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FF: Yes Boss #3 - Link to #4 on pg 1 (Page 85)

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Originally posted by metoyou

I love these Sunday's...kam se kam, I do something useful: unres-ing! LOL
Congratulate me on making it to part 32... you are even faster than the light, Green ;)
Okay, I am very curious to know how this nakli nikaah will turn out to be...

Part 32
the forest green sherwani (Of course...Did not expect another color)

Narges and RK following close behind her (what are we wearing? Green color dresses, sari's, anarkalis?)

Zoya in a beautiful green sharara (Why am I not surprised?)

biting his lower lip a little as he tried to stop himself from smiling (Aw lovely scene!) Smile

he'd gone to do some urgent work (he was not there for the Mehendi! Yeh kya baat huyi) OuchAngry

he'd run away somewhere (Running away is your thing, Zoya) Tongue

when Zoya finally looked up, worry evident on her face - "Qubool hai," Asad finally announced confidently (Wow, very nicely done) EmbarrassedThumbs Up

Qubool hai," Zoya whispered, as she openly drowned in his intense gaze (Lovely!) Embarrassed

Mubarak ho, Mubarak ho...nikaah qubool ho gayi hain. All of us: family, friends, the guests and even we (the readers) are very happy that their nikaah finally took place. Lekin kya dulha aur dulhan khush hain? I bet they are, but both are too ziddi to listen to their hearts and to express their feelings. Aur uppar se, those stupid papers... Khair chodo, don't want to spoil my mood and the fun because of that.

Lovely nikaah. Obviously, you would go for the color green. I would be worried if the showed up in black for him and red for her! Mr. Khan was not there for his mehendi, he will have to make up for it. I just loved the way they said Qubool Hai. He wanted to look into her eyes before saying so and she needed that little confirmation from him...timing and what a beautiful scene! Wah! 

Green, you are superb! What a talented writer you are! Clap You can make the most simple things look beautiful. Romance in a very different way Clap

Okay, now I am looking forward to their SR. I keep my fingers crossed koi bhi kabab mein haddi na aaye! Give them some privacy nah Wink

Hahaha alright I think I need to describe your clothes in the next update :p Hahahaha I totally wanna wear green for my own wedding, let's see how that goes :p Thank you so much for the compliments Narges, I try (: And it makes me immensely happy to know when I've succeeded! Glad you liked it (:

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Originally posted by DancingDiva.


I really do wanna!! Hahaha but I'm not happy with it myself, there's something wrong with the flow. I'm trying to fix it!
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Please update soon!!

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Waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting...

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hey plsss UPDATE...Im dieng to read next parts...

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superb update!!!
finally dey got married!!!!!
update soon

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Hello friends! Sorry about the delay, I was having some issues with the flow of my own story, because I was tryna add some stuff and all, but anyway, now it's finally ready! Especially for Narges (metoyou), Kalyani (kals82) and Navi (NAVI55)... hope you guys like it :p

Yes Boss: Part 33

"I missed both of you a lot, Aapi. I had no choice but to do it in a day, or they would've deported me, and it's just such horrible luck that the States is so far away. Even if you'd gotten on the plane immediately, you'd still not have reached," Zoya lamented sadly on the phone, sniffling softly. She was about to continue ranting when she felt Asad, her husband now, jabbing her in the ribs and hushing her.

Zoya glared at him, poised to lash out. The audacity of this man to shush her while she was talking to her sister! But before she could get to it, Asad placed his index finger on her lips, stopping her again, before pointing towards Mr Bhatawdekar and Dolly who were walking up to them at that very moment. Zoya's eyes widened as realization dawned upon her, and she nodded in understanding, making Asad nod back and remove his finger from her face.

"Aapi, main aapse baad mein baat karti hoon. I love you, and tell Jiju that I love and miss him too," Zoya finished off her phone call before placing her phone down next to her, in between herself and Asad. She watched Mr Bhatawdekar and Dolly approach her and Asad, where they were seated under a flower arch on the two ends of a loveseat that had been placed on an elevated platform, for guests to greet them and take photographs with them throughout the Valimah function.

"This is ridiculous," Asad muttered as he rolled his eyes at Zoya's obvious attempts to keep a distance. No one would believe they'd just gotten married, let alone Mr Bhatawdekar. He moved her phone away as he scooted over towards the centre of the seat, pulling her slightly so that she was right next to him as well. Taken aback by his sudden movements, Zoya found herself falling over a little, placing her hand on his thigh to stop herself, just as Asad put his arm around her waist to steady her and crush her to the side of his body.

