Arakshi FF: Ajeeb si daastan.. Chapter 18C - Pg.101 27/4 (Page 66)

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Unreserved my comment on page 67Embarrassed

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Amazing updates
Thanks for the pm

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Farheen was right...the ASD hangover begins!ROFL
God bless the document I am supposed to finish off tomorrowLOLLOL

I m always right Ritu Cool
@Basanti Lollipop:Hi porgi Satakli.Inform her parents before things get difficult to handle.
P.S:Mereko koi batao pleej k Mumbai mein snow kaise aa sakti haiOuch

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wow..that was so amazing
i read ur story many days ago and i was eagerly waiting for ur update and finally thanks god u did it!
part 11 was so awesome...
thanks for the pm 

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Originally posted by ll-Farheen-ll

Farheen was right...the ASD hangover begins!ROFL
God bless the document I am supposed to finish off tomorrowLOLLOL

I m always right Ritu Cool
@Basanti Lollipop:Hi porgi Satakli.Inform her parents before things get difficult to handle.
P.S:Mereko koi batao pleej k Mumbai mein snow kaise aa sakti haiOuch
ROFL If u say so.. Pehle lollipop dhoondhke nikalo.. Evil Smile
Seriously, she's hopeless.. Heart But a sweetheart, unlike someone I know.. Tongue
Eesh! Gundi, modi ji ko letter likho.. Kya pata tumhare bhi acche din aa jaayein!
 Btw.. Just imagine, 
Snow fall at marine drive or juhu beach.. Day Dreaming

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Hi ddu,

Just read your FF and am greatful I did.

Firstly the name you choose.

It has an aura of it's own.

It pulled me towards the story.

When I started reading it I just couldn't stop myself from reading further.

I sat on my chair eyes glued to the screen.

I couldn't avert my gaze until I finished it.

The way you described every emotions and twist and turn.

It's just mind blowing.

You are just a gifted writer.

Now back to your updates...




The way you portrayed Sakshi..

My heart wrench imagining her in the station.

In her nineteen years of life she had seen both good and bad.

And her Mamaji.

Seems like a very stern person.

But what safety measure they were talking about?

She was leaving the city she brought up.

Poor girl lost her mother in such early age now her father died too!!!!!!

What tragedy she had to face!!!!!!

Her Mamaji is really very genorous who offered his hand in her bad time.

She cut down her sim card!!!!!!

She is a very brave and intelligent girl.

Arjun man of steel.

Loved the ChoRee duo.

Yeh Arjun ka to kuch nehi ho skata.

Sahi kaha mere bhi dimag mein same sawal.

"Policewala hai ya Atankvadi?"

What showed on the tv screen that Arjun reacted like that?

Ohh his mentor died.

Seems like he was a good person.

And Arjun was very attached to him.

System in which they believed blindly failed them.

Now only thing left is revenge.


Part 1:


You started the update with a mystery.

Six years have passed since the incident.

Both were looking for revenge but what happened?

Sakshi was unprepared and needed time to be ready.

But what happened with Arjun?

Why is he in the academy?

And Sakshi is a total mystery.

So, she still live with her uncle.

What was she doing in the dark night alone in the road?

What assignment she was talking about?

Arjun is such a gentleman.

But do they know each other from before?

Did some incidents separated them?


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Hayeee. dedication!!!
Wo bhi kithni achi...
Thank you...Embarrassed

Aisha returns. Aur ni tho kya!! you have no idea how much I miss that lady
Mrs. Rathod banne ka asar tho hai
I always liked the dynamics you showed between Arjun and Aisha in all your story.
Nothing OTT
but a simple friendship
I am glad that the old ETF inside her is still alive. Loved that part
She looked at the white blanket of snow sprawled across the valley...
I wish I could see it too.
Long white fields. How much ever you say its no so happy to be cold, but still I wanna be there

Trivedi gets another round!! Aur do... it makes me happy too.
The new developments are tricking a lot. waiting for your brand new lollipops

And those bangles. I could see it sparkling. Those lil FBs and emotions... I wont elaborate, Ritu had already mentioned my fav lines before. 
Ithna kaam aur lab ke beech me u wrote it!!
Hats off to you janeman

"HER Arjun..." that sounds so good. add 2+2 please...
Temple, bday and pain... hayeee... rula diya mujhe
but then cold cold and sooo cold
snowfall, snowman...
Hayee dreaming to see snowfields...
And yes GB, if you get any way to snow Mumbai, tell me the secret too
mujhe bhi snow chahiye...
The silent support.. you know how much I love khamosh wala love...Embarrassed

I have already counted the lollipops my dear... aur himmath ni hai
I know what comes next for me.
What can be better than an icing that too after a snow..

