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Jalal's three-point plan in action???

skanda12 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 9:42pm | IP Logged

Friends, I thought yesterday's episode was a reasonably good improvement on the  episodes we saw all of last week. We can't say that storywise there was much movement, but certainly the scenes between Jodha and Jalal together, and even their scenes separately, seemed more satisfactory than they have been before. I have no doubt that the collective mass-telephoning of the Zee office by our forum members has had some impact on the Creatives, and even if they haven't yet been able to turn the story and the track around sharply, there was something in the episode to feel that they may have heard our messages. I am saying this with cautious optimism, though, because we know the Creatives are unreliable. All we can say is "So far so good!".

Ben continued to be the irritant - from the start of the episode (the scene where she talks of the paigam to her Ammaji falling into Jalal's hands)  to the last scene of the episode (where Jalal and Adham seem overly-brotherly and plan a men's only jashn with the Great Benazir dancing for them). The Creatives seem to have understood however, that none of us want her anywhere near Jalal, and have promised to end her track soon. But curiously, although the episode began and ended with Ben,  the episode itself seemed to have an entirely different focus for me.


Almost all the scenes seemed to be all about Jalal and Jodha trying different ways to shield each other!

This is my reading of the episode:

There were at least four scenes that showed us that Jalal definitely knows  something about the khatra to his life and the plots of his enemies, but he is keeping that knowledge secret to himself. Meanwhile, in the same scenes he also showed two other things: one, that he is trying to keep that khatra knowledge as far away from Jodha as possible; and two, there are clear indications that for public consumption Jalal is keeping up pretences that he is still upset with Jodha, but in private he is not at all  as miffed with her as he used to be!

It thus looks like he has a three-point plan and is buying time ... he is trying to get his grip on the truth by giving his enemies and long rope to hang themselves, rather than accosting them openly about their plots ... and meanwhile he is able to see that Jodha fears for his life danger but he is deliberately, it seems, either brushing off her fears or talking of Ben or of other things to keep  her off  the topic of his life danger ... and a part of his enemy-trapping plan seems to be to give the continuing impression that he is miffed with Jodha still about the spurning (whereas privately he is not so angry with her any more).

There was nothing in the story itself to suggest this, nor in the dialogues themselves ... but the sharpness in Jalal's eyes when he was planning against his enemies ... along with the shiftiness in his eyes when he  was making light of Jodha's fears ...and the calculatedness in his eyes when he  tried to look still upset with Jodha and wanting to make her jealous of Ben - all these seemed to give his game away to me - and possibly also to some others?
I also think that Jalal has sent off the ben paigam to Mali knowing that Mali himself may try to surface in Agra as his agents have knocked themselves out or turned out to be duffers, one after another. Jalal is  less interested in Ben, he is more interested in getting that faraar Mali to surface and get himself caught.
In fact, folks, I am going to stick my neck out on this one more prediction:

I have a small doubt that perhaps this  Rahim has already pieced together the Jodha letter to Jalal and Jalal has come to know the truth already on that issue, but for reasons of his own he may be pretending not to know  about that yet and is acting upset with Jodha still to be able to watch the movements of his enemies (including Maham)? I wouldn't be surprised if they later show us in flashback that Rahim has re-read the correct paigam from Jodha to Jalal a few days back itself, and thus set right Jalal's misperceptions of Jodha and cast his doubts on Maham. Thus parallel to the exposure of Ben on the vishkanya plot we may also have a quasi-exposure of Maham on the Jodha paigam issue. Let's see if this prediction of mine comes true ...


Meanwhile here are my pick of the four Jalal scenes where he seemed to know the truth, but seemed to be shielding Jodha from the truth, while also giving the imppression that he was continuing to be miffed with Jodha and playing Ben against her.


Jalal asks Ben regarding the paigam to her Ammaji:

The scene opened with Ben expressing worry to her baandhi that the paigam to her mother had received no reply  and it may have fallen into Jalal's  hands. Ben then told her baandhi, if that was the case she had to finish off Jalal in haste, because there was very little time left before she could  get exposed! Just then the summons from Jalal came, signalling the worst.

