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Episode 209

Episode starts with Karthik and Raji in office canteen..Raji is as usual upset hearing Astrologer words of how her married life will not go smooth and Karthik will always have two ladies in his life..Karthik though irritated with her repeat telecast of Angel mantras..says he loves her only and wants to marry her and try to not get upset on these silly things.Even though Karthik words consoles her..She is in depth have fear of angel coming into their life and her insecure feelings gets increased day by day..Karthik gets a call from angel and more than three times karthik cuts the call and at last he excuses himself and speaks to angel with so much irritation and same time looks at raji with so much concern..

Kothai sitting in Canteen waiting for her gautham...meanwhile Kattai  and puli enters there..As usual sema mokkai..All the three exchange their words with Improper english and seeing that really normal people will forget english for sure..LOLLOL..Gautham enters the scene and asks kodhai any problem and in return Kattai and puli says Karthik and Vishnu are decent thats why they have left him but we are indecent guys..Be careful...ClapClap..

Madan and Swetha in their cabin..Madan brings her juice and Chicken sandwich and tells her he has bought second sale buy and he will drop her hereafter..But swetha says she is not interesting and dont like these stuffs..and want the love always to be normal..and if it goes to extreme..then it will spoil the relationship...Hats off to this swetha for giving matured replies to madan..

Karthik , Raji and vishnu in canteen..They enquire about lakshmi and vishnu says for so long..lakshmi and susan in vichu room and discussing about something..Lakshmi enters the scene and shares them that all the three KRV has been promoted as Team Leaders for their hardwork in the project and lakshmi feels proud of it..As usual Vishnu getting too much and by mistake try to pinch raji too..But as usual karthik...raises not to do it...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..

Karthik , Raji , Vishnu in their cubicle..Vishnu discuss about Janaki come back and karthik warns why he is like this when he is in love with lakshmi..Lakshmi enteres the scenes and gives warning again..and calls vishnu to conference room..Now Raji again starts her fear melodrama to karthiK..This time karthik is really irritated and go from the place..ShockedShocked

Lakshmi and Raji in conference room and raji shares her fear of Angel coming to office..Lakshmi says we both need to be careful until Karthik and vishnu gets old and face anything bodly..

Vishnu comes early to office..but to his surprise Lakshmi stands there..and shocks him..Lakshmi tells him to make himself look Ugly before Janaki..Same time Raji too comes early and vishnu gets call from Reception that Angel has come for a visit and door opens and screen freezes on Vishnu , Lakshmi , Raji...SleepySleepySleepy


Raji insecure feeling is genuine but too much i can say..Karthik although looks bold..he is also feared knowing raji sensitiveness..But as usual KR love glitters..

Next week most awaited Angel going to come..Lets wait for more twist and turns...

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Episode 210

Episode starts with Vishnu , Lakshmi and raji eagerly waiting for Angel arrival..seeing the door..In some time..Angel comes with smiling face...raji get amused to look at her. thinking she looks ugly in front of angel..Vishnu introduce angel to lakshmi and raji..Same time karthik also arrives there...Seeing karthik angel get so happy and hugs him...Everyone gets shocked...raji alone in kolaveri looking at him..karthik same time looks at her in return saying through his eyes with innocence...there is no mistake with him in this..Angel says she will go to HR room now and see them later..Vishnu makes fun of karthik once raji leaves in angry with karthik and karthik too leaves go behind raji...

Raji in terrace and karthik also comes there and calls her..Raji is so upset starting to cry saying..why you are like this..and she is not liking angel hugging karthik...Karthik says only when i come here...and meet you and fall for you...i realized the true love..and i have only have you in my heart...But raji still upset and tells him not to hug anyone except her in future..She just gets mesmerized by his looks as always and they get patch up...

Madan and Swetha scene...Seems like they are always speaking same sequence of dialogues...Swetha being sensible tells him that she thinks only of him everyday and madan is happy about it and same time tells him eventhough they are lovers..they need space in their life...Madan little bit not accepting it...and it was a cute scene..

Vishnu and lakshmi in lakshmi cubicle..Vishnu comes there and laughs commenting on karthik - angel track and the consequences..Vishnu says..this is all karthik deserves and tells they got seperated while they were in second year...Vishnu tells about lakshmi proposal on the new year eve...Lakshmi try to hides it..but vishnu as usual makes his comedy tactics to bring it and at last she slowly tells i love you thinking vishnu has gone..but he hears it and catches lakshmi..It was a nice lovable scene..