"Ah, the romance of newlyweds," Mr Bhatawdekar commented, as he eyed the couple sitting ridiculously close to each other. Asad and Zoya smiled weakly, immediately making an attempt to move away from each other. But they froze again when they heard Mr Bhatawdekar click his tongue in disapproval.

"No need to move, I was just teasing. I just came to say that the Qazi Saheb has passed me the Nikaahnama, because I need it to make the necessary arrangements for Miss Zoya's visa. I'll let you know when everything is done. Anyway, congratulations once again! The dinner was wonderful, and now we'll take our leave. But before that, let's take a photograph for memory sake!" Mr Bhatawdekar decided on his and Dolly's behalf, as they made their way onto the platform and stood on either side of the couple, smiling for the camera. The photographer stepped forward as well to rearrange Asad's hand, placing it on top of Zoya's one that was already resting on his thigh.

"Perfect," the photographer mumbled as he returned back to his position behind the camera, snapping a few shots. Asad and Zoya smiled uncertainly at the camera, as Asad slowly curled his fingers around Zoya's, clasping her hand in his. It was only one of the first few photographs of the evening; they'd have to learn to deal with it.

"Congratulations Sir, may you both have a blessed marriage. This is my wife, Kalyani," Prasad wished his boss, as he introduced his wife as well. Prasad and Kalyani shook both Zoya's and Asad's hands, before climbing onto the platform and taking their positions for the photograph. Soon, other employees of Asad's began finishing up their dinner and approaching the couple to give them their well wishes as well, including Hemant and the entire finance department. Narges and RK followed suit soon after, walking up to them with beaming smiles.

"Bohut bohut mubarak ho Mr and Mrs Khan," RK offered her congratulations heartily, making Asad and Zoya turn to each other for a split second as they digested that. They really were Mr and Mrs Khan now. Narges was about to shake hands with them as well when a commotion at the main door interrupted them.

"HRITHIK?!" A girl's squeal echoed through the house, followed by the sound of girls giggling and mobbing someone at the door. Narges' eyes widened, wondering if it was the Hrithik she thought it was. Eventually a man in sunglasses emerged from the crowd, with a lady by his side.

"AADIL?!" Zoya squealed in about the same way, as she jumped off her seat. Asad got up as well, frowning at both her and the man, who really did look a lot like Hrithik Roshan. How the hell did Zoya even know Hrithik? And why in the world was she calling him Aadil?

"Zo! Darling, what is going on here? You're getting married??" the man asked in a heavily accented voice, clearly confused. Zoya clambered off the platform to launch herself into the man's arms, pulling him into a hug. She squealed a little more before turning to the lady who had come along and pulling her into a hug too.

"Um Miss Farooqui, yeh sab kya hai?" Asad finally asked, voicing the concern of Narges and RK as well, whose eyes were still popping out of their sockets. Was that really Hrithik standing in front of them?

"Mr Khan, this is Aadil, and this is his sister Navi! Woh kya hai na, I had called up Aadil after reaching India to meet up with him and Navi, but they stay in Mumbai so I just gave them our Bhopal address first, I had no idea they were coming today!" Zoya announced happily as she continued hopping excitedly on the spot.

"Uh, Miss Farooqui that still doesn't explain much, and why does he look like..." Asad continued probing, trailing off halfway when Aadil pulled off his sunglasses. The man was buff and looked a lot like Hrithik, but the eyes gave it away. His eyes were not as light as Hrithik's but they were larger, and twinkling with delight at that moment.

"Like Hrithik Roshan? Because I do! Kya karoon yaar, I was born this way. A lot of people make the same mistake. Maybe I should lose the abs and put on weight, only then will the differentiation be greater. Anyway, I'm sorry, aap hai kaun?" Aadil asked Asad, after answering his question politely. Asad scowled at him in response, as his eyes fell on Aadil's arm, which Zoya was unabashedly clinging on to.

"Mere hi ghar mein, mere hi Valimah mein, mujhe puch rahe ho ke main kaun hoon. You ought to tell me who the hell you are! I'm Asad Ahmed Khan, and this place is my house, this function is my wedding, and this woman is MY wife," Asad hissed, as he grabbed Zoya by the elbow and pulled her away from Aadil. He continued glaring at Aadil irritably, as Aadil simply laughed in response and shrugged.

