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Office Tuesday Updates

Episode 224


Karthik and Vishnu in Viswanathan's room...Vichu asks about madan's condition...scolds him muttaal..tells about his school days..and his simple living condtions those days..talks  about the value of life...which has both and white..birth and death...Asks them what they will do if they will lose job..Karthik says that he  will search for another job..He also asks him what will they do if he fails in love..Karthik didn't answer..Vishnu answers that adhu innum easy..adutha ponna parthu love pannitu poite irukalaam nu...He asks if they fail in their efforts what will they do...Karthik replies that he will try until he succeeds .. He asks them to keep themselves happy...give valuable advice about life...Tells them that he has arranged for counselling..and asks them to tell everyone to attend it..


KV comes to get madan discharged from hospital...He wants to go to his friend's room...His father comes there.. calls him to come  home as his mom is not talking to him since the day madan left them...Madan strongly refuses to go with him...Swetha  angrily insists him to go with his dad...At last he agrees to go home...M's dad thanks swetha...Karthik praises her..


Karthik and Vishnu in their cubicles...karthik asks vishnu about raji..Vishnu warns himself that he shouldn't olarify...Karthik Calls raji ...asks her where she is nu..She says that she is in MGM..Karthik asks her why she didn't come to see madan at hospital..she tells some excuses...Karthik doubtfully asks her if she is at home or has gone to her village ..Raji gets angry and asks him whether he doubts her...Asks him to come to MGM to get his doubt clarified...Karthik says that he believes her..He tells Vishnu that Raji got angry when he doubted her...Vishnu's in mind voice..raji ku romba dhairyam thaan..karthik MGM vandhu irundha theriyum...[sorry I missed the exact dialogues..]

Madan meets sales team in canteen...asks them why they didn't come to see him at hospital..Anbu mama ,puli and kattai scold him for his suicide attempt...all the three advise  him.


Vishnu comes to Lakshmi's place...konjam love pannalaam nu trying something...Asks her hand ..writes something and asks her to find out...Laksh easily finds out all the words...Asks Laksh to write on his back..At first she writes and on seeing Vishnu enjoying her touch she angrily leaves...


Karthik calls raji ..some romantic talks ..calls each other purushan..pondaatti...In the middle some small fight raising Angel's name..Finally Karthik asks her to come to office soon.


Financial adviser Rajesh comes to meet Vichu Sir..He says that he only suggested chairman not to close the company instead sell it so that he can make some money out of it...Viswanadhan tells rajesh that he will not allow him to sell the company as it is like selling around 400 employees brain...Agent talks to chairman and tells Vichu sir that he has accepted to run the company..But once vichu leaves his room,agent calls chairman again and tells him that he will at anycost help him to sell the company...



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Office Written updates Wednesday January 29
I am not sure who is supposed to do updates today - Since updates not up so posting.  

 He is suspecious of Raji in Ooru, asks Vishnu but he doesn't say anything.  karthik calls Raji and talks to her. He hears Madu on the back ground. Asks raji about it, she tells no I didn't hear. She gets angry if he is suspecting her. He says come out of the house I want to see , Raji says I  will, if I come out all will be over between us. He says fine,  I am outside of your house, come, Raji shock  Karthik says you lied to me you are in your place, Raji cries tries to samluchufy but Karthik angry says as you said let it be over between us and cuts the call. She tries again but switch off.

Sales Mokkai

In Canteen Angel sees karhik and forces him to tell if he loved her truly and  if he really forgot her memories and when. Karthik says I truly loved you, waited for you but you insulted more at somepoint I felt it is enough and the moment I saw Raji I understood what true love is.

angel feels bad she says I missed you Karthik and tells in this difficult time in office I will stand by you and leaves.

Vichu calls David and asks him to send mail to all that company not closing on 31st and he asks him to arrange a meeting with him with all.

In Canteen, KVL, Vishnu and Lakshmi kadupethufy karhik, Vishnu texts from Karthi phone to Angel to come and share a 1 by 2 coffee. Angel comes immediately and gets a coffee drinks and gives to karthik saying this is 1 by 2(Illa 2 by 1 a???)

