parked his car.They got down and Ayesha looked around.At a distance she could see a palace surrounded by a beautiful lake,'The Jal Mahal or The water palace'.It was beautiful.

Sameer walked ahead and stood at the boundary looking into the palace at a distance.He didnt glance towards Ayesha even once.Ayesha stood beside him holding onto the railings.There was slience all around.A gentle breeze was blowing messing up her hair,which she held with her hand to keep in place.

After a long moment of silence finally Sameer broke it and spoke up,still looking into the water,

'batao Ayesha tumhe kiya kehena tha,'

Ayesha looked towards him.He was still looking at the water but she knew he had his all attention toward her.She had to tell him what she wanted.She took a few more minutes and started,

'Mein ye shadi nehi nibah sakti.Mujhe divorce chahiye'

Sameer finally turned towards her.He started speaking to her in a calm tone,

'Agar aisa hai to tumne shadi kiyu ki?mana kar sakti thi.'

'mere papa ke wajah se,unhone apke papa ko kehe diya tha aur mein mana nehi kar payi,'

'tum itni bewakuf to nehi ho ayesha,koi na koi rasta nikal leti.'

'mein apse baat karna chahti thi,mana karna chahti is shadi ke liye,per apse baat hi nehi ho payi.Mein apse to kiya abhi kisi se abhi shadi nehi karna chahti thi.Meine abhi aisa kuch socha hi nehi tha ki ye rishta.Apko to pata hai mein Undercover agent hu.Mein maximum time bahar reheti hu.Family,relations insab ka bojh mein nehi utha paungi.Mere family ki wajah se maine shadi to karli par ise nibhana.Mein apne career ke sath koi compromise nehi kar sakti.Plz sameer try to understand...I am sorry,mein apko hurt nehi karna chahti thi,per mein aise apke sath...'

'ayesha ruko.meri baat suno.Mein hurt nehi hua hu.Acha kiya jo tumne mujhe sab bataya.Lekin tum samaj rahi ho hum ek bohot bare problem mein par chuke hai.Tumhe ye rishta manzoor nehi.Ayesha tum galat nehi ho.

Ayesha ye bhi sach hai ki mujhe bhi ye shadi nehi karni thi.Aise rishte nehi bante hai.Mein bhi tumse milna chahta tha.Taki tum ye rishta tor do.per baat nehi ho payi.Aur family ne sab settle karke bataya to kuch zyada kar bhi nehi paya.I cant hurt them Ayesha.Isi liye jald bazi mein faisla nehi karna chahta tha,Per jab tum bhi is rishte se khush nehi ho to...Trust me Ayesha I am actually relieved that you too dont wanna continue with this relation.'

'Really??oh sameer,ab jaan mein jaan ayi.good jab chahate nehi hai to ye rishta tor dete hai.'
Ayesha literally jumped up happily,

'Ruko Ayesha,dont get hyper.Thora problem hai.Humari shadi abhi hui hai,hum itni jaldi divorce nehi le sakte,hume at least 1year rukna hoga aur sathe mein'

'Ohh haan.Per sameer hum aise kaise rahenge?aur mera kam?mujhe bohot jald naya assignment mil jayega.mujhe jana hoga sameer.'

'haan to isme problem kiya hai ayesha.Hum bohot jald Mumbai chale jayenge.Waha hum family se alag rahenge mere ghar, kam pe bhi chale jana..mujhe koi problem nehi,'

'Per ghar pe sab,nehi manenge sab,'

'pata hai,kiya kar sakte ayesha,hum milke manage kar lenge,'

'Are you sure,ye thik rahega?'

'nehi sure to nehi,but aur koi chara bhi to nehi hai,kam se kam 1 year to manage karnahi hoga.'

Ayesha seemed convinced and relaxed a bit.Sameer too was happy to know about her thoughts.He found Ayesha calm down and he again turned towards the lake.Ayesha found him lost in thougts and spoke up,

'chalo chalte hai,'

'Yaha tak aye hai to Jal Mahal dekhke chalte hai,chalogi?'Sameer said looking at her,

'der ho jayegi.'
Ayesha hesitated,

Sameer felt her hesitation and held her hands.

'Ayesha hume kuch din sath rehena hai,kam se kam friends to ban hi sakte hai,'

Ayesha looked at him confused,but from her interaction last night and now with sameer,she understood he is a sensible guy.And she had to agree to what he said coz he was right,family does matter.But still somewhere she was not yet comfortable with him.

'nehi sameer aj nehi,der ho jayegi,'

'okay,ghar chalte hai,'
Sameer understood her hesitance and went back home.


ACP Sameer Damsingh Rathod's family is an orthodox rajasthani family at Jaipur.Sameer's dad is a reputed businessman in his time and later his business has ben taken forward by sameer's elder brother.Sameer's brother and sister-in-law stay in gujrat for some business extensions.Though they stay away,sameer's mom has always taken care of reminding her daughter in law about their traditions,rituals and heritage.

They have always wanted Sameer to marry to their chosen bride,without even looking at her.Sameer was a man of principles and never believed in these customs.But again he respected and loved his family,so he never ever defended them in something they followed religiously. He knew they were lovely people but they were religiously orthodox.