Karthik - raji - vishnu in vichu sir room..Vishnu as usual teases vichu sir saying he is too much and always dominating people..But karthik tells him he is just awesome and he just advice us and it is helpful for us in many times when we face problems.and vishnu says ok i accept he is the God...Vichu comes and talks regarding they kept her mouth silent when he told them to help Gautham team for presentation as they are expert in it..and also advice them..knowledge will become precious only when it is shared and make them realize not to see enemity in professional matters..

Karthik , raji and vishnu in their cubicle..As usual vishnu whispers to karthik and tryies to signal him about angel..Karthik says...dont whisper anything,..raji well aware what we are a fraction of second..she says what they are talking about...and vishnu is shocked karthik just reads her mind like anythiing..Vishnu says angel has become fat and karthik startes at him for always bring angel topic...Same time he sees a E-card with sorry voice message and a gift thinking it is raji job...but realizes it is angel and again raji gets upset..Karthik calls raji and she asks i dont mind..but asks her..why she is staring then..she says i am so happy that ex-lover of you has given you such things...karthik gets upset and leavs with gift and e-card...mostly to angel to return it..

Precap:Angel says to give her second chance and accept her sorry..

Screen freezes

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Written Updates
Episode 211

Angel and laksh in canteen...karthik comes there throws her card and gift...angrily asks her why she is behaving like that ...asks her not to interfere in his life..he is not the same old karthik and aks her not to tease him..everything is over between them..he does not want to see or talk to her.. Raji and Vishnu were watching all these things..karthk leaves the canteen in anger...Vishnu asks angel why she is disturbing karthik..When he was in love with her during college days she ignored him ..and why she wants him now...

Laksh and raji tells her that it is better for her if she moves to some other team...But Angel wants to work with she repents her behavour with karthik in college days...says about their love and how she got bored with karthik's too much of good nature...and feels bad for missing him now..She says that she just want to work with karthik...Raji gives a terror look...

Karthik and Vishnu ..karthik scolds Vishnu ...Vishnu asks karthik whether he still has some love on Angel in his bottom of his heatrt ???..karthik gets irritated and scolds him... asks him to stop his Naradhar velai..Raji comes there Vishnu leaves...she asks karthik is he  acting to hide his love on Angel ah nu..karthik says that angel is nothing to him...everything is over between them in college itself..and he feels ashamed when raji doubts him..Asks raji not to talk about Angel and his past love..

Raji and Vishnu...raji irritatedly tells him about angel hugging karthik...vishnu says that hugging is normal now a days nu...raji  adamantly says hugging is not normal and is a mistake...and she says that she is going to hug Vishnu to test karthik...if karthik takes it normally it is okay...Karthik comes there...raji and Vishnu start their drama...raji hugs Vishnu wishing him for his promotion...karthik understands their prank... smiles...Raji tells karthik thet it is a friendly hug..he should not mistake nu...Karthik says that he didn't mistake...but don't know about Laksh...She is also watching this drama ...comes near them and beats Vishnu...Vishnu leaves thitufying raji...Karthik asks raji to try some other drama next time...both burst in to laughter...

Vishnu laksh and padhu in canteen...Vishnu says that he has brought his own preparation biscuit halwah for Lakshmi...After eating laksh says that it is horrible nu..vishnu forces her to eat...She eats and started vomiting continuously...scolds Vishnu for giving such a horrible halwah...,,,paddhu empties the box...asks Vishnu to bring two boxes next time..

Laksh informs KRV about their promotion...and forming team under them...karthik says that he doesnot want angel in his team...Laksh says that will be decided by susan and will be finalized  by vichu sir...When Laksh is about to leave to meet susan karthik asks her to take Vishnu along with her as he wants to talk to raji alone...LV leaves...When karthik about to talk to raji ...Angel enters says that she wants to talk to him alone...raji tries to  leave..but karthik asks her to stay..but raji leaves...Angel says sorry to karthik..says that in college days she has hurted karthik unknowingly at that age...but repents for that now...if karthik wishes she is ready to leave the office...Karthik tells her that life has taken him far away...he does not have time to think about the past and he is not bothered about she working in same office..asks her not to cross her limits ...Angel gets happy says that Idhu podhum...and leaves...karthik sitting with disturbed look...




Precap...Angel is talking to raji...says something..asks her at the end that she has to ask her if she still loves karthik...Raji asks the same...Angel says YES...



