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#1.TaaRey SS - "Voyage of Passion" [Epilogue- Pg50] (Page 46)

arshima Groupbie

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Posted: 11 April 2014 at 3:19am | IP Logged
nice one
when u update will u plz increase the space between just look like cloudy
itz just a suggesion
any way keep going

....pooja.... Goldie

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Posted: 12 April 2014 at 1:51am | IP Logged
amazing update
finally taarey engagement is done
taarey romance was hot loved it
rohan n rajveer convo was emotional feeling bad for rohan
who is this new person?
only 1 chp gonna miss this ss
update soon
Sona_loveVD IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 April 2014 at 10:11pm | IP Logged
awesome updts
loved all the chapter
u r an awesome writer
really very impressed
coming to ur work
i just loved it
it was really emotional
like taarey romance
nd taani/rey  sacifice for her bff/brother
curious to know who's that new entry
eagerly waiting for nxt part
updt soon

....ShreyA.... Goldie

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Posted: 13 April 2014 at 2:53am | IP Logged
Thumbsup .. lovely chapter ...
Ty fr da pm ..
Asha_Tacker IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 April 2014 at 12:55am | IP Logged

I have replied to all d comments here, please have a look.


Thanks dr. I'm glad u loved it. U'll know d person in next update.


Thanks a lot, Vini. It's always pleasure to read ur wonderful comment dr. About Rohan, yes indeed he's a sweet-heart but life isn't fair to everyone. Oops, y didn't d twin thought occur to me before, but it's a nice idea na. Well, as u said every begging has an end n I think this is d perfect time to end it with practical content in it. If I continue, probably it would stretch to boring. Season2, I'll think of it since I'll be starting new story once after ending this. I hope I get d same response. Thanks again.


Thank u Priyanka. U'll c who called Rohan! I understand dr n I'm glad to know that u'll miss d story since it would be d biggest compliment any writer would get. Don't worry I'll entertain with some another story, hopefully u'll fall for it 2.


Thanks a lot dr.


First time ever cng ur comment n like dr. Thank u for d comment even though I haven't PM'd u.


Thanks dr.


Thank u dr. U'll c y is Taani worried.


Thank u Sanjana. Next update will clear d things dr.


Thank u dr. U r welcome.


Thank u Sumana.


Thanks dr. Nice to hear, u will miss d story.


Thank u Priyanka. Rohan, he's one special guy. I wonder whether he'll accept anyone even if he got Love.


Thank u Navjoth


Thanks a lot, Sanju. I'm pleased to read ur likings.


Thanks a lot, Kriti. It's readers like u encourage to write something. I will miss this story 2 but...


Hey Aish, u know na. I everytime will be waiting to read ur bakbaks, probably number of times, because it always brings a smile on my face. I know, u love Rohan very much but sometimes d life teaches many things. In this story Rohan stands out in d line. About TaaRey, as u said, they r totally in d/f world. Don't miss it dr. Because I'll be back with new story, it's al ready ready. Waiting to post it after d completion of this one.


Thanks a lot dr. I have to end it because, there is nothing more to add. Since I dnt wnt to stretch it. But I promise to start new story, something hopefully u may like.


Thanks a lot Ankita. Don't ever say u have kam talent dr. Bcz everyone has their own hidden prowess. It doesn't come out until u try to initiate. As far as I read ur little bit of stories, I dare say u got more than a good skills re.


Thank u Tamanna


Thanks a lot dr. I'm happy to know u liked it.


Thanks a lot, Monika. U miss this story? Awe, don't. U'll get some other thing to read.


Thank u dr.


Thank u dr.


Thanks dr.


Thank udr. I'll sure PM u.


Thanks dr. Hmmm, I'll take ur suggestion into consideration.Thanks


Thank u, Pooja.


Thanks a lot dr. I'm highly flushed by ur compliment.


Thank u Shreya.

