Arakshi FF: Ajeeb si daastan.. Chapter 18C - Pg.101 27/4 (Page 76)

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Awesome updates
Thanks for the pm

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you rocked it again ..
Arjun N Sakshi both have already fallen in love,but cannot recognise it.. Pagal..dono bhi..
just finished reading all the remaining updates.. N my my what a journey..till now,
ab jab Sakshi ko pta chal gaya hai ki Arjun hi Uska wala Arjun hai, jisse wo hate krti hai but jisse wo pyaar bhi krti hai..
ab kyaa kregi bichhari..
n Our Shera k to kya kehne..
love him ..
n Love you..

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awesome updates
it was a double dhamaka.. Wink Wink ..
mela scene was beautifull Embarrassed Embarrassed .. they love each other soo much but cannot or do not want to confess.. even to themselves
sakshi now knows truth... hope everything gets sorted out
contd. soon
thnx for pm

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Awwssmm...Awwssmm...Awwssmmm update!!!!!Really loved it!!!! Arjun...Aisha scene was superebbb!!! Yaa!!! Arakshi...roxxx...just love there whole part!!!!Beautifullly written!!!! Briliant workClap Clap Clap...Con.soonnn!!!!

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Beautiful update 

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Originally posted by angelicdeepti

me first...Dancing
wow...nice long update and there is more...great...

Haha.. Yes.. Thank you!

Originally posted by Sakshithegreat

Okay so I read all parts in one go and I was really happy when I saw that u 
Updates 2 hours ago. Anyway I love your story so please continue and update
Soon and if u can please pm me

Thank you for following this one.. Yep, do add me to your buddy list coz I send out PMs only to those in there.. 

Originally posted by SeasonOfLeaves

Sorrryyy this took a while to unreserve!! I had been saving the second part which I just read teeheeEmbarrassed
Sooo ahem... here we go!

Lalalaa I have Subhanallah playing in my mind right now.Day Dreaming The second part was deffo my favourite...although... hold on I am skipping ahead! Let's start from the beginning!

Subhanallaahhh jo ho raha haiii pehli dafa hai wallahhh
Aisa huaaa
HaaayeeeDay Dreaming

Ok, back to the comment!

Haha.. That little rendition surely had me smiling from ear to ear. Hug
And you know what! I heard him singing it.. Again (imagine the following lines - Meri khaamoshi se baatein chunn lena *in that husky baritone*)... ROFL   Acchaa.. Ab uthoo.. Don't faint.. Tongue 
The beginninggg...
"Swiping a palm across his sweat-covered forehead, he had grasped for the first thing he could; and when he touched warm skin, he had felt an odd sense of security wash over him."
Haayyeee... I was blushing as I imagined the scene, his fingers wrapped around hers.. *thud*
I love how you write even the tiniest details..which makes it even more real! Like this line here:
"Sakshi wiped the mist that had gathered on the inside of the glass surface and looked outside." 

Eeesh! Thank you.. That means a lot coming from you, coz you really have no idea how big I am a fan of yours.. Heart

Mmm I love how they go to see the snowman first thing in the morning... *Banjaara moment* Haayyeee. I have gone back to the snowstorm and the moonlight.. Day Dreaming

LOL LOL *What if I tell you, there will be another banjara moment soonish minus the snowstorm!* 

Anywaay back to this!
Loved the Aisha and Arjun convo!! I do miss Aisha so muchOuch.. she was my second most favourite character after ArakshiEmbarrassed ..Okay let's not go there!

Aah! Forbidden territory.. Aaj ka quota khatam.. Sleepy

The greenhouse scene!! I was jumping around like a mad person when I started reading it teeeheee... the nature girl in me woke up once moree and I was literally standing there amongst the pretty flowers, breathing in their sweet fragrance, feeling the moist air of the greenhouse..and of course ArakshiDay Dreaming

Sigh! I wanted to write more on it.. But then I got carried away and left it incomplete.. Maybe sometime later.. Wink

Hayyeee... and then the song Chahoon bhi toh main... I love it so so much! Especially the bit with Kartik's voice.. it does something to me Embarrassed

Yep! Me too.. Heart

These lines were sooo beautiful:
"Warm sunlight filtered through the glass ceiling and walls of the greenhouse, plants rustled in their new pots on a long table against the left wall. Soil and specks of dirt covered the floor, and the lush foliage of double-rose begonias and angelwing jasmines rustled in the hanging baskets hissed and whispered."