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Office Wednesday Update : 08/01/14

Episodes starts VR convo, raji tells vishnu tat angel met karthi in canteen to discuss some imp matter n ask him whether he knw wt they had discussed.Vishnu tells her tat he doesn't knw anythin n ask her , did she speak to karthi in phone? Raji tells she has switched off the mob n ask wen wil karthi come,suddenly karthi arrives n ask raji why her mobile was switched off sterday nite.Raji tells she left the charger in office itself, raji sighs Vishnu to ask him abt sterday matter.Vishnu ask karthi abt angel but karthi acts like he did nt meet anyone,Vishnu olarifies asusual n tells someone told him.Karthi tells then let tat person itself ask me directly.raji says she did not tell anything, karthi laughs n raji accepted.Karthi says , instead of morachifuying we both decided to be a hai bye frndz, raji is upswt but stil pretends like she doesn't care abt it.Karthi touches her hand n made her to feel comfortable( cute scene)Vishnu watches it n says adapavingala.Karthi tells, hey indecent fellow turn tat side da.Everyone laughs out.

KVL in canteen.Vishnu ask lakshmi abt singapore trip, she tells after marriage only honeymoon trip.Vishnu tells let's we do honeymoon,marriage then engagement for a change n let company pay for our honeymoon.Lakshmi says fraudu n laughs out.Raji joins n ask wt happened.Lakshmi tells Vishnu asked abt singapore trip.Raji repeats the same Vishnu dialogue n all hv some fun.Angel comes n sits inbetween KR n gives home made cake to karthi n everyone as it's karthi fav one.Karthi asks angel abt mom n she tells him she is expecting him to talk wit her.Karthi tells she will speak to her mom.Lakshmi ask angel abt karthi Nickname during college days n angel says the last name was 'Angry Birds' n continues she is having one more nickname n tells secretly to karthi n both of laughs.Raji fumes in anger.Angel receives a call n leave from there,same time lakshmi too receives a call from Susan for meeting.Everyone leaves except raji, she throws the cake angrily(Romba over guys) n lakshmi tells not to be angry for this small matter..

Sales Mokka so me skipping it but today kinda funny to watch it

Raji n Laks in conference room.Raji comments abt angel height,weight etc but laks tells she is chubby n cute only but height pblm , mostly Christians gals r beautifull n give some comments.Raji is upset n compares Susan n angel, Laks tells Susan is having age pblm but angel same batch, beautifull n modern gal too n continues tat first love is always special n tells few examples.Raji is confused and ask a silly question to laks , "Angel thaanae perfect for karthi, if they both hv some feelings def she wil leave him".Laks scolds her n tells raji is the perfect for karthi n soon plan for marriage as everyone is bored wit triangle love story, first Susan now angel. Raji is worried.

Swetha Madan scene

Laksmi place..
Avatha payya song plays n laksmi wonders n sees Vishnu coming there n tells its been many days she has heard this song.Vishnu mokka pottufy wit her n angel arrives there n started telling college story tat vishnu has given her a love letter without knowing KA relationship n stil she remember those funny moments.Laksmi becomes angry n tell angel to continue.Angel receives a call n leave from there.Laks ask Vishnu why he didn't tel this matter n vishnu samalichifies as usual n lakshmi shouts n tells him to leave the place..

KR scene.Raji ask karthi it's possible to drop her but karthi says he has to complete the work so it takes more time n tells her to go in bus.Outside angel is waiting, raji comes n ask her for whom she is waiting.She tells her mom is on the way n she wil join wit her, raji leaves.Angel meets karthi n says sorry n they discuss abt college days,karthi tells he is missing her mom's preparation n I never forget the day he used hv food at their house n soon wil meet mom.Angel tells tat karthi is special to her mom n she knw their love,breakup everything n worried more.Karthi tells we r just frndz nothin else now, Angel gives her hand n tells okay n both laughs,Raji enters n shocked to see them together tat too wit handshake,Angel ask her wt happened n raji tells she left the mob n leaves angrily n karthi is upset.

Episode Ends
No precap today

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Office... WU... Friday, 10th Jan 2014...