Jalal directly opened the topic of the letter with Ben when she appeared before him. Jalal's questions were very sharp. What language is this written in?  Why the need for the Awadhi language? Ben seemed to reply readily and smoothly, albeit a bit hesistantly.  She said her own mother was a non-Muslim, an Awadhi who later converted her religion, and she was used to talking to her own mother in Awadhi. Now this is where I suspect Jalal played a hidden hand regarding Jodha ... Jalal acted as if he was still upset with Jodha, because there was a short sentence by Jalal praising Ben's mother for changing her religion when Jodha Begum wouldn't! But this sentence belies the whole background story where Jalal supported Jodha's decision not to convert to Islam. So we must assume that Jalal was just trying to give Ben the impression he was still "against Jodha' but he wasn't actually!

Ben also then tried to seduce him by hugging him and getting close to his face, which itself must have been a dead giveaway to a sharp guy  ... why should a suspicious a lady being questioned suddenly start getting coy with him?  Jalal was not rude to Ben,  in fact he was  careful to act complacent, but he did brush her off, he seemed not to be too impressed with her wiles, and then  said in a bit of double meaning "I believe you"   ... and then he sent her off, and sent off the paigam to its intended owner (that Jalal seemed to know was not her mother but  Abul Mali). Throughout this interchange I thought Jalal's eyes  showed he had got the grip on this situation and was weighing the result of this paigam on Abul Mali.


The hair massage scene with Jodha when Jalal knew of the khatra

The second scene when Jalal betrayed he already knew the khatra to his life came during the garden head massage. Jodha was combing and massaging Shivani's hair in the garden when Jalal  insisted Shivani vacate his usual place where he  got his  daily head massages from Jodha! Shivani then wanted to see the Ambe Ma temple in the city but Jalal refused permission saying "masonry repairs were going on" (an opener for Tejwant to become part of the marammat team?). Jalal then told Shivani more lies that he and Jodha regularly went to the temple together.  These were all such blatant lies that Jodha was thrown. But notice, folks, how her mind had been preoccupied all day with this khatra to Jalal's life. She wanted so much to talk to him about it ... but with his smart lies he just sidelined her from broaching the topic uppermost in her mind, even as he kept Shivani in the group talking to them and not leaving them. Then again the topic veered elsewhere when Jalal switched it to talks of Ben, thus giving even Shivani the feeling that Ben was being pitted against Jodha in his affections.

I  thought it was all a masterly performance by Jalal to keep the  banter with Jodha light, to continue to give the impression to all that he was favouring Ben against a jealous Jodha - and yet he was cleverly also fobbing off Jodha's worries about the plot to his life. Eventually, when they were alone, Jodha did broach the subject to him directly, but he said he'd already heard it from Hakim Mirza and was not too fazed. He left soon thereafter, discouraging any further talk between himself and Jodha on this subject, and left Jodha frustrated that she had not been able to impress  him with the urgency of the situation ... but in his eyes there was a gleam of cleverness at what he had done. He had sidetracked Jodha adroitly on this topic! But all the while, his eyes reflected his  sharp mind ticking away on the subject of his jaan in khatra!


Jalal and Jodha at the tulsi prayer

Things seemed to come to a head for Jodha in the tulsi prayer scene. She was as usual doing her tulsi ki aarti, when suddenly Jalal was standing in front of her. But her worries for his life from these past days had come to become such a heavy burden on her, that she suddenly saw hallucinations of soldiers running for his life with a knife  ... and she suddenly hugged him from behind with all the tightness she could  summon. Jalal looked strangely at her, quite liking the pose she was in ... but then gently asking her "What has happened to you?".

Again she was on the verge of talking about the khatra to his llife, but the untimely arrival of Shivani and Moti prevented the topic from coming up. Folks, again, in this scene, it looked to me like Jalal was actually quite pleased at this interruption and after turning the topic elsewhere, he insisted on Shivani remaining where she was and decided to depart the scene himself. Jodha was again unable to express her fears for his life to Jalal. I thought in that scene, Jalal knew what Jodha wanted to satrt saying, but he grabbed the chanceto depart from thhere leaving her words unxepressed.