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EshaalYousufzai IF-Rockerz

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Part 2B:


Awesome update.

Arjun and Aisha bonding was beautifully portrayed.

I really loved his sarcastic comment.

If there was no Roshni then what happened between Arjun and Sameer?

Summgling ammunition from the academy???

The man has guts ot do it..Scroundel.

Now Arjun is here he will surely find out everything.

Why exactly Arjun here?

To solve the mystery of DIG Anand?

At last Aisha cofronted Sameer.

What revenge he is talking about?

Hmmm all are effected by the matter.

But Sameer shouldn't have said this.

No matter hiw professional he is he shoud have known better.

But the last part was good.

He himself recommended him here.


Chapter 3:


Poor Sakshi even sleep ran miles away from her.

She had a tough time and top of all she is all alone.

What work she is reffering to?

Sakshi remebering Arjun..

Good good.

Who is this Jay?

Sakshi caught his lie and want some solid informaiton about.

Heyo Mr. Jay you are right about ACP Arjun.

He is the best.

What the hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sakshi befriended with Aisha just to gey entry in the academy!!!!!

And what profession she is in?

Mr. Khanna seems a nice person.

Don't he know anything about her real reason?

Deshdrohi!! Means some scroundel colored her father.

Poor girl had tp bear a lot of things.

I letaray cried for her.

Loved the morning banter in Aisha's house.

Aisha really loved Sakshi.

Loved Arjun and Aisha talk.

Aisha trying her best to bring Arjun out from the shell.

Who heard Aisha and her mother's conversation?

Flashabck was beautiful yet painful.

The scenereo you created is just awesome.

Loved Sakshi part..

The kids stole prasad from her bag..

Arakshi met again..


Chapter 4:


The longing in Arjun's heart is very beautifully protrayed.

Woww Sakshi is looking so beautiful.

She lied about her not being in mandir but Arjun caught it.

Their conversation was really nice.

Arjun felt a connection with her.

Who entered the kitchen and what are they planning?

I realllyyy oved Arjun's good bye speech.

Nandini is so adorable.

Aisha left but firgot to inform her?

She was feeling guilty for playing with Aisha's emotions.

Why those men chased her?

And the guards why they wanted her key?

What they took Sakshi under arrest??

But why?


Chapter 5:


Sakshi was behind the illegal smuggling of arms and ammunition from Academy!!!!!!!!

I don't believe it.

Mr. Khanna came to help Sakshi.

Poor man had to bear a lot of things even in her old age.

Those morons framed Sakshi the same way they framed her father.

Oh no he fainted!!!

At last Arjun arrived.

Now everything will be fine.

So they had been investigate for months on this case.

The villege people will never change.

Poor girl feeling very bad for her.

Oo'oo villain appeared.


Chapter 6:


This Trivedi is real evil.

Agar Sakshi ko haath bhi lagya to mar dalungi.

Uss kamine ko main mar dalungi.

Trivedi kutte kamine chod Sakshi ko!!

Wrong Trivedi ji.

Aaoka akhri waqt aa gya hai.

Go girl.

Don't lose hope.

Sakshi is really brave just like her father.

That evil man I will kill him for sure.

Poor Sakshi.. That b***t.

Uss Trivedi ka baccha planned it all the time.

Arjun made his entry just in time.


Chapter 7:


Arjun gave his shirt to uncover Sakshi.

Yayyyeee Arjun punched him and broke few bones.

That filth bag of liar dared to speak against Sakshi.

But Arjun is Arjun.

He uickly trapped him in his own web.

Uss Kutte ki himmat kaise hui Sakshi ke taraf aise dekhne ki?

Aur maro Arjun aur maro.

Kamine ki sari ki sari haddya thod do.

Yap yap..Arjun do char mere tarafse bhi laga dena uss dirty liter bin ko.

Arjun took her to the clinic.

Poor Sakshi kitni budi halat main hai.

On top of that Arjun is also feeling guilty.

So, now entered Dr. Lizs D'cruze.

Yap that's a sight to droll.

Liza misunderstood Arjun.

Ohh shit..Poor Sakshi.

The image you protrayed is horrible.

At last Liza had to take charge.

But at least she recognized Arjun.


Chapter 8:


Even Shree and Chotu were feeling guilty.

Arjun is right though.

She deserve justice not only for her but for her father.

I really loved the way Liza tended her and took care of her.