I wanna be thereee sounds so pretty

Aha! Aisha noticed the two LOLLOL Loved that bitBig smile
"Ayesha hummed to herself and took the shears from between Sakshi's fingers before she ended up chopping off her plant." 
This part was 

haha! yep.. Mrs. Rathore is after all a cop, na?! LOL

Hayeee their walk in the moonlight and then the almost-accident..I had major goosebumps and a hugeee smile on my face! Phew my mum wasn't around teeheee
"Between the bellowing harsh winds and the darkness, the only thing he could make out was her."
Goosebumps alerrtt!!!
Haayee they are in love alreadyy

Bwaha! Nah! I'm sure knows our little secret by now.. LOL

Funfairrr!!! Ahhh you wrote the description so beautiful.. It was all so real, so alive! Even though I am sitting here in silence, I could hear the music, even the loud Bollywood ones LOL (guess what song was playingWinkLOL) smell the foood...hayee the street food! (Damn Delhi ki yaad aa gayiOuch)
And mehndiii... mujhe bhi lagwana hai! Just remembered the Mihir Tulsi mehndi sceneee.. you know whyLOLDay Dreaming

@ Bold? ShockedShocked Humdard at the funfair?! You would stay there for like forever.. ROFL

This part cracked me up so badd:
"Meow? What kind of an answer is that?", she rolled her tongue in her cheek, teasing him.

Kuch kuch ho gayaaa... the time they were walking and he was carrying the canvas boards.. hayeee.. such a simple thing and yet it brought a huge smile on my faceEmbarrassed

LOL LOL LOL Sakshi is jealous.. hahahahaha I cracked up at thatROFL
Ab hotwa ke aage peeche kaunsi ladki nahi ghoomegiBlushing
Colour palettes to workROFL

Hai na! Heart Look at us, such lost causes.. Silly

And then the pottery scene.. hayeeeDay Dreaming
Ab aur kya boluunnn.. That reminded me of Saraswatichandra btw.. there was a scene in the beginning when I used to watch the show he he 

Oh! I didn't know.. I could never bring myself to watch it, pata nahi kyun! Errm.. But I had inspiration for the scene.. Tongue

This was beautiful and skin tingling:
"There was something unique about the moment; the sight of the molded pot and her hands on top of his, hinted at something he had been struggling to accept for a while now. Was he really falling in love?"

Ah ah ah ah ah ahhh I guessed I guesss
Chubh toh nahi rahaaa

SRK- KajolDay Dreaming
Aapki halwai ki dukaan toh hum hadapke hi rahengeee

ROFL Yep! It might've been a misfit, but I just had to use it once.. 

Back to ArakshiEmbarrassed

That was just too tooo tooo beautifully written!! Damnn I was the mirror for a minute theree..he he he he. They are so pretty I could cryyy *snifff* Day Dreaming *puts kaala teeka*

Ok my most favourite line out of the entire update:
"The fresh earthy colour defined her, for him. She was just like a breath of restful air in his lonely life, and although he hadn't quite accepted it to himself yet, somewhere at the back of his mind, a tiny wish had begun to sprout. "
How how how how how do you do it? How do you write such beautiful lines? Those goosebumpy ones. ahhh Secret batao naa! Wait mat batao! Magicians never reveal their secretsWink

Errrm! What if I tell you you're one massive source of inspiration for all my Arakshi works, of course there are many others too.. Wink Yep.. Ssshhh.. 

And awwieee he bought bangles for herEmbarrassed
Subhanallaaahhh ...haaye the song was too perfect! 
When he was looking at her whilst she was dancing..soo beautifulDay Dreaming 
Darnn this is becoming too big (as usual!) and loaded with Emos (as usual)LOL

Eh! Shh.. I'm loving it.. 

