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AsYa FF Our Lives Entwined - Thread Two - Chapter Four to Six

--Bubble007-- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 4:51am | IP Logged
Hello Wonderful Readers Hug

I welcome you all to the new thread of my FF 'Our Lives Entwined' only after three chapters because of some spammers LOL 
Thank you soo mucch for always appreciating my work and giving wonderful feedback and hitting the like button aswell Big smile
The credit to my story goes to KaBhi because they are my only inspiration when it comes to AsYa Wink
and please prefer commenting here rather than the last thread Embarrassed
If you want PM then buddy me for that as it is really time consuming to PM one by one !! Dead
And lastly, Happy Reading Party

Bubble Heart


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--Bubble007-- IF-Stunnerz

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'I can't believe all this. Ami even you never told us.' Ayaan said as he was still not in believing state of Zoya being a Ophthalmologist while Zoya giggled taking a bite from her sandwich whereas Asad was quietly doing his breakfast.

'Well I can do anything in this world.' said Zoya proudly.

'Yes indeed.' Asad murmured under his breath as he had also started believing her words now while Zoya smiled at him.

'I was helping her in keeping it a surprise for you all.' Dilshad smiled proudly while looking at Zoya.

'I am proud of Zoya more than Asad now.' Rashid said with a broad smile on his face and Asad's speed stopped suddenly as he looked up at Rashid who was sitting at his opposite side as Rashid was the head of the family. Zoya looked at him with teary eyes as she felt happy that he appreciated her hardwork.

'So you mean to say you are not proud of me at all ?' Ayaan asked in disbelief with a dramatic face while all of them smiled and Asad concentrated on his food again.

'I am a little bit.' Rashid said irritating him more while Zoya and Humaira laughed at Rashid's statement.

'Oh sad !' said Humaira in low voice loud enough for Ayaan to hear who was sitting beside him while Ayaan wasn't liking the idea of his insult infront of Humaira.

'Nobody loves me here.' Ayaan said dramatically and took a sip from his orange juice.

'Stop that drama. You know I am proud of you all but right now we were talking about them.' Rashid said pointing towards Asad and Zoya. 'When you will find your girl then I will tell you who is better.' Rashid said with a smile.

'Then I should make sure that she is not as talented as Zoya or else we both brothers will be called losers.' Ayaan said and shook his head while looking at Asad who was glaring at him already for calling him a loser unintentionally.

'So you think I am a loser ?' Asad asked him confusedly but Ayaan could read his eyes which were punching him already in Ayaan's visions and the knife in Asad's hand which was on Ayaan's direction while Zoya zipped her mouth to stop herself from laughing.

'No Bhaijaan how come you are a loser ? I am the only loser here who thought this.' Ayaan said innocently while Asad smiled amusedly.

'Thats good.' Asad said while placing the knife and fork back as he was done eating.

'Are you coming with me ?' Asad asked Zoya while all of them looked at Asad with their eyes wide open.

'Where do you want to take her ? Shopping or dating ?' Ayaan asked mischievously while raising his eyebrow as this was the pay back time for Asad.

'I meant hospital only.' Asad said sheepishly while looking down and regretted for asking her.

'How lucky you are Zoya !' Ayaan said while looking at Zoya who was already getting embarassed. 'My Bhaijaan is unique. You can not find anyone like him in entire world.' Ayaan said while Zoya agreed with him in her insides in a positive way. 

'See this is your first day here and Bhaijaan wants to take you to his hospital.' Ayaan continued with a dreamy sigh.

'Ayaan enough of it now. Stop embarassing them.' Dilshad said sternly when Asad was going to answer him.

'You can go Asad. I will bring Zoya with me as I have to give proudly a brief Introduction of my daughter.' said Rashid with a proud smile on his face.

'I can also do that.' Asad said in confusion.

'So that means you are proud of her ?' Dilshad asked him while Zoya also looked at him to know his answer. Asad rubbed his forehead as he was feeling helpless in all this situation while Rashid walked out as soon as his phone ringed.

'Yes I am --- I told her already.' Asad tried to finish the conversation but Zoya smiled while taking an apple from the fruit basket and leaned back on her seat.

'Oh really ? When did that happen ?' She asked confusedly while taking a bite from the apple making sure her tone is not too bitter infront of everyone.

'In the plane ?' He said and tried to remember if he said or not while Zoya grinned widely.

'When you were sleeping or when you were smiling all the time thinking about someone special ?' She asked while raising her eyebrow and he smiled understanding where she was pointing at.

'Ofcourse when I was thinking about someone special.' said Asad while looking at her while she looked at him in confusion as she understood his eyes very well.