Sameer's parents had not liked the attitute Aisha had shown on her very first day in their house but she being completely unknown they had been quite lenient.Thus when Aisha came back from their walk Sameer's mom had recieved Aisha with heartily.

She had thought of talking to her and telling her about their traditions and customs of their family.She asked Aisha to help her in the kitchen while sameer went to freshen up.Aisha went in and her mother-in-law gave her a few veggies to slice.She took the knife and started her work.

Her mother in law was giving her a whole lot of instructions,about her dressing style,her regualr cores,sameer's likes and dislikes,food,drink,occasions and their rules and rituals.She was getting hell irritating with her blabberings,but she kept quite pretending to listen to her.

After a long time the food was ready and she had finally got rid of her list of rules.They finished eating and everyone went to their rooms to take rest.Ayesha too walked towards her room when sameer's mom called her back.She talked with her a few minutes and Ayesha was shocked and then angry at what she said.She quickly finished the matter and went back to her room.

Sameer was sitting on his side of the bed working on his laptop.Aisha entered the room fuming and muttering to herself.She entered glaring at sameer and without closing the door,walked around getting her clothes and arranging stuff,all the while muttering to herself.

Sameer rolled his eyes at the fuming lady in front of him.He had knew something would surely piss his lady off when his mother had shown interest in talking with her.He had seen his sister-in-law angry and fuming at times though she too belonged to a rajasthani royal family.Aisha had been living a completely independent life and never had been bound to any rules and regulation,neither in her personal life nor profession.

She was a trained undercover agent who never had to abide by any particular rule or protocol set by her bosses.Thus,even single bit of boundary would piss her off big time.

Sameer thought of talking to her but then her distraught mood scared him.He got up from the bed keeping his laptop aside and went to close the door.The moment he had locked it Ayesha came out of the washroom in her night gown and looked ferociously at him.

'Kiya hua ayesha?itni gusse mein kiyu ho?'Sameer took the courage to ask her,

'darwaza kiyu band kiya?chahte kiya ho aap?abhi to bari bari batein kar rahe the,aur ab room ke andar ate hi sab batein  bhool gaye?'

'tum kiya kehe rahi ho mujhe kuch samaj nehi aa raha ayesha.Darwaza khula tha isliye..'

'to?khula reheta,apko takleef kiya hai?dekhiye mujhe apki in batoa se bhulane ki koshish mat
kijiye,mujhe sab samaj mein aa raha hai.All of you are two faced people,'

'Ayesha,tum kuch zyada ni bol rahi ho?hua kiya hai?',Sameer was now losing his coolness,

'Ap nehi samaj rahe?offcourse ap sabko to ek hi baat se matlab hai,apke mummy bhi bas yahi chahti hai,'

'kiya chahti hai?'

Ayesha sat down on the bed.Anger and frustration was killing her from inside.Sameer understood that and sat beside her,

'kiya hua ayesha?mummy ne kiya kaha tumse?traditions,culture,customs,yahi sab na?'

'haan aur'


'aur kiya,tumhe to pata hai,mujhse kiya puch rahe ho?unhe jald se jald ek bacha chahiye,wo bhi larka,mein koi larka deliver karne wala machine hu kiya?'

Sameer was concentrating on her words.He heard her silently and then suddenly his lips turned into a faint smile,then big one and finally he started laughing.His laugh was increasing its intensity as the time passed.Within minutes he was lying on the bed shaking.Ayesha was surprised and kept glaring at him.He felt her glare and sat back coughing to control his laugh.

'tum pagal ho Ayesha.Ma aise kaheti reheti hai.Dont bother so much.Bhabi bhi aise hi upset reheti thi shadi ke baad per abhi samaj gayi.Tum bhi mummy ko itni seriously mat lo.Unhe unki baat kehene do,baki decisions to hamare hai.Aur mein tumhare sathe aisa kuch nehi karunga,atleast tumhari marzi ke bina to bilkul nehi.chalo so jao.waise bhi hum do din baad mumbai wapas ja rahe hai. So chill,tum bhi na Ayesha.Good night'

Sameer got up still laughing and arranged his bed.He lied down to sleep.Ayesha was now more angry on Sameer.She was now confused about what this man thought and how he worked.But then he was right again.They need to keep this obedient face for just two more days.Then they would go back to being themselves.

She signed and went to bed.Sleep was no where around,and she kept wondering what new turns her life would take in the coming days. give back your feedback...suggestions always welcome...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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waiting for updateWink
IshitaRocks015 IF-Rockerz

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me 3rd...
hmm... interesting one!!
the story is taking a different turn altogether...
bt trust me.. Aisha ka serious dialog.."mai ladka deliver karne wali machine hu kya??" cracked me up!!!
loved d way sam is handling the situation!

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Awesome update
loved it
waiting for the next part
continue soon

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Loved It Dear Awesome 
Sam n Aisha convo beautiful 
Poor Aisha kahah fas gayi LOLLOL
Sameer I love him beautiful dear 
Last main to ROFL aisha ko 440 volts ka current lag gaya 
thanks for the Pm 
Continue soon 
N before I forget to mention 
Banner is beautiful Clap

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Awesome update
Love it
Cont soon

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awesome updateClap
even sameer didn't want to get married that was a surprise...
so both of them want to concentrate on their careers...
aisha's reaction after talking with sameer's mom was really nice

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