Anywaaay..and wait whaaat just happened towards the end?

ROFL Okay! That emoticon made me think of our dearest Gundi Angel.. Imagine karke toh dekho.. LOLLOLSilly
What did did... whaaat?! 
So so he had cut off all contacts with her after DIG Anand's death?!!! But but why would he do that? Of course there must have been a reason...but ... why did you stopppOuch
Acha ab jaldi jaldi next wala likho!! 

Yes yes.. Oh! there are reasons.. And since it's me, misunderstandings galore.. WinkLOL

Thank you sooo much for this mushy mushy goosebumpy update.. I absolutely loved it!! Abhi thoda hangover time hai.. the bangles sceeneee.. damn! 

This is gonna be me tonight -> 

I love youuu for this update and yeh lo:

Awwiieee.. Hug  Thank you sooo much, Ritu.. And yesh! Love you tooo... 

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I am late with the replies, but just so you know I really appreciate your feedback.. A lot.. 
Okay, so here we start.. 

@drunkiebabe & Areesha566: Thank you.. Glad you liked them.. Big smile

Shivi1997: Thank you.. Lol.. I want to write and post asap, but with 2 jobs and a house to run, I hardly have time to breathe.. Ouch Anyhow.. Glad you like it.. 

@NainaSM: Thanks dear.. Accept karenge.. Very soon, but bolna zaroori hai kya? Wink

@ anitasharma: aww.. Thanks! 

@ ..sweetchilly.. : Sigh! I loved her too but they ruined everything in the end.. Anyhow, why fear when we're here, na.. Yes, they do.. They don't talk a lot, but when they do and those little caring gestures passed between them say a lot about their friendship.. I'm planning to explore it a bit more in the upcoming updates.. Smile
Yep.. Kismat Connection is the jadh of all fasaad.. LOLLOL Wink
Aww, worry not.. I always look forward to your take on all my works.. Thank you for encouraging me, always.. 
As for Arjun's nightmares, there's something hidden in his past that has affected him real bad.. 

Yep.. I'm glad you could relate to Arakshi at the funfair.. Embarrassed Yep, they haven't realised it yet, but they're not strangers anymore.. 
Lol yes.. Expect the unexpected here.. Tongue Perhaps, it was too early, but Sakshi needs time to reflect upon the sudden revelation.. So, just giving her that.. 

Thank you soo much.. 

@ yams.s : Thanks so much.. Glad you like it.. Smile

@ Sakshithegreat : Thanks.. But that'll have to wait.. The story needs to take its own course.. 

@ Nethravathi: Thank you! Haan.. LOL

@ shreya09 : More on his past soonish.. Forgive whom? What did u think? Tongue
Oh yes.. I love the trio together and there'll be many more to come.. 
Thank you so much.. Big smile

@ Armagadon : LOLLOL  Lage raho! Hum aapke saath hain.. 
Lol.. So true.. Ditto! I hate prettying up everyday and dressing up like a doll, much to my Mum's annoyance and Sasuma's relief, but yes, when it comes to bangles, I become worse than our melodramatic TV serial bahus.. I lovee them! 
Yep, moments and memories, that's what life is all about, essentially.. 

Tathastu baalike! Watch out for the next one.. ACP sahab is going to need his friends to help him deal with what is to come.. 
Sam was/is always on Arjun's side and was perhaps just a helpless spectator.. As for the differences between them, I'd mentioned in the earlier chapters, that he disagrees with Arjun on some bits, but even then he has never really stopped caring.. After all, that's what besties are about na? 

Yep.. *Sniff* I miss watching Shital play Ayesha.. Ouch God.. I loved her soo much.. 
Oh well.. Thank you for elaborating on the garden bits.. Yep! That's exactly how I wanted it to come across, and I wanted to write lots more on the greenhouse scene, but I got carried away and it was left incomplete.. 