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Asha_Tacker IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 April 2014 at 1:01am | IP Logged

Chapter 7: Good-Bye!

"Uncle Boman" Rohan beamed pushing his body forward ecstatically to welcome his beloved uncle. "Haan...Rohan, my boy" Boman hugged him like meeting after ages. Rajveer, Swaron and gang were startled with his unexpected arrival. "Forgive me, Rohan. I couldn't come within d time of ur engagement." He apologized.  "Well, where is my D-I-L?" He squinted across as if someone from d group would pop out to get blessings of him. Rohan alerted. He hadn't told all d drama happened yet. As much as he loved n respected his uncle though he was a dark person, he didn't willed to let him know d truth about TaaRey. He doesn't want any more interruptions to delay d relationship of TaaRey. "I'm so sorry that I lied. But it wasn't my engagement. It was Rey's. I just wanted my one n only relative to be with us in d occasion" He spat ingeniously covering d truth. "I see." Boman's expressions hardened. It was impossible to distinguish his calculations. "If it's d case, I'm not completely sad. U know y?" He spoke with gracious stiffness. Rohan expressions were complete nil in puzzled. "Because, I still have a chance to hold ur marriage rituals as a father figure" His spectacled eyes gleamed though a hint of soreness hidden in it. "Of course u have" Rohan smiled. "Iff I ever agree" He muttered with no voice.

            Rajveer eyes brimmed faintly with d slight envy n respect. He envied Boman because he powered his son. Maybe he was wrong to think Rohan was never happy with Boman, because d small scene at present had totally unsubscribed his jealousy. He respected his son more than ever at his guts. He's hurt to d extent of no treatment can heal it but yet he maintained d facts clearly. Swayam literally could feel his heart thumping him to bow. Sharon n gang transfixed happily at them.


            "Rey, mujhe Rohan ka bahut fikar ho raha hai" Taani said squeezing Rey's hands across her waist in tight. "Ek baat bolu, Taani! Rohan tumse bahut pyaar karta hai. I mean, it's totally visible. It'll not be fair to ask him to move on!" Rey conveyed. Her head immediately tilted freezing in his embrace. He understood her so damningly even without any spoken words. His eyes locked with hers. "But we can't let him go back India" Tears trickled on her fresh moisturized cheeks. "We'll try, Taani. I don't want to lose him anymore 2" He turned her across him. He kissed her teary cheek brushing d droplets through his plump lips. "Does that feel better?" He smacked lightening d mood. "Much better" She blushed cocooning her face in his chest.


"Jiju, please mere liye itna toh kar hi sakte hai right" Rohan reasoned with Swayam. "But Rohan, itna jaldi sab kuch kaise karenge" Swayam was stunned with d idea which had come out of Rohan's request. "U do not need to worry Swayam. Jab tumhari biwi yaha hai, y to fikar?" Sharon put her hand on his shoulder, slipping next to him. "We all r gonna help 2" Gang cried in unison. Swayam agreed to Rohan's plan.


            Rajveer sat in d lounge deck of d ship sipping hot mug of coffee along with Boman. Though both r deadly enemies, there is similar bond called Rohan which entangled them. "I don't mean to be sorry, Rajveer. But still I'm taking Rohan back with me to India" Boman steadied on his seat. "I'm not at all surprised" Rajveer grind his teeth under d mouth. "Because he'll never stay happy here if he all d way c d person he loved had been engaged to his own brother and leading her happy life." Boman said as if he didn't hear Rajveer. Now d time was to scandalize for Rajveer. He knew d truth. But he still acted oblivious. "U knew it?" Rajveer maintained to burst back from his brooding. "Of course Chahe toh mein us ladki aur Rey ka zindagi barbad kar sakta hun, per Rohan mujhe kabi maaf nahi karega. Mere liye uske alawa koi aur nahi hai. Aur mein use kisi bi halat mein kabibi hurt nahi karna chahta hun" He explained defending himself. Rajveer was quiet. He couldn't quietly make out his words. He indeed loved Rohan. As cunning he is, he still had d heart to love someone and care for him and in any case Rajveer didn't want to ruin it because he owed his wife.