'Stop flattering me.' She said annoyingly infront of everyone while he took a deep breath missing old Zoya who was always speechless infront of him.

'Were you thinking about Zoya ?' Humaira asked him smilingly while the topic that Zoya opened was deliberately closed by Asad.

'No this is not possible. My Bhaijaan cannot be normal.' Ayaan couldn't stop himself from poking in their matter.

'I will leave now. See you later.' Asad said with a smile on his face while looking at Ayaan who understood his point very well.

'Did I talk too much today ?' Ayaan asked them innocently after Asad left.

'Not at all Raabert. Don't worry I am here with you.' said Zoya and they both highfived while Dilshad and Humaira smiled at them.

'Are you ready Zoya ?' Rashid asked her as soon as he came back. She nodded and walked toward her room to bring her bag.

'I will see you in the office.' Rashid said to Ayaan while he nodded in yes. 'Jeweller has called on the landline.' Rashid told Dilshad and she walked out after Zoya and Rashid.

'So we both are left alone ?' Ayaan asked Humaira with a smirk on his face.

'No I guess you are the one who is left alone because I am going to my room.' Humaira said mischievously while standing up.

'Why do I even care ?' He asked while looking at her back and shrugged his shoulders while she walked towards her room without answering him.

I should ask her for shopping. He thought after a while and walked towards her room even though he had a meeting to attend.


'No I guess the risk is high because of high blood pressure and one of his parent also died due to diabetes.' Asad was busy discussing a case with Dr Rehan when 
she came inside his room without knocking.

'I am done with my work. Lets go.' She said politely and he looked up at her. She looked cute to him in that lab coat but her smile was missing that he always wanted to see. Dr Rehan smiled at her orderly tone.

'Just wait for few minutes.' said Asad and she nodded in yes while sitting on the couch nearby. She took a megazine and started reading it while looking at Asad from the corner of her eye.

'I have to check a patient. Can you wait for half an hour ?' He came near her after ten minutes while Dr Rehan walked out.

'But I am tired now and its already 10 o'clock.' She said and huffed in annoyance.

'Ok take my car and go home.' He said while taking the car keys from the table and giving her. She looked at him and then nodded in no as she was not sure how he will come home later.

'I will just wait for you.' She said with a smile and he smiled while going out of his room. 

'I should arrange a car for myself.' She thought and looked here and there to find something interesting and her eyes stopped at his laptop. She took it from the table and sat back on the couch.

She smiled and bit her lower lip when she saw her own picture as wallpaper. She was about to switch it off after checking her mails when something clicked her mind.

She went to the documents and was shocked to see her many pictures. She selected all of them and deleted in one go and smiled mischievously.

'Feeling better now.' She said with a evil smile on her face and changed the wallpaper aswell.

She kept the laptop back on the center table and waited for him next 15 minutes but he didn't show up and she closed her eyes to have some rest until he is back.


He walked inside his room and the sight infront of him made him smile like an idiot at her child like sleeping pose. Her hands were tucked under her face and her legs were almost hugging her stomach.

He walked closer and wished to see her smiling like this always. He sat on his knees and tucked her hair behind her ear but as soon as he touched her she opened her eyes slowly and moved his hand away.

'Don't touch me.' She said annoyingly while sitting straight and rubbing her eyes.

'Can't you forgive me now ?' He asked her hopefully while she took a deep breath and looked at him.

'Never ever.' She said sternly and stood up while taking her Doctor's coat and bag from the table.

'But why ?' He asked annoyingly.

'Don't irritate me. It was already a long day with Dr Sameer.' She said mentioning a senior doctor while he stood up with her.

'You are working with Dr Sameer ?' He asked confusedly.

'Ya why ?' She asked.

'I don't like him so I will change your schedule from tomorrow.' He said sternly while walking towards the door and she smiled as she finally got something to irritate him.

'But I like him. He is kind of cute.' She said dreamily and he stopped in his midway.


Thats it ! Do like and comment !

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Finally a new thread!!!!!!!!! 