I am quite sure that if he had still been miffed with Jodha about her paigam (that Maham misread to him) he would have been less tolerant of her hug. But instead I saw him actually enjoying that interlude and his query  about "What has happened to you?"  to Jodha was less upset and more silently mocking! It seem to me as if he has long since forgiven her for that supposed paigma and the spurning. It may be juts my impression, so  I'd like to see what everyone else thinks.  But again, his eyes were a tad too revealing, I thought, that he was keeping up  the pretence of surprise at Jodha's hug ... but not quite finding it out of place either!


The end scene of the  Adham-Jalal jashn with Ben dancing!

At the very end scene, when Adham seemed keen on having a jashn just for the men with the dancing of Benazir to entertain them, Jalal seemed ready to accede to the request. Again overtly it looked  like a continuation of the "let's  make Jodha jealous"  theme that Maham was trying to further with him, and when Maham made  the suggestion that she was fed up with Jodha and her antics, Jalal even seemed to agree that Jodha needed pulling down a few notches ...  but he had that look in his eye that he thought the jashn was a good idea for various other reasons of his own. I got the feeling here again that Jalal was probablly calculating the odds of letting Ben have her room to act at her worse -  whereby he could then react swiftly?

Although Adham sugggested they all could drink a lot for the jashn (and the precap shows a drunk Jalal hallucinating that it was Jodha, not Ben, ministrating to him, whom he later pushes over!), it's my definite belief that Jalal will be pretending to be drunk throughout the jashn waiting to react to the "bite" from Ben. Meanwhile, of course, what's to prevent him from imagining Jodha in Ben's place, making loving advances at him? He could have his fun and do his serious work too, couldn't he? Maybe all this pretend-drunkenness would make Maham and Adham complacent, and leave Jalal sharp-eyed regarding Ben when the other two were not on their guard? Let's wait and see how this jashn pans out. But I have no doubt that even as this idea was being mooted by Adham and Maham (in tandem, no doubt) Jalal was ticking over in his mind about the plot to his life and also keeping up a sham that he was still upset with Jodha.


Two other scenes that caught my fancy yesterday:

One, Abul Mali saying he has to himself now proceed to Agra to settle Jalal once and for all, as his agents have all turned out to be duds. One of his henchmen says Hakim Mirza is still in Agra to "do his job" but Abul Mali seems to suggest that at the moment Hakim is more loyal to Jalal than himself and therefore  cannot be relied on. But it does suggest that Hakim is brainwashable later - especially if as history says, Jalal decides too support Shivani marrying Tejwant, then Hakim may turn against Jalal. One version of history seems to suggest that Jalal will entitle Tejwant and allow him even to eventually build the Fatehpur Sikri under the name of Tuhir Das, the great builder. If that is true, then Shivani will marry a powerfully-established Tejwant, supported by Jalal, while Hakim may get upset with Jalal  and turn to Mali as a friend against Jalal. But that's for much later ...

Two, as regards Jodha, she was not trying to hide her visit to the jail to Sharif and was instead seemingly doing her best to rope in Hakim as a friend in saving Jalal's  life. She was also not betraying so much "jealousy" of Ben anymore and was more concerned with Jalal's life than with his so-called liaison with Ben. In the scene where Jodha meets Hakim in the garden and confesses to him that she went alone to meet Sharif and that he told her of Jalal's life danger ... and where Hakim also told Jodha of Ben's strange paigam ... I almost thought the two of them would crack the code and put two and two together regarding the plot against Jalal. But even if that did not happen,  I was ever so happy to see that Jodha had confided to somebody about having met Sharif secretly - I was so afraid all weekend that if she hid that info it would later become a huge scandal boomeranging on her as to why she was meeting  a treacherous jailbird secretly. I even callled Jodha's idea of meeting Sharif "stupid" because I was so afraid for her. I was sure Maham would have blown this secret meeting out of proportion and given Jalal to believe that Jodha and Sharif were an item. Thank God the story is not going in that direction!


