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~~**Akdha OS- "The Kiss Of Love..."

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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 8:56am | IP Logged's a taaja taaja OS on the present track...Big smileBig smilen as per its name...this time I have made a "KISS" wala update...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedas per multiple requests of dear my's this OS dedicated especially to you...luv u...!!!Hug

The Kiss Of Love...Heart

Jodha had seen Benazir spitting some green fluid on a flower bud and smiling to herself as she was passing by the garden...Though Jodha was curious to get to the bottom of this yet she did not wanted Benazir to be know about her investigation lest she should be alert...She waited for Benazir to leave from there...

...Benazir had made up her mind to put an end to Jalal's life tonight only...she was just testing her venom on a flower bud to gauze the quickness of its effect...she smiled to herself as she licked off the remaining venom from her lips...she could not afford to waste a single drop of it now coz she had  the huge task of killing Jalal with it and she did not want to leave any chance for him to survive...she left from the garden to get ready for tonight...

...Jodha rushed to the place where Benazir had been...she didn't have to search much for that unfortunate flower as it showed its withered green petals vividly amidst the other blooming flowers in pink...Jodha looked at the flower in shock...what could be so poisonous so as to wither a flower in just few moments??...and added to this was the strange fact that the green substance had come from her mouth!! took no time to guess that it was nothing but poison...snake's poison and that Benazir was actually a was hard to believe that somebody could frame such an evil and witty way to have Jalal killed...and it was certain that it was none other than Abu Mali becoz before coming to Agra...Benazir served in his court only...

...Jodha hurried from the garden...she had no time to waste...she should inform Shahenshah about all this before any harm was done to him...As she headed for Jalal's chamber...her pace slowed down...there was no use trying to tell Jalal...lately he had not only been avoiding her but also he had refused to listen to any of her talks on any matter whatsoever...She had tried to warn him about the impending danger earlier also...but he had laughed it off as a joke. Jodha was worried about his safety and now that she was aware of the actual threat to his life...she could not take a chance of risking it on his life...she decided it was better to inform someone else about this...someone close to Jalal whom he would believe...and who else it could be better than Rukaiyya, his childhood friend and begum whom he confided in...

[Rukaiyya's chamber]

...It was dark now...and Rukaiyya was about to retire for the night when a servant announced the arrival of Jodha Begum...

Rukaiyya- Jodha Begum? Is waqt hamse kyun milna chahti hain?...unhe andar aane do...
Jodha enters...

Rukaiyya- Aayiye Jodha begum...Is waqt hamare aaram me khalal dalne ki wajah jaan sakte hain? Aisi bhi kya zaruri baat thi jo aap kal subah tak ka intzaar nahi kar sakti thi?

Jodha- pranam Rukaiyya begum...hame aapse bahot hi avashyak baat karni hai...Shahenshah ki jaan ko khatra hai...

Rukaiyya (laughs...)- achcha...!! To ye zaruri baat batane aap yahan aayi thi...?? (in a stern tone...) Jodha baat ab tak Hum bhi jaan chuke hain aur Jalal bhi ki unki jaan ko khatra hai...aur uske liye unhone apni hifazat ke pukhta intzaam bhi kar rakhe hain...aur kya saabit karna chahti hain aap yahan raat me ye kehkar ghumte hue?? Ki aapko Jalal ki bahot fikr hai??...Jodha begum hame aapse jyada fikr hai Jalal ki aur aapko unke liye pareshan hone ki koi zarurat nahi hai...aap jaiye aur aaram se so jaiyye...aur hame bhi aaram karne dijiye...

Jodha- parantu...Rukaiyya begum...

Rukaiyya- Jodha Begum...aap ja sakti hain...!!

Jodha, having no option, left the room in irritation thinking of another person who could convey the news to Jalal...

Jodha (in her mind)- Hum kya karein ab... Idhar Rukaiyya begum hamari baat sunne ko taiyyarnahi  hain...aur udhar Shahenshah bhi...kahin aisa na ho ki Benazir apne shadiyantra me kamyaab ho jaaye aur hum sochte hi reh jaayein...hume ab swayam hi kuch karna hoga...hum swayam Shahenshah ke paas jakar unko bataenge...aur fir chahe wo hum par kitna bhi krodhit kyun nah on...hum apni poori baat keh ke rahenge is baar...(..with firm determination...she hurries towards Jalal's chamber...)

[Jalal's chamber]

Benazir- baadshah salaamat ka bahot bahot shukriya ki aapne is kaneez ko apni khidmat me pesh hone ka ek mauka diya...vaada karte hain is raat ka ek ek pal yadgaar bana denge aapke zehen me...agar shahenshah ki izazat ho to kya hum aapke paas baith jaayein...?

Jalal (drinking out of his glass...and gazing at Benazir with amorous eyes...)- izazat hai...

Benazir filled his glass with wine for the seventh was impossible to win over Jalal so easily when he was in his it was her plan to get him to drink so much so that he had no control over himself...and to her luck Jalal had already been serving himself with wine when she came to his chamber...Jalal had been upset thinking about Jodha and  her show of care and concern towards him coz he thought it to be very much fake...he didn't wanted to think about Jodha but her thoughts kept coming back to he had chosen wine to blur his memory of Jodha's thoughts for a was then that Benazir entered his chamber and he welcomed the much needed distraction...