*Jaribooti juice?* LOL Jee nahi.. Bass Hotwa ki aankhein hi kaafi hai.. Who needs external inspiration? Wink
Aah! If only it was that easy for Sakshi to accept it, and move on.. But oh wait! It's possible, no? Tongue

Aww.. Glad I could take you down memory lane.. Thank you soo much.. 
Yep, Arjun is the reason for a lot of things happening in her life, but she hasn't realised it yet.. TongueWink

Thank you soo much, Shree.. I really appreciate you taking out time to dissect every chapter.. It's this honest feedback that strives writers like us to overcome boss and home issues and vanish into our fantasy lands.. Hug

@ Devangana : Thank you dear.. Big smile

@ skrafty : Thanks so much.. Yes, the puzzle is laid out, waiting for the mystery to be revealed.. 

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@ sisodia_shefali : Yup.. late lateefs na.. But slowburn is always sweeter.. 
Aww.. So glad you liekd it.. 
Bomb zaroori tha na..  For the sory to move on.. 
Naah! TSakshi here, won't avoid him or sulk over it, she'd rather confront him maturely.. 
Thank you.. Big smile

@_Nikita_ : Thanks soo much.. Glad you liked it.. Big smile

@ Haila! Pyaar wala hug? Shocked 
Dabbang yaad aa gaya.. *Threats aur gaaliyon se darr nahi lagta memsahab, aapke pyar se lagta hai! ) LOLLOLTongue
Aww yes.. I love them too and always wanted to watch their relationship bloom into a comfortable freindship.. Khair.. chaddo.. *Main hoon na..* Cool

Hi-5! In fact, best friends never use sugar-coated words.. Atleast mine don't.. Good morning and goodnights bhi gaaliyon se hoti hai.. LOLLOLTongue
More on Sameer-Arjun-Ayesha in the next one.. Wink

Forgive whom? Easy hai na.. Tongue

LOL Smart ho gayi ho, humare saath rehke.. Tongue

Deva! Siya ka fruit salad... ROFL ROFL Mere toh dimaag se hi nikal gaya tha.. ROFL  But you gotta agree, he makes one helluva delicious fruit salad.. *lips sealed.. Maine nahi bola..*

Haaye! Sudhar jaao be gundi.. Kabhi kabaar toh ladkiyon wali harkatein kiya karo.. Varna K se agli baar main nahi bachaaungi.. TongueLOLLOL
SRK-Kajol ka toh harr scene epic hota hai.. *Of course, don't get me started.. Varna ho chuka..*

Awwie.. Thanks so much.. I seem to have done that to a lot of readers.. *Dil khush kar ditta*
Aaah! And the quote.. Soo true.. I'm gonna use it next time pakka.. Wink.. And dekha.. No lollipops.. TongueTongue Hug

@Swara85 : Hello! Missed you here.. 
To answer your question, yes she did know that he was a ACP and is name was Arjun, but there' a slight twist in there.. Wink 
Aww.. Thanks, that in itself is a huge compliment.. 

Yep! Snow is one of the best things that ever happened to us.. But I miss it now.. :( 
Thank you soo much.. And I'm really glad you're back.. Hope all's well.. 

@ _Blackpearl_ : Yep! She's disappointed in him.. And you'll have to wait for another part for Arjun's reaction to it.. 

@ Snehajain : Aah yes! Ayesha might just play cupid, you know.. Tongue
Aww.. Jhatka zaroori tha na.. For the story to move ahead.. 
But fikar not.. Yahan bhi mysteries hongi, but not as twisted as Lady.. Else, you'll all run after me with knives and hammers.. TongueLOLLOL
Thank you so much.. 

@ pihu_angad & niki795  : Thanks guys.. Big smile

@ AnuRjun : Yes.. The realisation will take some time, varna maza kaise aayega? Tongue
But yes, very soon.. 
Sakshi bechari kahan hai.. Nope.. Illa.. 
Thank you.. Big smile

@ misakiscarlet: Thank you so much.. Glad you liked the double dhamaka.. Tongue

@ Arakshiya_58 : Thank you.. Big smile

@ laila1994 : Thanks.. <3 Big smile

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