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Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

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I read ur story in one go I lovedClapDay Dreaming it eagerly waiting for the upcoming
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I hold the sole ownership of my stories.
Please dont copy any concept or scenes without taking my permission otherwise i will report your thread.
FB buddies please stop posting my stories directly. If you wish to post it then post my FB link page.
If i see anybody copying my concept or stories i will stop posting any story.
I strictly mean it.

Season III

Ch 23

Mr Grumpy

Arnav kept his eyes straight on the road while khushi sat stiffly beside him in the car. Payel and Akash were dancing on their own tune almost making out in the back seat. Awkward.


With a sharp turn Arnav entered Raizada mansion.


"Hey devi maiya raksha karna", Khushi murmured to herself then cleared her throat making Akash and Payal stop what they were doing.


"Umm Akash ji we have reached", khushi told him awkwardly.


"If you guys are done with your PDA lets get inside", Arnav scolded them making Khushi giggle.


"We can take it up in our room Akash", Payal planted a soft kiss on Akash's red checks.


Khushi turned the other side to see Arnav's reaction. He made a straight face and captured Khushi's hands before walking towards the main entrance.


Akash and Payal followed them behind.


"Listen Payal, mom might not take this properly. But know that I am with you and this baby". He protectively encircled his arms around her flat tummy.


"I know you are and I know you will be." Payel turned towards Aranv and thanked him for acknowledging her place in this house.


Khushi held his biceps and pulled him back making Akash and Payal go ahead.


"Thank you Arnav ji." She placed a sweet kiss on his cheeks. Arnav's eyes snapped up to see whether Akash and Payal witnessed her kiss. Thankfully they werent. "Get used to it Arnav ji. You are going to get them a lot more often."


Ramu kaka greeted us on the door.


"Khushi go and welcome Payel in the house", Arnav ordered.


Khushi frowned and looked at Arnav questioningly. "Nani is supposed to do that Arnav ji not me. Only the elders do that."


"Khushi just do as told. Trust me if you don't make it fast then it wont happen. Do you not remember yur marriage?"


Khushi lost all the colours from her face. She clearly remembers how each of the family members rejected her. She still doesn't know why.

Dropping her head she went to the house temple to get the Arti ki thali.


While coming back she almost collided with Mami ji.


"Hello Rajdhani express, cant you see?"


Khushi's eyes go wide, "Erm! Sorry" she mutter quickly and was about to run when Mani caught her hand.


"Wait. What the hell are you upto? Are you stealing something from the temple?


Humiliation clouded over Khushi's face.


"Watch your tongue Mami. Khushi doesn't need to steal anything. I can provide her enough. Don't you ever treat her like that. I am warning you for the last time. Don't think I have no clue what goes on in this house. She is Mrs Raizada. Aap ka itna haq hai iss ghar pe utna hi haq khushi ka hai (she has equal rights on everything in this house)." came the stern reply from Arnav.


"Its good you are her Mami" Arnav smirked and then he did exactly that which stole away the colour from her face. "Go and invite your new bahu in the house."


Mami's eyes popped from the socket. "Whose bahu?"


"Well, Akash got married few hours back. So you better go and welcome them in the house mamiji", he mocked.


"This is impossible. He cannot get married without my consent. He is my son. He will never go against me.


Crying hysterically she ran towards the entrance.




Time stood still when Mami got the view of her son and the woman standing next to him almost sneaking a kiss.


"Kitni badtameez aurat ho tum. Tumko saram nahi ati?" she advance towards them angrily.


Khushi came running after mami to protect payal.


"Payal, this is mami ji, akash ji's mother", khushi introduced them nervously.


"Oh you are my mother in law? I thought you are some cartoon going to a fancy dress competition."

Khushi's mouth formed a perfect "O". She nervously looked at Arnav who was in the verge of smirking. She didn't know what shocked her more, payal's comments or Arnav ji's sexy smirk.


Her trance broke when mami almost screamed. "how dare you chirkut. Who the hell do you think of yourself."


"Well, if I am not wrong I am your daughter in law. Your beloved son married me in front of God".


"Bullshit, I don't believe this marriage". She tried to pull Akash away from Payal.


"Maa please", clearly pissed off Akash stepped back.


"Beta but you cannot stay with this cheap girl".


"Stop it mamma. She is my wife now whether you accept it or not". He held payal's hand and tugged her towards him. "And she is carrying my baby.


"Baby? What rubbish? You believe in this woman who calls your mother clown? You are a fool. She isn't carrying your child. If she can sleep with your without marrying you, what guarantee is there that she didn't sleep with anybody else. This child is sin whom she wants to throw on you".




Payal released Akash's hands and stood nose to nose with her mother in law. Then she laughed. "Omg you are not only clown but a duffer as well sasuma".


"You think this baby is someone elses?"


"How can you say that this baby is Akash's?"


"Exactly like how you can say that Akash is a Raizada or do you have a doubt sasuma? After hearing your words now I doubt.


"How dare you", mamiji was about to slap her when payal held her hand.