I AM FIRST!!!!!!!!    DancingDancing

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!  PartyParty

May you get many more such threads!!!!!!!!! hats off to you and your efficient spammers!
i am so proud of us!!!!!!!  LOLROFL

coming to the update,

as usual loved it!! Heart

i loved the way how Rashid was proud of zoya...once again a good rashid in your story  LOLROFL

ayan unintentionally referred to Asad as a loser!!!! He would have surely got a 'mukka' if he had not rectified what he had said  LOLWink

date in a hospital!!!!!!! that's  like our Akdu!!! LOL

ayan humeira part was also good... she is not giving 'bhao' to him  ROFL

asad tried to remember when he actually praised zoya...you surely need to eat fresh nuts my dear doc!!!!LOL

Zoya deleted the pics????ShockedShocked
she will surely have a hard time now..good luck...may you be saved zoya!!!!  LOLWinkROFL

Dr.Sameer!!! aha!!!  i would love to see this jealousy  factor between them.. it will be a treat to read!!!Wink

the most awaited thread and update!!!  LOL
loved it!!!!Heart


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even ayaan donno about zoya being doctorShocked
"'I am proud of Zoya more than Asad now.' Rashid said with a broad smile on his face"
omg asad has a very tough competitionLOL no one s better than himLOL only zoya can beat him
 ayaan s great dramebaaz
omg asad has zoya's pic as wallpaper and also many in foldersShocked i was shocked s a under statementLOL
zoya s zoya deleted all the picsWink
plz relive past soon i cant bear these suspense anymore
is asad s jealous of dr.sameer???WinkLOL
beautiful updateSmile 
continue soonBig smile

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sonia555 IF-Stunnerz

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congrats on the new thread bubble Party ROFLROFLROFL 

i wonder who those spammers are Cool ROFL
loved the update bubble LOL

is rashid good in this one phuppi ROFLROFLROFL

awww bechara ayaan ROFLROFLROFL

is zoya trying to make mr khan jealous Shocked ROFLROFLROFL

btw bubble when will their ahem ahem time come Blushing ROFLROFLROFL

oh and just to let you know i've just had redbull Silly ROFLROFLROFL

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maha2012 IF-Sizzlerz

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Dr Sameer it isBig smile my new and one n only love OSAMA cloneWinkLOL
im loving this zoyaWink 
she still hasnt forgiven him a bitEmbarrassed
i dnt understand this man's loveErmm
pehle he keeps a distance for 10 yearsOuch
then has all her photos in his laptopBlushing
he's madly in love with her but yet akduuuAngryEmbarrassed
so zoya working with sameer n asad baby doesnt like itTongue
he wants to change her schedule but zoya says sameer  is cuteWinkLOL
i hate u for the cliffyAngry
cant wait for akdu's reactionBig smile
plzz do update tomorrowEmbarrassed
i just love love love this storyBig smileClapThumbs Up
congratulations for thread 2PartyDancing


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rockstar_16 IF-Dazzler

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i loved it
awesome update
zoya better than asad...wow...asad has a touch competitorWink
i like this innocent and dramebazz ayanLOL
the way zoya is irritating asad i just love it
please continue soonWink

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shreya11mehra IF-Stunnerz

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smart mom dilshad..she hid thngs abt zoya...SMART GAL (tiger style)LOL

so Rashid is proud of zoya...Big smile  thnkfully hz is so gud in ur story...

hvnt frgt ur last story thr rashid ws sooo bad..full of sinsAngry

'Are you coming with me ?' Asad asked Zoya while all of them looked at Asad with their eyes wide open. 

hwww...mr khan ..wen u knw ur family r on zoya side..u sud complete sentence wid full meaning...LOL 

'I will leave now. See you later.' Asad said with a smile on his face while looking at Ayaan who understood his point very well. 

'Did I talk too much today ?' Ayaan asked them innocently after Asad left. 

hy i love ayaan in dis particular...n now my mind is so clear..that fr me ayyan s rishabh sinha in dis story..bcoz the way he tk mess wid asad wid his punches..

i thnk he vl soon meet mr mukka ahmad khan..if he wont control on his punchesLOL

She smiled and bit her lower lip when she saw her own picture as wallpaper.

aww zoya pic as screensaver...oh gal..dis is wat i love in Qh also..

one side asad is in love wid zoya..other side hz emotionally challenged.ClapStar

She went to the documents and was shocked to see her many pictures. She selected all of them and deleted in one go and smiled mischievously.

haaawww...she delete all pics...allah...Shocked

now hw will asad react...ShockedOuch

She went to the documents and was shocked to see her many pictures. She selected all of them and deleted in one go and smiled mischievously.

ya allah..mohabbat b hai..kuch kehte b nh...LOL mr emotionally challenged...nh mr challenged ahmad khan Dead

'I don't like him so I will change your schedule from tomorrow.' He said sternly while walking towards the door and she smiled as she finally got something to irritate him.

'But I like him. He is kind of cute.' She said dreamily and he stopped in his midway.

asad in jelly mode...ab maza ayega...Wink  m waiting to c hw zoya vl bajaing band of asad...LOL


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