Lakshmi says karthik won't drink thinking she is teasing him, Karhi angry drinks the coffee. Lakshmi nose cut and leave. Vishnu tease her and later Angel remind him Lakshmi his alu he is going to get in trouble teasing her.

Vichu calls David and talks about a Anonymous letter saying David helping chairman sell the company and picking 75 people who can stay. David denies after force from Vichu he agrees. Vichu angry I am your boss, you work behind my back, that is drogam and tells him to inform Chairman he is resigning. David confuse(me too) bu agrees.

KV, Vishnu tease him Angel comes beings coffee and she asks karthi kto verify a mail she is sending. She stands close to karthik and Raji enters exactly, sees this gets angry. Angel says hi and leaves. After that Raji tries to talk but Karthik adamant and angry tells her to do what she wants and angel helping him. Raji gets angry and leave. Vishnu tease Karthi now you have to go behind her asking sorry instead of you patching up when she came herself. Karthik looks on.


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Thursday, 30th Jan 2014 - Written Update

Canteen - Karthik comes & drinks Raji's tea, she orders another one. He drinks that one too & tries to take Raji's bag. She takes it away from him & Karthik asks her what she got him from Kovilpatti. Converstion changes & Raji says he's using her weakness & after ethaavathu solli samaaluchudra. Karthik says she's his balam & balaveenam & he expects her to be by his side all the time. Karthik asks her to trust him & Raji says sappa reason naalum she trusts him but he's suthufying witn Angel when she's not around. Karthik says nothing like that & Raji says she saw her put her hands on his shoulders. Karthik says she's just his friend & Raji hands him halwa (food) for giving her halwa. 

Madhan, Swetha & Manju are talking about Madhan's dad. Madhan says he's happy because appa torture illa, he didn't talk to me. Madhan thanks her for telling him to go with his dad & Swetha says his dad is the best at showing love & hate. Madhan says his dad likes her & comapared her to him. Madhan says mum asked him to invite her & they won't object to him marrying her. Madhan asks her why she likes him because no one else likes him. Swetha reminds him about Priya & says she doesn't know why. Swetha says she has some good news for him & she will tell him when the time comes. Both smile.

Vishnu complains about Raji & Karthik fighting & then getting back together in few hours. Raji says they are like Tom & Jerry... sanda pottukite sernthu iruppom. Karthik joins them. Vishnu says scene 1 sanda, scene 2 samadhanam... ore boreuu. Raji & Karthik teases him further & Raji says we are behaving like childrens. Karthik asks naana neeya? Raji says she's adjusting to his childish behaviour & Karthik says he's adjusting to her pattikaadu behaviour. Both argue & Vishnu asks athukula sandai yaa? Karthik & Raji laughs & Vishnu asks this time um naan thaan out aa?

Anbu, Katta & Puli getting interviewed... skipping!

Canteen - Raji joins Vishnu & Karthik. Raji says there's a big problem... Vichu sir resigned. Karthik says he won't leave, he's a fighter. After some talk, Karthik asks Raji to type resignation letter & we'll sign it.

Karthik, Vishnu & Raji comes to Susan's cabin to ask about Vichu's resignation. Susan tells them to sit down & says that's what she heard. Karthik asks her to tell the truth & Susan says yes, he's resigning. Susan continues chairmen agreed first but then he changed his decision... he's going to sell the company, one time money pothum nnu ninaikiraar. Vishnu says the new guys are going to fire them but Susan says they are keeping 75 staff including them, her & Vichu. Karthik says we should resign if sir resigns & Raji & Vishnu agrees. Susan says tells go & talk to Vichu sir.

All go to Vishu's cabin & asks him about his resignation. He says owner needs money & he decided to sell the company but you guys still have your jobs. Karthik says other 300 or so workers will be fired & Vichu says they will be compensated. Vichu asks for solutions & suggests if the 75 workers they want to keep resign then no one will come forward to buy the company. Vishnu thanks him but Vichu says he never gave them any idea & says some kavidhai. 