Tap tap... Someone knocked Taani's room. They immediately parted. "Go n see" Rey whispered in Taani's ear. "Pehle aap yahanse jaona" She warned him glaring. "Wo...tum dono baad mein apna romance continue karna. Abi ke liye darwaza kolo, plz" A voice near d door shuddered them. TaaRey looked at each other with what-d--look. Taani wobbled n unlocked d door. There stood whole gang along with Rohan grinning ferociously. It was Nil who imitated them. Taani was flushed. Rey ruffled his hair disheveling it idiotically. Everyone entered teasing them. Rohan didn't feel any jealousy. In fact he was happy to c them so happy. He was happy 2.


"Sorry to disturb u, Mr. Singhania. But it's important" Swayam interrupted Boman and Rajveer's convo entering d lounge along with Sharon. Rajveer asked them to join but SwaRon hesitated eyeing cautiously at Boman. "It's k. He knows everything. There is nothing secret" Rajveer confronted sheepishly. Though SwaRon were utterly confused to d sudden friendliness of them, they didn't dare to dig. They had already had more responsibilities at d time to solve out. They sat taking d seats beside them. Swayam explained everything told by Rohan. A pin drop silence was brandished in d wailing float of wind. Boman cleared his throat. "Well, that's sensible idea" He spoke landing d emptied mug on d table. SwaRon n Rajveer looked at him. He ignored their not so impressive looks. "I mean, kabi na kabi hona hai, so y not now." He cleared. SwaRon and Rajveer came to a silent agreement.


"U can't do this,bro" Rey was angry. Taani maintained silence. She neither retailed nor defended. D whole mess was because of her. "U must understand me, Rey. I just can't leave uncle Boman alone in this age. I have to get back to India. Before that, can't u just do this simple favor to me" Rohan's voice roaring in bossy way. "Can't u both just marry tomorrow? Before I meet u guys in d future, I want to c u both happy n prosperous" He held d hands of both Rey n Taani, now imploring deeply. "But..." Rey began. "We'll, Rohan" Taani smiled lightly pushing back d pain in her throat. Rey was shocked but he had no option. If Rohan wished to stay with pleasure along Boman's, then he couldn't disobey. Also, his life's most longing moment was to marry Taani. He's happy but d sudden announcement was nagging him. He couldn't riddle it in Rohan's point of view. He just agreed.


Finally, d craved auspicious moment had arrived. D next morning, sole church in d deck was drabbled with spectacular tapestry of decorations. Bead balls were draped, flowers were columned, people gathered in d great hall to bless d beautiful love birds. Rohan, gang, Rajveer, Boman were doing d honor of welcoming d more guests. D ship stood empty except for d part of church. Every single one had been invited. It was always a dream of Taani to be married in Church though she's a hindu [It's actually my dream, lolz], today it was going to be fulfilled by Rohan. It was he who convinced all.


"U look beautiful, Taani" Swayam kissed her on d forehead with a pride of moisture in his eyes. She smiled defiantly. "Bas karo, Swayam. Itna bi emotional mat ho. Mein rona nahi chahti hun" Sharon wiped d small drop which was about to fall on her cheek. She hugged Taani in a quiet tight embrace.


Vicky accompanied d most dashing bridegroom of d world, Rey. His black tuxedo was perfectly carved his muscularity. His neat n tidy hairs were combed on one side. His face radiated d blazing fire of happiness. He entered d hall holding a bunch of roses.

SwaRon together accompanied d most tantalizing bride of d world. Her long white gown flourished d floor with tinkling beads. D thin transparent white mask was draped across her face, placing a gleaming tiara on her head. A simple diamond ornament adorned her neck. She looked like an angel of d heaven. She held white lilies bouquet.

