Arakshi FF: Ajeeb si daastan.. Chapter 18C - Pg.101 27/4

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Eesh.. Don't  roll your eyes.. It's me again with a new one.. ROFL

Yet another mushkil prem kahani.. Evil Smile  

I've had the concept in mind for more than a year now..

Maybe now is the right time to pen it down.. This one's going to be my last one on the forum, in all probability.. Ermm

But before I begin, I need to know how many of you are actually willing to follow a new story?

Coz this one will be updated once a week and I'm really sceptical as to how much more time we have before the CV's decide to pull down the curtains on the show..

Will you guys be around even then? If yes, then we shall go ahead.. Wink


About the story:

It is a love story. Period. Silly

Arjun and Sakshi will be slightly different from their on-screen versions.

No Roshni and hence no tragic past for Hotwa.

Sakshi won't be as chirpy as she was.

For now, Rathore, Shree and Chottu will be present. I'm not so sure about Ayesha and Lisa. We'll see if they can be brought in later.

It's a SS for now; but who knows could turn into a FF later on.. Wink

Bohot zyada filmy and melodramatic  hoga. Warning you guys in advance. So do take it with a pinch of salt.. Approve

Be prepared to leave logic aside at times. And since I'm not really familiar with functioning of the Police, there are chances of possible oversights.

But yes, anything you find weird or OTT, please bring it to my notice and we'll try n work around that.


Update in the next post!








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6 yrs ago..

Mumbai Central Rail Station

She was sitting on a bench on the train platform mindlessly gazing at the empty train tracks before her.

Nineteen years of her life zoomed in and out of her head, bringing along bittersweet memories. Some she wished she could gather in her palms and never let them drift away while others she'd rather forget.

Her cellphone buzzed in the sling bag around her arm and she answered it, "Haan Mamaji, bass nikal hi rahi hoon. Trains are running late.. I'll call you once I reach the station."

The man on the other end instructed her sternly and her face fell.. She pinched her lips and nodded voicing, "Okay. But you might have to keep checking with the local rail station, in that case."

When he refused to do that, a familiar disappointment filled her up. But she managed to maintain her composure, "Fine. Nahi,  Samajhti hoon main. That would raise suspicions.. You're right. Main station se koi bus ya auto lekar aa jaungi. Rakhti hoon.."

She hung up and leaned back against the stone bench closing her eyes.


This was the end.. She was leaving the place she was born and raised in. The city that had sheltered her for years and had played a major role in grooming her into being the strong, confident girl now seemed alien to her.

Friends and relationships dear to her would cease to exist now on. She only had one living relation, her Mama who had very generously offered to shelter her after the tragedy that had ripped apart her family. Broken and distraught that she was, she agreed to it, accepting it as a part of her destiny.

She didn't remember what her mother had looked like. She was hardly four years old when her mother had passed away following a car crash. Whatever little she knew was from stories she'd heard from her father and her grandparents.

And since then, her world had only revolved around her father. He'd been her father, mother, her best friend and her guardian angel, playing every role with such ease and honesty that she'd never felt the need nor place for a third person between them. 

But now that he was gone too, and she was left all alone to fend for herself in the big bad world..


A whistle blowing announced the train's arrival into the station and she picked up her modest belongings.

Once the cleaning and refilling was done, she occupied the window seat she'd booked a day back. Placing her bags securely underneath the seat, she wrapped a scarf around her head and closed her eyes, letting the reality sink in.

She was leaving forever, never to return back to the place that had snatched away everything from her. Her dreams lay shattered beneath her feet, but she was far from giving up..


Her life had found itself a new purpose to cling onto.

If her father's demise had shattered the young girl, a new person was slowly rising from the ashes.

It would take her time to gather herself up and move on. But she knew she had to do it, eventually.

She carefully removed the sim card from her cellphone and cut it into pieces with a pair of scissors she borrowed from a fellow passenger. It now lay on the tracks, next to her cellphone which would soon be crushed once the train started moving..

Her father had taught her to hold her high and put up a fight when adversities came knocking. She wasn't a coward. She wasn't running away..

But for now, she needed to steel her spine and gather enough resources..  

Someday, she would avenge her father's death and fulfil a vow made to him and to herself..

Someday, she would go back to being Sakshi Samar Anand..




Stretching his arms, he flung the duffel bag over his shoulder and hopped out of the train. His chiseled face was as inscrutable as always, but there were traces of satisfaction lingering in his steely eyes.

Once again, an innocent had been saved from the clutches of greedy, conniving men. Fighting for those who were incapable of defending themselves and serving justice to the needy was a mantra he lived by.

He had no family, no soul to call his own and the only friends he had were the three musketeers, he worked with. He was playful and frisky at times, while at work, he was the stern, no-nonsense cop who had the entire police force cowered with one sharp glare.


Shree and Chottu stepped down, pushing each other and trying to squeeze through the narrow train door. A thunderous voice bellowed behind them and they froze.

"Sab teri galti hai.. Kadam rakha nahi ki daant khila di.. Chodunga nahi tujhe.", the curly haired guy scowled at his muscular partner.

Chottu flexed his wrists and eyed him fiercely, but jumped when a pair of footsteps neared them.

"Aai shappath, Shree.. Rathore Sir toh encounter ke mood mein lag rahein hai.. Chal katt lete hain.."

They scurried towards the exit dragging their bags only to bump into the devil himself.


He turned around and glared at them before shaking his head at their childish antics.

"Deva.. Kya khunnas se dekha re, jaise dinner mein humein fry karke kha jayenge."

He spun on his heel and crossed his arms, "Ho gaya tum dono ka? Ab jaake taxi bulaoge ya dobara issi train mein bithake wapas bhej doon?" He paused and turned around, "Waise bhi Rathore khushi khushi transfer orders sign kar dega."