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Episode starts with Karthik and Vishnu standing at the Reception.
Karthik explains Vishnu that if all the 75 employees those are going
to be retained after the company is merged resign their job as
Viswanathan sir did, no one will come forward to buy the company.
Vishnu calculates that other than Susan and KVRL there are 69 more
and how are they going to search them. Karthik hands over him a list.
Karthik and Vishnu meet each and everyone personally and collect
their Resignation letter. KV explain others that they are going to
threaten of resigning but not actually. Some funny interactions for every employee with KV. Collecting 75 resignation letters, Karthik and Vishnu go to David.

Karthik and Vishnu kalaachufy David and make him confess that
Viswanathan sir has given resignation letter. David says that Susan's team is safe and they'll be continued in the new company too. David asks KV not to play politics and says if KV resigns there will no difference to the company.
Karthik gives David a bunch of resignation letters of all the 75 employees those were to be retained after merging. David is shocked to see this. Karthik then tells David that it is just a plan to stop the chairman from selling the company coz he can't do so if all the 75 people sorted also resign along with Viswanathan. And all of them are ready to work under Viswanathan. Vishnu asks David to convince chairman and stop him from merging the company. David thinks as KV leave.

Rajesh comes to Viswanathan's cabin and tries to convince him to
support the merger so that he can earn good money. Viswanathan
advises Rajesh that anything is easy to destroy but it's more difficult
to create. Rajesh asks him how is going to run the company as its
almost a dream to continue.. for which Viswanathan replies that every achievement is someone's dream in the beginning.
Rajesh says that Chairman is very upset with his resignation and those which followed him. He wants Viswanathan to take charge as CEO and continue further. There will be no financial support from him. The Chairman will discuss with the board and will assign special powers to him so that he can take care of banking operations too. When Viswanathan denies of additional powers, Rajesh tells him that Chairman in not going to interfere anymore. 

Rajesh clearly explains that Viswanathan should take charge as CEO and proceed further. This applies for only software division as the chairman has decided to close operations of Hardware completely. Viswanathan says he'll absorb everyone there to software division.
He also says that the chairman will understand that his decision was not wrong six months later. Rajesh challenges him that he can't continue for atleast three months. Viswanathan says to Rajesh that The Chairman doesn't have to help and ask him to take the profits at the year end. But a portion of the profit should be given to employees in the form of company shares.

Sales team and Madhan at a local bar. They discuss and drink and finally decide to ask Viswanathan for justice for hardware division not knowing that he has already decided to absorb all of them in the software division.

Raji and Vishnu at the cubicles. Raji asks Vishnu to call Angel and she comes there. Raji asks Vishnu to leave as she has to talk to Angel. Vishnu leaves.  Raji tries to explain Angel that she can't get Karthik as he loves only her. But Angel the great ... gives a great explanation... She says that Karthik Raji love will not be accepted by either of their families but in her case it'll be easily accepted... she compares KR and KA combination. She says that Raji is being adamany for a thing that'll never happen and also gives free advise that if we love someone we should be ready to leave them too if a situation arises for the benefit of the person we love. She asks Raji to think and leaves. Raji is worried.

Everyone is waiting as Viswanathan wants to talk to them. (Raji and Susan missing...). Viswanathan comes there and greets everyone. He clearly explains the situation of the company and the decision of the chairman. He says there are only two options left now.

first option ... the company will be merged... resulting 80% of the employees will lose their job.. but they'll get settlement. so those who loose the job can take the settlement money, leave the job and join somewhere else... the rest can continue in the new company...

second option... the company will be run by the employees themselves... in that case there will be no financial support... for a six months period each one of them should really work hard without getting paid... not even basic allowances like transportation, subsidised canteen food etc., will be provided... it's a chance for all of them to help the company in crisis...

Someone asks what is his decision? Viswanthan says he doesn't beleive in leaving in the middle of the things ... he gives some motivational speech and everyone agrees to work hard. He assures them that at the end of six months they'll be paid their remuneration with interest and a portion of profit will be allocated to all of them in the form of company shares. Everyone applauses. He also says people who have no other income can inform their minimal requirement to David and get the same. Viswanthan shakes hand with Karthik and screen freezes...


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