So, she saw most of the events that took place infront of her eyes.

That was very nice of Arjun.

But Sakshi was still living in that nightmare.

Arjun agev her blanket even when he was wearing a thin vest.

Poor Sakshi ek shock se bahar nehi nikli to dusra shock aa gya.

That was very noble of Arjun.

But those narrow minded villegers didn't leave her.

My heart pricked imaginng them in that state.


Chapter 9:


Nandini's mother was a good person.

Loved the way she hugged and comforted her.

Thanks to God that Prof. Khanna ko hosh aa gya.

Sakshi is very brave.

She handled everything with a fierece firmness.

Loved the way Arjun handled Prf. Khanna.

The turmoil of emotions and the surroundings were beautifully portrayed.

That was very sweet of Arjun.

He took tea and a packet of biscuit for her.

Arjun couldn't say a single thing.

But instead Sakshi thanked him for being there for her.

But it only add Arjun's guilt.

But at least Sakshi's doubts towards Arjun vanished.

Arjun started the interrogation.

But he needed to know.

Loved Sakshi's honest reply.

I am again wondering what exactly Sakshi does?

And who was she thinking about?

Loved the way Arjun gave solace to her.

Shree ask for forgiveness which Sakshi granted.

The chat conversation was really interesting.

So, that's how they know each other but they never met face to face.


Chapter 10:


The image you create was amazing.

But all the amazingness ruined when the vilegers started their stupid banters.

But she let them go.

She had more important things to deal with.

Her uncle's health.

Sakshi was slowly drawning to Arjun.

Prof. Khanna is a noble soul.

He started a school in the villege.

And Sakshi work in there as a cover.

Even hidden beneath the warm cloths Sakshi recognized him.

Loved Arjun and Sakshi conversation.

Every little thing remind her of that kamina Trivedi.

But she also realized that Arjun is trying hard.

Another man is pulling the strings from behind.

And they need to reach to him.

Arjun caught her slip of tongue.

The Mr. Krishna part was a bit confusing.

Okay he is a criminal psychologist and later a successful journalist.

He trained Sakshi and Jay's.

But what he has to do with the main incident?

I hope you will clear that in the upcoming updates.

Image of Sakshi's inner storm is beautifully portrayed.

Arjun decided to go to hospital.

He is just a sweetheart.

She became astonoshed seeing him there.

Loved the way Arjun stayed with her and gave her confidence.

Arjun even followed her to the ICU.

And a tiny whisper passed him.

It was not dramatic but elegent in itself.

The moment was so pure I really loved it.

Loved Arjun's examining the food.

The flashback was very cute.

Kya didu khane ke naam dene ki kya jarorat thi?

Mujhe khane ka man nehi karta kya? **pout**

Ahha Shree and Aysha saw them together.

Again confused by Mr. Krishna.

Keeping it for later..

Will have to munch it thoroughly.


Chapter 11:


So, Shree filled her with everything that happened behind her back.

Her anger is purely justified.

She didn't feel surprise hearing Arjun's behavoir.

She knew that he had a soft heart under that arrogant mask.

Both drifted to sleep thinking about each other.

Both sharp cop started running the wheel of their mind.

Loved their little teasing moment.

Bahadur was a mole planted by DIG Kumar?

But how many part of it is true?

Loved Aisha and Sakshi's conversation.

Sakshi failed to recognize him again.

The bangles were really nice.

But Skashi felt lost at the topic of marriage.

Aisha is truly a well wisher of Sakshi.


Chapter 12:


Loved Arjun's morning routine.

It's simple yet deep and intense.

They became more easy with each other.

The ice between Sameer and Arjun is melting.

Prof. Khanna had recovered from his health problems.

But Trivedi's arrest had change the path of their mission.

It was her b'day but not a single soul remember it.

After work Arjun was passing by when he saw the lights are on.

When he went to chck he found Sakshi there.

Aww Sakshi was worried seeing his wounds.

Kuch to chut raha hai...

Loved the way Arjun helped her.

Hoa snowfall!!!!!!!!!!

Now they are trapped in the school.

The flashabck was cute yet painfull.

At last she opened up a little.

Loved Arjun's gift.

He made a snowman with the help of Sakshi and made her b'day wonderful.

A day she will never forget.

Loved their moments.

Silence spoke everything loud.

And the last scene.. It was out of world..


Phew.. at last finished.

Mere hath dukh rahe and perhaps tumhara sar bhi.LOL

But thank you for reading my silly blabbering this far.

And pliisshhh try to con soon..

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