"Mr Khan, don't be rude! Or maybe I should say, don't be jealous...?" Zoya whispered into Asad's ear, as he rested his arm on Zoya's shoulders and pulled her close. Asad growled in response, making Zoya giggle openly.

"Whoa dude, you really need to chill. Aap hi yeh Miss Farooqui Miss Farooqui laga rakha hai. How was I supposed to know, I mean most people don't call their own wives by their maiden surname you know? Besides, I'm not interested in Zo alright! If I were I would've hit on her years ago, while we were still in college. So to answer your question, I'm Zo's good friend from college, and so is my sister here, Navi. We were all in the same course. Chalo, now that that's cleared, what I'm really interested in knowing is who this charming young lady is," Aadil flirted openly, as he turned his attention to Narges, whose mouth was still agape. She quickly closed it and straightened up, swallowing nervously.

"Tsk Aadil, tum badle hi nahi ho. This is Miss Narges, she's..." Zoya began to introduce, but got cut off by Aadil's shushing. He took a step forward and took Narges' hand into his without asking, bringing it up to his lips.

"Narges is a beautiful name, and that's all I wanted to know. The rest of it I'll find out myself, right Narges? I'm new to Bhopal, and considering the fact that Zo's so busy being married and all, what say you show me around?" Aadil asked Narges directly, as Navi rolled her eyes in the background. Her brother was incorrigible.

Narges tried really hard to find the words to answer him. She turned to RK at that point, seeking her mother's help. RK just laughed and nodded as she nudged Narges from the back, encouraging her to go ahead. She knew how big a crush her daughter has had on Hrithik Roshan all this time. It was like a dream come true for her.

"Uh, yes? I mean, yes. Yes," Narges fumbled out her answer, as she took a step towards Aadil. Aadil shot her a large grin, to which she smiled back shyly. RK looked on amusedly while Navi continued rolling her eyes.

"Alright, congratulations Zo and Mr Zo, I'm outta here! Navi, will you be okay?" Aadil finally thought to ask his sister for her opinion in the matter. Navi shook her head disappointedly, pouting prettily as she batted her eyelids.

"Get lost Aadil, I always knew Navi was a better friend than you. Don't worry about her, she can stay here tonight. We have so much catching up to do anyway!" Zoya answered on Navi's behalf, earning a bemused smile from Navi. Asad raised an eyebrow in Zoya's direction. Calling shots in the house minutes into the wedding on one side, but she really wanted to catch up with an old friend... tonight?!

"Zoya, we can catch up on some other night. I'm quite sure tonight would not be a good idea," Navi commented, as she pointed at a highly disturbed Asad. Zoya bit her lower lip and stared at the floor as she suddenly grew silent, a red colour creeping up her cheeks. In the meantime, Asad rolled his eyeballs upwards as he closed his eyes in frustration, a round of laughter erupting around him. When would this torturous night end?!


Yes I know what you guys are thinking... where the hell is the suhaagraat!! Hehehe I knew you guys were expecting that, so I purposely didn't put it in HAHAHA. Next update, promise! This one was kind of a 'filler'... except maybe for Narges. She got herself a boyfriend :p

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amazing update...
though u didnt give the most awaited suhaagraat...
but np... nargis has to get a bf as well...
and oh.. asads soo jealous... haha..
loved these lines:
Asad: Mere hi ghar mein, mere hi Valimah mein, mujhe puch rahe ho ke main kaun hoon. You ought to tell me who the hell you are! I'm Asad Ahmed Khan, and this place is my house, this function is my wedding, and this woman is MY wife
Aadil: Whoa dude, you really need to chill. Aap hi yeh Miss Farooqui Miss Farooqui laga rakha hai. How was I supposed to know, I mean most people don't call their own wives by their maiden surname you know?

aadil looks like hrithik roshan... OMG! do u have any pic of such a guy or we have to imagine it ourselves?? Wink

pleeaasee continue ASAP...
like shadi done.. photographs done.. narges got a bf done.. zoya got her old friend done...
now?? what next?? how will this nakli suhaagraat end up? soo for all this y need to update ASAP green jii... LOL
sooo plz plz plz update the next part soon...
will try to spam ur thread!!

and oops.. how can i forget??
i am first..!! hahah... just logged in.. perfect timing... isnt it?


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