Episode 214

Episode starts with Karthik and Vishnu standing in the balcony near Reception. Vishnu tells Karthik a thathuvam..."mudhal kaadhal perumbaalum thirumanathil mudivadhillai...aanaal mudhal kaadhalai marakkavum mudiyaradhillai" and laughs... Karthik also smiles which
leaves Vishnu amused and he says that Karthik should get angry at this... But to his (our's too..Shocked.) surprise Karthik agrees that First Love is Pure and True... But when Love happens next time we'll utilise the experience of first love and act smart...
Vishnu asks whether Karthik has any feelings when he sees Angel. Karthik answers that he can't straight away deny that he has no feelings or so, bcoz five years ago he did love her sincerely but now he has no intentions of getting back her into his life and in the Present Raji and her Love means everything to him. Vishnu questions Karthik which is his best love...the Love he had with Angel or the Love he has for Raji... Karthik replies ... this is not Solomon Paappaiah's pattimanram to argue which is Best... Both are different and he now wishes that Raji comes with him all his life...
Now Karthik asks Vishnu whether he asked Angel the same.
Vishnu replies that he didn't ask her fearing that she might say "YES"...
Karthik complains Vishnu that Angel is behaving strangely and he is not liking her bringing cake, cutlet, sweet etc., as it doesn't seem like just friendship which is OK with him but if it was with some other intention then it'll be a torture.  Vishnu agrees and says he also noticed it. Vishnu says he doesn't believe in friendship between a boy
and a girl. A girl has to be either a sister or lover/wife.

Karthik asks whether there's nothing in between and Vishnu replies en illa... lover ku munnaadi or wife ku munnaadi" Karthik goes to hit him and Lakshmi, Raji come there. Raji asks on what topic both the friends are having fun and Vishnu immediately answers that the discussion was whether first love is best or not. Raji looks at Karthik and he says only Vishnu was talking and he was just listening. Raji
demands Karthik's opinion on first love and he smartly answers there's no mudhal kaadhal or moonraavadhu kaadhal ... it's only one Love which is THE BEST AND REAL...
Lakshmi asks Vishnu what about him and Vishnu says Lakshmi is his first love. Lakshmi cross checks with Karthik who kalachufies that Lakshmi is his 36th or 136th love...
Vishnu counters him by saying he is the person having a triangle love story from the beginning of the story... all of them laugh...
Raji says this convo reminds her Vadivelu's comedy...
Lakshmi laughs and asks Karthik for Tea...
Karthik denies saying if they all go together the same topic will continue which will create unnecessary problems and asks them to have tea and himself and vishnu will continue their work.
Raji and Lakshmi leave to canteen and Karthik and vishnu go to their workplace.

In the Canteen, Lakshmi and Raji are having tea and discussing about Singapore trip. Lakshmi asks Raji whether she got permission from her dad .Raji says she will inform in the last minute and hence make her dad agree. Lakshmi comments that Raji was like ayyo paavam kovilpattikkaari when she came here and now she has become smart...
Angel comes there and sits beside Raji...
Lakshmi asks why is she so busy and angel replies about her HR and Admin procedures.
Angel then comments Raji that she is a typical village girl as
portrayed by Bharathiraja in his films. She goes on commenting on Raji's skin, hair, dress etc. and gives a final coclusion that she being a gramathu painkili can't look modern and only Sarees and Chudidhars will suit her.
Lakshmi keeps smiling throughout which makes Raji angry and she gives back nicely to Angel saying that if Angel removes her spects and oils her hair she'll look more pattikkaadu than her. Angel gets shocked with this and leaves from there saying Lakshmi that she forgot her wallet.
Lakshmi asks Raji why she directly attacked Angel and Raji angrily asks if Angel was right and Lakshmi murmurs... unga sakkaalathi sandaikku naan varalai... and then says sorry to Raji...

Karthik and Vishnu are working in their cubicles and Raji comes there
fuming... both of them are annoyed why is she so angry..
Raji gets a call from some credit card and yells on the phone. Vishnu asks Karthik to enquire her what happened. But karthik is afraid to ask her and waits that she'll tell herself. Raji is really mad and she herself voluntarily tells Karthik that she is very angry and wants him to ask the reason. When Karthik asks her the reason for her anger,
Raji bursts like a fire cracker saying that Angel commented on her saying that she is a typical village girl and kept questioning what soap & cream she uses, which beauty parlour she goes etc., and in return Raji comments that Angel looks like a balloon, wearing spects and straightening hair doesn't make her a city girl and most hilariously she looks like a Brinjal with hands and legs...  and asks Karthik to tell Angel that if she repeats this then she'll have no face to go to a parlour and she keeps yelling non stop.
Seeing her so frustrated Karthik holds her hand and as usual Raji calms down asking him unga oorula ippadi thaan neruppai anaippaangalaa?... both of them  smile...
And seeing this Vishnu feels that even after conducting so much research it is difficult to understand a problem of Algebra and a girl's heart...
{This is a must watch scene friends... the way Karthik is amused, annoyed, and doesn't know the reason for Raji's frustration and the way he nods his head for her questions, the hesitation he has to answer them, and finally when he understands the situation the way he comforts her by holding her hand and calms her down is ADORABLE and worth watchable innumerable times. in between Vishnu's comments are enjoyable too.}

Sales team...
Mohan, Kattai, Puli and Anbu mama campaign for Vijay Tv's Jodi and Super singer programs...