Breaking News:

It seems there's a new spoiler that suggests Ben will try to kill Jalal and Maham will try to help her -  even as Jodha realises her concern for Jalal is actually love!

This sort of confirms my theory that Jalal is getting ready on both fronts simultaneously - to expose Ben and to expose Maham. I feel sure of my prediction that maybe Jalal already knows of both issues - the Abul Mali plot via Ben ... and the Jodha paigam misreading by Maham, pieced together already by Rahim perhaps and already told to Jalal?

Both Ben and Maham may be exposed together?

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Akanksha_33 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 10:00pm | IP Logged
Yesterdays episode was really quite good... and the hug of Jo Ja has been a treat to the eyes after the constant BenJa moments (yuck!) 

i felt that Jalal for some reason did believe Benazir... although i felt he shouldn't have mentioned Jo's name in their conversation... When Ben got close to Jalal! i was almost throwing my shoe at her... 

i feel tomorrow is Ben's last day and i'm hoping Jo saves him... and he understands that Jo never wants to hurt him... and maybe we'll see Rahim will sort out the letter and maybe then we'll have our old Jalal back! 

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ashpat IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 10:15pm | IP Logged
Great analysis as always.
But, I differ in few points. First, I think when jalal talked to benazir about letter and a wadi language. He said I believe u, there are people who does not change their culture or language, just look at Jodha begum. I don't think he was praising benazir mother, he was just giving an example of Jodha (may be to convince benazir that ya it's normal to not forget the culture and I don't doubt u). But, his eyes were saying that he still have doubt.

Second, I doubt cvs would think about three point plan. I dont really have that much trust on their brain. I feel Jalal might know about either Abu mali or letter but not both. 

I so wish your three point plan prediction is true.

I loved mawkish and back hug scene. It was a good episode after Lep and aushadi episode. I hope Tom. Is benazirs last day. More than anything I want jalal and Jodha to know about the reality of letter.

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petrichorr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 10:18pm | IP Logged
Fantastic analysis.
Seeing the episode today, it seemed to be that perhaps Jalaal is up to something.
He deliberately sent out Benazir's letter. Also as u pointed out he prevented Jodha from broaching the topic about his life being in danger.
Jalaal was a pleasant surprise today...Also made it clear that he did not "forget" abt the night.
He did not yield to Benazir's moves...and as Lashy pointed he kind of seemed disinterested.
I could be wrong but going by today's episode  it looks like Jalaal is not in the la-la land as we had assumed last week.
Also it looks like they shot these scenes early last week following which the promo was released. Which means the script should've been sealed atleast a couple of days prior to that. So I doubt this is a change due to the calls... But even otherwise am sure the creative team would've gotten the message loud and clear that we just did not like what was slapped at us last couple of weeks.

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dlip IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 10:27pm | IP Logged
Nice write-up.
The optimism in your write up shows how desperately we all  (yes we  ALL) want  'Jalal' to act as 'intelligent' ruler and not a clueless person acting as per MA's wish.

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adiana12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 10:29pm | IP Logged
Mansi dear, I am in total agreement in your assessment of Jalal yesterday. Maybe we both might end up with egg on our face but even I felt the same as what you have analysed of TE as seen in yesterday's epi. Maybe we both are desperate to see our Tedha Emperor back - since 'Clever / Brainy is the new sexy' afterall!!!

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tinken Senior Member

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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 10:34pm | IP Logged
Happy New year to Forum Members!Big smile

Great Analysis once again Mansi! Thank god I missed the show for last two weeks. .   I had awesome  vacation in Bali.

Ben is getting on my nerves these days. Yesterday Jho-Jallal interaction near Tulsi was good. I also feel Jallal could smell the rat and  he is buying time
An over confident Maham is very entertaining and Cv makes sure a disaster is waiting for her round the corner.

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adiana12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 10:35pm | IP Logged
Also wanted to addthat if you remember the epi after the MB where it started with Salima Begum with Jalal - I think perhaps that might have been when Rahim may have read the paigam to TE. Since then TE is harping on 'Nazariya' to his Chudail and even that alluding to 'The Night' by TE yesterday also seemed more in the lines of 'Nazariya'.

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