The men hung their heads and scowled at each other silently before stepping towards the exit.

"Aate hi aatank macha diya. Policewala hai, ya aatankvaadi?", Rathore muttered under his breath as he walked past his team-mates.



"Rawte, something is terribly wrong.", Sameer's anxious voice made him lift his head from the bags he was unpacking.

"Kya hua?", he enquired as he walked around the bed and stood beside Rathore whose eyes were glued to the TV screen.

He followed his senior's worried gaze and what he saw knocked his breath out of his lungs.

No.. No.. It couldn't be happening.

His head spun with the impact of the news and images being flashed on the TV screen. He clutched his head refusing to believe any of it.

By then, Shree and Chottu too had gathered in the room and looked on breathlessly as their senior officer gasped for breath right before their eyes.


They rushed to him upon feeling him shake, but it was too late. He had already fallen on his knees, burying his face in his large palm, attempting to stop the throbbing in his head.

Minutes later, he had drifted away into a different world.. Very vividly did he remember the day when he'd first met him 3 years ago at the Police Academy.

Within a few days, he had taken an instant liking towards the authoritative, principled In-charge of the Academy. The older man was a ruthless and devoted cop, highly respected amongst his peers and a true patriot who wouldn't hesitate once before laying down his life for his motherland..

He had been in awe of his senior when the latter approached him for a rifle shooting drill. After a series of not so impressive attempts, he'd given up. But one day, the officer walked up to him, held his broad shoulders and showed him pictures of bomb blast site.

Humein kamzor padne ka haq nahi hai, young man. There are people out there who need to be protected, because they cannot fight for themselves. Thousands of children and women sleep in their homes safely because they know our bullets will safeguard them. So pull up your socks and keep trying until you get it right. There is no other way out."

He hadn't forgotten those words after all these years. Neither could he forget the look of pride on his mentor's face when he was awarded the rank of an ACP. The man had himself pinned stars on his shoulder straps, blessing him with courage and honour instead of the usual Jeety raho.'


After brooding over his loss in the dark room, he walked to the washroom and splashed water on his face. The cold water ran down his face, causing his bruised jaw to sting, but he couldn't feel the pain.

The following morning when he walked into his cabin, everyone knew something had changed when he refused to even look at the steaming glass of his favorite cutting chai.

"Try karke dekho, ismein bhi ek alag nasha hai. You'll never want to even try any other hard drink, son."


He slammed the paper weight on the desk and ran a hand through his neatly gelled hair.

He'd only been a dutiful cop, abiding by the law, serving the nation and seeking justice for the needy until now.

But not anymore.. The very system that he took great pride in had failed one of its own..

Justice, Pride and Courage had been mere words to him years ago, but today they were the commandments of his life. And he owed every bit of himself to the one person who had tamed an unruly and aggressive boy and molded him into being the respectable cop he was today..


Pushing aside the rewarding letters of praise on his desk, he logged into the database. He now had a purpose to fulfill before he could embrace death.

He had to get to the root of the betrayal that had maligned his mentor's name.

He entered the password and waited for the data to show up.

A tiny circle rolled around his name on the screen which read, ACP Arjun Suryakant Rawte.'



Phew! Ho gaya.. Bring on the jootis.. And the comments too.. Wink  Waiting! 

Precap: 6 years later.. Jab they met.. Wink

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Phew...behna what a start, just when I think you are not going to give me a story on my favorite couple you go and surprise me.Hug Love you for this!

First of all a very big jaddu ki jappi, for the first time you have left his brooding past out of this one. You know I always loved all your story, but I get the feeling this one is going to be at the top of my favorites list.Big smile

Absolutely loved both Sakshi and Arjun's intro. Unknowingly to them their past is entwined.

I have so many questions but I am going to kill my curiosity for now and wait for you reveal everything but please don't make us wait long or else I will have to threaten you.Evil Smile Samjhi ya samjhaun!LOL

I know I am going to love Ajrun and Sakshi already, but I am sure going to enjoy Chotu and Shree and not to mention Rathore.

Now all we need is Ayesha and Liza and the story will be complete, rest can be left out.Wink

Okay I am keeping my lips sealed for now because you already know how I feel about it.

Just know that I am already loving and I am hooked from part one already so please update soon.

And Thank you for sharing this with us. I do miss them.

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me too res...
ab pehle hipost me dara math meri shera... curtain down and all that...
hum kaha bhagne wale hai?? you start on... Embarrassed

wo great start yaar.loved the description a lot.
bring it on lady... I am waiting for sure.
they both have a past that trouble them.
would love to have a change in air as we have it,and this SS soon to be turning to FF is a great one
all the best

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arre bhai last kyu aurr bhi likhna hum toh yahi rahne wale hain hume kya channel and cv ke jaise samja hain kya ki apne characters and apne serials pe parda gira deta hain Tongue
continue we r there with u all through but pls do send pm to me so that i can follow the story  
thanks for pm just read was nice sakshi and arjun mourning same person i guess 
sakshi's dad and arjun's mentor 
jab they meet would be interesting 

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Well,Avantika, this seems strange,for as soon as I started a response, your text disappeared.Is it the latest anti-piracy measure?

Be it as it may, I quite like the idea of non-chirpy Sakshi, whom I can depend on not to set my teeth on edge all the time, so I am on. And a weekly update sounds just fine. I will stay with it even after Arjun disappears, which always seems around the corner but never really happens. Now they have copied the ETF walk for these 3 characters - Karan, Arjun and the girl.

Shyamala Aunty

Originally posted by _Mohabbatgirl_

Post cannot be quoted.

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Arre di.. Prologue looks very promising yaar 
Lekin yaha math rok do jald hi acha sa update de dijye hume hehehe
All the best for this venture xx

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