Khushi was about to run between them to protect when Arnav stopped her holding her hand.


"Just like the way you dared to call this baby sin. If Akash is a Raizada then this baby is a Raizada as well. How can you call a baby sin when you are a mother yourself? And this baby is your grand daughter or grandson".


"I refused to accept this. I refuse to believe that this baby is Akash's".

"But that doesn't change the truth mamma. This baby is mine. I know in the heartbeat".


"I think we have had enough. Mami ji whether you believe it or not payal is Akash's wife and just like Khushi she is going to get all the respect. Your son has accepted her so I don't think other's opinion matters.


Payal goes and hugs Arnav taking him by surprise. "I love you jiju" she whispers. "And thanks for everything".


She immediately turned back and looped her hand with Akash and then winked at mami ji "Akash ke amma miltey rehna".


Khushi tried to giggle but stopped immediately seeing Mami's glare.



After 10.30pm


Arnav was passing in the room unable to sleep. Where is she', he thought grumpily.


He threw the wet towel on the bed and then thought of completing some office work. He was hardly going to office due to khushi's health.


It was almost past twelve and his wife was still not in their room. Frustrated he walked down and heard some giggling coming from the kitchen.


He went straight towards the kitchen and saw the two besties giggling and sharing ice cream from the same tub.


Khushi was about to put a spoonful of ice cream then Payal greeted Aranv.


Khushi looked at him and questioned, "what are you doing her Aranv ji?"


"I am going to ask you that Khushi, what are you doing here in the kitchen passed midnight?"


"Oh", she hopped down from the counter and placed the tub. "Time ka pata hi nahi chala".


"Ya exactly because now you got your bestie in the house I suppose. And but the way today is your bestie's wedding night. Why don't you let her spend some time with her husband?"


What he didn't tell her is that he wanted to spend sometime with her after today's ciaos. From past few days Khushi has been his constant entertainment. He somehow started liking to spend some time with her. The realization hit him heard. But the moment she looked at her with puppy dog eyes her turned and left.


"Shit, he is angry Khushi. You should go and talk to him".


Khushi was looking at the spot where Arnav was standing.


"He never behaved like that before Payal. He never came to see where I am. It's new", she blushed top to bottom.


"I think he wants to do it", payal chirped excitedly.


"Do what?" Khushi frowned.


"It dummy".


"I don't understand Payal", she told her innocently.


"He wants to make love to you duffer".


Khushi slapped payal playfully. "Chup kar. We are not like that".


"What? You must me kidding. You have such a hot husband and you don't do that? Such a waste".


"Oh god, pleases stop. Ofcouse we do it but since I am not well that's why we aren't doing it now".


"Gadhi, you can do other things right?"


"What other things?"


"You can help him out. He clearly needs to cool down".


"How can I help him to cool down?"


Payal whispered something in her ear which made khushi turn totally red.


"Now go. He needs you", payal shoved Khushi out of the kitchen.



Few minutes later Khushi entered her bedroom and saw Aranv typing furiously in his laptop. He glanced up and looked at her for a brief moment before concentrating back in his work.


Khushi went straight to the bathroom and got changed.

I was the one who kept her company when she was unwell and not that payal is here she is treating me as if I don't exists.'


He quickly shut his laptop and switched off his bedside lamp.


After taking a shower khushi went back to the bedroom. Seeing Arnav lying on his side she made her away towards her side. She sat on the bed and whispered an almost muted apology for being late.


Arnav turned towards her and charged her immediately almost immediately after her apology. "what the hell were you discussing with her so late khushi?"


"She blushed head to toe thinking what Payal has told her."


Seeing her blush he said, "Don't even answer me. God you girls are too much. Was she talking about their wedding night with you?"


"What? No", Khushi added quickly.


"Then what?".


"nothing important Aranv ji".


"and you are hiding something from me. Good. Be happy with your bestie", he turned the other way grumpily and put a pillow over his ears.


Khushi tried to remove the pillow to kiss his cheeks but he held it stong.


"Arnav ji not fare, I want my goodnight kiss", she pouted.


"Go and ask from your friend".


"She already gave me".


"Then be happy with that."


She dropped her head and then slipped inside the duvet that she shared with Arnav.


"Can I get to hold you Arnav ji?"


He didn't reply anything. Nervously she looped her around his broad shoulders and felt him stiffen and then relax.


Sighing he turned towards her and dropped a quick kiss on her forehead before tucking her to him.


She happily shoved her face against his neck and inhale his scent. She dropped a small kiss under his ears before she whispered goodnight.






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Yay m d frst one
Hurray u update
Awesome fantastic update
Payal n akash married loved wen arnav supportd
It was grt wen payal made fun of mami
Loved d cute moments of arshi
Thinking wat mght hav payal sd to khushi

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affter so long read pawn 
di i totally enjoyed it

please keep updating

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Nice update :D waited for long but it is worthed.i hope u finish this story,eagerly waiting for the next update

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just reserved. *baba ambd Ki jai ho*

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Awesome update
Mami ko toh band bajeagi Payal in future updates m sure

Continue soon

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