Both stood face to face on d stage. Rajveer, Rohan n Boman stood back of Rey while SwaRon n gang leaned beside Taani. Church Father recited d rituals of marriage of Christianity. TaaRey exchanged d rings. The tumultuous claps erupted across d hall thundering d blessing upon them. Then they kissed.  Meanwhile, Sharon closed Swayam's eyes in order to prevent his outburst on Rey for kissing his baby sister in front of everyone. What if they were marrying, possessive brothers never care. Fortunately, he was held back. Rohan sighed grinning enthusiastically. Everyone congratulated them. Rey n Rohan hugged. Taani was sore all d while. She spoke with none. Her faint smile was much more fading. Rohan observed her carefully. He knew she was upset. From d night, after Rohan's proposal, she went queer quiet. Rey knew it too. But he doesn't wants to bother her. He willed to give her d required space.


 "It's time to leave, Rey" Rohan patted his brother proudly. "U can't be serious. U promised to stay one more day" Rey was befuddled. "But I can't. I have to make to California today. So that I can get everything done n immediately leave to India along with uncle Boman." He reasoned carefully. Rey couldn't put words to stop him from saying anything. He was determined and he knew he wouldn't change his mind. He embraced him captivating his brotherliness for d whole time until he met him again.


At mid- afternoon, everyone assembled on d top deck of d ship. A helicopter had been alighted on d ship DELESA for d departure of Rohan n Boman on special request. Rohan hugged his father, Rey, Swayam and then bid good-bye to everyone except one. At last Taani was left out. She didn't face him from night. She didn't even speak to him properly. But now, she couldn't escape. "Bye, Taani" He said. "Well, good luck" She said roughly not meeting his eyes. Everyone had been present. They watched them silently. "K. I'm not going to meet u forever" He said. "U dare Mr. Rohan Singhania, I'll kick ur ass n feed it to zebras." She turned deadly cold glaring him. D pool of tears burst out. None were shocked, because they expected it. "Promise me, u will visit us at least once in a year" She asked for an oath. "I will, dear" He smiled crossing his fingers behind. "Forgive me, Taani" He thought. "Gimme a hug, u dumbo" She punched him on d chest. Rohan giggled and pulled her into a platonic hug. It was soothing. He could breathe his last moment in d same position. But it was enough to deal. He doesn't want to dwell back on it. He left her giving a quick peck on her cheek "I will miss u" he said and turned. She didn't tell she would miss him, because it would be an understatement of their friendship. Miss is very least statement to miss him. After all these years of togetherness as BFFs, most of d things had changed yet one thing remained same. Their friendship n it'll ever be d same. None can replace d place occupied by Rohan in Taani's heart. He'll ever be her BFF, a part of her soul. She let him go. Rey squeezed her hand. She hugged him yet crying. He put his hand across her shoulder and held her safely.

"Now, I see y Rohan loved u so much" Surprisingly Boman kept his hand on Taani's head. She was dumbstruck. "God bless u both" He said and joined back Rohan. "Come back soon, Rohan" Taani called out leaning on Rey's shoulder, supported by his embrace. D held gush of tears exuded from Rohan's puffy eyes. He didn't turn back. He left, probably forever.

P.S: Please, have a look in d previous page 47, at last post. I have replied to all d comments. Well, epilogue is on d way. May be, i'll update on sunday.

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benefits2001 Groupbie

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Posted: 18 April 2014 at 1:19am | IP Logged
Didu u will not end did ss
U noe I am in lab wid dis ss
And how could u
Atleast think of d readers
Aur kar rhe ho toh itni sad tareeke se bhi na karo
I am crying
Don't talk to me

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Sanju... Senior Member

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Posted: 18 April 2014 at 1:25am | IP Logged

ended with wedding bells n parting!!

emotional yet nice ending..
gonna miss dis story..
loved small chits of gang masti n posesiv bro in between..
HATS OFF!! 2 ur work..

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