Manju, Madhan and Swetha are in the canteen... manju asks  for a treat as MS have confirmed their love. Both of them agree. Swetha tells Madhan and Manju that someone from the office have informed her father about her love with Madhan. Madhan's father comes there  and directly asks Swetha what's between them and She bluntly agrees that they both love each other and want to marry. madhan's
father says that he'll never agree and leaves...

Kattai and Madhan standing in the balcony and Vishnu joins them... Kattai and Madhan inform vishnu about MS encounter with Madhan's father ... and Vishnu is happy for Madhan and offers him to help anytime...

Raji is working at her workplace, Angel comes and sits in Karthik's chair. She tells Raji that only when the recruitment is completely finished she'll be given proper workplace.
Angel feels for being in Karthik's chair, embraces it and starts praising Karthik saying he is smart, nice at heart and that he is a gentleman even if he gets angry at times. She tells that Karthik used to take her to the HOME when they were in love. He looks handsome and she never gets tired of watching him smile as even his eyes smile too..
Raji asks why she left him if she loved him so much? and Angel says it's TIME and one doesn't realise the value of a thing in hands only when it slips off it's worth is realised...
Angel asks Raji whether she loves someone and Raji says YES but doesn't mention whom she loves...
Angel says that Raji should have asked her if she loves him still and raji asks her that for which she replies "YES".
Raji asks Angel what if Karthik has moved on and is in love with someone else...
Angel replies that she and Karthik were in love for two years  and since she knows him well there's no chance of him falling in love again and even if he says so it is not true...
Raji gets disturbed with this attitude and answer of Angel and the screen freezes on her worried face...


Hi Friends...

Stepped into the shoes of Updater to help Hopper ji...
Please excuse me if there are any mistakes...

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Episode 215

Episode starts with Raji thinking about angel words of she still loves karthik and has tears in her eyes..As usual Raji thinking to call her karthik...Raji calls karthik and he says i thought of calling you...Karthik asks whats the problem..Raji asks karthik permission to go to her hometown until their marriage...Karthik asks why...and correctly guess..What again...angel problem and he says straightly...that karthik is for raji and raji is for karthik...and tells her not to think about anything...and tell her to divert her mind in music or anything which can divert and finally as always...she is convinced with his words and he says i love you...but she says she will take it as a alcholol...hangover...Both laughs...

The fantastic four KRVL in the conference room...trying to select freshers for forming a team..Vishnu rejects all the guys and select the girls of his choice...Raji select the kovilpatti saying..and says her hometown people are intellegent..All the three laughs and raji get upset..But Karthik turns the plate saying kovilpatti people look lovely and raji is convinced..

Vishnu and Raji in canteen..Love it...Raji threatens..hehe...want vishnu to talk to angel that karthik and raji in love...before that...vishnu give silly ideas as always...but at last..goes as per raji wish..

Susan meets KRVL in her room...tells them about their promotion and they have to leave to singapore soon...Susan meets raji alone and says sorry to her regarding angel and tells her that she will try to put angel in different team..but raji says...she knows about karthik so no problem...angel being in same team..Lakshmi comes and says that their Passport is missing to susan and she tells to search again and if not...lets complain to police..

Vishnu comes to his workstation and sees raji in full sweater...and he asks why sudden this custome..Raji tells she is not well...and vishnu tells her to take rest..But she somehow hides and blabbers because of karthik..she is not able to leave him alone without a second..Same time karthik arrives and surprised by raji custome..and touch her and comes to know she has fever..He says that he will take her to hospital and also he will take leave also...Cute scene it was..

As usual Sales Mokkai...discussing about taking leave along with weekends...

Again raji pesters...vishnu to talk to angel...with no other go vishnu decides to talk to angel and calls her..With lot of buildup..vishnu tells that Karthik loves raji only..With lot of over confidence..Angel says..Karthik cannot love anyone other than raji is a village girl..Hearing this vishnu gets angry of telling about raji like this..But she is so confident..not knowing the consequences..Vishnu is confused..

Screen freezes..

Happy Pongal Friends..

This is a interesting episode with lot of expectation of angel being negative..It is same susan also was overconfident of how karthik can love a village girl like raji..Here added to it angel not only overconfident..also have wrong image about raji..It is not Raji vs Angel..It is ultimately Karthik vs angel.. 

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