...As Jalal sipped wine from his glass...Benazir came and sat next to him on his bed...she leaned closer to Jalal and ran her fingers through his hair in a seductive manner...

Benazir- to is kaneez ke paas kuch nahi hai aapko dene ko...lekin jo hai usey agar aap kubool karein to kaneez isey apni khush-kismati samjhegi...(she caressed his cheeks and reaching down to his lips...she traced her finger close to it as if inviting him for a kiss...a kiss that only she knew would turn out to be his kiss of death...)

Jalal in a much drunken state looked at her lustfully...

Jalal- Subhanallah!! Kya husn paaya hai aapne!! Itne kareeb se aapko niharenge to hosh hi kho baithenge...

Benazir- Huzoor...jab kaneez samne ho to fir hosh me rehne ki kon sochta hai...kaneez aapki hone ke liye kabse bechain hai...bas aapke ek ishare ki mohtaj hai...

...saying so...Benazir took away the glass of wine from his hand and leaned in for a kiss...both closed their eyes in anticipation of the next moment...

...Just then Jodha reached Jalal's chamber...She was about to call out to him while coming inside...but the scene that met her eyes...froze her in her place...she was lost for words seeing Jalal mere inches away from Benazir or rather his death...she wanted to shout to alert him but could not find her own voice...she was unable to think anything...she felt her whole world coming crashing down before her eyes as the distance between them kept on kiss and she will lose her man forever...the man who had married her...and inspite of the countless differences between them at so many instances...had gradually started protecting her...respecting her...caring for her...and perhaps even started loving her...!!...deep down her heart...she shuddered with the thought...the fear of loosing a person close to heart...and in a moment she knew that the fear that she felt now arose from that one pure emotion called love...Yes...she knew it now...and there was no use denying the fact that she had also gradually started falling for him...and though she was still not ready to be physically intimate with him...their hearts had started intimating their unexpressed emotions to each other...their eyes had learned the language of love and the relation they shared now could not be described in any words whatsoever...

"You don't realize how much you love someone until you lose them..."

...No..She could not lose him...she couldn't be so helpless...she had to do something...she glanced at them...their lips were about to touch each other...a man in passion and that too in a drunken state if separated from his object of desire can be as dangerous as a raging lion whose food has been snatched away from his mouth...Jodha feared his wrath more than anything else...she had been a witness of it on the night when he had come to her and she had pushed him away just as he leaned close to her for a kiss...who knew what he would do in anger if she became the reason of his ruswayi' once again??

...Jodha didn't had any time to on an impulse she ran towards them...and pushed away Benazir who fell down with force...her face hitting the floor...and before Jalal could open his eyes to witness what happened...her hand reached for his cheeks and she closed her eyes...

...her lips felt divine as they gently touched his lips and he responded...kissing her passionately...sucking onto soft and and sweet they felt...his tongue finding its way into her mouth gently parting her trembling lips with his own...their eyes were closed as Jalal leaned backwards making her fall alongwith him on the couch beneath...their lips still locked in hungry passionate kisses...Jalal turned her over so that he was atop hers...their bodies touching each other as if in a hug so that each could hear the others' heartbeat...the manly scent of Jalal arousing her senses...she eventually started responding to the movements of his tongue inside her mouth...with her own tongue playing tango with his...both were lost in the moment...and though their lips separated after quite some time...they kept their eyes closed to savour each single Jalal reached for her cheeks...kissing them lightly and proceeding down her neck...taking in her feminine scent that was tantalizing his senses...the intoxication of her proximity was much more than that of seven glasses of wine...he kissed on her neck...on hers ears...biting sensuously onto her earlobes...he kissed her on the collar bone...on her shoulder...and again headed upwards in the reverse order...stopping at her lips once again...he placed his lips on hers and planted an intense impassioned kiss once more...his hands subconsciously reached for hers and their fingers intertwined as if in a unision to the subtle movement of their lips...they knew not how long they were lost in their own sweet world...both opened their eyes at the same moment and uttered in unision-
 "Jodha Begum..."

...and then they were silent...and though their was surprise in Jalal's eyes and doubt in Jodha's...but neither had the slightest hint of regret for what transpired between them...millions of emotions running through their hearts making their heart race against their almost touching chests...both were lost in each others' eyes...and in them, there was no regret...just plain true they closed in for a tight hug...


...hope u like itTongueTongue...looking forward to ur comments...TongueTongue

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Kalluchirpy Senior Member

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awesome OS...truly amazing...

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Awesome os  tanx 4 the pm

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unishaz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 9:11am | IP Logged
superb.. Beautifully written.. Love it.. Thanks for pm..

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pranavvikas Senior Member

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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 9:17am | IP Logged
wow it was intresting chapter
so nicely written awesome dear
thanks for this Os and also pm

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ZaBeerHolic IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 9:19am | IP Logged
Beautiful and lovely OS...
Loved it a lot.
So,Jodha gets to know that Benazir is a Vishkanya and belongs to Abul Maali's harem,who is here to kill Jalal...
Rukku ji ne bhi nahi suna uski baat..
Jodha now went to Jallu's hojra and found Benazir and him in that position.
The kiss was hot...
thanks for the pm,dearie... :)

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Awesome loved it ... If only this were to happen in the serial too .

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amazing os rose dear...i knw it vl nt hpn in shw bt i hope i vl see smthng like ds.

loved it.

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